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From the history of the edition & #34; Известий" The Tomsk polytechnical

stranitsa of history TPU

UDC 62:655 (09)


V.N. Belomestnykh, T.A. Romanova

The more everything changes, the more everything remains as before.

(French proverb)

This publication is dated for the 100 anniversary from the date of a release in 1903 of the first number & #34; News of the Tomsk Institute of Technology of the Emperor Nikolay of II" which successor are & #34; News Tomsk polytechnical университета". In article the analysis of an initial stage of history of the periodical is given.

The contemporary history of the magazine & #34; News Tomsk polytechnical университета" (& #34; News ТПУ") it is framed with round figures and quite respectable symbolical dates - the 2000th year, on a change of centuries and even millennia, on the eve of century of the beginning of educational activity of the university. Short historical sketch & #34; printing дела" in TTI-STI-TII-TPI-TPU on the occasion of resumption of issue of own magazine it is given by the chairman of editorial council, the rector of TPU, professor Yury Petrovich Pokholkov [1]. Real work on history & #34; News..." dated for century of the magazine. It also does not apply for a system research of materials & #34; News. & #34; also it is turned, first of all, by an initial stage of history of the magazine, by those years its editions which & #34; are covered дымкой". Authors analyzed the reports on activity of TTI during the pre-revolutionary period which are stored in department of rare books of NTB TPU. Authors tried to present matter of the edition of the magazine in dynamics, with the corresponding characteristic of characters and concomitant circumstances. At the same time word & #34; политехнического" in the title of article it is necessary to understand as collective in relation to all names of institute university.

Certainly, issue a century ago of the first volume & #34; News." was an event historical. The lane -

the vy volume was published in 1903 and was called & #34; News of the Tomsk Institute of Technology of the Emperor Nikolay of II" (& #34; Bulletin of the Tomsk Institut of Tehnology. Siberia, Russia). Its emergence in the press marked the beginning of one of the oldest scientific publications in the field of technical knowledge in the territory of Siberia and the Far East. More than 70 years regularly (with small breaks) results of scientific activity of scientists of the leading technical college of Siberia were published in them. Throughout existence of the edition its name repeatedly changed. So, from 1903 for 1925 under the first name of the magazine there were 46 volumes. In 1925 the institute was renamed into the Siberian Institute of Technology of F.E. Dzerzhinsky therefore volume 47-52 till 1929 had names & #34; News of Siberian Technological Instituta" (& #34; News СТИ"). In 1929, in connection with reorganization of the higher school, STI was divided into 9 independent industry technical colleges. The Institute of Applied Physics at STI was transferred to the Tomsk State University and formed a basis for the organization of the Siberian Physics and Technology Institute (SPTI). The Kuznetsk metallurgical institute, the Irkutsk, Novosibirsk institutes of the river fleet, SHTI, SMMI in Tomsk, etc. are allocated TEMIIT, SIBSTRIN,

In 1934 SMMI and SHTI were again united in one Tomsk industrial institute

(TII). The SMMI and SHTI editions have independent numbering of volumes. With the name & #34; News Siberian chemical and technological института" (& #34; News СХТИ") there were 3 volumes, and & #34; News Siberian mechanical engineering института" (& #34; News СММИ") have two releases of the first volume (1929-1934). Under the name & #34; News Tomsk industrial института" (& #34; News ТИИ") there were volumes 52(1)-62(1) during 1934-1944 Due to rewarding of institute beyond merits in training of highly qualified technical personnel and as most important scientific and technological center of Siberia, volume 62(1) left under the name & #34; News of the Tomsk award of the Labour Red Banner of Industrial institute of S.M. Kirova". After in 1944 the institute was renamed into polytechnical, the edition began to be called & #34; News Tomsk politekhni-ches whom institute of S.M. Kirova" (& #34; News ТПИ"). The majority of own printed materials of higher education institution left under this name (1945-1977, volume 63-302). 23 years later (since 2000) the magazine began to appear under the present title again - & #34; News Tomsk polytechnical университета" - with continuation by numbering of volumes and releases.

