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Department of general history of the Khabarovsk state pedagogical university

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The Khabarovsk state pedagogical university (till 1995 - Pedagogical Institute) began studies in September, 1938, incorporating 3 faculties, including historical. First all teachers-historians made one department, but in 1943, in process of increase in the contingent of students and number of teachers, there was a division of uniform department into two - the history of the USSR and general history.

Throughout a long time the players of teachers of department of general history were changed, research work developed, but the scope of researches was separate. However gradually, thanks to efforts of the department chair associate professor N.V. Sverdlov of that time who was engaged in studying policy of the USA in a northern part of the Pacific Ocean the interest of young teachers in history of the international relations in the Far East was defined. This circumstance had decisive impact on their postgraduate future, having connected implementation of the corresponding hopes with department of modern and contemporary history of MGPI of V.I. Lenin which was headed at that time by professor A.L. Narochnitsky who was one of large experts in the field of the international relations in the Far East. Alexey Leontyevich, in return, very kindly treated Khabarovsk graduate students and undertook the scientific management them of dissertation works.

As a result vast majority of teachers of department of general history HGPU are pets of school of sciences of A.L. Narochnitsky. It also predetermined the main direction of their nauchnoissledovatelsky work: history of the international relations in the Pacific region in the XIX-XX centuries. Russia was one of subjects and objects of international policy in this region that found the corresponding reflection in scientific publications of department.

Since 1991 manages department and. N, professor M.I. Svetachev. The circle of its scientific interests includes the history of relationship of the countries of the West and East with Russia in the XVII-XX centuries. Special attention is paid by it to policy of the countries of the Entente and the USA for Russia during revolutions of 1917, Civil war and intervention. Some results of development of the specified problem found reflection in its articles and the monograph. [1] Further, especially since the end of the 80th when under the flag of release of historical science from party and state dictatorship and official ideology, new denigration of events and figures of the past (i.e. one tendentiousness changed on another, but with the opposite sign) began, M.I. Svetachev published a number of works in which stated the critical relation to the made attempts of politicization of history and intentions to lay the past in the Procrustean bed of new ideological schemes. [2]

To the same purposes and tasks serve also a series of documentary publications on the history of Civil war and intervention in the Far East which is carried out by group of scientists. M.I. Svetachev took part in it as one of originators, as the translator of foreign materials into Russian, the author of prefaces and a part of comments. [3] The value of these publications is that domestic archive materials are widely presented to them, many of which are for the first time introduced for scientific use. Besides, the translations of documents from foreign editions which in the majority, even partially, were not translated into Russian are published in collections. Thanks to it the scientific and reader's community has an opportunity to get acquainted with events of 1917 - 1922 from a position not only "red", but also "white" and also interventionists and to make about them more objective representation.

To. and. the N, associate professor A.L. Anisimov is engaged in studying policy of the USA in the Far East in 30 - the 60th of the 19th century. He investigates process of formation of this policy, its feature, driving forces and the main directions, including concerning Russia and also action of administration of Eastern Siberia in boundary disengagement between Russia and its Far East neighbors - Japan and China. Now it completes the work on the monograph and the doctoral dissertation for which material collected not only in libraries and archives of Russia, but also in libraries of the USA. Other direction it scientific activity is development of problems of regionalization of historical education. [4]

To. and. the N, associate professor V.N. Tymoshenko works on studying the international relations in the South Pacific region in 70 - the 90th of the 20th century. In the field of its researches - foreign policy of Australia and New Zealand, the politician of the USA, EU countries, China and the USSR (Russia) in the Southern Pacific region, formation and development of foreign policy of the independent states of Oceania, activity of the regional organizations and also a role of other factors influencing formation of a foreign policy of the states of the region (pacifistic, trade-union, nature protective and others). In its plans - writing of the monograph and preparation of the doctoral dissertation. [5]

To. and. the N, associate professor L.G. Kuznetsova researches foreign policy of the USA and the attitude towards her of the leading political parties of the country during F.D. Roosevelt's presidency. On the studied problem it published several articles. [6]

To. and. the N, associate professor M.I. Romanova studies the history of formation of liberalism in England in the first half of the 19th century. In the center of its attention - process of origin of the liberal ideology, emergence and development of main currents of the liberal party of Great Britain. She also considers impact of the ideas of the English liberalism on development of the liberal movement in Germany, France, the USA and Japan. Results of a research of M.I. Romanova are reflected in a number of articles. [7] Now it completes the work on the monograph and the doctoral dissertation.

To. and. the N, associate professor V.N. Dyadechkin within several years studied the agrarian relations in the Austrian possession Gabsburgov in the XV-XVI centuries. It tracked evolution of the ancestral lands: gradual cancellation of gross forms of a serfdom, change of the possessory rights of peasants, significant changes in methods of exploitation of direct producers, national disorders on the eve of Great peasant war in Germany 1525. Unfortunately, big remoteness from the main archives and book-depositories did not allow it to continue work on the specified problem and forced to be engaged in consideration of some aspects of regional history and single methodical questions.

In line with the main scientific directions seven graduate students of department work, to researches also students are attracted. Besides, the perspective of scientific research is closely connected with educational process. At faculty the general courses - "The International Relations in the Pacific Region in the XVI-XX Centuries.", "History of the States of the Southern Pacific Region", - several special courses are given, special seminars are held. Some teachers and students visited a training in the USA and Germany; in return, the department accepts teachers and students from foreign higher education institutions.

Having a certain scientific potential, the department took the initiative to combine efforts of the Far East researchers-foreign affairs specialists for the best coordination of their research.

In January, 1997. The academic council of HGPU adopted the resolution on creation on the basis of department of the Center for studying history of the international relations in the Pacific region. In 1997 the first collection of articles on this problem was published. [8]

From 1995 to 2000 with active participation of department and center the international scientific conferences were made: "The twentieth century and the military conflicts in the Far East", "Evolution and revolution (experience and lessons of world and Russian history)", "the Far East of Russia is the Northeast of China: historical experience of interaction and the prospect of cooperation", "Russia - China: history and the present", the People's Republic of China devoted to the 50 anniversary of education, "Russia and the USA on coast of the Pacific Ocean: two centuries of the neighbourhood and cooperation".

The department has close creative relations with Institute of history, archeology and ethnography of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, department of modern and contemporary history of MPGU, the Center of Asian researches at the Irkutsk state pedagogical university both other scientific and educational institutions. In addition, it supports regular scientific contacts with historians of the USA, Japan, Australia, Germany and also with a number of the international scientific funds and the organizations.

In 1998 the department took part in preparation and carrying out in Khabarovsk of the international seminar "Teaching history in polycultural society and boundary territories". The Council of Europe, the Ministry of the general and professional education of the Russian Federation acted as his organizers

and HGPU. In 1999 and 2000 together with scientists of the Augsburg university (Germany) were carried out: a scientific seminar "The Far East of Russia in the context of the Russian-German relations (second half of the XIX-XX centuries)", the international scientific conference "the West - the East: science and education on the dawn of the 21st century".

One of the major results of the listed above scientific conferences and seminars was establishment and expansion of creative contacts with foreign historians.

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