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Professor A.V. Shapovalov is 60 years old

nash heroes of the anniversary


Marcel Samuilovich Roytman was born on December 29, 1933 in Chisinau, Romania, in family of employees. His childhood fell on military years which he together with mother spent to evacuations in Central Asia. After war the family moved to Pinsk in Belarus.

In 1950 M.S. Roytman entered the Lviv polytechnical institute on radio engineering faculty from which it graduated with honors in 1955 in "Automatic and measuring devices" and received qualification of the electrical engineer.

After the termination of institute it was directed to the plant of p.b. 124 Krasnoyarsk where worked at first as the design engineer in service of the chief designer, in 1956 - the senior engineer of special design bureau, and in 1957 by the lead engineer of special design bureau.

Since September, 1957 M.S. Roytman's activity is connected with Tomsk Polytechnical Institute.

In September, 1957 it was accepted to a position of the assistant to Theoretical Bases of Radio Engineering department of Tomsk Polytechnical Institute. He organized educational laboratory and taught the course "Automation of Radio Engineering Devices and Systems", and since 1961 - the course "Electronic Measuring Devices".

In October, 1959 M.S. Roytman came to a postgraduate study. In May, 1962 he before the termination of term of a postgraduate study defended the master's thesis. Since October, 1962 Marcel Samuilovich is appointed the manager of new department General Radio Engineering Tomskogo politekhnicheskogo instituta. In the beginning the department incorporated only two teachers and one laboratory assistant. In extremely short time M.S. Roytman solved many problems connected with personnel, material and educational and methodical providing. A series was made of 14 universal models on electronics that allowed in two la at once -

occupation message boratoriya by a frontal method. In 1967 the laboratories were so well equipped that members of the educational and methodical commission of the Ministry which in 1969 sat at Tomsk highly appreciated educational and research laboratories of department.

It should be noted that the department practically from the moment of the basis actively joined in performance of economic contractual works and quickly took the leading positions not only in TPI, but also in the country. Economic effect of the performed scientific works exceeded four times the amounts of financing of the performed works. In 1965 the first domestic calibrator of variable tension which was not inferior in a number of parameters to the best foreign analog - 745A of Hewlett Packard was developed. Soon practically all developers of the measuring equipment of the country began to use the Tomsk calibrators. And since 1979, the calibrator under the code of B1-20 began to be produced by the Kharkiv plant "Etalon" of Gosstandart of the USSR in lots. By 1975 at department of radio engineering about 110 devices and installations were made and introduced.

The department under the leadership of M.S. Roytman custom-made the works a number of the ministries, in close interaction with the All-Russian Research Institute of metrology of D.I. Mendeleyev (Leningrad), the All-Russian Research Institute of physics and technology and radio measurements (Mende-leevo of the Moscow region), Gorky scientific research institute of instrument making, OKB Lvovskogo of polytechnical institute, Institute of problems of management of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, CDB Almaz (Moscow) and others. The precision sources of variable tension and currents developed and made by department under the leadership of M.S. Roytman were used by the All-Russian Research Institute of metrology as a part of national standards. Together with VNIIFTRI, national standards of easing were developed and made. Practically all economic contracts began to be carried out according to the most rational and effective scenario: the department carries out research, branch CB - ROC, and the plants - introduction and serial release. Thus 12 developments successfully passed the state tests and were brought to small-scale and business lot releases.

For a degree of the Doctor of Engineering Marcel Samuilovich defended the dissertation in February, 1972. He adequately passed all steps of professional growth in quality pre-

the feeder at the Tomsk polytechnical institute, working as the assistant, the senior teacher, since 1963 - the associate professor, and since 1975 - professor.

M.S. Roytman founded school of sciences on precision instrument making and the automated testing complexes. He is the author and the coauthor of 98 inventions and more than 280 scientific works. He prepared 49 candidates of science; 8 employees of department became professors and heads of large divisions. More than 10 years M.S. Roytman was a member of the commission Gosstandarta on automation of metrological works, the head of three all-Union scientific and technical programs, the member of three UMO. And now he is a member of UMO in "Information and Measuring Equipment and technologies".