So, all till 1978 there were 302 volumes & #34; News..." in which 7207 scientific works, articles and various materials on many branches of science and the equipment are published. The list of materials of the magazine is made in two bibliographies [2, 3]. In 1929. The STI academic library published & #34; Index..." (under M.A. Slobodsky's edition, the originator A.P. Pokrovskaya). In 1966 left & #34; Classified index..." made by the staff of the TPI Scientific and technical library under edition of the rector of institute, professor Alexander Akimovich Vorobyov.

We will address now actually the history of emergence of the magazine. The question of the organization of the internal publication was raised in February, 1902 when at the regular meeting of Council of TTI the first director of institute professor Efim Lukyanovich Zubashev suggested to create the organizational commission on development of the plan for the edition & #34; News..." [4]. Council of TTI elected the commission into which professors entered: A.I. Yefimov, N.M. Kizhner, V.A. Obruchev, I.I. Bobarykov and F.E. Molin. The project of the organization of the edition was presented to Council in March, 1902. Soon on the basis of the project there was a resolution of council of TTI & #34; About an order of the edition of works from a name or for the account института". Only of the magazine 1500 rub, and the total costs of the edition & #34 were annually allocated for the edition; News." in a year made 5000 rub. (For those times very decent sums. For comparison: the same sum, 5 thousand rubles, was assigned in a year for the maintenance of the TTI Physical laboratory, and such expenses exceeded an annual salary of ordinary (full) professor of institute).

& #34; News. & #34; left the separate books consisting of two departments: in the first scientific articles and monographs by professors and teachers of TTI, were published in the second - the reporting materials characterizing educational and scientific activity of institute and also the best works of students. It defined also subject & #34; News. & #34;. However, we will pledge about it the word to one of editors of the magazine [5]. & #34; News of the Tomsk Institute of Technology contain articles, compositions and monographs of scientific character devoted to questions mathematical, natural science, mekhaniko-technical, chemical and technical, mining and construction, and equally in reports on scientific excursions, researches, etc. Under the resolution of Board of Institute & #34; Известия" will leave the separate releases stitched in process of accumulation in the next volumes. The request to the editorial offices of all appearing scientific, scientific and technical magazines, works and News of higher education institutions, scientific societies and associations to establish equivalent exchange with & #34; Известиями" TTI. Editor prof. V.I. of Minaev".

Monographs, also as well as reports, had everyone the separate pagination and the single title page, and a part of their circulation was issued in the form of independent books. To books & #34; News. & #34; on single sheets drawings, schemes, tables and illustrations were attached.

Structure & #34; News." it was organized as the periodicals of technical colleges of Russia which are already existing by then, such as & #34; News of SPb Practical Technological Instituta" (leaves since 1880), & #34; News of the Warsaw Polytechnical Institute of the Emperor Nikolay of II" (since 1900), & #34; News of the Kiev Polytechnical Institute of the Emperor Alexander of II" (since 1901).

The first book & #34; News ТТИ" there was under edition of professor of physics Alexander Ivanovich Yefimov, enduring on value for history TPU and all higher technical education of Siberia article of which & #34; The Historical note about opening of the Tomsk Institute of Technology of the Emperor Nikolay of II" opened the collection. This work the Siberian on the birth (Irkutsk) A.I. Yefimov immortalized the name in the history of TPU not less, than worthy all praise work on construction of the physical case, equipment of physical laboratory and lecture audiences, creation of the first programs, planned schedules and methodical providing a course of physics. A.I. Yefimov was an editor & #34; News..." from 1903 to 1906. These years with its active assistance the first three volumes & #34 were published; News..." and the Annex to volume 3 in 1905

Besides mentioned & #34; Historical note..." in the first volumes & #34; News..." were published: doctoral dissertation of professor of department of inorganic chemistry D.P. Tourist's women & #34; From area катализа" considerable work of professor on

department of mechanical technology of T.I. Tikhonov & #34; Metallography and it задачи" works of the engineer L.N. Lyubimov, A.A. Potebni's article & #34; To the theory of parallel operation альтернаторов" become in 1906 a subject of its thesis. Besides, reports on internal and foreign academic trips of professors of V.V. Sapozhnikov are published (& #34; Siberian соловья"), M.E. Yanishevsky, teacher P.A. Kuzmin. The separate book to volume 3 published the Application: work of the teacher of hydraulics A.E. Krzhizhanovsky & #34; Dams and operation of energy of water for food двигателя". Since the second volume & #34; News..." reports on activity and a condition of TTI in reporting year began to be published.

