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My family the 20th century in St. Petersburg, Petrograd, Leningrad, St. Petersburg (from memoirs)

i. V. Arnold,

professor of department of the English philology


(from memoirs)

>. In the 19th century the senior generation of my family actively participated in development of the Russian culture, and in the 20th century fell a victim of the tragedies which comprehended our country. Almost all of them were born not in St. Petersburg, but carried out all adult life in it, working, mainly, in the field of education or at military service. There is a wish to emphasize from the very beginning their communication with higher educational institutions of St. Petersburg which they ended or in which taught. I will begin with academies.

My great-grandfather Mikhail Fedorovich Rayevsky graduated from the St. Petersburg spiritual academy. Ded Aleksander Evseevich Kurshakov — medico-surgical academy (now it is called Military-medical). His son — my uncle Nikolay Aleksandro-

The text of memoirs I.V. Arnold is stored in the museum of history the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia.



Kurshakov not only finished with HIV it, but also was in it professor. My father Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kurshakov graduated from Artillery academy. My mom Ekaterina Ilyinichna of Kurshakov (maiden name of Shestakov) and her elder sister Anna Ilyinichna (on the husband Homentovskaya) graduated from the first opened schools, higher in St. Petersburg, for women: Women's Pedagogical Institute and Bestuzhevsky courses. The aunt Anna Ilyinichna was not content with one physical and mathematical faculty from which graduated in 1907, but also complemented the knowledge with classes in Goettingen and in several years, in 1912, arrived on historical and philological faculty of the same Bestuzhevsky courses. Having ended it, she passed master examinations at the Petrograd university. From 1919 to 1923 she was an associate professor of this university on department of a modern history. And later taught at Zubovsky institute of art history. Representatives of the next generation were graduates of Polytechnical, Mountain and Pedagogical institutes. So the system of higher education institutions of the Northern Capital, its education are quite thoroughly presented in the history of family and make its integral part, and after 1917 our family shared bitter lot of the educated intellectuals of St. Petersburg & lt;...>

I should write the biography of my dad without dates — we did not keep any documents or letters, they had to be destroyed at the Stalin mode as during the search they could become a reason for repressions. It is necessary to write only on memory.

Vladimir Aleksandrovich was born in Kronstadt in 1883 or in 1882. Ended the Kronstadt gymnasium and came to Mikhaylovsky artillery yunkersky school. From there it was released the officer of the Second Guards artillery crew. Dad was a highly educated person, well knew languages: except Latin and Greek to which taught in a gymnasium knew German also French! Loved music, well played a violoncello, often happened in the opera & lt;.>

From the first days of World War I its crew was at the front, and it was all years on a front line. By the end of war it already in the colonel's rank, faithful to the military oath, went to the back the last. Soldiers loved it and obeyed, and it could keep them from the excesses extended then in relation to other officers and thus gave those the chance to leave safely also lt;.>

Civil war began. The debt of officer honor brought it into White army. Once, having come back home from a trip behind products, he told that he met front companions and cannot but join them. So he took family at first in Ekaterinodar, then in Rostov-on-Don where it had to be engaged in artillery affairs in Denikin's headquarters. Then all moved with the headquarters to Kharkiv, and we lived there in hotel. Though I was still little, but I remember that when someone asked it whether he wants restoration of the monarchy, he told that at first it is necessary to banish Bolsheviks, and we will understand then. But the White army got beaten. Vladimir Aleksandrovich sent family with some military train receding on the South, and itself remained in Rostov where ached with the typhus raging then and died in 1919

Mom remained with it, then arrived to us, already sick. Soon and children got sick with typhus, and removed us from the train in the village Old Lower Stebliyevsky. That my grandmother, the former soloist of the La Scala and the governor's widow, Lyudmila Mikhaylovna had to transfer — it is even difficult to imagine. She was in the Kuban village with the sick daughter and three [her children] 11, 10 and 4. Things were gone. Around only strangers. Mom died the first. Then also the grandmother got sick, but still somehow looked after sick granddaughters. Children recovered, and the grandmother did not. She was buried in the same village & lt;...>

Teacher organizer, scientist, poet

Ekaterina Ilyinichna (in a marriage to Kurshakov), my mom, it is possible, it seems to me, without exaggeration to call by an ideal of the Russian educated woman of the beginning of the 20th century. She graduated Annenshule and shortly before that from open Women's Pedagogical Institute and taught history, language and literature at the German school Ekatherinen Schule. She was very many-sided person. The loving daughter, the wife and mother of four children, she loved the profession and was loved by pupils. Beautiful and elegant, she often was in theater, well itself sang (she was taught by mother Lyudmila Mikhaelovna), knew languages, the European literature and art, played tennis & lt;...>

For characteristic of nobility of nature of mom and the grandmother I will give the episode which was remembered to me. At the beginning of war with Germany funds in some public foundation of defense were raised, and they offered the jewelry. But the grandmother did not want to give the ring presented to her by the tsar listening to her singing at some concert. The patriotic feeling as to me it is remembered, won also against lt;.>

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