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V.P. Krikunov. Pioneers of scientific knowledge of historical fate of the people of the Caucasus and Don (biographic essays). Pyatigorsk, 2003

V.P. krikun. Pioneers of scientific knowledge of historical fate of the people of the Caucasus and Don (biographic essays). Pyatigorsk, 2003

The historical and biographic genre rather intensively develops in historiographies in recent years. In this course it is possible to consider also Vasily Pavlovich Krikunov's work devoted vital and to a career of the famous scientists who made a huge contribution to development of scientific knowledge of the people of the Caucasus and Don.

Structurally work represents the interconnected essays about such famous scientists as Zurab Vianorovich Anchabadze, Boris Vasilyevich Skitsky, Vasily Ivanovich Abayev, Mikhail Soslanbekovich Totoyev, Anatoly Petrovich Novoseltsev, Alexander Pavlovich Pro-nstein, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zolotov, Józef Iosifovich Sery, Mikhail Vladimirovich Pokrovsky, Artashes Avanesovich Astvatsaturov, Georgy Aleksandrovich Kokiyev.

The author pays attention to various aspects of life and activity of the famous researchers. Practically all mentioned scientists, as Krikunov notes, sensitively reacted to developments of the Soviet historiography, were engaged in development of current problems of knowledge of history of the region at the certain level every era, were interested in the low-consecrated questions owing to narrowness of their is-tochnikovy base and a condition of methodology.

In work of Krikunov-va the idea of importance of a scientific contribution of scientists to development of historical science stands out, at the same time he notes their main scientific works, gives them rather developed characteristic, focusing attention of readers on nodal questions regional-

ache stories. The author mentions also a career of formation of the famous scientists, gives bright pictures of social and economic development of extensive edge - Don, Kuban, Stavropol Territory and Terek with their variety of economy, class and national relationship throughout the whole historical strip - a capitalism era.

The author managed to allocate and show merits of scientists. Development of a historical thought of the North Caucasus appears not only as history of victories and achievements, but also as the history of difficult search of ways to the solution of problems which got in "inheritance" or are put just forward by life.

Along with creative activity Krikunov represents scientists in the light of the simple human relations. He is a close friend of the scientists mentioned in the book therefore his work "shines" the kind attitude towards each of them. Contents abounds with interesting details from life of these people. Their main works are listed. On such, as And. The item Pro-nstein, Yu.A. Zhdanov, R.M. Magomedov, B.V. Skitsky, Yu.I. Sery, V.A. Zolotov, M.S. Totoyev, H.H. Ramaza-nov, A.V. Belokon, A.A. Abilov, fairly notes V.P. Krikunov, and the science of the higher school keeps, through them continuity of a thought and purity of the shape of the researcher remain.

In general work combines biographic descriptions of life of scientists and attempt to understand their place and a role in world history, to learn stages of development of the region, spiritual shape naro-

Dov. It is thought that the task set by V.P. Krikunov is successfully solved.

N.A. Pocheshkhov

Kenneth Woods
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