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Remembering Krasavchenko



V.V. Minayev


>. There are people, gone to a better world before which you feel in a debt, in soul some splinter sits: they loved you, and you did not understand for what you, gave short them during lifetime, did not express the feelings, trifles dimmed something main, as was never expressed by words. Also there is a question: who is he was, this person in your life that it meant to you what part of your present life is made by elements of his personality how your personality whom you feel was created and eat a controlshcha, under its influence free and involuntary? And it is not obligatory creative influence. Something is formed in you of a protest against Kacha of stvo of other personality, and this part can be considerable. Strangely enough, but people whom you do not accept sometimes help to create so considerable part of tyuy outlook that to them far lovely and brushed.

Nikolay Prokofyevich was a serious person, the first after Tatyana Vyacheslavovna Kuznetsova, who paid attention to me. Tatyana Vyacheslavovna, our main the document of the Veda, was always the intellectual and power center of collectives in which she rotated. After military service I for several years got stuck on owes st of the laboratory assistant of again formed laboratory of department the document of maintaining. Official ro the St did not interest me. I was engaged in what was pleasant to me: created an institute propaganda team and directed it. Now this name little to whom speaks, but at History-archival institute it was the interesting phenomenon which left a bright mark not only in life of those who passed through it, but also in life of all higher education institution: from current heads of RGTU many deans managing departments, directors of institutes, professors and associate professors worked in it.

The propaganda team was not closed on Xu the name and did not perform certain strictly limited function. It was the group of adherents, and we common thought only this way: we are young, talented, beautiful, life is pleasant to us, a whirlwind of the inspiration we mozhm to bend space, to cause an ozone storm in which the halls full of people, or the certain person who adjoined to this phenomenon were located. Actually propaganda in our performances only also was that lectures which were given by students, or the literary compositions made by handymen of a propaganda team. The rest - a boundless student's concert from which not only the audience, but also is-took pleasure

on lnitel because they were authors, rezhiss er, managers, property men, costumiers, loaders. And everyone felt in himself delight of success of all the components, infecting with it the hall and forcing the audience to feel that there is something unusual: they were dipped into the atmosphere of getting out of reality in the delight ennobling soul by youth, beauty, swirling of vital energy of attractively cheerful, witty, artistic and supercharming children and girls.

Propaganda teams, many of members, on hardly terminations of higher education institution joined ranks of professional actors, starred in film, played in theaters, sang in the famous groups, became directors. The propaganda team with the concerts traveled all over half of Russia, and Tatyana Vyacheslavovna, the lover to travel, quite often joined us. Several times zayudit a conversation about my further destiny, but I needed nothing else.

And there was Nikolay Prokofyevich Krasavchenyu.

Only just celebrated arrival of new year - the 1977th. At first on the message Historical archival scattered: the new rector appointed instead of already habitual Sergey Ilyich Murashov is very cool and grozen. The propaganda team meanwhile gathered in another voyage and as by this moment it consisted already of several dozen students, graduate students and young teachers, it was absolutely impossible to leave Moscow without order of the rector. Means, it was necessary to go to the new rector with explanations, than we are engaged here and what we want from him. Confidence that he will not send us further, than we gathered, there was no slightest.

And here Yakov Zalmanovich Livshits, the head of the department the document of maintaining, having hesitated with am to go to "new Novokhudonosor" with any piece of paper, sent with it me. So I also came to be in Nikolay Prokofyevich's office.

He with irritation listened to the report on the maintenance of a piece of paper, fastidiously signed it, and slammed on all the fasteners. But there is no way out, and I began to mumble about a propaganda team. The irritation was replaced by surprise, he listened attentively, asked again something and appointed viewing the program next day.

It is possible to present how we prepared... The photo in which Nikolay Prokofyevich, the man still "in the prime of life", and absolutely young Nadia Arkhipova is the secretary of committee of Komsomol remained, sit next at one table in the 6th audience and look at a propaganda team. And before them red panels with slogans are developed, drums beat, crews ro a ssa" march ", loudly and harmoniously international songs sound: the program then was devoted to the civil war in Spain. We finished, stared at Nikolay Prokofyevich and did not believe eyes: he cried.

Egos learned already then that the new rector - in the past the large yumso-molsky worker, and we with the program "got into a nerve". He, in my opinion, did not believe that everything occurred accidentally.

