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War problems in A.E. Snesarev's creativity




First of all that circumstance that its works in the field of policy, geopolitics, military history and strategy created generally in the first third of the XX century are characterized by the width of statement of problems and diversity of approach to their decision, depth of the analysis and understanding both historical experience, and modern to it a military-political and geostrategic situation, originality of judgments, high professionalism and competence induces to address military-political heritage of the general and professor A.E. Snesarev us today.


Anatolyevich — department of political science of the Military university

In the scientific research aimed at the further development of domestic philosophical and military-political thought, professor A.E. Snesarev called today his researchers "the Russian Sun Tzu" 1 along with the world military and political experience widely used and expressed Russian national military-political experience. However you should not forget and consider that from moment of life and works of the thinker there studied already certain time and therefore A.E. Snesarev's works in political and military history, war philosophy, military geography (geopolitics), strategy, cannot submit to expeditious art rules ready for all occasions and recommendations, and have to stimulate and develop independent thinking of political figures and military leaders and also to promote its streamlining. Therefore reflections and judgments of the theorist are especially valuable in the methodological plan. They can and have to promote the rational analysis of those military-political problems which arise now and can rise before us in the short term. The significant contribution of A.E. Snesarev to development of political science has potential potential of creative application of its scientific provisions and recommendations in modern military-political practice, high heuristic potential of military-political views of the military thinker for the solution of the most difficult problems of our time. The fact that he, by recognition of many modern scientists, was an influential military and the political figure of pre-revolutionary Rossii2 also demonstrates to A.E. Snesarev's role in development of military-political science and relevance of the system of military-political views developed by it.

A.E. Snesarev allocates special attention in the scientific works for war, investigating it is versatile as the social phenomenon. So, studying contents, character and a role of war in historical development of mankind at all its stages, he considered its real prospect and in budushchem3. And it is not accidental,

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problems of preparation for war and safety of the state do not lose the relevance and in present time. Calculations of scientists about a ratio of the peace and military periods in development of humanity are well-known. Usually write that from the last about 5000 years only about 300 were peace, and all rest of the time on the planet people voyevali1. Only last millennium about 220 — 230 major wars and military konfliktov2 were recorded, many of the conflicts still remain not settled. They covered practically all regions of the world and are threat for one of basic needs of the personality, society and the state — safety.

In theoretical heritage of A.E. Snesarev on studying war it is possible to allocate the following main concepts.

The important methodological value for modern judgment of war has the provision formulated by A.E. Snesarev that war — always the urgent matter absorbing cash public forces, means and intelligence. He considered that before threat of the beginning of war care about eternal or at least lasting peace is postponed for times which will come as all hope, after one more inevitable and final war. But it appears, according to A.E. Snesarev, not the last but only next.

Proceeding from this belief of the classic of a military thought, it is again necessary to prepare for any following and at the same time inevitable war as if this time it it is valid "... will be the last and after it the era of everlasting peace will open". Such logic leads to continuous improvement of the equipment and technology of conducting wars. Their development does not stop even at a stage of achievement of the level allowing war to become means not only full mutual destruction for its participants by them but also a remover of human life on Earth. Actually such level of development of the equipment and technology

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warfare was reached in the second half of the 20th century. But even it did not lead to refusal of war but only stimulated search of nonconventional means and methods of its maintaining.

We will draw an intermediate conclusion: war was and remains the sad satellite of mankind.

In this regard A.E. Snesarev comes to conclusion that when studying war it is important to be guided by the law of "the continuity of wars". A.E. Snesarev's thought that "if war from far days of old times to our days flows continuously is in this regard relevant, making the integral accessory of the human race, then in it it is already possible to see a hint on the law of eternity of war. This phenomenon can be the eternal satellite of mankind". And it is valid, in the modern world wars and the military conflicts constantly break out, are muffled old and again new flash with a bigger force. A.E. Snesarev considered a debt of science to show the reality which is that history of mankind goes a "miro-military" way and it will not be possible to make history course only peace in the nearest future.

Moreover, he paid attention to that fact that the number of attempts to finish war was big, but many of them were vain, and some of them disoriented the public and became the reason of the mistakes in policy which entailed big social and political accidents. The Soviet-American contract on the missile defense which the USA then left unilaterally can be a modern example of such disorientation of the public. And though today eminent military-political persons often are skeptical about possibility of large-scale war enough, we believe that the situation of times before Russian-Japanese thereby repeats and World War I of wars (what it led to, it is known to all). Following a thought of the military classic, we will draw the following conclusion from this example: Russia has to have the high-trained, mobile and equipped with modern arms and appliances army of professionals which at any time could in case of danger protect the Homeland.

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In creative heritage of A.E. Snesarev an opportunity is presented and justification of large-scale war is presented. This idea of the scientist found the sad confirmation within World War II.

In these conditions the thought of need of preliminary preparation for war formulated by A.E. Snesarev as to the most important task of politicians and military is especially relevant: "If people constantly were at war if they are at war till today, then the states have to include this terrible phenomenon in a circle of the understanding, vision and have to consider — already for reasons of vital care — its inevitability, and from here — to create a number of measures political, financial, administrative, etc., following from that mighty oppression which is imposed by war on the modern states". Thus, in preparation and warfare A.E. Snesarev emphasized the priority role of the government. And A.E. Snesarev considered one of effective remedies of preparation for war studying essence and structure of war. In the light of this conclusion in the 20th years of the last century the program was offered them and the course of lectures on discipline "War philosophy" is developed. This course intended for students of Academy of the General Staff. In it it gave a picture of the new relation to war, namely — "lighting it at an angle state" 1. Theoretically it meant that approach political as has to prepare war has to be the main approach to a research of war and messages the state is exclusive.

Emphasizing A.E. Snesarev's thought of need of the political analysis of war, the candidate of science V.K. Belozerov writes: ".vazhno to understand the changing nature of war and not to identify with war only the armed violence. Then there will be explainable phenomena, also far from war, as terrorism, Cold War, information, psychological confrontation, etc. All called actions represent continuation of policy of certain groups even if those are not state, with

1 A.E. Snesarev Filosofiya war. M, "Financial control", 2003, p. 45

application new, original, and sometimes mutually dangerous means" 2.

One more very important milestone in A.E. Snesarev's creativity is the Military doctrine of the state offered and evidence-based by it. It meant by the Military doctrine "the document in which the unity of actions which is already extended to all state in its whole is coordinated, thought over and endured before war and carried out during it in all width and depth of the contents" 3. As it is represented to the author of article, military doctrines of the modern states and Russia including have to consider not only experience of the past, but also to look through trends or to define a vector in development and the prospect of conducting wars of the future. And in this regard A.E. Snesarev who kind of expecting development of new trends in military-political science needs to pay tribute, said that in the future go will be conducted by "not only a sword, but also other means". As a result today there are wars which are called "information", "psychological", "network", etc.

Thus, developing in many respects prophetical thoughts of the domestic military classic, it is necessary to recognize that Russia is in great need in the verified doctrinal military-political documents. It is obvious that the modern world (however, as well as at the time of A.E. Snesarev) changes very dynamically therefore requirements of scientific community to work on the new Concept of national security and on its basis are justified — over the new Military doctrine of the Russian Federation. The military doctrine as it is represented, has to consider real possible threats of military safety of the country; in it real and possible military allies and opponents of our state also have to be designated.

Unlike the end of the past, calls and threats which have to be reflected in the military doctrine were already accurately designated and are rather thoroughly described by domestic experts.

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