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The parliamentary right of Great Britain during earlier modern times: source study and historiographic aspects of study

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The research of the parliamentary right of Great Britain of early modern times has to have cross-disciplinary character and incorporate the latest developments historical and jurisprudence. Not mechanical connection of such achievements, but absolutely new approach to most is important.

such research the present article is devoted.

Parliamentary right; source study; historiography; parliament;.


Research of the parliamentary law of the Great Britain in the Early Modern period which would have interdisciplinary character is necessary and incorporated advanced achievements historical and jurisprudence. Not a simple connection of such achievements, but absolutely new approach to the problem is important. Present article is devoted to the historiographic and source study of such research.

The parliamentary law; source study; historiography; parliamentary procedures; interdisciplinary research.

The history of the British parliamentarism in general is rather traditional object of a research. It, however, cannot be told about early modern times though an era (the end of XVII - the first third of the 19th century, before the first parliamentary reform of 1832) is extremely important in terms of formation of the main institutes of the parliamentary right. Rather weak study of the historical period predetermined the known source study and historiographic difficulties in the analysis of process of formation of the main institutes of the parliamentary right. Let's stop on them an entrance

Many works as are devoted to the parliamentary right of Great Britain. and the legal researches devoted to early modern times and also the works analyzing institute of parliamentary procedures which, as from, modern domestic literature has some [1].

In terms of a source study and a historiography, studying history of formation of the parliamentary right of Great Britain during early modern times

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demands the appeal to very wide range of English-speaking sources and literature. Very conditionally this circle can be divided into the following groups:

♦ acts of parliament [2];

♦ works about parliament, its value and functions [3];

♦ works on the constitutional and parliamentary history [4];

♦ works on the history of party political system [5];

♦ works on the history of England and Great Britain of the separate periods [6].

Historiographic condition of study of a problem and available in

the order of experts a complex of sources allow to plan for the future the following problem directions of a research of parliamentary history of Great Britain during early modern times.

Great Britain during early modern times. Characteristic of the existing works is the pronounced aspiration to the analysis of parliamentary procedures out of a socio-political and historical context that obviously does not do well to quality of understanding of the studied realities.

Great Britain of early modern times which would have cross-disciplinary character and incorporated the latest developments historical and Ury. -

mentsky prerogatives and procedures is followed often by full ignoring of that obvious circumstance that parliamentary prerogatives are very closely coordinated to prerogatives royal, and adequately it is impossible to understand and estimate them differently as carefully investigating these vzaimo-

a rank and factors of socio-political character which made possible and had direct impact on formation of the parliamentary right of Great Britain during early modern times. It is about the problems connected with the relations of property and freedom, their philosophical and legal interpretation and perception in society.

determined by istochnikovy base and a condition of historiographic study of a problem of formation and evolution of the parliamentary right of Great Britain during early modern times, can influence further evolution of ideas of experts of such complex and contradictory problem what the subject touched here is.


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