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Authentically about the Russian army

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AUTHENTICALLY about the Russian ARMY

In the conditions of democracy the power cannot legitimately be carried out without support from society. At the same time support by citizens of the government — and especially in Russia — substantially depends on what image developed at the Defense Ministry. Today not only for specialists in questions of defense, but also the fact that the Russian army becomes extremely open for society becomes more and more obvious to many citizens. To achieve understanding in the company of solved by Armed forces of tasks and the actions, the Russian Defense Ministry makes the most serious efforts in recent years, resorting sometimes to non-standard steps. The release of annual informatsionnoanalitichesky collections about Armed forces of Russia can serve as a bright example of such activity. Second it is already submitted to the judgement of the public izdaniye1.

It should be noted that the idea of creation of the book in which in details and in a popular form it was told about current problems of defensive policy of Russia, about a state and the prospects of development of its Armed forces belongs to the chief of the General Staff general Yu.N. Baluyevsky.

The limited circle of the trained staff, and experts not so much in the field of military science was involved to preparation of the edition. First of all it were political scientists, philosophers, sociologists, lawyers, philologists, many of which have an academic degree. In material processing they had to address repeatedly to bodies of military management for specification of a number of positions and emphasis of attention on those aspects of activity of Armed forces and the Ministries of Defence which are interesting to society.

The second collection presented to the public in 2007 was prepared more thoroughly. Considerably its volume extended, new heads and consequently, it was more mentioned questions appeared. Circulation of the collection was 7 thousand pieces. The book allows to create idea of specifics of public policy in

1 Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of 2006. M, Voyeninform Agency of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, 2007

the fields of defense at the present stage also covers various aspects of life of the Russian army.

The release of the collection acts and as means of preparation for the edition of full "White paper" of Russia concerning defense and safety. The innovation should be considered already question about indissoluble unity of security policy and defense what the wording of the name of chapter 1 confirms. Still in Russia such approach was not promoted. Following to it demands to consider Armed forces as the instrument of security policy and defense.

As the collection is published annually, the management of the Ministry of Defence made the decision to include in it speeches of the President of Russia and the report of the Minister of Defence on annual gathering of leadership team of Armed forces. It is not accidental also that in separate chapter information on formation of a system of public relations of the Ministry of Defence was selected.

Summing up the results of the work which is carried out within two years and connected with preparation of the new collection it is possible to tell that the idea of issue of the similar edition justified itself. On the presentation of the informatsionnoanalitichesky collection "Armed Forces of the Russian Federation-2006" the chief of the General Staff general Yu.N. Baluyevsky noted that "the Russian society shows great interest to activity of Armed forces... According to the Ministry of Defence, it is very important that the Russian society could obtain information that is called of their first hands".

It is thought that the point of educational activity of the Russian Defense Ministry is in that society did not call in question need of existence of such important institute of the state as Armed forces. The new book shows that army — not burdensome structure which consumes resources, and providing with the activity safe conditions for development of the country.

Vasily BELOZEROV, the chief expert of Information and Public Relations Department of the Russian Defense Ministry, to. item of N, colonel

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