Despite numerous scientific posts which were held by Nikolay Prokofyevich after 1949 inherently it remained the leader of party youth by what it was created by the time of violent

removals from political life of the country in the youth of the 40th years. The ego was time of the repressive storms of post-war time which covered different categories of the population without having spared any of them.

Got also to party officials. The loudest was the Leningrad business on which under a knife Kuznetsov, Voznesensky, Rodionov went and two hundred more party heads a rank is lower. Also the Moscow business which main person involved in 1949 promptly was a head of the Moscow party organization Popov threatened to become similar. "Leader" of the Moscow Komsomol Krasavchenko - the first secretary of MK and MSC All-Union Leninist Young Communist League also was connected to this case.

What there was imputed to them, nobody remembers. Nikolay Prokofyevich reluctantly told about those times. But somehow said yours faithfully: "Nikita saved us". Khrushchev directed party investigation of "The Moscow business". He, however, only saved lives and freedom of the wards. From positions all of them flew and settled further as could. Nikolay Prokofyevich came to a postgraduate study of MSU managed department, was the rector of the Kalmyk state university. And its "the swan song" as he spoke, became work as the rector Moscow state history - archival institute.

So, for the first time I saw Nikolay Prokofyevich in an office of the rector and observed it within nearly twenty years to his death in 1993. During this time from it, from his former colleagues, from books, old newspapers, and during the work over candidate which research supervisor he was, from archival documents of that time I learned a lot of things interesting about the main work in his life - work in Komsomol. It is shortly possible to tell so: he was one of leaders of this organization from the second half of the 30th to the youth of the 40th years, and it created his personality the same as it gave it some, inherent only to it lines.

For the first time it became noticeable on the horizons of Komsomol in with the eredena of the 30th years, a yugda headed the Komsomol organization of Institute of philosophy, literature and art. Enchantingly vigorous, oratorical presented, horo-

Secretary of MK and MSC All-Union Leninist Young Communist League N.P. Krasavchenkyu

March, 1949

sho on the general background of that time formed, at the same time having bright stately appearance, it inevitably became the leader of that circle to whom belonged at present. It was quickly taken away for work in the Moscow city town committee of Komsomol. There, already at a position of the secretary, he was found by war. He supervised military work of the Moscow Komsomol.

Here my subject just also begins, and I could attach in et ohm me to a sta of 170 pages of the master's thesis, but I will not begin to do it, and with to an azh in a few words.

Nikolay Prokofyevich was engaged in formation of parts of volunteers, guerrilla groups, diversionary groups, in case of capture by Germans Mos - kva prepared Komsomol of the city for underground work. Told that instructed future fighters of diversionary divisions among which there was Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, and lamented that absolutely did not remember her.

It and his assistants organized youth for construction of defensive works, tried to interest in performance of excessive work of absolutely very young children at the enterprises, formed concert and propaganda crews of actors of the Moscow theaters and a platform, from pis hotels and journalists for performances on fronts.

At the head of small group of youth he traveled over the capitals of the countries allies with a propaganda mission. Everything passed successfully, and the World Federation of Democratic Youth was as a result created.

In January 1943godaon it was elected the First secretary of MK and MSC All-Union Leninist Young Communist League

And there are numerous legends of its activity. The fact that it was large, uncommon, creative, the leader in calling - nobody thinks to deny. At the same time rumors went that he drove about across Moscow accompanied by a cavalcade of cars and with a siren. This siren as if was heard once by someone from members of the Politburo, asked "Who it goes?" and, having received the answer that it - "the secretary of Komsomol Krasavchenko", ordered: "To remove a siren!" As if Nikolay Prokofyevich liked to throw into guilty a decanter, and appointed women to positions only through a bed.

As implicit recognition of his public temperament the phrase, once slyshanny from it can serve: "You represent how this companion was devoted to business. If someone did not show the necessary devotion to the work, he fell into rage and could stop by in a physiognomy quite!" But as for charges in its address, all these insinuations appeared and extended at the very end of the 40th years when any jackals sang along with the tiger who directed terribly blinked view of the next victim.

the 110th anniversary of Lenin Historical and archival noted

in the assembly hall of the Museum of Lenin. We came to the dark brick building, ours flowing on the neighbourhoods from the Alma Mater, by 11 in the morning, and the museum that day opened let from 12 Nobody though everywhere light burned, the hall was open, everything is ready.