The first & #34; News..." and Supplements to them are published in the Steam typolithography of P.I. Maku-shina in Tomsk. Since 1907 they begin to leave on a subscription. The subscription price a year of 5 rub, separate books are on sale on 1 rub 50 kopeks (we will remind: 1 kopeks - the price of a chicken small egg). Magazines are issued from 12 to 15 sheets, not less than four releases a year. To a regular exit & #34; News..." the insufficient equipment of the printing house of P.I. Makushin which passed in 1907 to the Siberian Association of Printing disturbed; besides, in Tomsk there are not enough printing houses, and they were so busy, better paid and less responsible that ready materials & #34; News. & #34; long were not printed. Edition & #34; News." finds a possibility of printing of the issues of the magazine in printing houses of St. Petersburg, Kiev, Kazan. & #34; News." leave in number of 400 copies and are dispatched, except honorary members, professors and teachers of TTI, to institutions in exchange for the magazines issued by them which fill up then fund of library. Not seldom & #34; News. & #34; were charitable business of institute. So, data that the New and Alexandria Institute of Agriculture, the victim of military operations, asks to send a set & #34 are reflected in the minutes of Council of TTI of January 22, 1916; News." and doublets of other TTI editions in library of institute. According to the decision of Council a set & #34; News." it was sent gratuitously. (In the 70th years now of last century NTB was engaged in a book-exchange, it dispatched & #34; News..." to more than 180 institutions of the country. Now & #34; News." about 30 higher education institutions and institutions are dispatched).

In 1907 five volumes & #34 were released; News..." (t. t. 4-8) under edition of professor of mathematics Vladimir Leonidovich Nekrasov who fulfilled this duty for 1910. During this period a number of important works was published. So, professor of chemistry of D.P. Turbab (among other things) was engaged in studying the Siberian mineral raw materials. After its work & #34; To a question of structure Siberian mineral вод" published in & #34; News ТТИ" for 1907 and containing results of a research of structure of mineral waters of many

the lakes of Siberia, curative properties of water of the known Lake Shira where subsequently resort treatment was organized were established.

V.L. Nekrasov after the foreign business trip printed in & #34; News..." monograph & #34; Building and measure dot областей" (1907. T. 5, issue 2). It was the first work on the theory of sets, and it kept the scientific value up to now. Work was presented as the thesis for a degree of the master of abstract mathematics and successfully protected on November 28, 1908 at the Moscow University.

In 1905, 1906 and 1909 professor Vladimir Afanasyevich Obruchev of an assignment and at the expense of TTI made three scientific expeditions on geological survey of ridges and deserts of Boundary Dzungaria (Western China). Obruchev's sons - Vladimir and Sergey and also M.A. Usov participated in these expeditions (the student 4 courses, and since 1909 - the scholar). For science it was open & #34; Eolian город" gold deposits, coal and asphalt are described. Preliminary reports on expeditions were published in & #34; News ТТИ" in 1907, 1908 and 1910. In the Application to & #34; To News..." 1912, 1914 and 1915 published the 3-volume scientific report on an expedition (it is made by V.A. Obruchev and M.A. Usov). On this edition the Council of TTI assigned 4700 rub 60 kopeks of the remains of the credits for academic trips across Siberia. Cards to the first volume of Applications were printed in firm Brockhaus in Leipzig, microphotos were executed in Pavlov's phototype in Moscow.

During 1908 the editor V.L. Nekrasov prepared and published four volumes & #34; News..." (vol. 9-12) at what some articles were printed in Tomsk - in printing house of the Siberian Association of Printing, Associations & #34; Pechatnya Yakovleva" & #34; Орловой" in Kharkiv - in Zilbergera Printing house and in Kazan - in Printing house of the University. By data & #34; Report of TTI. & #34; during this period the library of institute is in exchange with 100 institutions in Russia and 2 - in America. It is necessary to distinguish F.K. Yasevich's publications from works of this period. The teacher of Construction Office of TTI F.K. Yasevich combining teaching with service on the railroad carefully studied a question of a ballast role in stability of a way and traffic safety. After the conducted researches a number of works, one of which - the monograph & #34, is written to them; Research балластов" it published in & #34; News..." (1908. T. 11, issue 3). The value of these works - in their relevance as at this time reconstruction of the Siberian railroad was carried out, and F.K. Yasevi-cha's works helped to resolve a number of the difficult technical questions arising in the course of reorganization of a railway track.