On February 26, 1999 the decision of the Academic Council of the university to M.S. Roytman gave the rank "Honored Professor of TPU". For a big contribution to training, development of science and material and technical resources of TPU in 2000 it is awarded the gold medal "For Merits before TPU". In 2003 to it the rank "Honorary Employee of the Higher School" is given, and in 2003 Marcel Samuilovich is awarded with the diploma of the governor of the Tomsk region "For a big contribution to educational and scientific activity". It has ranks: "The excellent student of the higher school", "the Inventor of the USSR", is awarded a gold medal of ENEA, awarded the anniversary medal "For Valorous Work". M.S. Roytman (in 1967 and in 1969) was elected the deputy of regional council of deputies of workers of Tomsk.

Now M.S. Roytman is the vice-chairman of the Tomsk office of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of the Russian Federation, professor of department computer measuring a system and metrology (KISM) of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, gives courses of lectures: "Physical bases of measurements" for bachelors, "Quantum metrology" and "The main problems of science" for masters and also the course "Electronics Bases" at the Tomsk university of control systems. Marcel Samuilovich is full of a creative power, directs scientific research of students, undergraduates, graduate students, actively participates in activity of the Professorial meeting of Tomsk.

In December, 2008 to Marcel Samuilovich 75 years were executed. Pupils, friends, colleagues, staff of KISM department and electrophysical faculty of TPU warmly congratulate him on anniversary and wish it health and creative achievements.


Valery Konstantinovich Kuleshov, the Dr.Sci.Tech., honored professor of TPU, the Honoured worker of VS, the honorary worker of science and technology of the Russian Federation, the Veteran of work, was born on February 27, 1939 in. Bar-bashe, Primorsky Krai in family of the serviceman. The father is Konstantin Stepanovich Kuleshov, graduated from the Tomsk art school with honors for what it had to be sent to Military academy for further increase in military education. However, he fell in love with the girl whose sister was the wife of the enemy of the people (it is arrested in December, 1937, is shot in January, 1938). Therefore the father was directed to the Far East where long time honestly served in various art parts. Mother is Valentina Ivanovna Kuleshova is the administrative assistant.

Life is usual officer: dugouts (earth-and-timber emplacements, fanza, sometimes country settlements), borderland, for example, island Daman. In one year of 3-5 movements across the territory of the USSR. Because of moving it turned out so that Valery had to study up to 14 years at 14 schools. After the termination of a ten-year school (shk. No. 12 of Tomsk) in 1956 came to TPI on radio engineering faculty which was further base for creation TIASURA (TUSURA). In 1961 after the termination of institute arrived the engineer on physics and technology faculty then in the fall of 1961 at insistance of the rector of TPI Alexander Akimycha Vorobyov came to a postgraduate study under the leadership of Vladimir Ivanovich Gorbunov. These years V.I. Gorbunov began to create just research institute of defectoscopy on a voluntary basis. Research work for V.K. Kuleshov became since then meaning of life. In 1962 there was an idea sozda-

niya of laboratory of a gamma luminescence. Graduate students were its part: Yu.B. Yankelevich, V.B. Kuznetsov, GS. Baking, V.K. Kuleshov (head),

A.M. Kolchuzhkin. In 1965-1966 all of them successfully defended master's theses. Researches were devoted to development isotope (V.K. Kuleshov), x-ray (Yu.B. Yankelevich), neutron (G.Sh. Pekarsky) of devices for studying interaction of ionizing radiation with substance and development of various methods of defectoscopy, for example, a spectrometer method in isotope defectoscopy (V.K. Kuleshov). By 1968 the scientific research institute of electronic nondestructive testing (defectoscopy) on a voluntary basis so got stronger that V.I. Gorbunov had a thought to transfer institute to a rank of legally independent division at TPI. Active part in preparation of materials was taken by young scientists, in particular Yu.B. Yankelevich,

V.B. Kuznetsov, V.K. Kuleshov. On March 6, 1968 they signed in the ministry the decree on the approval of the status of Scientific Research Institute EI as independent legal division.