Together with students before an entrance some grandfather who was the former secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU Mikhaylov subsequently froze, it is invited -

ny Nikolay Prokofyevich on an institute celebration. This Mikhaylov in the late forties was the First secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League and absolutely real competitor N.P. Krasavchenya in Komsomol. The former employees of the device told that they literally competed in the youth of each phone conversation who the first will hang up.

The yumsomolsky worker A.N. Shelepin who moved in the footsteps of Nikolay Prokofyevich doyulno a long time was one more competitor. He succeeded it on a post of the secretary of committee of VYaK SM IFLI, then on a post of the secretary of MK and MSC All-Union Leninist Young Communist League on military work, and then overtook it as to a position of the secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League on military work Krasavchenyu did not release Moscow goryum the CPSU, and this post was held by Shelepin.

Shelepin's career was brighter and advanced: he headed KGB of the USSR, was the Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU and even applied for higher posts, but was stopped by Brezhnev underestimated by it who sent it and also the former Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League and the chairman of KGB of the USSR Semichastny, to the distant countries "ambassadors of the world and socialism".

Nikolay Prokofyevich repeatedly sighed for it I will lead: "Eh, Valerka, I had to be on their place! All life to me was broken!" And actually, so also was if not a Stalin grater of the 1949th. Therefore, communicating with Niyulayem Prokofyevich, we always realized that on abilities, he belongs to mentality and psychotype to that group of heads of the country who operated it in 40 - the 60th years.

It was interesting to observe how he put on himself a historical caftan and communicated with the friends, enemies or colleagues of forty-year prescription: the sniper Pchelintsev, the subway stroyevyuy Andreyeva, the writer Narovchatov who was the young minister of the textile industry A.N. Kosygin criticized by it at a city Komsomol conference.

It met Kosygin in the Bolshoi Theatre, lovyu having passed protection then of already almighty Chairman of the board of Ministers of the USSR. "Hello, Alexey Nikolaevich, - told, giving a hand, - Krasavchenko". - "I see that Krasavchenyu", - Kosygin offended by him once muttered, but reaped the given hand.

"I was going to ask for it a personal pension", - Nikolay Prokofyevich told. He did not manage to make it: Kosygin died earlier, than Krasavchenyu retired.

It is sure that Kosygin would give pension to it. I was surprised by a sheaf and is even attached by St to each other of these people who spent together the youth, being on friendly terms, competing, substituting and even putting each other, but after time seemingly forgiven each other all and considered that they are not guilty of anything, and just together transferred natural disaster, reminiscence of which connects them irrespective of a role, yutory they carried out in this flood of the evil.

The former First secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League of Belarus, and in the 70th years - the secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU was one more splinter of the past for Nikolay Prokofyevich M. V. Zimyanin. It contacted it in order that from a post of the rector of the Kalmyk university to move for more interesting work to Moscow. At first it on about forces at Zimyanin a post of a rukoyuditel of Glavlit, e St of censorship. "And what, is inclined St to this work is..." - Nikolay Prokofyevich said. Zimyanin refused, having referred to absence at that professional я^рна listsyugo formations, however promised to pick up "something suitable".

"Something suitable" turned out vacant at that time on St of the rector of the Moscow state historical and archival institute. "I was called and told that tomorrow at 12 o'clock was at a meeting of the Secretariat of the Central Committee concerning appointment of the rector of m of MGIAI, - Nikolay Prokofyevich told. - I picked up to Mike (Maya Isakovna Nezabvennuyu, I reap him. - Century of M.), rushed off in the airport, and there already costs also twenty minutes 5vdet the detainee by order from Moscow the passenger plane. "Whom 5vdem?", - employees of the airport ask each other. "Some criminal!" "I, I am that criminal!" - Nikolay Prokofyevich cried, quickly rose aboard, and in several hours landed in the capital - in a chair of the rector of MGIAI.

The everyday life and holidays of few then staff of institute which shche are with pleasure flavored began, and is more often sharply seasoned with the unique identity of Nikolay Prokofyevich.

First of all some funny moments come back to memory. Obviously, such is property of severe young mind - to notice discrepancies at representatives of the senior generation: between words and affairs, to a meyaed samovyrazhniy and appearance, between claims and opportunities. Only having lived about their years, you understand that strangenesses hour shadow - not properties personally of a sta, and age signs, and timidly you look around when you catch yourself on something similar.

