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Professor G.G. Savelyev is 70 years old

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To PROFESSOR G.G. Savelyev - 70 YEARS

Gennady Gavrilovich Savelyev was born on August 12, 1938 in Kiselyovsk of the Kemerovo region. Despite hard time to - and the post-war period and poor opportunities for growth and training, his parents managed not only to start a big family, but also to give to all five children the higher education. The father is Gavril Dmitrievich Savelyev (1913-1965) by profession there was a Shakhtar and in mining passed the main road - from the mine foreman to the chief of the mine and the chairman of collective farm, and in military years - from the commander of a platoon to the commander of battalion. Mother is Praskoviya Samsonovna Savelyev who in 2009 will be 90 years (!) old, in peace time devoted herself to nurse business, and in war, as well as many women of settlements, worked in the mine underground (the assistant to the surveyor).

G.G. Savelyev's childhood passed in it seemed never-ending moving on shakhtovy settlements: after Kiselyovsk there were Leninsk-Kuznetsk, Kemerovo. For two hungriest post-war years it was necessary to go to the item Degeres under Alma-Ata, then there was Rubtsovsk (Altai Krai), again the Kemerovo Region, Altai Krai (village of Blagoveshchenka), and again the Kemerovo region. And only in 1964 all family of Savelyev located in the city of Tomsk where it lives, studies, works still.

Wartime for the little boy was rather stable and, from his words, rather safe - the father in the war, mother works underground, in the afternoon - kindergarten and almost normal food. But being an eldest son, he remembers all that the family had to worry... Despite burdens of a nomadic way of life of family, hard character of the father, times fierce hunger and difficulties of post-war time, Gennady Gavrilovich's mother and to all her environment, it was succeeded to transfer to children the general positive spirit.

The information on the country, the world, science and culture was very scanty in those days, the television then was not yet, and in the conditions of the remote, not really sober, criminal city almost only and especially important was then the Soviet radio. Except ideology it bore to the people especially susceptible and thinking, knowledge and culture. The communistic ideology, as we know, substantially incorporates Christian values... Promotion distortions, such as image of "Pavlik Morozov", were perceived by the young man as something unclear, unnatural and was rejected by consciousness. Language of transfers, their humanistic pathos, undoubtedly, influenced Savelyev, as well as other children and teenagers.

Our heroes of the anniversary

Already later the young man opened for himself various muffled "voices" which gave food for comparisons and reflections...

Student's years... It seemed never-ending moving did not prevent G.G. Savelyev to study and graduate successfully from school with two "well" (for the graduates at that time the provincial school did not apply for medals!). After leaving school G.G. Savelyev had a great desire to become the engineer-inventor, almost like in novels by Alexander Belyaev therefore the question of in what higher education institution to continue education did not stand. First, other option was practically not on everyday circumstances. And secondly, legends of severity of heads and teachers in TPI (especially about the vice rector A.P. Kazacheke) foretold obtaining really true knowledge.

Since students (1956-1962) there passed a lot of time, but Gennady Gavrilovich still feels the atmosphere extraordinary the 046th. "Fighting the 046th" not only perfectly studied, showed an initiative in all usual student's affairs, but even tried to obtain participation in appointment of the best teachers for teaching a number of objects. It is remembered how at the request of dean's office wrote characteristics at each other. Sharp "works" turned out informal, sometimes. For example, in characteristic on G.G. Savelyev it was noted: "it is sometimes thoughtful"! And of course it will never be erased from memory as they organized and carried out very difficult campaign on the boat and the boat along a route Tomsk-Tyumen, and only two, to one of whom this article is devoted, reached the end. Perhaps thanks to such campaign Gennady Gavrilovich calls the friends at that time "fugitives", and not only mentally and formally, but also on lives, but which according to G.G. Savelyev remained somewhere there, in the 046th.

