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Kislitsyn S.A., Kislitsyna I.G. Istoriya Don region. The XX century: The textbook for 9 classes of educational institutions. Rostov N / D, 2004. 184 pages.

kislitsyn S.A., Kislitsyna I.G. Istoriya Don region. The XX century: The textbook for 9 classes of educational institutions. Rostov N / D, 2004.184 pages

The interest of the majority of various social and age categories in the history of the native land considerably amplified recently. And it is quite explainable: people want to know the history of the area, area, city, village, village, history real and live, unvarnished and defaults, without luster and continuous "white spots" and "black events". Identical mistrust, and often and frank negative attitude as to official interpretations of events of national history of the communistic period, and to prejudiced, and often to extremely superficial and tendentious characteristics of the subsequent time of "democratic transformations", naturally led to crisis manifestations in mass public consciousness in relation to own history of the Latest time. Especially clearly this trend is traced among seniors and students. The considerable problems caused by numerous objective and subjective factors, including actually appraisal and substantial party of a question and also a teaching technique are inherent also in a course of history of the native land. Therefore the edition in the mass edition of the reviewed manual the authors having besides

considerable scientific practices on various questions of national history of the Latest time in the all-Russian and regional scales, and the wide educational and pedagogical experience, is represented very important and timely.

This manual is distinguished by well thought over, harmonious, accurate structure which reflected all main periods and events of the Don history of the Latest time. The name of paragraphs is figurative, expressively formulated with the accurate instruction on the problem and substantial and chronological party (for example: §5. "In memory of free old times...". Formation of the new Don power after the February revolution of 1917, etc.). The important training and methodical functions are performed by the "Terminological dictionary", "Chronology of the major events", the list of references.

Authors comprehensively reflected the main events of national history of the 20th century in such region difficult in every respect as the Don region. At the same time they, despite considerable difficulties of direct coverage of extremely difficult and ambiguous events, for example, revolutions of 1917 and civil war, taking into account features

supply of material for pupils of 9 classes of educational institutions, sought to use as much as possible elements of problem statement, accurately formulated any given problem, built harmonious evidential base, factual and logically bringing to capacious generalizations and the reasoned conclusions.

Authors bypassed any difficult question of the considered period, did not get up on convenient and safe for them, but very negative for comprehensiveness and objectivity of consideration of a position of default, reticence when lighting such difficult according to internal contents and the problems which are ambiguously characterized by researchers, teachers, local historians and various public members as participation of residents of Don region, especially the Cossacks, in revolutions and civil war, politicians of a decossackization, feature of the forced social and economic transformations to Dona of the end 20 - the 30th, cooperation of a part of inhabitants with invaders in the years of war, a contradiction in socio-political life 60 - the 70th, questions of modern social and political development of the region. Moreover, authors, perfectly realizing all possible difficulties and problems, much attention was paid to statement, objective characteristic and assessment of many of "white spots" of the history of Don region. So, for the first time in practice of manuals on the history of Don they objectively presented

political repressions in area in the years of civil war and especially at the end of 20 - the 30th, along with unknown pages of heroic fight of residents of the Rostov region against fascist aggressors reflected also an issue of cooperation of a part of the population with invaders, in particular, the Cossack collaborationism, covered almost unexplored problem of hunger in the area during the post-war period, tragic Novocherkassk events of 1962

The undoubted advantage of this manual is the developed characteristic difficult, very contradictory and not enough studied processes of social and economic and social and political transformations of the 2nd half of the 80th - 1991 and also radical reforms of the 90th. Factual statement and the complex analysis in the paragraphs devoted to social and political life of the Rostov region at the present stage are especially substantial, and the final paragraph reflecting difficult processes of formation and development of civil society in our area carries also undoubted innovative scientific and educational historical is watered

logical character.

At a grant there are also methodical tools of quality check of assimilation by pupils of this course, competently developed, saturated and various on contents and degree of complexity. So, at the end of each paragraph questions and for - contain

Denmark, the part of which problem character aiming at independent work in respect of the analysis and justification of own estimated approaches they are highlighted in blue color. It promotes rational and successful development by pupils of a training material, stimulates cogitative activities for comprehensive and objective consideration and understanding of the studied problems. The best digestion of substantial material is promoted also by the table of the major events of the 20th century in the history of Russia and Don. The data provided in it visually reflect the key moments of the all-Russian scale and the most significant facts of history of Don and the Newest period of national history that allows pupils to carry out independent work on additional fixing of factual material, and, above all, on judgment of the general and special in national history in general and Don region in particular.

But, unfortunately, there are also shortcomings. Part of them has especially technical character (for example, annoying prints, so, on page 39 it is told: "After arrival to the aid of a counterrevolution of sailors

Black Sea Fleet...", though everything including to school students, it is well known that the Black Sea sailors arrived in Rostov to the aid of revolution. The obvious technical oversight when typing is available). Political collisions in local party soviet leadership, in our opinion, are too in detail covered in some paragraphs that complicates work of pupils.

The manual contains curriculum vitae of the most famous Don political, state and military figures, rich documentary and art illustrations. Positive assessment is deserved also by printing quality of its execution. It, undoubtedly, will serve as important educational means for seniors and also students of average special educational institutions, will be powerful help in work of teachers. Considering comprehensiveness and quality of the presented substantial material, the manual will be in demand for all, interested in national history of the Latest time and historical study of local lore.

V.P. Trut

Julia? Georgina
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