For the first time it appeared in the well-known building of MGIAI on Nikolskaya, 15 early in the morning, a yugda well to an izva stny vs to it to institute the cleaner aunt Masha Belyalova all alone, except for Zhulki's dog sleeping immediately gryaznovatoryzhy and overfed, scrubbed a lobby. It was accepted by not caress. "There is nobody, there would be you home, there is nothing to soil a floor", - the aunt Masha grumbled, having waved tryapyuy on his boots and as always in Tatar having confused a masculine gender with women's. Vpolukh listened to him who is he and why in so early hour, and having caught the word "rector", said: "We have no vector". And did not even suspect that denies existence facing it in the flesh.

In general cleaners of MGIAI are worthy the separate story.

Toilets were removed by the 70-year-old old woman Taisiya Afanasyevna. She worked in a blue dressing gown and surely tied the head red platyum, remembering a syuy komsomolsyuy of youth. There was she unfortunate because worked

forcedly: to support the adult son sick with bulimia. Nevertheless she kept with all quite haughtily, saying to a gravelly voice that she considered by the real truth. Each new head, including Nikolay Prokofyevich, having visited once the site entrusted to it, began the leading activity with her dismissal. And then, without having found days for syat other enthusiast, sent the taxi for Taisiya Afanasyevna with the lower invitation to continue work in former quality.

The annoying error of the aunt Mashi became possible also because Nikolay Prokofyevich was extremely democratic in clothes and in general in the appearance. He walked in the same suit and a coat not new: elbows of a jacket shone, trousers bubbled on a lap. And on the large head the very narrow strip spread out the forelock growing from an occipital part and designed to hide a deserved bald head But this forelock had very cocky temper: from fluctuation that air, and even Nikolay Prokofyevich's mood abruptly rose, reminding a vzdety blade in the horse attack. This "blade" together with fighting spirit of the commissioner "that only Civil" also gave to us a reason to paste the name "Pereyupych" to the rector. However, not all were so familiar. Let's tell, Andrey Ryabov, from younger generation of agitbrigadovets, called him with respect of the small employee to the boss: "Don Proyupio".

The appearance was not caused by a lack of means or taste at our rector. Its the "democratic choice" demonstrating "proximity to the simple people" was an ego. Here the people also communicated with it easily as it frightened nobody by the external manifestations of high spirituality which are squeezeed out by "bricks" of scientific works or loud bossy hails.

Nikolay Prokofyevich liked to deliver speeches. Most often it were performances at the ceremonial meetings devoted to anniversaries and holidays. In them also its touching attempts at least for half an hour were shown it is capable to revive peculiar to it in youth energy and oratorical talents, and notable losses in sta, on not hay to them with age and as a result of enormous military and, especially, post-war overloads. I, by the way, tried more than once to write it the short sensible text that it could strike public and show existence of ability adequately to think and state which in general and the rector of liberal arts college has to have. But he did not consider himself needing such help.

Nikolay Prokofyevich's speech was divided into three equal parts. The first irrespective of contents was very emotional, raised, incendiary, a molodezhna. To the second part he considerably was tired, speed decreased, words slowly descended from language, thoughts stumbled. The third part came not always, but when it came, the hall faded. Nikolay Prokofyevich spoke, but was felt that he with horror listens to that product which is in common made by his brain and language, and at times only one language without any participation of a brain.

Its mistakes in the speech were scandalous. Once in Historical and archival "the minister of archives" Fedor Mikhaylovich Vaganov visited. In overflow of m the hall of institute he was met by the rector by words: "Friends! We are witnesses of an improbable event. To us to institute there arrived Fedor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky!" Also did not recover. What aberration occurred in his brain - I do not undertake to judge, but wise Vaganov preferred to stay some time Dostoyevsky and did not disavow the hospitable owner.

So, Nikolay Prokofyevich headed institute. In those days it meant a lot of things: he became the chairman of the Academic Council, the chairman of selection committee, the indispensable member of party committee, etc. In other words, in his hands the huge power concentrated.

Process of leaving from a proscenium of former team, and first of all "the main thing former" - Murashov began. Everything was sustained in the best traditions: "the commission on activity check" is created, a skilled eye in papers found "defects", "mistakes" and even "crimes". And Sergey Ilyich in order to avoid heavier consequences preferred to leave the field of battle to the winner.

To everyone's astonishment, Nikolay Prokofyevich besides Murashov's dismissal was limited to change of two vice rectors and on it for a while stopped personnel shifts. He was the head very loyal, for it public opinion about the person and about him mattered, he listened to opinion of Communist Party committee, public organizations, to a goal of sou separate, about sobo valued to them workers.