Besides noted activity V.K. Kuleshov was engaged also in teaching at fizikotekhnichesky faculty. Went through various stages of pedagogical work: engineer of department 27 FTF, assistant, senior teacher, associate professor, assistant manager department, deputy dean. Are prepared by him and the courses "Spectrometry of Ionizing Radiation", "Detectors of Ionizing Radiation", "Radiation Control", "Dosimetry of Ionizing Radiation", "Methods of Processing of Results of Measurements", "Statistical Control", "Quality management" were given,

"Organization of control service of quality", "Special methods of customs control".

There was also a public work. Was fond of different types of sport - gymnastics, boxing, volleyball, karate. In 1968 it was elected the secretary of the Komsomol organization Scientific Research Institute EI. The same year headed a manufacturing sector in the Council of young scientists created by HECTARE. Month at the Tomsk regional committee of Komsomol.

In a year there was an idea of creation of Iskra scientific and production association at the Tomsk regional committee of Komsomol (director V.K. Kuleshov). For years of work of NPO Iskra executed 122 scientific, production and design contracts. The annual turnover made 1.5 million rubles (annual budget of Scientific Research Institute EI). At the initiative of V.K. Kuleshov at the expense of NGO the mathematical school on the basis of TPI in which the leading professors of Tomsk taught was open. From means of NGO various actions were sponsored: an expedition on studying a phenomenon of the Tungus meteorite (under the leadership of the academician N.V. Vasilyev), development and production of twenty devices of direct blood transfusion for hospitals of area, research scales for control of streams of blood and other.

In 1970 K. Kuleshov organized and opened laboratory of gas-discharge converters in Scientific Research Institute IN. Within laboratory, superhighly sensitive converters of x-ray images in seen were developed, economic contractual and research works were performed, fifteen candidate and three doctoral dissertations are prepared. In 1989 the doctoral dissertation was defended by V.K. Kuleshov, in 1990 he was approved as professor in VAK.

In 1976 V.K. Kuleshov had an idea of discovery of new specialty within Physics and Technology faculty on training of engineers in the field of nondestructive control methods. The idea was approved by the head of the department 27 FTF professor V.I. Gorbunov, and its realization was charged to V.K. Kuleshov. Work was exclusively difficult. The help came from the Central Committee of Komsomol acting through the chief accountant Nikolay Kapants who became later the chief accountant of the Central Committee of the CPSU acting through Nikolay Grigoryevich Volkov, the chief of methodical management of MEPhI, Vladimir Nikolaevich Chudinov, the chief of educational and methodical management of TPI, the chief of the head methodical department MINVUZ of RSFSR Yu.S. Egorov, the staff of the head methodical department of MINVUZ of the USSR - Vyacheslav Vasilyevich Hronin, Herman Viktorovich Arsenyev, etc. Work was performed continuously nearly five years, up to a release of the resolution of party and the government about discovery of new specialty of "Physical methods and devices of quality control". In 1983

V.K. Kuleshov and professor B.A. Kononov made the draft of the order of the rector of TPI on opening since September 1, 1983 of new department with the name (FMPK) of the same name. Till 1991 professor V.L. Chakhlov managed department. From 1991 to 2006 professor V.K. Kuleshov headed department.

Under the leadership of V.K. Kuleshov 20 dissertations are defended (including 2 doctor's); doctoral studies were ended by 7 people. Now 6 graduate students and 2 doctoral candidates prepare for protection. Within school of sciences "Superhighly sensitive gas-discharge converters for visualization of pulse x-ray radiation" created by V.K. Kuleshov on the basis of Scientific Research Institute IN are developed and introduced at the enterprises and in scientific institutions of of Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Obninsk, Tomsk, etc. devices of low dose radiation control.