After the termination of higher education institution of 9 graduates gr. 046 devoted themselves to work in scientific and educational activity, including also a Trinity of the fiziko-chemists who are nowadays working in TPU namely G.G. Savelyeva, N.F. Stasya and O.I. Nalesnika. It is necessary to tell that from all initial structure of group four became professors-doctors in different areas (physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, technical and even biological sciences). The most known of them - the large organizer of defense industry G.A. Solodov, the former vice president of association of graduates of TPU, died recently. The head of group Dmitry Prudayev was the foreman of water treatment on the Chernobyl NPP, behaved heroically during accident, died from radiation consequences.

Science... Studying at physics and technology faculty of TPI, already the student, Gennady Gavrilovich realized that creation of new things concedes on the fascination to knowledge actually essences of these things, the phenomena. And on the 2nd course the young student understood that he is ready to devote himself to a noble purpose - "production of new knowledge", namely

to become the scientist. Intuitively young man understood that defining the objectives - the main thing in life and that himself does not need to hesitate to set the highest purposes, and, in an explicit form, including - career. Having understood that science - its calling, and having defined a career goal in the form of an academic degree of the doctor of science, G.G. Savelyev used the first case that "to go to science". And this case to it and two more same gifted students gr. 046 the head of the department of radiation chemistry, the associate professor, and nowadays the academician, V.V. Boldyrev provided at that time.

The new specialty assumed target preparation for scientific work. The scientific direction "radiation chemistry of solid substances" of the created department was new not only for G.G. Savelyev, but also for those times new in general. Emergence of powerful sources of radiations (nuclear reactors and radioactive waste, isotopes, accelerators of elementary particles), raised a set of questions - from judgment of mechanisms of action of radiations on various objects before their practical application. The first works of the student of GGS which are carried out under the leadership of the academician V.V. Boldyrev and Yu.A. Zakharov who were highly appreciated were devoted to a comparative research of mechanisms of action of ionizing radiation, light and heating on inorganic salts and published in the most prestigious at that time the Doklady AN SSSR magazine.

In 1962 V. Boldyrev was invited for the organization of works on chemistry of a solid body in FROM Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and a part of employees of department went with it to Novosibirsk. RH department was transferred to HTF. The remained employees under the leadership of very vigorous and capable pupil V.V. Boldyrev of Yu.A. Zakharov, successfully continued work. The new engineer G.G. Savelyev was accepted in a postgraduate study of TPI at once and continued serious researches within the thesis on the subject "Change of Thermal and Radiation Stability of Some Solid Substances". After a while after defense of a thesis the vice rector for study (and before - the dean of HTF) P.E. Bogdanov literally took by hand of successful, extremely independent and talented young scientist and took him to the rector of TPI A.A. Vorobyov, and then on department of the general and inorganic chemistry and on Council of chemical and technological faculty where his trial lecture on the subject "Electronic Structure of Solid Substances" was heard.

The department of the general chemistry by then 2 years was without permanent manager, both the rector, and the Academic Council, and department then decided that G.G. Savelyev - the suitable candidacy for the decision main - a personnel problem of ONH department - through the organization of the scientific direction, involvement in science of young teachers and activization of methodical work. And of course were not mistaken... As a result of amicable work, organizo-

News of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. 2008. T. 313. No. 3

the bathroom G.G. Savelyev, created the general scientific direction, the department actively developed and applied new approaches and methods of teaching and control of knowledge. And "ostepenyon-nost" of faculty members reached 100%!

In 1982 G. Savelyev in BGU (Minsk) brilliantly defended the doctoral dissertation "Synchronous chemical reactions in solid substances". The fact that work with such short, fundamental name is successfully protected, speaks for itself!

