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"In memory of the teacher Ocherki about Lilia Pavlovna Malchikova" the Review of the monograph by A.N. Starostin

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"In memory of the teacher

Essays about Lilia Pavlovna Malchikova" the Review of the monograph by A.N. Starostin

N.M. Skoromets

PhDs in Medicine., associate professor of "Public health and health care with history of medicine and pharmacy" GOUVPO UGMA of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation,

- to professor Lilia Pavlovna Malchikova - this conference on which the presentation of the book of the journalist A.N. Starostin, under edition of professor Ron Galina Ivanovna "In memory of the teacher is presented is devoted to our past. Essays about Lilia Pavlovna Malchikova", the UGMA edition, 2010, 128 pages

In three chapters of the book: Siberia, Sverdlovsk, "Dental faculty" it is detailed, with an art brightness the life and activity of the outstanding doctor - maxillofacial surgery and the teacher, the organizer of medical science, the doctor of medical sciences (1974), professor (1977), the head of the department of surgical stomatology of SGMI - UGMA, the honored doctor of Russia, the founder of the Ural school of maxillofacial surgeons Lilia Pavlovna Malchikova is described.

My meetings with professor Lilia Pavlovna Malchikova were connected with production activity in academy within more than 15 years. Meetings were short-term. However they left a noticeable mark in my memory. Lilia Pavlovna was born in Siberia on October 2, 1929. After the termination of the Irkutsk medical institute it works in Khakassia for a number of years, and then in Sverdlovsk as the surgeon and the chelyustnolitsevy surgeon.

From 1957 to 1978 her life and activity of the doctor-surgeon, scientist is connected with department of hospital surgery of the Sverdlovsk state medical institute - UGMA which was headed by the famous surgeon in our country, the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences Arkady Timofeyevich Lidsky.

In 1964 Lilia Pavlovna defended the master's thesis, and in 1974 - doctor's on the subject "Clinic, Diagnostics and Treatment of Tumours of Parotid Salivary Gland" which formed the basis of formation of the scientific direction of department.

From 1978 to 1998 she heads department of surgical stomatology of UGMA, and from 1998 to the last days of the life works as professor of department. History demonstrates that the department headed by Lilia Pavlovna became the center of scientific research, the center of training of doctors of surgeons-stomatologists of the Ural region.

In the book "Essays about Lilia Pavlovna" documents from its personal record which are of historical interest are widely submitted.

Besides, in the book there is a certain head of "Reminiscence of Lilia Pavlovna Malchikova". Shared the reminiscence with readers:

Rector of academy, professor Sergey Mikhaylovich Kutepov;

Professors of academy:

Galina Ivanovna Ron; Marina Pavlovna Kharitonova;

Sergey Egorovich Zholudev; Evgenia Sergeyevna Bimbas;

Vladimir Alekseyevich Vissarionov; Nina Petrovna Makarova;

Valentina Mikhaelovna Lisiyenko; Alevtina Ivanovna Orekhova;

Evgenia Dmitriyevna Rozhdestvenskaya; Ekaterina Grigoryevna Makheeva;

Associate professor Margarita Efimovna Shimova,

who marked out Lilia Pavlovna as the brilliant teacher, the outstanding scientist with lines of broad education and intelligence, high humanity, love for a profession and for life and enormous diligence.

At the same time, it is necessary to emphasize that in the museum of history of our academy the gallery of portraits of female surgeons of our higher education institution is created. They are 15. The portrait of the Siberian professor Lilia Pavlovna Malchikova opens gallery. From portraits very beautiful, stately women - the doctors-surgeons with biographies of surprising destiny who made the significant contribution to development of domestic science and health care in the Ural region and Russia look at you.

Professor L.P. Malchikova is the author of 150 scientific works, the head of 3 doctor's and 7 master's theses, 3 monographs and 9 patents.

Her pupils:

>- The honored doctor of Russia, the department chair of therapeutic stomatology, professor Galina Ivanovna Ron - prepared 6 doctors and 4 candidates of science. She is an author more than 300 scientific works on current problems of stomatology. Galina Ivanovna is a great teacher, the skillful organizer of health care;

>- Professor Valery Petrovich Zhuravlev is the department chair of surgical stomatology, the successor of the scientific direction of the teacher. Today its clinic is a largest center of specialized medical care with different types of diseases of maxillofacial surgery.

And also other scientists and practical doctors.

History shows that professor Lilia Pavlovna Malchikova was an outstanding scientist in the highest understanding of this word. In it that intellectual and moral force thanks to which the person is useful to himself and others lived and was shown, deserves universal respect of Alma Mater of practical health care.

Besides, I believe that activity of the doctor-surgeon of the woman is a special activity. It is not a lot of fragrant roses on its way. It is a lot of thorns and sharply hurting thorns there. However, irrespective of those difficulties which met on its way she was able to apply the knowledge and experience in fight against human sufferings, to fight for life and human health.

Thus, book "In memory of the Teacher..." to Lilia Pavlovna Malchikova is of interest to students, teachers of medical schools, a wide range of the readers inquiring in history of domestic medical science and health care in the Ural region.


PROSHMI stomatology. 2011. No. 2

Anthony Carson
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