Scientific achievements of V.K. Kuleshov are noted by the scientific organizations and institutions (Section of applied problems of Presidium of AN of the Russian Federation, Scientific Research Institute Introskopii of Moscow, Institute of the URO AN physical electronics of the Russian Federation, etc.). In 2005 he organized and headed the International laboratory of radiation control at Scientific Research Institute IN. He is a coauthor of three monographs, 18 copyright certificates, 1 patent, has more than 230 scientific printing works.

At the initiative of Valery Konstantinovich are created: Council for quality problems at the governor of the Tomsk region, the Tomsk professorial meeting, the Tomsk office of Academy of problems of quality, specialty and "Physical Methods and Devices of Quality Control" department, "The international laboratory of radiation control of Scientific Research Institute IN", "Laboratory of a gamma luminescence of Scientific Research Institute IN".

Now V.K. Kuleshov is the corresponding member of academy of the Higher school, the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural sciences, the full member of the International Academy of informatization, the full member of Academy of problems of quality, the member of three dissertation councils.

V.K. Kuleshov is awarded the Silver medal of ENEA, the medal "Veteran of Work", silver medal TPU (2002), the medal "400 years to the city of Tomsk" (2004), the breastplate "The honorary worker of science and technology" (2008), the Certificate of honor of regional administration (2000). He has the Honorary title "The honored worker of the Higher school" (2000), got an award of regional administration in The Winner of a Competition — Professor of Year nominations (2002), the award "The Winner of a Competition of Regional Administration in the Sphere of Science and Education" (2004). The winner of an award of the Tomsk region in sphere of formation and science (2002).

Victor Mikhaylovich Lisitsyn - the graduate of Tomsk Polytechnical Institute (1962). He is a pupil of professors of A.A. Vorobyov and I.Ya. Melik-Gaykazyan. In 1980 Victor Mikhaylovich defended the dissertation for a degree of the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. In 1982. The m to Lisitsyn awarded professor's rank, in 1996 - the Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, in 2007 - Honored professor of TPU. Full member of Academy of Sciences of the Higher School. Since 1970 till present - the head of the department of the laser and light equipment of electrophysical faculty of TPU.

The department of the laser and light equipment created by professor V.M. Lisitsyn trained 1410 engineers and 35 masters. 6 professors, 6 associate professors, 90% of staff of department - winners of competitions of the Tomsk region in sphere of formation and science, 40% - the competitions "The Best by Profession", winners of competitions of Potanin, etc. work at department

The main direction of scientific activity of professor V.M Lisitsyn - radiation physics of a solid body. For the first time to the USSR in 1976 through joint efforts of departments of lighting engineering and radiation chemistry in TPU delivered methods of pulse absorbing spectrometry with the nanosecond permission for a research stimulated radiation of processes. Technology of pulse measurements at department continues to be improved, now is unique. Research stands became multipurpose, ranges spectral, temporary, temperature izmere-extended

niya of optical, electric and mechanical characteristics of materials.

V.M. Lisitsyn created the school of sciences known for the achievements in the field of a research of primary processes of creation and the subsequent evolution of radiation defects in optical materials at influence of rigid radiation; in the field of studying elementary acts of catastrophic processes under the influence of powerful pulse streams of radiation; in the field of development of perspective express methods of the analysis. V.M. Lisitsyn published 350 scientific works, including 5 monographs and manuals.

Under the leadership of Victor Mikhaylovich 30 candidates and 8 doctors of science are prepared. Members of the scientific and pedagogical collective created by V.M. Lisitsyn are distinguished by the high scientific level of researches, friendly support and mutual aid, deep devotion to science. Professors A.T. Ovcharov, V.Yu. Yakovlev, V.M. Zykov, L.A. Lisitsyna, V.F. Shtanko, V.P. Tsipilev, V.I. Korepanov, B.P. Gritsenko conduct vigorous pedagogical and scientific activity, are known in Russia and abroad for the researches of the processes initiated by radiation in various physical objects: from nanocrystals to spacecrafts.