Very important point in scientific activity of G.G. Savelyev is that while V.V. Boldyrev and Yu.A. Zakharov concentrated the main attention on education and the movement of defects of crystals and their role in chemical reactions, G.G. Savelyeva the mechanism and regularities of transformation in the knot of a crystal lattice interested more. What occurs in knot, determines not only the speed, but also the chemical direction of process, structure of products of reaction. Quantum-mechanical approach was necessary for the description of the mechanism of reaction at this level (elementary chemical reactions, synchronous chemical reactions). This approach was also developed by G.G. Savelyev with employees (Yu.V. Mitrenin, A.A. Medvin-sky) on the basis of correlation of electronic conditions of reagents and products, the concept of "the forbidden reactions" of Vudvorda-Hoffmana-Fukui. As a result of researches the method and a formula for quantitative assessment of energy of activation - the most important characteristic of chemical reaction was offered. This approach was applied to a number of the solid-phase reactions having practical application (new adsorbents, photosensitive structures for printed circuit boards, radiation resistant materials are offered). The research of reactions of atoms and radicals on the surfaces of solid substances (together with A.A. Vasilyev, V.N. Lisetsky, Yu.I. Tyurin, etc.) led to discovery of new effect - effect of return (Kick-ejject), and on its basis - effect of the termination of chemical reactions to the surfaces of superconductor upon its transition to a superconducting state (this phenomenon can have practical value at implementation of the project of the fusion reactor).

The greatest influence on G.G. Savelyev's formation as the scientist, except the mentioned V.V. Boldyrev and Yu.A. Zakharov, was rendered: academicians V.V. Sviridov (Minsk), G.K. Boreskov, Yu.N. Molin (Novosibirsk), Yu.D. Tretyakov, professors A.A. Rozovsky, L.T. Bugayenko (Moscow) and others. Gennady Gavrilovich assigns a special part to the famous scientist A.G Stromberg (Tomsk, TPU). The scientific directions of scientists did not coincide, but this wise and competent professor as the scientist of a wide profile, deeply understood and supported G.G. Savelyev's work both on ideological, and at the organizational level that was expressed not only in a practical advice and psychological support, but also use by A.G Stromberg in the famous textbook "Physical chemistry" of the method of correlation charts developed by Savelyev. And that known

the scientist involved Savelyev as an expert on a number of subjects, projects and when writing the textbook, undoubtedly, means recognition of of Savelyev by the scientist of very high qualification.

That circumstance that any person working with Gennady Gavrilovich will note his serious relation to teaching and educational work is especially valuable. Also it is necessary to tell that he is not only the organizer, but also actually the participant of process who is successfully working both with students, and with teachers. Even before "Reorganization" G.G. Savelyev undertook the management of a philosophical seminar of department on which topical issues of the building and knowledge of the world understood. These seminars were harmoniously combined with methodical seminars of department where not only the current, but also fundamental questions of teaching chemistry were considered, the basic concepts, such as valency, place of chemistry among sciences were deeply analyzed. Publications of staff of department in such famous magazines as "Chemistry and life" became result of these discussions.

It is pleasant to realize that the destiny presented an opportunity to work with the person able and the person interested to help many young people not only to gain special knowledge, but also to form outlook, materialistic approach to the analysis of all phenomena. According to Gennady Gavrilovich, need to constantly explain fundamental concepts and regularities on the one hand maintains own knowledge and abilities in current state and by that affects success of scientific work, and with another - can lead to reconsideration and deepening of own ideas of them!

Sometimes you ask yourself a question: the real department of the general and inorganic chemistry that department which it is now would be if this surprising person would not enclose the talent, patience, care and a part of soul in its development? Its invaluable councils, knowledge, scientific consultations and recommendations about educational activity are a precious gift which Gennady Gavrilovich generously shares with colleagues and pupils. You will look at it: on the one hand gray-haired professor who "is sometimes thoughtful" and on the other hand - whether really "the fugitive from the 046th" remained in the past?

Now Gennady Gavrilovich Savelyev is an author/co-author over 150 scientific and educational and methodical works, including more than 20 patents and copyright certificates for inventions. The known "Chemistry" for remote education published by the Moscow publishing house is especially distinguished from dozens of manuals. Under its management of colleagues more than 10 dissertations are defended. Having voluntarily conceded a position of the head of the department, he continues to work at department, gives lectures on inorganic chemistry, continues to be engaged in scientific work in the field of studying reactions with participation of solid substances.

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