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Professor Herman Ivanovich poletayev

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On October 8, 2007 on an end of the 76th year of life the most prominent representative of the Kazan physiological school, the honored worker of science of the Republic of Tatarstan, the doctor of medical sciences, professor Herman Ivanovich Poletayev suddenly died.

G.I. Poletayev was born on November 17, 1931 in the village of Yurino Mariyskoy of the ASSR. The father, Ivan Fedorovich, was an engineer, mother,

Ekaterina Vasilyevna, - the doctor-phthisiatrician. In school days, after the termination of the Great Patriotic War, Herman was fond of electro- and radio engineering that significantly helped it with further life, especially with microelectrophysiologic researches. In 1949, having left secondary school No. 4 of V.I. Lenin of Kazan, the young man arrived on treatment-and-prophylactic faculty of the Kazan medical institute which graduated with honors in 1955 and was defined in a postgraduate study on department of normal physiology to one of the most talented physiologists of our country, the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences prof. Alexey Vasilyevich Kibyakov. There were many persons interested to come to this postgraduate study, but he well owned the theory of physics and experimental radio engineering. Professors I.N. Volkova and L.N. Zefirov also young and devoted to science working with him in one room were his scientific mentors.

After the termination of a postgraduate study in 1958. The Ministry of Health of RSFSR Herman Ivanovich was appointed the assistant to department of physiology of the Kalinin medical institute where worked three years. In November, 1959 he defended the master's thesis devoted to the analysis of value of acetylcholine as the trofogenny agent as nervous conductors. Since 1961 all its further activity was connected with the Kazan medical institute. In the beginning he received a position of the lecture assistant in just organized Central research laboratory, and soon and her manager. In December, 1962 I. Poletayev is elected on a competition the assistant, and in 1966 - the associate professor of physiology at the rate of biophysics where he developed a new course of lectures. In 1963 and 1968 Herman Ivanovich underwent specialization in teaching a course of biophysics and molecular biology. In 1974 it finished the solid scientific work "Value of Humoral Factors in the Mechanism of Transfer of Excitement from a Nerve on a Skeletal Muscle" and protected it as the doctoral dissertation. Researches of the scientist were devoted by one of cardinal problems of modern neurophysiology - regulation of function of nervnomyshechny synapses with which activity the physical activity of an organism is connected. It in details analyzed mechanisms of impact on a synapse of various biologically active agents. In the late sixties it for the first time introduced in practice of experiments of the Kazan physiologists of a technique with use of the mik-roelektrodny equipment that was a powerful push in development of researches of function of a mionevralny synapse.

In 1976 he was elected the head of the department of biology of the Kazan medical institute which he directed till 2001. In new collective G.I. Poletayev, maintaining close creative contact with departments of physiology and medical physics, in the commonwealth with a number of laboratories of scientific institutes of Academy of Sciences of the USSR continued

in-depth study of the nature of trophic influence of nervous system. The problem of neurotrophic control of skeletal muscles and receptor formations with the participation of the special trophic factors transferred on motive fibers by aksoplazma-tichesky transport and at the new cellular and subcellular level became area of researches. A study subject at department of biology were also mutagen and anti-mutagen activity of some medicines and some other questions of biological science.

Belongs to the prof. G.I. Poletayev of more than 110 scientific works, a part from which is published abroad. He actively participated in the international and all-Union congresses, symposiums and conferences on physiological problems, was directly involved in the organization of all-Union symposiums "Physiology of mediators" which were systematically carried out in Kazan. The scientific works of 70 and 80 of the Kazan physiological school which gained the international recognition, master's and doctoral dissertations of staff of departments of biology, physiology, medical physics (the prof. E.M. Volkov, the prof. R.A. Giniatullin, the member correspondent of the Russian Academy of Medical Science professional. A.L. Zefirov, the member correspondent of RAS prof. E.E. Nikolsky, the prof. A.H. Urazayev, the doctor of medical sciences R.N. Hazipov) in many respects contributed to the development of scientific ideas and experimental approaches as which permanent and active developer Herman Ivanovich acted. Professors R.B. Sagdeev, T.L. Zefirov, associate professor D.A. Akhtyamova, candidates of medical sciences I.S. Valitov, A.V. Chikin, R.F. Sitdikov, etc.

were his pupils

The prof. G.I. Poletayev was not only the outstanding scientist, but also the great teacher. He liked to give lectures, to communicate with youth, excitedly held with them scientific circles and seminars. He had many plans, it is a lot of ideas which it willingly shared with the colleagues. Herman Ivanovich successfully combined research activity with big public work. From 1983 to 1995 he was the vice rector of the Kazan medical institute for scientific work, the member of theoretical council for protection of theses and its chairman. Its many-sided activity was highly appreciated from the scientific and pedagogical community: in 1981 he was awarded with an Order of the Badge of Honour, in 1991 to it the rank of the honored worker of science of the Republic of Tatarstan is given, and in 1995 he became the winner of the State award of the Republic of Tatarstan in science and technology.

The last years he had a serious illness of joints, transferred death of the beloved spouse Ella Vasilyevna. There was near us no sympathetic, sociable and benevolent person whom all loved and respected. The light image of Herman Ivanovich Poletayev - the wonderful colleague, the great teacher and the good friend - forever will remain in our hearts.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, prof. N.H. Amirov, prof. V.A. Anokhin, dots. D.A. Akhtyamov, prof. I.N. Volkov, member correspondent of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, professional. A.L. Zefirov, academician of ANT, prof. D.M. Zubairov, member correspondent of RAS, prof. E.E. Nikolsky, prof. R.B. Sagdeev, prof. V.V. Semyonov, prof. A.S. Sozinov, prof. E.G. Ulumbekov (Kazan)


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