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S.V. Kosheverova, M.N. Tarasova. The catalog of Don Speech publishing house of N.E. Paramonov in Rostov-on-Don. Rostov N / D, 2006. 332 pages.

S.V., M.N. Tarasov's kosheverova. The catalog of Don Speech publishing house of N.E. Paramonov in Rostov-on-Don. Rostov N / D, 2006. 332 pages

The Everest publishing house in 2006 published the second edition of this unique work prepared by the Don bibliographers. In comparison with the first edition which appeared seven years before the volume of the book and a variety of the presented materials significantly increased.

Nikolay Elpidiforovich Paramonov (1876 - 1951) belonged to number of those who in a modern historiography can be called "people of the second plan in the history". The representative of clan of the Don businessmen and rather successful (till 1917, as well as then in emigration) the businessman, N.E. Paramonov gained fame as the public figure supporting both the liberal, and Left-wing radical opposition of the mode. Not he one among the Russian bourgeoises invested money in future revolution; but also such very ambiguous political position does not exhaust its characteristic especially as during Civil war Paramonov showed himself the sharp opponent of the Bolshevist power. The Don Speech publishing house became its pet project. S.V. Kosheverova and M.N. Tarasova's work is also devoted to books of pas-ramonovsky publishing house. Open-minded people and wide soul, Paramonov proved also in other fields (in particular as the patron), but the publishing house brought him both the All-Russian popularity, and prosecution from the authorities (however, resolved safely - pardon from the sovereign Nicholas II). In many respects thanks to efforts of authors of the reviewed edition also the interest of historians and local historians in N.E. Paramonov's figure is retained. If in the 90th of last century the Don businessman and the publisher was mentioned mostly in newspaper essays, then today his difficult course of life became a subject of independent scientific research.

The second edition kept in the main part the same structural elements, as the first. The catalog of the books, magazines and leaflets of Don Speech publishing house issued in 1903 - 1907 is increased from 561 to 619 bibliographic descriptions (apart from the editions which are not checked by de visu). Among new editions - the books and cards published by N.E. Paramonov in Bayreuth and reflected by R.V. Polchanninov (USA) to whom two separate sections are devoted. The index of authors and their pseudonyms is supplemented with the new section "Shortly about Authors of the Don Speech" in which bibliographers as far as it was

perhaps, provided introductory information on those people whose works were published in paramo-novsky publishing house. The index of titles of books in the new version is called "The index of titles" more precisely now; still there are also other indexes (printing houses and a storage single). Press responses on books of the Don publishing house most of which part is reproduced in the form of the facsimile also are of interest to the reader.

But S.V. Kosheverova and M.N. Tarasova's work is not limited to a framework of the scientific and bibliographic reference book. The materials presented in it do it by the universal reference book about life and publishing of N.E. Paramonov. Actually this subject is reflected already in the extensive (32-page) section "Instead of the Preface". Besides, are present at the edition: the section "History in persons: Paramonov' descendants"; genealogy and generation painting not only Paramonov, but also other related childbirth (Panchenko, Tsard, Aleksandrinykh); the index of the used documents and extensive (almost in one hundred names) the list of references. And, of course, work is richly illustrated by rare photos of family of Paramonov of the period of stay in Russia and in emigration; his descendants; researchers, whose efforts restore history once and unfairly the forgotten Don educator; the structures of old Rostov connected with a name of N.E. Paramonov. Among the last - and the unique building of university library on Pushkinskaya St. for a long time waiting for restoration.

Kosheverova and Tarasova did huge work which analog it is difficult to find among modern domestic publications. For many years they laboriously collected information on the paramo-novsky editions which are stored in the Russian and Ukrainian libraries and archives. In passing on particles information on N.E. Paramonov was restored, connection with his descendants living in emigration and also with the researchers and collectors storing the documents concerning Nikolay Paramonov Sr. was established. Carefully verified, updated and significantly added, second edition appeared with introductory article of the scientific editor, candidate of historical sciences and the associate professor of Southern Federal University N.V. Samarina whose researches on history of the Don businessmen in many respects laid the foundation for today's interest in this subject. She writes: "The long-term labor of love of authors of the catalog is based on pure enthusiasm, on service to knowledge, on

inspirations idea. And it - in the best traditions of the provincial Russian intellectuals which always are a little paid and a little valued". Unfortunately, the material factor affected also the circulation of this book: it made only 300 copies that though three times

exceeds former circulation, but far does not cover real need of our readers for the fine edition which will become for experts in the field of the Russian and Don history of the beginning of the XX century the desktop reference book.

A.V. Shcherbina

Welch Melvyn
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