It had no "team" in the standard sense of this word which would hold all leading posts in the university and for which members he would care as opposed to all rest. Of course, he put on leading on sta of whom wanted, but did not allow the promoted workers to bunch and dominate in power structures of institute.

Nominated also people, oppositional to it, very captiously controlled relatives, and preferred to criticize at a meeting the closest employees. I remember more than others got what the pupil who is still betrayed his memories, to professor and the doctor of science, judicious and at the same time reckless Alexander Stepanovich Rudyu for a long time. Probably, in it his bitter life experience affected: unit represents much the smaller purpose, than group, and an opportunity to pile mistakes at unit significantly less.

Nikolay Prokofyevich's "office" consisted of Yury Stepanovich Borisov - a porekgor on study, Victor Mikhaylovich Ustinov - on scientific, Galina Sergeyevna Akimova - the secretary of party committee, Natalya Viktorovna Ovchinnikova (and later - me) - the chairman of trade-union committee and also Alexander Bezborodov - the secretary of committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League. After Borisov Yury Pavlovich Sviridenyu replaced. There were also other changes, but in general such company remained all these years.

Having accustomed, these quite bright people surrounding Nikolay Prokofyevich began to pofyrkivat on him, but after all nobody challenged his right to direct.

At staff recruitment the rector was guided by education, business qualities, dynamism of the personality, but there were some criteria well clear, probably, only to him. He very appreciated the workers who had punctures on the course of life or in working career to whom it helped to overcome ever difficult st. He was able to use people with large human nedo statka, very well these nedo saw stat-k, though did not love such people.

Indoors where Nikolay Prokofyevich worked, it was always smoked. smoke made a stand, on a table - the thick glass tumbler in a coaster filled densely - brown color tea, and the wide sheets of writing paper of the AZ format connected by big paper clips on which he took notes. Continually he loudly and hoarsely cleared the throat and skharkivat in the wastepaper basket stuck to a leg.

At me put s an impression that study its not Inter put. Neither in the form of an object of administrative attention, nor in the form of own classes.

It it was necessary to be present at lectures: it were parenthesises on a subject, and then a feather the narration to an avtobiograficha of sky m of an aterial of the period of the Komsomol past. From the third lecture he expelled me any more never

N.P. Krasavchenko hands diplomas to graduates of MGIAI

June, 1978

let. And expression to a litsa me was not so "mocking" what he accused me of, and about hundred that time I involuntarily remembered Faina Abramovna Kogan-Bernstein's lectures, chitanny to us on the 1st course. In seventy with a big hook of years she had "random access memory" oho-go, hundred points young forward, and here tactical - failed: she on twenty times told one joke. As soon as we felt approach of a joke, the hall began to reduce a laughter paroxysm, and enthusiasm of Faina Abramovna inspired with success of the wit literally stacked educated public in spite of the fact that classmates are more senior reproachfully swung heads and threatened with cams.

Direct repetition of a situation with Nikolay Prokofyevich in a leading role when instead of a joke the extensive curriculum vitae acted, came to an end for me in drama exile and for several days fairly cooled ours with it the relations.

But for myself I drew conclusions, and today in the list of the jokes and jokes called dag an opportunity to have a rest to students in the middle of a lecture, I do a mark: used then. The main thing is not to forget about a mark!

Operating time of Nikolay Prokofyevich came s to terry Soviet "stagnation". To conform to "requirements", perfect and timely filling of uncountable papers was necessary. Obligations, plans, reports, and in incredible quantities. Over them proizvodstyum all MGIAI nice group headed by the rector worked.

And is always on the mind: Nikolay Prokofyevich sits behind the desktop, with a mouthpiece in teeth, on a nose - points. It it is spiritualized, according to the available tendency, edits the next paper, doing it, as a rule, still? already. With satisfaction drinks tea from a glass. Postpones a ball pen. Clears the throat and skharkivat. Presses the button of a call of the assistant, asks to connect to the second secretary of a district committee of party. Connected. In a tube shrill abuse is heard. Without having told words, puts it. "Took offense that through the secretary! - does not complain, and teaches me to life rather. - What in se at us a system... I, the rector, face as al-chik m a district committee of party". Not especially being upset, takes the handle and with enthusiasm governs further.

