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Professor S.S. Sulakshin is 90 years old

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On November 22, 2009 90 years since birth and 68 years of labor, scientific and pedagogical and public work of the veteran of work and the Great Patriotic War, the Doctor of Engineering, professor Stepan Stepanovich Sulakshin, the founder of department of the technology of investigation of the TPI (TPU) mineral deposits and her manager (1954-1986) were executed.

S.S. Sulakshin began work in pre-war years. In 1941, being a student of the Moscow prospecting institute, S.S. Sulakshin voluntarily leaves on the front. Its military work in days of the Great Patriotic War is noted by awards of the Red Star, Patriotic war of the I degree and many fighting medals. After the second severe wound Stepan Stepanovich was demobilized from army and continued study at the Moscow prospecting institute.

In far 1952 Stepan Stepanovich arrived in Tomsk after the termination of a postgraduate study and protection of the master's thesis. In 1954 with opening of department of the technology of investigation of mineral deposits he is elected to a position of the head of the department and stretch directs it within 32 years. For these years professor S.S. Sulakshin put many forces in the organization and development of department and specialty "Technology and Technology of Investigation of Mineral Deposits", creation of laboratory base and methodical ensuring educational process for all main subjects.

In 1965 S.S. Sulakshin defends the doctoral dissertation, and in 1966 to him the academic degree of the Doctor of Engineering is awarded.

Professor S.S. Sulakshin is the founder of the Siberian school of sciences in the field of the equipment

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and the technology of drilling of prospecting wells which found recognition not only in Russia but also beyond its limits. The main scientific direction of S.S. Sulakshin is research and development of progressive means and technology of drilling of prospecting wells for the purpose of increase in efficiency and quality of drilling operations. Its main scientific interests are connected with the directed drilling of prospecting wells and receiving representative examples of breeds and tests of minerals in difficult geological conditions.

In the list of scientific works of S.S. Sulakshin there are more than 350 names, including 23 monographs, 5 textbooks. Two textbooks are translated into Chinese. 14 manuals for students of higher education institutions, 9 brochures are published, 22 copyright certificates and the patent are received. These works are widely known among production workers and researchers. Not one generation of students studies according to textbooks by S.S. Sulakshin. It prepared 44 candidates and 2 Doctors of Engineering, the research team which is effectively conducting relevant scientific research for many years is created. For years of work of S.S. Sulakshin in TPU at department of the technology of investigation (well-drilling) 2120 mining engineers working in the production organizations, in research establishments and higher education institutions are trained.

For big merits in preparation of engineering shots and scientists for a prospecting industry and also a big contribution to creation of a mineral source of raw materials of the state professor S.S. Sulakshin is awarded the order "Honour", the medal "For Valorous Work". The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences it on -

grazhdyon the medal "For Advantage to the Fatherland" of V.N. Tatishchev.

For scientific and practical developments S.S. Sulakshin is awarded three medals of ENEA of the USSR and also the signs "Inventor of the USSR" and "Excellent Student of Exploration".

In 1998 the decision of the Academic Council of TPU to professor S.S. Sulakshin gave the rank "Honored Professor of the Tomsk Polytechnic University", and on May 26, 2000 for a big contribution to training, development of science and material and technical resources of TPU it was awarded the gold medal "For Merits before the Tomsk Polytechnic University" and the diploma of the I degree. In 2009 Stepan Stepanovich is awarded with the Medal "For Merits before the City of Tomsk" and the Order of Alexander Nevsky.

The staff of department of well-drilling by right is proud of the fact that among them the founder of department, the Doctor of Engineering, professor, the Honored worker of science and technology of the Russian Federation, the corresponding member of the International academy of Sciences of the higher school, the Winner of an award of Council of ministers of the USSR, the Honourable intelligence agent of subsoil, the Excellent student of exploration, the Honorary academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation, "The honorary worker of professional education of the Russian Federation" works. And now Stepan Stepanovich continues to work as professor-consultant of department of well-drilling of Institute of geology and oil and gas business.

Friends and colleagues warmly congratulate Stepan Stepanovich on anniversary and wish it good health, creative achievements in pedagogical and scientific activity, wellbeing in private life!

Jeremy Walker
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