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The scientist, the organizer, the social activist (to the 105 anniversary since the birth of A.P. Kazachek)

v new trends of the higher school there is a convergence of the directions of mechanics, and in 1994 departments & #34; Theoretical механика" and & #34; Resistance материалов" were integrated, and in 1999 the department & #34 is attached to them; Applied механика".

In 1686 I. Newton stated the mechanistic ideas of processes created by his time in the nature in fundamental work & #34; Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" which in A.N. Krylov's translation is called & #34; Mathematical beginnings natural философии". Word & #34; Natura" designates & #34; Природа". The person in society influences the Nature by the cars and constructions, their concepts on the basis of new questions already unite the scientific directions of mechanics and give them a new incentive. With them questions of methodical character of structure, of contents and a dosage of a training material are closed. While existing and even at a development stage the manuals cause remarks, their conservatism because of uncertainty and imperfection of some representations does not correspond to opportunities of students and requirements of time. Perhaps, today there are no such teachers who would have full satisfaction from the course given by it.

The modern student can be compared to a vessel which has a narrow neck figuratively. It is already held apart by various interests, and at the same time in it by our efforts several streams flow. But, as ancient Greeks concerning training spoke: kind of the vessel was not small, in it the vessel smaller will always be located. It is an indisputable thesis and its realization - our general task.

The joint collective provides courses: theoretical mechanics, resistance of materials, the theory of mechanisms and machines, details of cars, the mechanic of materials and designs, technical mechanics, designing bases for all educational divisions of the university (except humanitarian faculty and institute of language communication). The staff of department actively participates in training of foreign students, both in Russian, and in English. Already on combination theory of names of new disciplines it is possible to notice a trend of compression of information which can be successful only at comprehensive lexical, conceptual and mathematical study.

Scientific research is conducted both in the traditional directions, and on new questions: mechanics of contact interaction of structural elements, an elastic of deformable bodies, automatic balancing of the rotating bodies, dynamics of boring machines, drives with intermediate bodies of rotation, gear transmissions at wear of profiles of teeths.

The personnel was always formed according to tasks of department. Today it includes: The 3rd Dr.Sci.Tech., 1 of f-m of N, the 22nd PhD in Technological Sciences, 1 PhD in Physics and Mathematics among whom there is 1 member correspondent. Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 2 Honorary employees of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, 2 Honorary workers of the coal industry. And all of us are united by the key idea of philosophy of the nature - organization of relationship with it by means of study her mechanics and applications of its laws in devices and machines, transforming, but not harming it.

Anatoly Petrovich Kazachek - one of the original persons working in Tomsk polytechnical. He was unique both on appearance, and on a conversation manner, and at desire to understand in all that happens in institute and hostels. In November, 2004 to it 105 years would be executed. A.P. Kazachek was born on November 2, 1899 in Kremenets Ternopolskoy of lips. His father Pyotr Apollinaryevich was a construction worker, mother Olga Nikanorovna is a housewife. Both from petty bourgeoises, had no real estate, lived in on -

yomny apartments. Works the beginnings early, from 14 years. At first the helper of the carpenter (1914-1916) on buildings in Kremenets, and then the carpenter at iron-works (1916-1920). In August, 1920 began service in the Red Army the volunteer, was involved in fights with White Guards in the Western Ukraine, was a commander of a platoon of the First cavalry of S.M. Budyonny. After demobilization in 1925 came on workers' faculty in Semipalatinsk, and after that - to the Leningrad mining institute from which brilliantly graduated in 1931

UDC 528 (09)


G.P. Sergeyev

Tomsk Polytechnic University Ph.: (383-2)-56-35-49

On November 2, 2004 105 years since the birth of Anatoly Petrovich Kazachek — the vice rector of TPI for study, the first assistant A.A. Vorobyov were executed. At the time A.P. Kazachek did a great job on strengthening of educational and laboratory base of institute, improvement of teaching and educational process, improvement of quality of training of specialists. A.P. Kazachek left the memory of himself as the wonderful, exacting teacher and the tutor.

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with qualification the mining engineer-marksheider. Right after the termination of institute came to a postgraduate study. At the same time worked part-time the research associate and the scientific secretary of the Central research surveying bureau. In 1936 successfully defended the dissertation and received an academic degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences. Owing to a lack of scientific shots on surveying department at the Tomsk industrial institute (TII-TPI), by the order GUUZ of Narkomtyazhprom it was sent to Tomsk. From 1936 to 1938 Anatoly Petrovich is an associate professor department of surveying business. In days of the Great Patriotic War in 1941-1942 he in combination was the managing director and the chief engineer of the West Siberian office of Soyuzma-rkshtrest of Narkomugol. From 1945 to 1950 the dean of mountain faculty of TPI. Since 1950 the vice rector for study. In 1948 to him the personal rank of the mountain director was given.

Mountain director A.P. Kazachek, 1950

Since 1963 on a competition A.P. Kazachek was elected to a position of professor of department of geodesy and surveying business which directed stretch since 1938. For years of work at institute he gave lecture courses: & #34; Surveying работы" (the general and special); & #34; Theory of errors and way of the smallest квадратов"; & #34; Equations surveying and geodetic наблюдений"; & #34; Geometrization недр". Directed course and degree design of students of surveying specialty, an educational and work practice. Under the leadership of A.P. Kazachek under -

gotovlena of 5 candidates of science, over 400 surveying engineers are let out from institute.

