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Housing and municipal services of Central Volga area at a boundary of 20 30th of the 20th century.





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AT the BOUNDARY 20 - the 30th of the 20th century

© N. A. SHAROSHKIN *, So-called KUZMINA ** Penza state pedagogical university of V.G. Belinsky * department of national history, ** department of national history and technique of teaching history e-mail:

N.A. Sharoshkin, T.N. Kuzmina - Housing and municipal services of Central Volga area at a boundary 20 - the 30th of the 20th century//News of PGPU of V.G. Belinsky. 2009. No. 11 (15). Page 156-162. - In article actions of the central and local authorities, labor unions for the solution of a housing problem on average the Volga region at a boundary 20 - the 30th of the 20th century are characterized, their activities for restoration and expansion of housing stock are traced, difficulties in providing workers with housing in connection with rapid growth of urban population are shown. Istochnikovy base of a research are materials of archives and statistics. Keywords: municipal, municipal economy, housing construction, housing associations, cooperatives.

Sharoshkin N. A., Kuzmina T. N. - Housing and communal economy of the region Volga of the 20s - 30s of the XXth century//Izv. Penz. gos. pedagog. univ. im. V. G. Belinskogo. 2009. No. 11 (15). River 156-162. - Activities of federal and regional authorities concerning the questions of communal management, difficulties in getting flats are described in the article during the period of the 20s - 30s of the XXth century. The authors analyses the role of local government bodies, trade unions in solving this problem. The source of the research is the material of archives and statistics. Key words: communal and town economy, house-building, living cooperatives.

Growth of living standards of workers of the industry and transport is closely connected with the solution of housing and municipal problems. These tasks were particularly acute in the Volga region region. In the years of World War I no investments were made in municipal economy, its repairs were not made. In this regard the considerable part of housing stock, a water supply, sewer system failed and demanded repair. In 1918 in Samara the living space made 780.2 thousand sq.m, and average security on one inhabitant - 4.7 sq.m. Civil war and foreign intervention aggravated situation. A number of the cities of the Volga region during intervention underwent big destructions as the region was a front and front-line zone. Housing stock of Samara left hundreds of houses about 80 thousand sq.m.

The drought and the followed hunger which came in 1920 and especially 1921 had harmful impact on a condition of all national economy of the region. authorities had to resolve first of all the issues connected with fight against hunger and its consequences, to restore the industry and agriculture. The solution of problems of housing and municipal services was pushed into the background. Meanwhile

it was in a serious condition. Extent of sewer networks of Samara in 1913 - 1917 was only 31.3 km, in 1928 - 42.2. In 1926, construction of a new water supply system with a water intake from Volga began. In May, 1922 the letter & #34 was distributed to all gubkoma of RCP(b); About the organization housing товариществ". In it it was noted that introduction of the law on rent of houses demands an organizational initiative of workers which best forms were called housing associations, cooperatives: & #34; Broad promoting in the mass of these forms of the organization of workers in fight against housing need, assistance to these organizations from the Soviet bodies and cooperation, involvement of the working population in economic care about residents - here задача" [1].

Many workers lived either in hostels, or together with other families. Poor housing conditions are confirmed by numerous documents. & #34; In the room relation in Penza, - it was said in the report of the instructor of the Volga region labor exchange of October 20, 1918, - housing кризис". from the minutes of the commission on labor protection and sanitary inspection of the Simbirsk cartridge plant we see that & #34; housing and rent cooperation of times -

PGPU NEWS of V.G. Belinsky • Humanities • No. of 11 (15) 2009

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