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Summer academy - 2006 International Forums of public administration and management Sofia, Bulgaria, September 14-16, 2006





On September 14-16, 2006

V.M. Polyakov

the of Sofii (Bulgaria) the XIV Summer academy of the International forum of public administration and management as which organizer of carrying out the Slavyane Fund and Association of the Slavic universities acted took place on September 14-16, 2006. Representatives of higher educational institutions of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and Russia took part in work of Academy. As guests of Summer academy were present the President of Association of the Bulgarian municipalities, the Governor of the region Sofia,

Vladimir Mikhaylovich POLYAKOV -

candidate of historical sciences, head of department of international relations of the Volga region academy of public service

of P.A. Stolypin

representatives of diplomatic corps of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Hungary, of a retion, Russia, Slovakia in Sofia, staff of mass media. Participants of Summer academy were accepted by the deputy minister of regional development and improvement of Bulgaria Milena Paunova.

Discussing a subject of Summer academy "Processes of Decentralization and Development of Local Government", scientists of the countries of Europe considered various aspects of this current problem. Made informative reports: the rector, professor Walter Mayer and professor Volfgan Rit (Higher school of public administration and finance of Lyudvigsburg, Germany), professor Lilyana Vasileva (Slavic university of Sofia, Bulgaria), professor Istvan Temeshi (Sotpiv university of Budapest, Hungary), professor Alex Wang-dershtraten and professor Adeline Decramer (Higher school of Ghent, Belgium), professor Ivan Velev (Sofia, Bulgaria), professor Nora Shtangova (Pawel Josef Schafarik's university to Mr. Koshitsa, Slovakia), professor Jan Brinks (National school of public administration - Torbeke Academy, the Netherlands). The rector of PAGS professor S.Yu. Naumov read the report on a subject: "Decentralization of the government and development of local government in the Russian Federation".

Participants of the international forum were unanimous that in modern conditions it is impossible to speak about a genuine democracy in society if issues of decentralization of powers of authority and development of local government are solved not elaborately, slowly, in a separation from the general social and economic processes characteristic of any given country. This problem has to become a subject of purposeful scientific research, be in the center of attention of executive authorities of all levels: "Only the strong government and the developed local government, - professor S.Yu. Naumov emphasized in the report, - will be able to provide unity of the state, observance of uniform legal space, uniform standards of the rights and freedoms of the person and citizen...". The conclusion formulated by the rector of PAGS found the confirmation and development in performances of a number of conferees, in particular professors L. Vasileva, N. Shtangova, I. Temesha. As participants of Summer academy noted, weighed ratio of the government and local government creates favorable conditions for carrying out reforms, solutions of social and economic tasks both in the Center, and on places. At the same time majority vystupav-

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shy considered the discussed problem and in terms of the solution of the questions connected with training of highly qualified personnel, study and introduction of experience of the developed countries of the European Union.

At the final plenary session of Summer academy the full member of the International forum of public administration and management accepted the University of Legnica (Poland); the proposal of professor Alex Vandershtraten and professor Jan Brinks to carry out the next Summer academy at the end of September - the beginning of October, 2007 in Belgium and the Netherlands on the basis of the Higher school of Ghent and National school of public administration - Torbeke Academies was approved; it is recommended to concretize work of participants of a forum within the Erasmus Mundus program, the project coordinator approved faculty of the Sotpiv University of Budapest (Hungary).

During work of Summer academy conversations of representatives of the Saratov delegation with participants of a forum took place. In particular, professor V. Maier confirmed the readiness to render assistance in the organization of a working visit to Germany (Federal Land of Baden-Württemberg) of group of heads of municipal districts of the Saratov region in the first quarter 2007 and also to accept at the Higher school of public administration and finance of Lyudvigsburg the vice rector for study of PAGS for the purpose of acquaintance with experience of School according to master programs. At a meeting with the new dean of faculty of public administration of the Sotpiv University by professor Imre Miklo-sh the agreement on a meeting during which the parties intend to discuss issues of further cooperation - as bilateral, and within the Erasmus Mundus program is reached. Professor Imre Miklos invited the management of PAGS to visit Budapest at any convenient time.

All participants supported a course towards further cooperation within the International forum of public administration and management.

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