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Andranik Asaturovich Akhayan. To the 100 anniversary since birth



To the 100 anniversary since birth

Andranik Asaturovich, or as all called him, Andrey Andreevich Akhayan (1908-1977), the honored worker of culture of RSFSR, managed more than 35 years student's club of LGPI of A.I. Herzen, and then the museum of history of institute created by it in 1974

A.A. Akhayan was born in 1908 in family of the worker. During the revolution, in 1917, distributed soldier's revolutionary newspapers. Was the typesetter's pupil in printing house in Krasnodar, the Pioneer leader in orphanage in Armavir, the typesetter in printing house in Rostov-on-Don. Since 1924 took the most active part in kulturnoprosvetitelny activity of edge. In 1930 arrived on working faculty of LGPI of A.I. Herzen and joined in public life of institute: soon headed student's club.

During the Great Patriotic War A.A. Akhayan was appointed the political leader of hospital No. 1014 which was located in Gertsenovsky institute, then called up for military service: served as the political leader of a machine-gun company, the party organizer of detached battalion of communication of the Leningrad front. For services in battle in the Great Patriotic War it is awarded many medals and the warrant of the Red Star.

After the end of war headed again club which grew in the big organization: students called it "our university of culture". There were thirteen clubs on interests, the university of culture, a lecture hall, literary debating club, club of meetings, club of amateur performances, more than 20 circles and sections. Work of student's club of LGPI of A.I. Herzen repeatedly was highly appreciated in the press. About club and A.A. Akhayan's activity dozens of articles are written. Experience of club of Gertsenovsky institute was adopted by other student's clubs of the Russian Federation. Success of club is an unconditional merit of A.A. Akhayan, result of its dedicated work, energy, a business pressure and at the same time manifestation of his unselfishness and kindness in relation to people.

A.A. Akhayan was a fine judge and the big expert on the Russian poetry. He was a poet of Armenia, the participant of all congresses of the Soviet writers, the constant correspondent of the newspapers "Leningradskaya Pravda", "Vecherny Leningrad", "Smena", "Uchitelskaya gazeta". Andrey Andreevich's articles were published almost in each issue of the institute large-circulation newspaper "Sovetsky Uchitel". For long-term kulturnoprosvetitelny work A.A. Akhayan is awarded with 15 certificates of honor of the state and public organizations and also the medal "For Labour Valour". Unfortunately, Andrey Andreevich did not manage to publish the book which he called "Notes of old gertsenovets". But some of its parts were published on pages of our newspaper and also were used by preparation for printing of the book by T.G. Frumenkova "We left blockade days". Now the manuscript is stored in fund of the museum of history of the university.

We bring to attention readers some earlier not published fragments from the manuscript.

A.A. Akhayan


In the second half of September, 1941 bad reports went again: 13 — Chernihiv, 23 — Kiev is left. Germans approached in the southern direction. And we in Leningrad had only one thought: by all means not to allow Germans to Leningrad.

I invited on September 22 Olga Berggolts for a performance before fighters. Suddenly sirens raised a howl, antiaircraft guns captivated all sky. The bomb banged, glasses rang out. It is mute -

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