The unique research base, high authority of the school of sciences created by V.M. Lisitsyn, openness to external contacts promote establishment of strong communications with scientific personnel of institutes of RAS and higher education institutions of of Tomsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Ekaterinbur-

hectare, St. Petersburg, Moscow, with various scientific organizations in camps of the CIS, France, Germany, the USA, China. The conducted researches are supported by grants of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federal Property Fund, interindustry, international (MNTC, SEA^AM).

V.M. Lisitsyn is a winner of the competition "The Best by Profession" in TPU in group of professors (2001), the competition "Leading Schools of Sciences of TPU" (2008), the winner of competitions of the Tomsk region in the sphere of science and education (2002, 2004), the scholar of programs of the Russian President, Yukos Oil Company.

Victor Mikhaylovich's enthusiasm and selfless activity of adherents promoted revival of the international conferences on radiation physics and chemistry of inorganic materials (RFH) and transformation of a conference into a representative Scientific Forum from a fate -

Alexander Vasilyevich Anfilofyev, professor of "Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" department of machine-building faculty of TPU, was born on January 6, 1939 in Ulan-Ude. After the termination of high school for continuation of study after the discussions with teachers and in the family circle, consisting of mother and slightly the elder brother, the compromise choice - Tomsk. The father is Vasily Isaakovich Anfilofyev 1910 of the birth from the Old Belief community of Isetsky district of the Ural region, it is called on the front in 1941, died in 1942. Mother is Anna Georgiyevna Konechnykh, 1913 of the birth, from family of immigrants in Transbaikalia from Belarus.

I eat scientists of the CIS countries and foreign countries. Within 15 years TPU is the organizer, and V.M. Lisitsyn - the permanent chairman of the Organizing committee of a conference.

V.M. Lisitsyn is an associate editor of the "Izvestiya Tomskogo Politekhnicheskogo Universiteta" magazine, the member of educational and methodical council for the Optics engineering direction of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the chairman of the standard and methodical commission of Scientific and methodical council of TPU developing the main documents regulating process of training in the system of multilevel education and certification of graduates.

V.M. Lisitsyn is awarded the gold and silver medals "For Merits before the Tomsk Polytechnic University".

In 1956 A.V. Anfilofyev is a student of Tomsk Polytechnical Institute, faculty mechanical, specialty "Technology of Mechanical Engineering, Metal-cutting Machines and Tools". After three years of training submitted the application for assignment from faculty, motivating with insufficiency of the gained knowledge. The conversation with the dean created belief: "ahead this day, and behind it the whole life". Continuing training, asked: since what moment do you begin to feel the engineer? The answer was received during the externship at the Yaroslavl motor plant. After one obvious, from the point of view of the student, ratsio-


a nalization which was introduced at once suggested to work for the period of practice by the engineer with attractive salary. The offer was not accepted, the student wanted to be free.

With the diploma of the mechanical engineer in 1961 at distribution chose "The Tomsk plant of crane electric equipment". It was accepted as the designer of the 2nd category. On a question: how many categories and why at once intermediate, the answer is received: the reasoned motivation is specified in the application for admission.

After 5 months of quite routine work behind a drawing table the personnel manager received the reasoned notice of resignation from the designer. For it it turned out opening that the young specialist has the right to leave the enterprise, without having worked, allegedly, strictly obligatory 3 years that these are 3 years an obligation of the enterprise to provide it with work in the specialty.

Performance of work of the leading technologist at experimental plant of the VNIIEM Tomsk branch demanded knowledge of radio engineering. The correspondence course of 1963-1966 at radio engineering faculty of the Tomsk institute of radio electronics and the electronic equipment ended with obtaining the diploma of the radio engineer and the beginning of work in VNIIEM as the chief designer. So the chief of laboratory on the maintenance in working order of the equipment for scientific research was called.

