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Professor A.P. Ilyin is 60 years old

izvestiya of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. 2009. T. 315. No. 3


Alexander Petrovich Ilyin was born on July 1, 1949. In 1966 left Kuryinsky secondary school of Altai Krai with a silver medal and entered the Tomsk state university which in 1971 graduated with honors majoring in "chemistry" (radiochemistry). Even during training in TGU it was accepted by the skilled worker on an object "Cyclotron" of Institute of nuclear physics at the Tomsk polytechnical institute. After obtaining the diploma Alexander Petrovich was taken on as the engineer. Tests of various products for radiation firmness and questions of control of radiation safety of personnel belonged to its duties. The chief engineer A.I. Komov did not interfere with carrying out scientific research on radiolysis of nitrates of alkaline metals, but on combination of these works with the engineer's duties - there was no senior engineer of time left.

In 1973 A.P. Ilyin passed to department of the general and inorganic chemistry of TPU and began to perform dissertation work on development of ways of data recording on copper carriers (not silver photo). By 1976 an experimental part was executed, but at department there were no vacancies. At the same time it received the offer from the head of the department of chemistry of the Tomsk state teacher's college L.P. Eryomin to pass to a position of the senior research associate. In 1978 Alexander Petrovich in Minsk (Belgos-university) defended on the job the master's thesis on a subject "Termoliz, photolysis of thiocyanates of copper (I) and copper (II) and fotografi-

chesky process on the basis of thiocyanate of copper (I)". After protection he mastered courses of lectures in the general and inorganic, analytical chemistry; course of lectures "Elected heads of inorganic chemistry". By this time it became obvious that in the nature there are no substances comparable on photosensitivity with silver halogenides, and the science began to study magnetic carriers of data recording.

Since 1980 A.P. Ilyin began to study the ultradispersed powders received by means of electric explosion of conductors. The employee of scientific research institute of high tension to. x. N G.V. Ivanov suggested it to conduct researches of a number of ultradispersed nanopowders and some exotic oxidizers. In 1983 Alexander Petrovich passed to work as the senior research associate into the 12th department of scientific research institute of high tension which during that time was headed by PhD in Technological Sciences N.A. Yavorovsky. A.P. Ilyin participated in performance of a number of programs of various industries and the defense enterprises. These years the staff of the 12th department developed the UDP-4G installation which became widespread in Russia and abroad. Production of such installations at Sibkhim-plant, Seversk, and at the same time pilot production of nanopowders (4 installations), and then trial was developed (30 installations).

In 1994 the 12th department was transformed to laboratory No. 14, and A.P. Ilyin was appointed the manager of laboratory. With the minimum number of employees remained the main scientific directions: improvement of an electroexplosive method, research of fundamental properties

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nanopowders and nanomaterials, search of the most effective fields of their application. The laboratory performed economic contractual works and programs, delivered nanopowders and antiwear lubricants for the industrial enterprises and on the market. Structures were developed for all frictional units in the car: "Start" - for engines, "Start-T" - for reducers and transmissions, "Start layer" - for rolling bearings and sliding, etc. For GPZ-29 enterprise, Tomsk, S-14 lubricant intended for high-resourceful bearings which was was developed then entered in the register of the industry.

Alexander Petrovich supervised and supervises the scientific work of graduate students and applicants. In 1992 in dissertation council of the Tomsk state university L.T. Proskurovskaya, and in 1996 - O.B. Naza-renko who executed a part of experiments in laboratory No. 6 (head B.G. Choubin) defended the master's thesis. In 1997, having broken a barrier acting through the director of Scientific Research Institute VN, A.P. Ilyin on the job prepared and defended the doctoral dissertation in council of FTF TPU. In 1999 the graduate student V.V. of An defended the master's thesis and continued scientific work in laboratory No. 14. In 2001 the master's theses were also defended by D.V. Tikhonov and A.A. Gromov. On one of perspective developments in 2003 P.V. Filippov defended the master's thesis. Also works on water purification with application on-noporoshkov and natural minerals which result was a protection of the master's thesis A.Yu. Godymchuk were carried out to Alexander Petrovich's laboratories. For 2005 urban districts of B. Nazarenko prepared the doctoral dissertation which in 2006 she successfully defended. In 2007 ahead of schedule defended the master's thesis the graduate student L.O. Tol-banova. Same year the doctoral dissertation was defended by A.A. Gromov. In 2008 defended the master's thesis Yu.A. Amelkovich. Thus, considering that the prepared shots continue work in TPU, laboratory 14 (nowadays 6) it is possible by the right to consider TPU source of manpower, and the scientific direction of A.P. Ilyin and his activity - school.

Since 1998 A.P. Ilyin's laboratory began to cooperate with DLD-International (France), to conduct joint researches and to deliver nanopowders. Later the scientific and contractual relations with the Dalian university (People's Republic of China) and the Ulsan university were established (Republic of Korea) for which about 10 contracts were executed. Laboratory No. 14 for many years took the 1st place on volume

scientific products, it gave 40...50% of all scientific products of Scientific Research Institute VN.

In 2000 A.P. Ilyin received an academic status of professor in a 02.00.04 - physical chemistry. In 2001 it passed on a competition on replacement of a vacant post of the head of the department of the general and inorganic chemistry (ONH) of faculty of natural sciences and mathematics (ENMF) TPU.

In 2006 at ONH ENMF department the master program "Receiving Methods on-nomaterialov, Their Structure and Properties" according to which masters annually are issued was open. According to this program the undergraduate of the Orleans university (France) Gregory Kutyurye who successfully defended the master dissertation in the exit commission of the Orleans university which part professor A.P. Ilyin was was prepared. In 2006 and 2007 on scope of researches of A.P. Ilyin two youth collectives received grants of prestigious fund Global Energy (heads dots. A.A. Gromov and article of Ven. L.O. Tolbanov).

The ONH department which is nowadays headed by A.P. Ilyin takes the advanced positions in TPU on development and use of a test system of check of the current and total knowledge of students: the "Bank-600" including 600 tasks is developed. In 2005 the ONH department won competition TPU and received 1.6 million r on equipment of educational process by devices that allowed to improve qualitatively and teaching the general and inorganic chemistry.

A.P. Ilyin is a coauthor of 4 monographs and 4 manuals, more than 120 articles and about 100 inventions. Following the results of 2001 he is recognized as "The best inventor of TPU" Alexander Petrovich is a part of 3 dissertation councils and also Scientific and methodical council of TPU.

The most significant achievements of A.P. Ilyin are an experimental and theoretical justification of a concept "the energy reserved by nanopowders", introduction to practice of diagnostics of nanomaterials of 4 parameters of chemical activity, experimental and theoretical justification of the phenomenon of high-temperature chemical binding of nitrogen of air. These results for the first time are received personally by A.P. Ilyin, his employees and colleagues that is reflected in publications and inventions.

For high achievements and in connection with anniversary Candidate of Chemistry, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor A.P. Ilyin is awarded the degree medal "For Participation in Development of TPU" II.

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