In 1909 in view of a difficult financial position instead of 1500 rubles on allocation & #34; Известий" Council of TTI allocated only 500 rubles, pre-

having delivered to the editor most to look for money. It was offered to it to take the credit of 1000 rubles from the credit of one of laboratories of institute (under the agreement with the manager) subsequently to compensate this sum of laboratory back from special means. Money was found. During 1909 four volumes & #34 were released; News..." (vol. 13-16).

In 1910 - the first quarter of 1912 the editor & #34; News..." V.A. Obruchev is. From publications of this period it is possible to allocate two for 1911. Professor S.V. Pinegin famous for the works on friction opens the series of publications article & #34; Friction in flat пяте". In the same years begins to give out & #34; on гора" products tireless professor of physics Boris Petrovich Veynberg who arrived in Tomsk from St. Petersburg in the summer of 1909. Literally during the first Tomsk autumn and winter season by forces of two diploma students, students of Construction Office A. Bykovo and K. Karpova, under his management was organized on TTI meteorological station performance of research work on definition of the chemical composition of an atmospheric precipitation which results, according to the recommendation of professor, are published in T. 24. Issue 4. Now the data of 90-year received by students gain extremely important value in respect of environmental monitoring in Tomsk.

In the next years (1912-1920) editors & #34; News..." there were professors V.L. Maleev, A.V. Lavrsky and the teacher of N.S. Penna. These years V.M. Khrushchev's work & #34 is published in the magazine (1913 and 1914); Theory repulsivny моторов" in two parts and some other works on the theory of cars of alternating current, made his widely famous scientist. Great theoretical and practical value work of professor (after the academician) got N.P. Chizhevsky & #34; Железо-азот" (1913. T. 31. issue 3). The nitriding method offered them giving to steel products big hardness without hardening became widespread in metallurgy. Work was protected on May 22, 1914 as the thesis for a degree of the graduated in a military academy of metallurgy. It is necessary to call and pioneer work of the physicist V.S. Titov & #34; The Radioactive emanation in waters and gases a village term New Belokurikha on Altae" (1913), with statement of results of early studies of the physicist together with the student V. Markov of radioactivity of sources, now widely known resort of Belokurikha, in 1907-1908.

The magnificent response was received also by work of professor N.V. Gutovsky & #34; To the theory of a system железо-углерод" published in & #34; News ТТИ" (1914. T. 36, the issue 4), from the famous metallurgist Henry Nova. To the author of work he wrote in the letter: & #34; Results of experiments which I have in hands now entirely confirm your results which can serve as opening вопроса" [6]. Let's note also the publication of the thesis of S.V. of Le -

of a bedev & #34; Continuous alcoholic sbrazhivaniye (pilot study) & #34; (1915, T. 37), which theoretical conclusions found application in the brewing industry and winemaking.

From the beginning of World War I and further revolutionary events in Russia the publication of scientific works of employees of TTI was considerably complicated. Edition & #34; News..." in 1917 it was suspended. Extraordinary efforts of an editorial board led by Nikolay Samuilovich by Penn were crowned with success, and the magazine managed to be renewed. For 1918-1919 five volumes & #34 were published; News..." (vol. 37-41). During this period A.V. Ugarov's works & #34 were printed; Cars with intermediate selection пара" V.Ya. Mostovich and V.A. Pa-zukhin & #34; The Research of gold-bearing ores in metallurgical laboratory TTI" M.A. Usov and P.P. Gudkov's reports by results of geological researches of various Areas of Siberia, etc. Besides, volume 39 & #34; News..." it was entirely devoted to memory of professor Lev Lvovicha Tove who tragically died in 1917. In it memoirs of colleagues and friends L.L. Tov are published: V.A. Obrucheva, P.P. Gudkova, M.A. Usova. N.S. Penna, D.A. Strelnikova.

