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Historical destiny & #34; Bibliographies Yakutii" N.N. Gribanovsky

v. N. Pavlova


Work is presented by Research center of National library of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic. The research supervisor - the doctor of historical sciences E.E. Alekseev

Bibliographic activity of the famous bibliographer-local historian, public figure of Yakutia of the beginning of the 20th century N.N. Gribanovsky is presented in article. On the basis of earlier unknown archival documents the history of drawing up its fundamental ten-volume work "Bibliography of Yakutia" is recreated.

The bibliographic activity of N. Gribanovsky, well-known bibliographer, regional ethnographer and public figure of Yakutia in the beginning of the 20th century, is represented in the article. The author reconstructs the history of compiling of Gribanovsky’s ten-volume scholarly work "The bibliography of Yakutia" on the basis of his earlier unknown archive documents.

The name of Nikolay Nikolaevich Gribanov- is connected with development local history dvizhe-

sky (18.09.1880-17.01.1942) indissolubly a niya in Yakutia. It accepted active learning -

stiye in work of local history societies on studying the Yakut edge: Societies of studying Siberia and improvement of life (19081913), Yakut department of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society (19131922), regional Geographical Society (1922-1924), YaORGO (1924-1930), nauchnoissledovatelsky society "Sakha Keskile" (1925-1930), Society of studying YaASSR (1930-1937). N.N. Gribanovsky was also a participant of the Yakut expedition of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1925-1930), the member of library and museum subcommittees of the Commission of Academy of Sciences of the USSR on study Yakut the ASSR (KYaR), the research associate of the Yakut section of Council for studying productive forces of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (SOPS) (19301934), his non-staff member (1935-1942) and the member of the Leningrad bureau of scientific section of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1935-1942). In cultural life of Yakutia Gribanovsky is known as one of organizers of museum and library science, as the author of "the Bibliography of Yakutia" representing the same great scientific and cultural value, as well as the multivolume "Yakut dictionary" of E.K. Pekarskogo1 on material. Gribanovsky gave 30 years of the life to drawing up the main work covering the period of history of the Yakut region since 1630-1931. Also it prepared over 10 thematic and biobibliographic indexes, but its heritage is a little studied and completely is not published still.

It is known that participants of the Commission on study Yakut the ASSR Academy of Sciences of the USSR (19251930) highly appreciated N.N. Gribanov-sky's work "the Bibliography of Yakutia". Academician

And. E. Fersman who was engaged in coordination of works of all expeditions of AN in one of the reports wrote about it with great gratitude and noted that other expedition, Kazakhstan, due to the lack of necessary conditions on organized and preparatory work, having already come out to the place, spent two goda2.

The chairman of Council of People's Commissars of YaASSR M.K. Ammosov submitted on August 16, 1926 a petition to the Commission on studying YaASSR at Academy of Sciences of the USSR: "... drawing up the bibliography of Yakutia also is studying Yakutia and thus enters a circle of works of the Commission. The Council of People's Commissars of YaASSR asks the Yakut Commission to accept gr. Gribanov-sky under the management in its work to give it possible support and assistance in all cases, difficult to it, and to make printing of its work at the expense of the Commission" 3. So, in 1926 the long business trip was provided to N.N. Gribanovsky for further work in libraries of Leningrad. Under the leadership of the chairman of KYaR Academy of Sciences of the USSR of the academician F.Yu. Levinson-Lessing the Special Meeting of the Commission on N.N. Gribanovsky's work was organized. Members of the Meeting developed methodology of drawing up the universal local history index "the Bibliography of Yakutia" and methodical recommendations taking into account conditions of economic and cultural development of Yakutia in general.

By 1928 the work on collecting material by N.N. Gribanovsky was completed, and on August 20, 1928 the card file and the finished manuscripts of three releases of the index were handed over in the order of KYaR Academy of Sciences of the USSR. A chronological framework of coverage of material was finished till 1927

In 1932-1935 SOPS Academy of Sciences of the USSR in one of series of the works released two parts of "the Bibliography of Yakutia" in three releases including nearly 10,000 bibliographic descriptions on natural resources, the population and economy of YaASSR.

N.N. Gribanovsky did not deal with theoretical issues of the bibliography, but, creating "the Bibliography of Yakutia", introduced new methodical and methodological decisions in development of the local history and national bibliography. With it it was helped by members of the Special Meeting of KYaR, bibliographers the BAN and outstanding scientists of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

He managed to make the authority on the scientific environment development of the local history bibliography by business of the state importance.

It should be noted that thanks to capital work of N.N. Gribanovsky the Yakut Republic in the field of preparation of bibliographic resources fell into the best state in comparison with other national republics. The outstanding scientist, the bibliographer-local historian N.V. Zdobnov highly appreciated this work: "... work of t. Gribanovsky is very large and valuable contribution to the regional bibliography. He will take the place near such known works as "The Siberian bibliography" of V.I. of Megeve (1891-1892) and "The bibliography of the Priyeniseysky region" of V.P. Kosovanov (1923-1928). With these works it has many common features (caused by old methods of individual work), but in some respects it much above them... It is a little such works according to the regional bibliography. Edition of work of t. Gribanovsky it has to be finished" 4. RabotuGribanovskiy was highly appreciated also by such outstanding scientists as the academician V.L. Komarov, S.F. Oldenburg, P.V. Vittenburg, A.E. Fersman, etc. His name as scientist-researcher, it was included in 1934 in the reference book "Scientists of Leningrad" 5.

