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The states of the early Iron Age Palistin and (Ah) a hiyava in northern Syria and Cilicia: once again about reflection of migrations of "The people of the sea" in the Greek epic tradition
Historiography of domestic university education
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Social communications of the scientific intellectuals of Tatarstan in the 1920-1930th years
Traditions and modernization processes in the Tatar society at the end of XVIII beginning of XIX vv
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Mariinsk is the historic town of Siberia: prospects of cultural development
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The new book on stories of the Russian merchants
To history of men's and women's groups at Tajiks
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To Sergey Aleksandrovich Ovchinnikov's 65 anniversary
Quantitative and high-quality processes of change of structure of working class in Tatar the ASSR at the beginning of 1950 – in the second half of the 1960th
Knigonoshestvo in rural areas of Western Siberia (the end of XIX – the beginning of the 20th century)
Vasily Aleksandrovich semagin
Genesis of surnames of the Dagestan origin at Karachays
D.P. Grigorovich Pioneer of domestic hydroaircraft industry
Nuclear program of North Korea: history of development and current state
Presidential elections of 1912. In the USA: foreign policy aspects of "New freedom" of Woodrow Wilson
Tamara Georgiyevna Polozova's memories (1932-2012)
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Maynex – Russia – the Far East – 2012
L.A. Chernaya. A thing in space of the Russian court culture of XVII in
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New historical demography of imperial Russia: state-of-the-art review of modern literature
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