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Professor V.I. Gorbunov (1929-2008)


PROFESSOR V.I. Humpbacks (1929-2008)

On October 12, 2008 the honored worker of science and technology of the Russian Federation, the Doctor of Engineering, professor Vladimir Ivanovich Gorbunov, the founder of the Russian school of nondestructive testing, the first director and the organizer of scientific research institute of nondestructive testing at TPU died.

V.I. Gorbunov was born on April 19, 1929 in Dnipropetrovsk. The father is a worker of the highest category, mother is a housewife.

In hard post-war time V.I. Gorbunov left secondary school and in 1947 arrived on electrophysical faculty of the Tomsk polytechnical institute. As well as some other perfectly in time students of TPI V.I. Gorbunov in 1948 was transferred to a task force of radio engineering faculty which was a basis of future fizikotekhnichesky faculty. Having successfully graduated from the institute in 1952, V.I. Gorbunov was distributed in TPI, having started the career the engineer of FTF. At that time

TPI began development and creation of industrial betatrons, and V.I. Gorbunov made a noticeable contribution to the solution of this problem. In TPI the special design bureau which head appointed V.I. Gorbunov on the basis of whom in 1962 the scientific research institute of Electronic nondestructive testing was created, in the informal status (on a voluntary basis) headed by V.I. Gorbunov was organized.

In 1968 by efforts of the rector of TPI A.A. Vorobyov and V.I. Gorbunov of Scientific Research Institute EI at TPI it was opened as budgetary. V.I. Gorbunov was appointed the first director of Scientific Research Institute EI.

V.I. Gorbunov defended the master's thesis in 1958, doctor's - in 1968. In 1961 he became the creator and the manager of the opened department of dosimetry and protection against ionizing radiation. Since 1981 worked at TPI department 12 FTF (nowadays - department of applied physics).

Under the scientific guide of professor V.I. Gorbunov 9 doctor's and 81 candidate theses were protected. The school of sciences created by professor V.I. Gorbunov was aimed at development of scientific and engineering bases of design and creation of electronic accelerators (betatrons) for nondestructive control methods and their use in the national economy and made the significant contribution to development of nondestructive methods and control devices of the materials and products including radiation, acoustic and complex control methods.

Together with the pupils, since 1968, V.I. Gorbunov participated in a number of large state programs on development of electronic accelerators of charged particles for nondestructive control of materials and products, methods and means of radiation acoustic and complex defectoscopy and nondestructive testing.

V.I. Gorbunov was the author of 8 monographs, 273 articles and reports, the Honored worker of science and technology of the Russian Federation (1996), the full member of the International academy of national ecology and health and safety (1996), the winner of an award of S.I. Vavilov (1972), Gospremiya of Kazakhstan had 43 copyright certificates, (1978).

From 1958 to 1959 worked in the People's Republic of China as the adviser and the teacher in the Beijing gosuniver-

siteta, Polytechnical institute of Beijing, Shanghai university. Besides, went twice (1960-1961) to Czechoslovakia for lecturing and exchange of experience on problems of development of accelerators of charged particles. For this purpose also worked in 1974 in India at the universities of of Delhi and Rurki.

Awarded the medal "For Labour Valour" (1961), a medal of the Chinese-Soviet friendship (1959), an Order of the Badge of Honour (1971), the medals "For Valorous Work", "In commemoration of the 100 anniversary since the birth of V.I. Lenin", the medal "Veteran of Work" (1988), medals of ENEA from which 4 gold.

The outstanding scientist and the organizer of science professor V.I. Gorbunov was a wonderful teacher and the sympathetic person. His many pupils got the help and support in the most various life situations.

Colleagues, friends and Vladimir Ivanovich Gorbunov's pupils will remember it as friend and mentor for many years.

P.S. Chubik, V.A. Vlasov, V.I. Boyko, B.A. Kononov, A.P. Potylitsyn, V.A. Klimenov, V.L. Chakhlov, V.K. Kuleshov, B.I. Kapranov, S.P. Vavilov, V.F. Shumikhin

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