After two years work in VNIIEM became everyday, and since 1968 A.V. Anfilofyev is the assistant to Resistance of Materials department of Tomsk Polytechnical Institute. At this time many fellow students gathered on department, hard scientific work under the leadership of the classmate of the State Duma was conducted. Dividing.

Since 1970 Alexander Vasilyevich is the graduate student of Information and Measuring Equipment department with the scientific direction of Resistance of Materials department. The thesis "A research of tension in stalyakh" (head I.G. Leshchenko) was protected by measurement of magnetic anisotropy in 1974 at a meeting of Council for award of academic degrees of physics and technology faculty of Tomsk Polytechnical Institute. Work had economic effect: stopped production of "Measuring instruments of residual tension".

During 1980-1984 on a business trip of Tomsk Polytechnical Institute A.V. Anfilof-ev provided in French the course "Resistance of Materials" at the University of architecture and construction of Mr. Konstantin of the People's republic Algeria. Work is noted by the certificate of honor of Consulate General of the USSR Annaba. The textbook "Resistence des materiaux" was published. Algerie, Universite de Constantine, 1984. 154 pp. The copy is available in the TPU scientific and technical library.

In 1985 for collective work (A.S. Solyanik, Yu.P. Egorov, I.O. Hazanov, E.I. Marr, A.V. of An -

filofyev) on recovery from the accident at the Tomsk chemical plant it is awarded with the sign "Excellent Student of Chemical Industry of the USSR" and the certificate of honor of the Tomsk city town committee of the CPSU.

In 2001 the dissertation "Development of the general theory of big and small movements in flat core systems" in "Dynamics, durability of machines, devices and the equipment" in Council of Tomsk Polytechnic University and in Council of Institute of problems of engineering science of RAS of S. - the St. Petersburg office is defended. In 2002 the academic degree of the Doctor of Engineering is awarded.

All works of A.V. Anfilofyev reflect his aspiration to be in space of certain concepts and representations in all questions. "Specify concepts, and you will have no problems. The problem is nothing but at the time an unresolved task" - its translation from the book by R. Descartes ("As it is correct to solve problems"). His belief: in any science there are white spots which, covered with the created representations, can remain a long time those. For inquisitive still very much there is a lot of work. But, as F. Klein noticed ("Lectures about development of mathematics in the XIX century") "the old tasks which already repeatedly underwent a research require for them the solution of the strengthened work. Apparently, to everything that is of true interest in science, the bitter destiny in the course of the critical discussions is prepared, first of all, to face discontent of strongly reasonable and strict right fidelity".

The programs of the courses "Resistance of Materials", "Applied Mechanics", "Mechanics" and "Technical Mechanics" developed by A.V. Anfilofyev and their providing are based on techniques of the French and Russian higher school, will be agreed with opportunities of the Tomsk Polytechnic University and practical tasks of future experts. According to development programs Alexander Vasilyevich studied educational and methodical work in MSTU of N.E. Bauman, at the Leningrad shipbuilding institute, at the Kiev polytechnical institute. French studied at the Moscow state Pedagogical Institute of foreign languages of M. Thorez (1979-1980).

Scientific, educational, public work

A.V. Anfilofyeva is marked out by certificates of honor, the laudable prize sheet, the anniversary medal "100 years from the opening day of the Tomsk Polytechnic University (1900-2000)", the medal "Veteran of Work". For a general characteristic of the hero of the anniversary we will give his first impression about the Tomsk Polytechnic University of 1956:

"I at institute open doors

and corridors in the booming arches.

There are no doubts, blind belief.

Here finding of freedom".