Area of scientific interests of Anatoly Petrovich - the displacement of the earth's surface caused by carrying out mining operations. This field of science only began to develop in the 30th years of the last century, and he devoted it a number of researches. More than 30 scientific works are written to them. Including were created & #34; Rules on protection of constructions from an adverse effect of mountain developments for copper and pyritic Urala" mines; & #34; Rules for mines Cheremkhovo бассейна" the instruction for observation of displacement of the earth's surface of Urala" mines is made;. In the 50th years, research work was performed by department which was directed by A.P. Kazachek on a problem: & #34; Tomsk and a research of effective methods of surveying works in mines and рудниках". On this problem issues were resolved: orientation of developments, feasibility study on discrepancy tolerances of counter faces; development of mathematical and graphic methods of increase in accuracy of surveying measurements, mechanization of graphic constructions; methods of processing of results of measurements and assessment of their mistakes; programs and tables for definition of an error of measurement of horizontal corners; accounting of production and losses of minerals; assessment of maintenance of the main component. At department, work on creation of new type of a theodolite was carried out. Researchers A.I Volkov, B.A. Popko, the laboratory assistant G.I. Savinykh designed a design and made a prototype of a theodolite which successfully passed tests in mines and was recommended for mass industrial production at the plant of geodetic tools in Kharkiv. In days of the Great Patriotic War all activity of collective happened under the slogan, general for the whole country, & #34; In total for the front, all for победы". Requirements to research work, especially on production subject became tougher, its practical orientation was emphasized. Charged to Anatoly Petrovich the management agitkollektivy institute which was urged to conduct work among scientists and teachers of explanation of reorganization of scientific research for needs of the back and front. In this regard A.P. Kazachek was an example. Together with prof. D.A. Strelnikov and A.I. Volkov the project on development of a northern wing of the field of mine No. 5/7 Anzhero-Sudzhensk) of suite of the brought together krutopadayushchy layers was executed.

The special page in Anatoly Petrovich's life - activity on a post of the vice rector of TPI for study. Having uncommon organizing abilities, persistence and an initiative, he carried out a lot of work on strengthening of educational and laboratory base of institute, improvement of teaching and educational process, improvement of quality of training of engineers on the specialties connected with the new equipment.

A.P. Kazachek was the right hand of the rector A.A. Vorobyov: replaced him for the period of the business trips and holidays, practically resolved all issues of institute life. It was considered the first number in the team of the rector. Anatoly Petrovich paid special attention to methodical and educational work. Professor G.A. Sipaylov remembers that communication with A.P. Kazachek helped it to delve deeper into an essence of methodical work and became good school of improvement of work of methodical council which he headed, and its separate commissions. Especially it was subdued by that care with which Anatoly Petrovich approached drawing up the plans, reports, office letters, characteristics and other documents proceeding from TPI. It was interesting and instructive to look at the original of the document which is densely speckled by its marks.

Those who remember A.P. Kazachek, note that in TPI many teachers and students had an opinion that he was very severe, strict administrator, frightened by his name, told legends. In fact, at all its severity and intolerance to shortcomings, he was a fair, honest, responsible, attentive and kindest Person. G.A. Sipaylov remembers that when Anatoly Petrovich because of a disease was forced to leave a post and to become professor-consultant, he generously shared the wealth of experience in educational and methodical affairs.

The former graduate of TII, the secretary of committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League of TPI A.M. Safronov in the memoirs notes that in the 50th years several hundreds of students for poor progress and various as then were expressed, & #34 deducted; аморальные" acts. These decisions on production of documents of faculties were made on the commission at the vice rector for study. Participation of the secretary of committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League of TPI was obligatory. According to A.M. Safronov, Anatoly Petrovich was a great teacher. He sometimes till midnight considered together with the commission cases on assignment. Did it always in the presence of responsible and began, as a rule, with search of arguments and ways of preservation young & #34; повесы" in the ranks of students. It returned many representations on faculty, predla-

the Gaul to the management of dean's office still to work and help young people to improve. It did not concern fans of alcohol or got to it for consideration repeatedly. On such persons the orders on assignment were signed immediately.

Warm memories of A.P. Kazacheke were left by the prof. A.G. Stromberg. When he in 1955 arrived to Tomsk in connection with his invitation to work in TPI, met Anatoly Petrovich who replaced A.A. Vorobyov at present. A.P. Kazachek attentively studied A.G. Stromberg's documents and with satisfaction noticed: & #34; Oho and at you almost all articles are published in the central press! & #34;. Discussing a possibility of work in TPI, A.G. Stromberg took an interest at Anatoly Petrovich in a housing problem. The vice rector offered him at choice two apartments at once. A.G. Stromberg & #34; even did not assume about it счастье". The apartment was chosen, and he made the final decision to move to Tomsk and to hold a position of the department chair of FKH TPI. A.P. Kazachek successfully combined educational, scientific and administrative work with big public work: secretary of a party bureau of mountain faculty (1946-1947); secretary of a party bureau of institute (1947-1949); member of the Kirov district committee of party (1946-1949); member of the Tomsk Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies of the CPSU (1950-1953); member of the Tomsk regional committee of labor union of education, higher education institutions, scientific institutions.

For faultless work, big organizing and teaching and educational work A.P. Kazachek was awarded: award of the Labour Red Banner; award & #34; Sign почёта"; breastplate & #34; Miner's слава"; medals & #34; For valorous work in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 & #34; & #34; For labor доблесть" anniversary medal & #34; In commemoration of the 100 anniversary since the birth of V.I. Lenina".

He was a good family man, loved fishing, hunting. His wife Aleksandra Anisimovna Rakhimova is the worker of national education, the son is Vladimir is an engineer-heatpower engineering specialist.

Anatoly Petrovich Kazachek died on February 5, 1967, it is buried at cemetery Tomsk-2. A.P. Kazachek left the memory of himself as the wonderful, exacting teacher and the tutor.

Vivian Ramirez
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