But in serious cases it treated the word of a district committee with due attention. Somehow the same secretary of a district committee at a party meeting of institute told, addressing the rector: "Nikolay Prokofyevich, I want to criticize you! All higher education institutions of the area who as could, at least under the guise of preparation for the Olympic Games, built to himself hostels and cases. You did not make anything!" It was the serious threat, and in several years Krasav-chenko's efforts on Kirovogradskaya Street for institute erected buildings of the hostel on 885 places and faculty of information security.

Nikolay Prokofyevich completely adopted rules of the game. He externally sootvetstyuvat a vseshch to a course of party and hesitated only together with it.

N.P. Krasavchenko at a May Day demonstration To the right of it: A.B. Bezborodov, O.Yu. Shamayeva, G.S. Akimova, E.M. Bursha, A.S. Ruts. The second at the left: I.V. Gerasimova


Whether there was it the blind fanatic who is sincerely dividing ideology and practice of a present situation? Interesting question. Different people on this question can have different answers. On the basis of my long-term communication with Nikolay Prokofyevich, his not numerous verbal and numerous nonverbal reactions to any given events and life circumstances, I can tell with absolute confidence: whom-whom, and a fanatic he was not.

Despite everything, in any situation it kept in itself(himself) rather ironically e and even without looking the critical attitude towards people and their actions to any positions and provisions. Each of us has some social role and to some talent plays it. Nikolay Prokofyevich played the role a little in postmodernistsyuy to a manner, accenting and pedalling separate parts of a role, but he never merged with it completely.

The humdrum of life weighed Nikolay Prokofyevich, and he not to a bra zgovat perhaps Stew to play and stand out. Once the full-faced brisk girl came to committee of Komsomol and told that she was accepted l by the rector of institute. It appeared, she is a delegate of a congress of Komsomol at whom there was Krasavchenko, their places were near. He transferred her from provincial в^за to our institute and some time, before its leaving a field of vision on with emeyny to circumstances, watched her career.

I remember a mute scene in selection committee. On closing date, on the eve of the examinations, the device "acceptance", the person twenty, usually noted overcoming "equator" of the work. The table with sandwiches and alcohol was laid, but to relax all the time prevented late to file documents. At last everything abated, and minutes 30 nobody were. We were engaged in "business". Suddenly knock at the door. Our leader, the responsible secretary of the selection committee, Mischa Larin with a full mouth expressive gesture showed: open, now I will chew and I will tell this blunderer everything that I think of him. The door was opened: behind it - the rector. And it in the heat of an antialcoholic campaign! On his face it was visible: a situation - to them foreseen and to it pleasant. It became clear: in late hour he was not too lazy to reach from the house to institute to entertain itself(himself) and us an exclusive joke.

In 1982 under the weakening rector the young strong relief who was earlier working the deputy with a stitel of the head of department of science and higher education institutions of MSC of the CPSU - Yury Pavlovich Sviridenko was sent. It actively entered high school life, there was brag on itself more and more work and responsibility. The head of a new formation not really familiar to Nikolay Prokofyevich was an ego: quiet, equal with subordinates, self-assured and externally independent of raykomovsko-ministerial "tops". More and more people at institute began to be guided by it. In ryabovsky "Don Proyu-pio" - Andrey, having received full-time postgraduate study from the rector's hands, already protected candidate - valid intonations were replaced by scornful more and more clearly.

Krasavchenyu felt that administrative forces leave him. "Having left the post, I will turn into zero", somehow with bitterness he said. And this feeling of the end of life connected with resignation was "patrimonial line" of all its generation. He did not think of himself out of the leading work. Probably, it gave him some special, vital vitamins.

Nikolay Prokofyevich's care of me was personally taken in different forms. First of all he defined me in public organizations of institute where I functioned several years on absolutely dull directions, without dismissing the main case of that my life - the management of a propaganda team. From laboratory the document of maintaining I turned into full-time postgraduate study, under scientifically e the guide of the rector, but in connection with public work for few years it was necessary to forget about it.

One year prior to the termination I am a l osozna need of writing of the thesis, tried to impregnate with this thought of Nikolay Prokofyevich, but special progress not to stig. He was also indifferent to my scientific achievements, as well as to the. But I set to work, it was necessary to catch up with the colleague on a postgraduate study Alexander Bezborodov who long ago wrote and now actively discussing the scientific work.

I remember collecting material for the thesis which consisted of copying of books, someone else's theses, materials of periodicals and archival documents. Copiers were not. And most of all my enthusiasm ubi-

shaft here that: enormous purely mechanical work had result that the printing text thanks to my handwriting turned in net not always clear even to me.