On February 12, 2009 65 years to Alexander Timofeyevich Ovcharov, the Doctor of Engineering, professor of department of the laser and light equipment of electrophysical faculty (EFF), the head of "Light Architecture and Design" laboratory of the Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), the CEO of the specialized lighting enterprise CJSC Elektrum, the member of editorial board of the scientific and technical magazine "Svetotekhnika", the member of the Union of designers of Russia were executed.

Alexander Timofeyevich Ovcharov was born on February 12, 1944 in Gorno-Altaysk of Altai Krai. In 1961 entered the Tomsk Polytechnical Institute (TPI), in 1966 graduated from the Tomsk institute of radio electronics and the electronic equipment (TIRIET, now the Tomsk university of control systems and radio electronics - TSUCSR) and was distributed in TPI postgraduate study (the research supervisor - Ekaterina Konstantinovna Zava-dovskaya). After the termination of a postgraduate study in 1970 it was directed to "Lighting Engineering and Light Sources" department of EFF TPI. In 1971 defended the master's thesis. Since 1970 till present carries out scientific and pedagogical activity at "Lighting Engineering and Light Sources" department and, after renaming, at "Laser and Light Equipment" department of TPU. The Doctor of Engineering (1990), professor of department of the laser and light equipment since 1992

Alexander Timofeyevich Ovcharov is the famous scientist and the recognized expert in the field of pulse light sources and the systems of an optical rating of lasers. Under its management in 1972-1990 the cycle research, the problems of increase in reliability and durability of sources of optical radiation devoted to the decision and la - is executed

zer with an optical rating. Works were performed for the benefit of military industrial complex. Scientific developments on scope of research and 7 inventions allowed to increase durability of domestic pulse sources of radiation on 3-5 orders and reliability of lasers with an optical rating to the level of industrial and special application. On set of the received scientific and applied results presented and in 1989 defended the doctoral dissertation.

Scientific results of researches of the photoinduced processes in optical materials and creation of the generalized physical model open ample opportunities of their application in various fields of science, the equipment and production. Understanding the exclusive value of the solution of applied tasks as a result of scientific researches, Alexander Timofeyevich after protection of the doctoral dissertation places emphasis on researches of industrial facilities: lighting materials (phosphors and luminescent light sources), products of the electronic equipment (light-emitting diodes), photochemical processes and development of devices for physical and chemical methods of the analysis. In the context of applied use of optical radiation in science and technology under its management ways and a series of devices are developed for the production technology of light sources, purposes of metrology and certification, chemical technology. Developments in the field of use of optical radiation are protected by 4 copyright certificates and introduced in certification techniques.

By results of the executed researches and applied developments A.T. Ovcharov published more than 120 scientific works, including 5 monographs, applied developments are protected by 11 copyright certificates, he is awarded with the breastplate

"Inventor of the USSR". Scientific results were reported at 36 Russian and International conferences, symposiums. A.T. Ovcharov is a member of specialized Council of TPU D 212.269.04.

In 1992, during reorganization when the special subject was actually liquidated and financing of the budgetary researches was sharply reduced, Alexander Timofeyevich created and headed the specialized lighting enterprise CJSC Elektrum which primary activity was represented by works in the field of production of lighting products and devices for scientific research, design of architectural and art lighting. The CJSC Elektrum enterprise in the activity develops the innovative directions in lighting engineering and, since 1996, the main subject of scientific and applied interests - light design in interior and external lighting, design of lighting systems of different function is formed. Thanks to the developments and the implemented projects the enterprise is known in Tomsk, the Tomsk region and in the neighboring regions.