The following release of the index "National education" prepared in volume of 22 items l. (3416 records), it was not succeeded to publish during lifetime of the author. On March 5, 1939 the order of the people's commissar of education of YaASSR I.Ya. Tukaynov for No. 119 "for ideologically harmful works" N.N. Gribanovsky was dismissed and also edition III of a part of the index "National education" 6 was forbidden.

Gribanovsky's dismissal caused public outrage. The first the staff of the Yakut state central library headed by the deputy director G.S. Tarsky responded. On July 30 newspaper "Socialist

Yakutia" reported: "So hastily Narkom-pros left one of large krayeve-dov-experts on the Yakut edge, N.N. Gribanov-sky whose works always received positive assessment from outside on - the uchny world. It is necessary to tell that the come-out Gribanovsky's works in spite of the fact that there are instructions on articles of nowadays exposed hostile elements, did not lose the scientific value..." 7.

For the purpose of rehabilitation of "ideologically harmful work" on June 1, 1939 N.N. Gribanovsky addresses with the letter the first secretary of the Yakut regional committee of the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) I.L. Stepanenko, then the secretary of the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) of the Central Committee I.V. of Stalinu8. The document came to special department of the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) of the Central Committee on June 2 and was sent to the Yakut regional committee for consideration. The regional committee of the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) of YaASSR organized the commission on the question "About Business of the Scientist N.N. Gribanovsky. It is necessary from - to give due to the chairman of the commission

V. To N. Chemezov and her members who were not frightened of pressure of local authorities also recommended "to repeal the order of the People's commissar Prosveshcheniya of YaASSR for No. 119 from 5/111

1939 and to restore t. Gribanovsky for work." 9. Such decision of the commission did not suit local authorities. The people's commissar of internal affairs Nekrasov found "the compromising materials" that N.N. Gribanovsky is the former official of the Yakut regional management, the former member of the Yakut regional council, the former Social Revolutionary... "passes as the participant of the burzhuaznonatsionalistichesky counterrevolutionary organization for Oyunsky, Boyarov, Kovynin's indications" 10. And Yakut OK N.N. Griba-novskomu was forced to give on December 22, 1939 to the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) the answer of the following contents: "At the request of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) the Yakut regional committee of the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) considered your applications and does not find a possibility of restoration you at work" 11.

The punishing sword of the Stalin mode, appear, made the business, however at the end

1940 group of employees of library under

G.S. Tarsky's guide sent the dokladny letter addressed to the People's commissar of education of RSFSR to t. Potemkin and president of Academy of Sciences of the USSR of t. Komarova12. Narkompros charged to RSFSR directorates of the State public library of Saltykov-Shchedrin (nowadays RNB) to consider N.N. Gribanovsky's work "the Bibliography of Yakutia", to check quality, to discuss expediency of its continuation and taking into account the sent materials Narkomprosa Yakutii to express shortcomings of this work and to specify ways of their elimination and to make zaklyucheniye13.

Participants of the scientific meeting held by directorate of GPB of Saltykov-Shchedrin on October 22, 1940 highly appreciated N.N. Gribanovsky's work. A.G. Bisnek in the report emphasized that in the index made for 10 years earlier, than "the Bibliography of the Far East" and "the Bibliography of Buryat Mongolia", such material of which any republic of the Union cannot brag is built. In conclusion he told: "In this business it is enclosed deep filial lyu - bov to the homeland, to the edge, all those distinctive qualities which we call "the Soviet patriotism". Nikolay Nikolaevich's work of general political value because brings out of ignorance, from a non-existence one of the regions of our state which are the most forgotten and abandoned in the past, destroys doubtful legends of it... also helps current and future builders of edge to find answers to the most various questions" 14.

Participants of the meeting decided: "1. N.N. Gribanovsky's work "the Bibliography of Yakutia" on the richness of materials, their variety and care of the description represents extremely important scientific and bibliographic grant on

to study Yakut ASSR. 2. It is necessary to help t. To Gribanovsky to finish this substantially the bibliographic work prepared for printing" 15.

Narkompros RSFSR (chief of library department Zertsalov) on December 16

1940 for No. 180/8 sent the copy of this protocol to Narkompros to YaASSR, to Republican library and the order

about the correct organization of work on preparation and the edition of this important nauchnobibliografichesky grant for studying the Yakut ACCP16.

In 1941 the Great Patriotic War began

>. On January 17, 1942 N.N. Gribanovsky died in besieged Leningrad. Its bibliographic heritage remained in archive of Academy of Sciences of the USSR library (BAN). Thus, the distressful III part "National education" including 3532 names was published in 1965, and the IV part "Health care" including 1951 record left in 1995. If these published parts were kept almost in original state, then the following parts demanded big additional work.

The main problem in reconstruction of "the Bibliography of Yakutia" consisted in degree of safety of material, the bibliographers of editors, scientific consultants available qualified. To the 125 anniversary since the birth of N.N. Gribanovsky in 2005. The national library of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic released the V part "Ethnography. Folklore. Religion" under the leadership of the bibliographer-local historian N.A. Handa. The heritage of the outstanding bibliographer of the first half of the 20th century is the main bibliographic source in studying history XVII of Yakutia so far - the beginnings of the 20th century

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