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The pioneer in backbone surgery in Belarus


On September 4, 2005 professor Mikhail Aleksandrovich Nikolsky was 70 years old. Mikhail Aleksandrovich is an orthopedist-traumatologist of the highest category, the scientist, the teacher, the skilled organizer of educational process in medical school.

He was born in 1935 in the village Silkovichi of Baryatinsky district of the Kaluga region of the Russian Federation. In 1951 came to the Kaluga medical school from which graduated in 1955 with honors as a nurse obstetrician.

From 1955 to 1961 studied at medical faculty of the Smolensk state medical institute. Having refused a postgraduate study in Moscow on a radiology and radiology, Mikhail Aleksandrovich went to work as the surgeon in Sorokinsky central district hospital of Altai Krai. In September, 1965 came to a clinical internship of the Novosibirsk NIITO where studied under the direction of the known vertebrolog of professor Ya.L. Tsivyan. Since 1967 worked as the assistant, and later and the associate professor of orthopedics and traumatology of the Novosibirsk medical institute. In 1971 defended the master's thesis on the subject "Outcomes of Bone Plasticity on Bodies of Vertebras".

Since 1975 Mikhail Aleksandrovich lives in Belarus and works at the Vitebsk state medical institute (nowadays the university): the associate professor of orthopedics, traumatology and field surgery (1975-1984), the head of the department (1984-1992), the dean on work with foreign students (1981-1989), the dean of treatment-and-prophylactic faculty (1989-1997), the vice rector for study (1997-2001), professor of department of orthopedics, traumatology and field surgery (2001 - till present), the head of a work practice of students of medical faculty (since January, 2003).

In August, 1991 VAK USSR approved Mikhail Aleksandrovich in professor's rank.

The main scientific direction in its activity are the surgery of injuries of a backbone, magnetotherapy, improvement of pedagogical process. For the first time in the Vitebsk region (1976) executed endoprosthesis replacement of a head and a neck of a hip Moore's endoprosthesis - Tsito at hip neck fractures at people of advanced and senile age. For the first time in Republic of Belarus (since 1976) began to operate on front departments of a backbone in the Vitebsk regional hospital. Professor M.A. Nikolsky provides advice to practical health care of the city and area, was repeatedly invited as vertebrolog in clinics of Smolensk. It has 173 scientific publications, from them 73 - on educational and educational and methodical work. 37 improvement suggestions are made to them.

Mikhail Aleksandrovich was the deputy of Sorokinsky regional council of Altai Krai (1963-1965) and the Vitebsk regional council of deputies (1999-2003). He is the dean of public university of "Health" at regional society "Znaniye", the member of his presidium since 1995. Awarded with badges to "The excellent student of health care of the USSR" (1978), "For excellent achievements in area of the higher education" (1987), diplomas of the Supreme Council of BSSR (1987), Presidium of the Supreme Council of Republic of Belarus (1998), an award of "Honour" (2000). At the disposal of the President of Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko in medicine and health care of the country professor Mikhail Aleksandrovich Nikolsky is called for an outstanding contribution to scientific, pedagogical and practical activities one of 100 best doctors of Belarus.

MD M.M. Dyatlov.

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