We will draw the attention of the reader once again to volume 43 & #34; News..." [5], where in one book three releases, and one of them are combined (the Issue 3) it is filled with articles, abstracts and other reporting materials of professor B.P. Veynberg and it & #34; соучеников" (as professor) with results of magnetic expeditions on Yenisei, to Mongolia, across Altai, researches of ice of the Tom River before ice drifts in 1914 and 1915 and also studying behavior of a solid body beyond an elasticity limit liked to say.

In 1925 TTI celebrated 25-year anniversary of the existence. On this occasion in 1928 there was a book (Anniversary collection) [7]. The collection appeared under edition of professor with a circulation of 1500 copies M.I. Evdokimova-Ro-kotovskogo. It consisted of two parts: the first part included the materials connected with celebrations on the occasion of anniversary of institute; the second part includes publications of the management and the leading scientists of institute on history TTI and its current state. Conclude the collection two short biographic dictionaries by professors, teachers and employees of TTI made by professor N.I. Kartashov and M.A. Slobodsky.

In 1936 in & #34; News ТИИ" (T. 55, the issue 2) published V.K. Scherbakov's article & #34; Calculation of tension and potokoraspredeleniye of power in difficult electric системах" in which in the form of capacities the modern form was given to the equations of nodal tension.

In 1944 the 62nd volume & #34 comes out; News..." devoted to M.A. Usov's memory where works of the leading geologists entered. Volume 63 & #34; News..." (1945) over 30 printed pages it was filled with materials on current problems of the Siberian power. In 1948 in & #34; From -

vestiya..." the unique monograph by A.V. Verkhovsky & #34 was published; The Hypothesis of broken sections and its application to calculation of cores difficult конфигурации" highly appreciated by experts and to which refer so far. In this work the foundation is laid for the new direction - contact interaction and calculation of details on flexural durability.

Since 1957 in practice & #34; News ТПИ" the edition of thematic collections with the editor entered. The collection & #34 appeared the first; Electronic circular ускорители" TPI published under edition of the rector, professor A.A. Vorobyov (T. 87). In it are for the first time published nauchno-issledova-

the telsky works on betatrons which are carried out to TPI from 1947 to 1957. In total from 1903 for 1977 there were 135 thematic collections. Besides 11 volumes with dedication are published. Among them, besides already called, we will note volume 65 (the Issue 1) in 1948 devoted to the founder of the Siberian geological school Vladimir Afanasyevich Obruchev by day of 85-year anniversary and memory of the academician Vladimir Dmitrievich Kuznetsov (1965. T. 140).

So, even fragmentary statement of history of the magazine gives us an idea of solid & #34; портфеле" editions of the oldest in Siberia and still one of the leading technical colleges of Russia.


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A.G. Stromberg

The history of creation, structure and the principles of work & #34 are presented; Problem laboratory of physical and chemical definition of microimpurity of semiconductors and materials high чистоты" at department of physical and colloidal chemistry of the Tomsk polytechnical institute from 1962 for 1985. The structure of problem laboratory is given and characteristic of scientific groups during this period is given.

At the end of 1962 MV and SSO USSR according to A.G. Stromberg's application was organized at department of physical and colloidal chemistry of the Tomsk polytechnical institute & #34; Problem laboratory of physical and chemical definition of microimpurity of semiconductors and materials high чистоты" (& #34; Problem laboratory микропримесей" (PLM). Actually problem laboratory was engaged in all-round development only of one new highly sensitive electrochemical method of the analysis - a method of the inversion voltamperometriya (IV). Directed this problem laboratory A.G. Stromberg within 23 years (1962-1985). In many respects the problem laboratory had unique character.

Such problem laboratory, unique on the structure and the principles of work, could be created thanks to confluence of the following being -


1. Some theoretical questions of the WILLOWS method were developed in the doctoral dissertation of A.G. Stromberg (1951st year). In this thesis the method of an amalgamny polyarografiya (WILLOWS) on the mercury dripping electrode was offered and developed. This method differed from offered after (19561958) abroad the WILLOWS method only in use of a stationary electrode and preliminary stage of accumulation on it. Receiving inversion peak in these conditions required existence of recording polarographs which already appeared at this time abroad, but were practically absent in the Soviet Union.
2. Those years (1950-1980) in the Soviet Union the technology of electronic devices and the nuclear industry for which materials of high purity and, sootvetstven-were required was created
Sofia Karla Susanne
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