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Professor Nikolay Nikolayevch Lozanov



(To the 100 anniversary since birth)

H.H. Lozanov was born in family of the director of a gymnasium in Saratov. Upon termination of the Saratov medical institute in 1927 it was admitted by the junior researcher to the Saratov research institute of physiology of the upper airways where from 1930 to 1932 was engaged in a postgraduate study. For these years it performed several original works on an embriogistologiya of a pharyngeal limfoadenoidny ring and professional traumatization of an ear in the conditions of noisy production that was the basis for a statement it in 1932 as the associate professor of clinic of social health (office of an ear, a nose and are proud) at the Leningrad institute of physical education of Lesgaft. Results of scientific research on physiology of the vestibular analyzer formed the basis of its doctoral dissertation ’’Physiological components of vestibular reaction" which it successfully protected in 1936

In 1937 H.H. Lozanov was elected the head of the department of otorhinolaryngology of the Bashkir medical institute, however this period of activity was very short. In 1939 he headed department of otorhinolaryngology of the Kazan medical institute and was in this position for 1968, at the same time (from 1939 to 1950) managing department of otorhinolaryngology of the Kazan institute of improvement of doctors.

During H.H Great Patriotic War. Lozanov directed service of rendering the surgical otorinolaringologichesky help to wounded in evakogospitalyakh, located in Kazan, and these years developed methods of treatment of fighting injuries of ENT organs. It is possible to distinguish ways of plastic surgeries at traumatic striktura and atresias of external acoustical pass and a nose from original methods and also methods of treatment of persistent stenoses of a throat.

The range of scientific interests of the prof. Lozanov was always rather wide, however in post-war years his attention focused on the separate directions: tonsillitis and chronic

tonsillitis, LOR-oncology, intra cranial from - gene complications for which successful diagnostics in the clinic run by it for the first time in Kazan the electroencephalography was used (1956). The method of the sparing throat surgery at cancer defeat was offered them — the throat ekzenterapiya allowing to keep its function.

Scientific heritage of H.H. Lozanov is included by a set of works. He is the author of chapter of ’A throat disease’ in the guide for doctors under the editorship of the prof. V.F. Und-rits which appeared in 1969, 80 scientific works, including 4 monographs. 16 candidate and 3 doctoral dissertations are under his supervision executed and protected.

It successfully combined research and pedagogical activity with big organizational and methodical work: with 1939 on

1970 was the chairman of the board of the Kazan scientific organization of otorhinolaryngologists, represented the Kazan scientists in editorial council of the magazine ’Messenger of otorhinolaryngology’, and from 1958 to 1967 headed editorial board of ’the Kazan medical magazine’ where creatively continued the directions which already developed within decades and tradition. Nikolay Nikolaevich introduced maturity and uninterrupted operation of the clockwork in work of employees of editorial office of ’the Kazan medical magazine’, involved young scientists. For the purpose of identification of true inquiries of practical doctors, the maximum help by it from the magazine since 1960 on its initiative systematic reader's conferences began to be held. Many letters from doctors with various questions and offers came to the address of the editorial office. The number of all publications in 1965 — 1966 reached record quantity — 800. And a magazine editorial board led by H.H. Lozano-vym made really titanic efforts to answer in any given form. In 1966 for merits in the field of health care to it the rank of the honored worker of science of RSFSR was given, twice he was awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and various medals.

Basic scientific research of the prof. Lozanov was continued in the subsequent by his numerous pupils who became subsequently the famous experts.

There passed 100 years since the birth of this outstanding scientist-clinical physician, but the scientific ideas, the directions and methods developed by H.H. The Leningrad Region-zanovym, are still relevant and are widely used in practice of otorhinolaryngology.

Prof. V.F. Bogoyavlensky of the academician of AHT, prof. D.M. Zubairov

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