The active position and successful developments in this creative direction provided sure position of the company in the region. The enterprise executed development of the concept of the svetotsvetovy solution of "Governor's quarter" (the diploma of the fifth Siberian review competition in the field of architecture, town planning and design "A gold capital" -

2001 ). Developments in the field of external and architectural lighting of the city are the basis for the concept and comprehensive program of illumination of Tomsk till 2010 and were reported at V and VI International lighting conferences on lighting engineering (2003, 2006). In modern Tomsk the most part of architectural objects have the light architectural and art decisions executed under the leadership of A.T. Ovcharov. In 2007 the project of architectural illumination of the giant of the Russian power - the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station is executed and implemented. Developments in the field of architectural illumination of Tomsk were awarded with diplomas of the competitions "The Siberian Athens" of 2001-2008

For coordination of works on light improvement of the city as the order of the mayor A.T. Ovcharov is included in the working group at City administration of Tomsk.

About works in the field of architectural and art illumination of Tomsk for the purpose of promotion of the modern direction in improvement of the city, formation of outlook of the population and the regional government about importance of new quality of life, Alexander Timofeyevich regularly publishes articles in regional mass media (magazines, newspapers).

Alexander Timofeyevich also is involved in progress of our Tomsk soccer. Lighting of the football field of Trud stadium is executed under its management.

Considering lighting as the most important physiological factor of the habitat, as means of health protection and new quality of life, Alexander Timofeyevich carries out selfless educational activity, promoting and explaining to the population relevance of competent approach to the correct, comfortable lighting as to the main criterion of formation of a healthy lifestyle. Giving regular lectures at institute of skills development at TGASU, to students of TPU and TGASU, it focuses attention on physiological, psychological, economic and esthetic aspects of lighting, paying the attention of listeners to importance of professional approach to the organization of the light habitat. For the first time he teaches students of TPU disciplines on an esthetics of the light environment and design of lighting installations.

The conviction is that effective forms of dissemination of knowledge of high-quality lighting and their perspective advance are in the future connected with education, formation of new generation of young specialists carriers of modern knowledge and scientific approach to lighting, in 1998 Alexander Timofeyevich organized and since 1999 undertook the management of a magistracy in TPU on specialization "Light architecture, design, advertizing". Thus, for the first time in the Siberian region the educational process of training of masters on the called specialty was put. For methodical ensuring educational process manuals on specialization are published. For last 2000-2008 it prepared 23 masters.

The idea of revival at the new qualitative level of lighting specialty in TPU, creation of the scientific and education lighting center in the Siberian region became the purpose for the next years. Having united the scientific and educational potential of TPU and production capabilities of CJSC Elektrum, Alexander Timofeyevich put educational process of training of masters, experts of high professional level on innovative level. Some graduates right after the termination of the university successfully created the business in the specialty.

For successful implementation of educational plans and effective training of specialists of new level and quality Alexander Timofeyevich created the specialized scientific and educational laboratory "Light Architecture, Design" performing functions of a scientific and practical educational complex. The laboratory is created at department of the laser and light equipment on the basis of the contract between TPU and CJSC Elektrum on joint activities for training of specialists with the higher education. Production, professional and technological capabilities of the enterprise allow to provide a practical side of educational process. Results of such joint activity show pravil-

but the chosen strategy of training of experts and a successful form of production and educational cooperation. The production base of the enterprise became creative laboratory for practice of students of TPU and other higher education institutions of Tomsk. Production, professional and technological capabilities of the enterprise allow to provide a practical side of educational process.

On the basis of laboratory by A.T. Ovcharov it is created and the youth scientific association (YSA) "Light Architecture, Design" works. Students, participants of MNO actively participate in real works on illumination of evening Tomsk, carrying out working drafts of light improvement of the territory and architectural and art lighting of buildings, regularly represent works on competition NIRS most of which is noted by awards.

Performing research and analytical works in the field of lighting, Alexander Timofeyevich promotes the idea that comfortable lighting in Russia is available only on condition of widespread introduction of the energy saving equipment and technologies. Energy saving in electric lighting are the major social, economic and ecological factors containing in themselves concepts of energy security of regions and the country, environmental safety and an incentive for development of lighting science and technology. On the social importance there is no alternative to energy saving. Energy saving is an alternative to accumulation of power capacities, the main source of technogenic impact on the environment and ecological opasn?

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