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The Istorikogeografichesky description of the Penza province in the second half of the 19th century

to IZVESTIYA PGP. Humanities • No. of 4 (8) 2007 g

All above does not allow to doubt desirability and demand of further development of conceptual bases of the cultural and anthropological sphere of scientific knowledge as one of the main components of "global history" playing quite often defining role when choosing the direction of dynamics of social development. The solution of a similar research task is designed to become further the main guarantee of overcoming diffusion of historical knowledge, basis of "new" methodological measurement.


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in the second half of the 19th century

A.E. Ulyanov

Penza state pedagogical university of V.G. Belinsky

Department of history and right

Article is devoted historical geographically to the description of the Penza province of the second half of the 19th century, those changes which happened since the specified time in climate, a plant and animal life, the administrative-territorial device, settling, etc. On the basis of stated in work the conclusion that in the second half of the 19th century in the province there were fine conditions for development of agriculture is drawn.

Due to the importance of a natural geographical location of the province in the development plan for its economy the big place of a role of regional aspect in rural life was allocated by representatives of the organizational and production direction of an economic thought. A.V. Chayanov, for example, not without justification considered that "the farm patterns created by family and productions in very big degree are predetermined by those objective economic and natural conditions in which there is a country economy... In various soil and climatic conditions and at various states local to-newktury, the combination of production elements will be extremely various" [21, Page 87.89].

The economist-agrarian P. Maslov, adhering to similar views on this matter, utoch-

nyal: "Soil and climatic conditions. influence the choice of production of any given product: in one place it is favorable to sow one cereal, in another - others; in one place it is more favorable to start the earth under a meadow, under the wood, in another - to open" [9, Page 79].

Besides, researchers, considering any given event, mean that it occurred in certain time and geographical frames. It is perceived as self-evident. Of course, "the geographical habitat of people in any given territory" changes eventually in this connection "there is a sense to talk about these changes in their historical development" [4, Page 96]. Therefore, studying such extensive region which the Penza province is, on the matters it is necessary to stop.

Alice Hunter
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