Hardly, by means of the same Nikolay Prokofyevich, it is daring s to get to the Moscow party archive. There to researchers only several percent of the stored documents were issued, to rewrite them well zhno were in a special notebook with the numbered pages which could not be taken out, and then extracts were mercilessly cut off by very lovely elderly manager of the reading room. On hands received literally tatters from which and it was necessary to sew the thesis.

In a pargarkhiva read the mass of the documents created under the leadership of Krasavchenko during his work in Komsomol constantly saw its signature, already such habitual and native for me. Having like a thesis perspective, having sized up events and people of that time, it was very interesting obsulssht them with the research supervisor who made all this history forty years ago.

Our meetings on a thesis occasion most often took place at Nikolay Prokofyevich of the house. In the big apartment I was hospitably met by his spouse Maya Isakovna and a little doggie of the Down, remarkable by the fact that began to bark loudly if spouses in a conversation raised the voice at each other that Nikolay Prokofyevich specially showed almost every time.

We comfortably settled down in its office hammered with books and plunged into affairs of not so long ago passed days. These affairs concerned Nikolay Prokofyevich not less, than many years ago when they were still the latest news and the flowing, not resolved issues. My look of the historian interested him a little. He wigged out, strong swore, remembered old disputes, adduced the arguments which are not stated then, fitfully got up, went up and down and nervously gesticulated.

The kindest and sweetest Maya Isakovna quietly approached to the door, and when it seemed to it that I am absolutely killed, looked in an office and gentle voices of m suggested to have dinner. On it a scientific part came to an end and the most pleasant began gastronomic because as Candidate of Chemistry Maya Isakovna Krasavchenko to me personally was not necessary to see other such master in the field of cookery.

works usually were result of

one-two pages read by us together and speckled by Nikolay Prokofyevich's marks. Sometimes the research supervisor summed up the discussion result, having turned the controversial sheet and having widely written on the back "808!". Both you want, and understand. Or he really waited from me that I will save his soul?

Sometimes it seemed to me that the thesis for Nikolay Prokofyevich is only means to communicate on subjects, interesting to it, and it consciously does not hurry to process case to the youth. But a yugda reached protection, everything was read in one Pris eats, is corrected and carried out skillfully.

After the termination of a postgraduate study there was a question of employment. It became clear that at department where I was registered in a postgraduate study - the history of the CPSU, - there is no teaching vacancy. Actually it was not so. Just Nikolay Prokofyevich's influence came to an end here: department Victor Mikhaylovich Ustinov - the person very firm which had many graduate students directed.

Nikolay Prokofyevich made so that I was taken, however very reluctantly, the assistant on department of history of the USSR of the Soviet period what I see in God's providence because all who worked at department of history of the CPSU had considerable problems with employment subsequently. On mo to experience I can tell it that this - transition from laboratorian and postgraduate "estate" in teaching was the most difficult barrier in career obstacle race. And Nikolay Prokofyevich Krasavchenyu helped to take me this barrier.

It began "to separate", on own expression, me from a propaganda team, more than once saying that I say "grew up from these short panties". Did not release in the summer in a long-awaited business trip on the Northern Fleet, the head of a propaganda team from forty people there went my friend and the main colleague on a propaganda team Volodya Gabrov.

Still I remember how strongly the moment the depressive mood seized me in togas. And long did not release... But children one by one graduated from the institute, the frame of a propaganda team changed. Nikolay Prokofyevich persistently bent the line on excommunication me from a propaganda team, and at the end of youths my youthful hobby as it and happens, came to naught.

The Inoshcha I am set a m question: and what would be, e fir-trees I would continue to be engaged in a propaganda team? Quite perhaps, live we up to reorganization, interesting, versatile and already skilled collective which would can do any tasks would join quickly growing Russian show business. When I look at present masters of KVN or SMALLPOX studios, I see on the screen Mischa Marfin who ru yuvodit ours about the snovny competitor - MHTI propaganda team, on stoyanno losing us in se competitions, I remember that Andrey Malakhov and Maxim Galkin - after all our graduates, I do not speak about such nugget as Edward Radzinsky any more, and I doubt whether my research supervisor correctly arrived, having chosen for me present my path...

In veyayum a case, despite all Xu scientific ranks and positions, soul I

Randall Holmes
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