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Eighty years to pathoanatomical office of the Kazan GIDUVA and RKB No. 3


UDC 61 (091)


V.P. Nefedov

Republican hospital No. 3 (the chief physician - R.G. Fatikhov) MZ RT, Kazan

The pathoanatomical office of the Kazan the state institute for improvement of doctors (SIID) was organized in November, 1922, and the first opening is executed on December 1 by the doctor-anatomist M.L. Cherokova under the leadership of the prof. K.G. Bol. The manager of a pathoanatomical office with section (originally pathoanatomical office so was called) the prof. K.G. Bol carried out demonstration openings for doctors cadets on Thursdays with detailed analysis of a specific lethal case.

It was specified in the first report of a pathoanatomical office that till January 1, 1924 186 openings are made. Three pathoanatomical cases were shown by the doctor M.L. Cheroko-voy in 1923 at a scientific meeting of doctors GIDUVA. On materials of the report it is visible that the greatest number of openings was the share of pulmonary and generalized tuberculosis (44 cases), bronchial pneumonia and lobar pneumonia (34), cancer of a stomach (16), sepsis (10). Work on creation of the museum macro - and micromedicines was begun.

Within 20 years prof. I.P. Vasilyev directed (1930-1949) pathoanatomical office and department of patanatomiya GIDUVA. He gave lectures and gave a practical training with the affiliated doctors cadets in the following sections: the general and private pathological anatomy, a patanatomiya at BOV poisonings, the organization of pathoanatomical service and museum work. His lectures very rich on contents and simple on statement, had permanently great success with listeners. It passed with one of the first among professors since the beginning of the 30th years from teaching pathological anatomy, organo-pathological on the nosological principle.

Peru I.P. Vasilyeva possesses 38 scientific works from which 8 carry

the nature of monographs also treat various sections of pathology. Many employees GIDUVA developed the scientific work under its management which result was a protection 4 doctor's (R.I. Lepskaya, L.I. Vilensky, I.L. Tsimkhes, A.A. Polyantsev) and 7 master's theses (H.A. Rifman, O.M. Mukoseeva, V.A. Suvorov, A.C. Vinogradov, E.E. Mikhlina, E.S. Galitskaya, R.G. Bakiyeva).

Sections of corpses with histologic studying bodies and a practical training on microequipment bases (methods of fixing and filling of pieces in tselloidin and paraffin, production of the frozen cuts, coloring of medicines) were carried out by assistants A.M. Klementyeva, E.S. Galitskaya, N.I. Vylegzha-nin, H.A. Ibragimova, V.A. Konstantinov, L.A. Sukhorukova who in different years worked at department and in office of patanatomiya GIDUVA.

Being the chief pathologist of the Tatar republic, prof. I.P. Vasilyev began to carry out for the first time memorable to contemporaries city a wedge ik about - the anatomic conferences which were bringing together always the crowded audience. With its direct participation the educational museum of pathoanatomical and patogistolo-gichesky medicines and a collection of educational visual aids were expanded. I.P. Vasilyev had big authority among the medical public of Kazan and was very we respect the employees and colleagues.

After I.P. Vasilyev's death in June, 1949 department and office of patanato-miya GIDUVA the schoolgirl associate professor H.A headed him. Ibragimova who tried to follow the traditions put by Ivan Petrovich. In days of the Great Patriotic War she opened corpses of the died fighters in evakogospitalyakh and took active part in kliniko-anatomic conferences of these hospitals. Materials opening

Kazan medical magazine, 2003, volume 84, No. 5.

died of a septic tonsillitis in 1942 — 1944 Nadiyey Adbul-lovnoy in scientific work & #34 were generalized; To a patomor-fologiya alimentary and toxic алейкии" issued in the form of the master's thesis defended in 1947. It is a lot of energy and work enclosed N.A. Ibragimov in carrying out 6 — 9-month cycles for doctors-patanatomov in post-war years.

In 1953 in connection with reorganization in GIDUVE the department of a patanatomiya was merged into department of a pathophysiology under the name of the general clinical pathology led by the head of the department associate professor N.I. Vylegzhanin. Training of doctors-patanatomov began to be carried out dots. N.A. Ibragimova in a workplace in pathoanatomical office. Such individual specialization in 1953 — 1973 there underwent 20 doctors. In office till 1973 30 laboratory assistants-histologists were trained. Besides, Nadiya Abdullovna continued to give lectures on different sections of a private clinical patanatomiya to doctors cadets of clinical cycles. She is the author of 22 scientific works.

In pathoanatomical office big advisory work on diagnostics of biopsiyny, operational and section materials with doctors-patanatomami of Kazan, Tatarstan and the Mari republic is conducted. The staff of office renders the invaluable practical help in implementation of morphological sections of dissertation works to scientists GIDUVA (H.A. Kapelyushnik, A.Z. Ura - having jammed, I.E. Klemenkova, H.H. Spassky., Ya.M. Vertlib, N.H. Nugayeva, F.R. Nug-manova, F.Sh. Sharafislamov, M.Z. Segal, R.K. Kharitonov, Z.Sh. Gilyazutdi-nova, O.S. Kochnev, A.I. Nikoshin, etc.). Here it is appropriate to remember names of laboratory assistants-histologists of office which hands made thousands of histologic medicines, is the E.A. Shilyaeva and V.N. Gavrilova who worked for 40 years in patanatomichesky office. For 30 years and more in office nurses A.M. Desyatnikova, Z.V. Samoylova and V.E. Pyanova selflessly worked. From 1966 to 2001 the patanatomichesky office was headed by the doctor-patanatom of the highest category of T.G. Gritsky - N.A. Ibragimova's schoolgirl. Tamara Grigoryevna - very much

the skilled, highly qualified and authoritative specialist in the area a stalemate - anatomic diagnostics. It has 8 scientific publications.

Since 1973 (after retirement dots. Associate professor V.P. Nefedov became N.A. Ibragimova) the curator of Patan-tomichesky office, and since 2001 and its manager. The circle of its duties included holding kliniko-anatomic conferences together with clinical physicians (professor A.A. Aushnikov, I.P. Ar-leevsky, I.N. Dyakonov) with obligatory participation in these conferences of doctors cadets. V.P. Nefedov increased number of lectures on clinical morphology of heart troubles, lungs, a liver and kidneys, gynecologic and mental diseases, on a patanatomiya of the tumors and tuberculosis read on

10 clinical departments. He is the author of 80 scientific printing works devoted mainly to problems of immuno-morphology and an onkomorfologiya. V.P. Nefedov provides substantial assistance in carrying out scientific morphological research to the staff of institute,
11 from which defended master's theses (N.M. Mrasov, U.R. Batyr-shin, G.N. Koltsova, R.M. Ramazanov,

A.H. Guseva, etc.). Within 23 years

B.item. Nefedov was the chief non-staff pathologist of a gorzdravotdel as whom held more than 50 city kliiiko-anatomic conferences.

Due to the separation of clinics GIDUVA from institute and formation of independent medical institution under the name Republican hospital No. 3 in 1993 the patanatomi-chesky office was a part of the last. Now in it diagnostics of section, operational and biopsiyny materials from obstetric and gynecologic, therapeutic and neurologic RKB No. 3 clinics, Republican ophthalmologic hospital and Republican dental policlinic is carried out. The administration of hospital provided to office the new repaired room for patogistologichesky laboratory, bought the new equipment and furniture.

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