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In the middle of September, 2006 in Zelenogradsk there took place public hearings within the international project "Landscape Planning of the Zelenograd District of the Kaliningrad Region". Discussion of results of questioning of the population of the Zelenograd district and the Kaliningrad region on the questions connected with assessment of an ecological condition of a coastal zone of the Baltic Sea in the territory of the project was one of problems of hearings. Developers not accidentally used such form of interaction with the public. In recent years in Zelenogradsk and in adjacent territories actively develop economic activity on development of natural resources and construction. As a result very strongly natural landscapes change, as a rule, the condition of such components as water, air, the soil, a plant and animal life sharply worsens, up to destruction of unique natural complexes. At the same time the condition of the environment fairly considers the population one of the main indicators of quality of life. Than the quality of waters, soils, air is higher, especially the area is favorable and attractive to accommodation and investments.

How it is possible to keep the territory, resources and to continue economic development of the area? What needs to be made to promote maintaining ability of the nature to resist to loadings of an economic press? On these and many other questions immediate answers are necessary to reach reasonable balance between intensive use of territories and preservation of the surrounding environment.

It is well-known that it is impossible to construct democratic civil society without opinion of the population: dialogue of the power and society cannot be unidirectional "from top to down", the countercurrent "from below up" is obligatory. Thoughts and proposals of the population have to be considered by the power at adoption of vital decisions. Therefore within the project consultations with the population are held as much as possible to consider opinions of people, for the purpose of creation of the most favorable conditions for their life today and in the long term.

Residents of the Zelenograd district (52% of number of respondents), Kaliningrad (24%) and other cities of area (24%) took part in questioning. The greatest activity was shown by women, their answers make 78% of results of questioning. Most of respondents (60%) is a youth group from 16 to 30 years, from it 57% were students of one of the most active part of the population which should make decisions on the future of this territory in the near future. Unfortunately, nearly a half of this category res-

pondent showed passivity and nihilism, most often answering the questions "I do not know", "I do not represent" or leaving them in general without answer. The third part of respondents was made by employees and pensioners.

The majority answering (90%) was noted that in terms of use of the nature at economic development of the territory of the Zelenograd district there is a number of problems:

— construction — unsystematic irrational building (including in Zelenogradsk, on Curonian Spit, around gardening societies of the settlement of Kulikovo — Sokolniki, the beach area, etc.) and unfairly intensive growth of private constructions on the coast;

— transport — surplus of cars in the city;

— waste — pollution, cleaning and utilization of household garbage and industrial wastes as in Zelenogradsk, on the city beach, and in a coastal zone in general;

— soils are problems of their use (waste lands, melioration, an erosion);

— ecology — the general deterioration in a situation (including increase in air pollution, soils, sea coastal waters);

— destruction of park zones, cutting of trees and bushes, poaching and dr;

— infrastructure — "wild" tourism, shell and core highways.

The greatest concern to the population is caused by a state natural

components: waters (underground sources, rivers, lakes, sea, coastal waters), vegetation, fauna, soils and air. Respondents (71%) stated a wish to organize in the area new especially protected areas, for example: park zones and the lake of Zelenogradsk, the park in the settlement of Sosnovka, sites of the settlements of Kulikovo and Sokolniki, a zone of dunes, a coastal part of the sea and its coast.

The appearance and esthetic qualities of a landscape of a coastal zone of the Zelenograd district consider attractive and important for further preservation of 73% of respondents. According to them at the existing forms of country and housing construction the landscapes degrade.

Problems of utilization of household waste and cleaning of sewer drains as sharp estimated 76% of participants of poll. It is felt that for many of them this problem is "sore". Here lines from questionnaires:

— ... the coast turned into the general dump, this problem around country societies of the settlement Sokolniki is particularly acute;

— very dirty beaches, there are no dustbins;

— parks and forests are polluted;

— there are a lot of vagrant cats and dogs, rats.

Pointed out 73% answering need to reduce anthropogenic load of natural resources and the environment of this area. They planned a number of ways of reduction of loading:

— traffic restriction;

— construction reduction;


— improvement of work of municipal services;

— use of new technologies;

— increase in the area of especially protected zones;

— construction of clearing systems;

— strengthening of control of observance of the ecological legislation;

— toughening of penalties for offenders;

— ecological education and increase in culture of the population.

About 84% of participants of questioning believe that in the area significant negative changes if to leave everything in such look as now are inevitable.

And still the most part (95%) of respondents expects positive changes — transformations of the Kaliningrad cities and settlements into civilized clean habitats with the parks, monuments equipped with beaches, roads with the developed rest infrastructure.

We hope that the offers stated by participants of poll will be considered by the leaders of the municipal unit "Zelenograd Urban District" during landscape planning and town-planning development of the area.

V.P. Dedkov, the Dr.Sci.Biol., the prof., the project manager, RGU of I. Kant;

L.S. Glushkova, edging. ped. sciences, dots., RGU of I. Kant

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