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I.A. Zhukov

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The biography of the honourable graduate of the Tomsk polytechnical institute, the Honored worker of science of Russia and Kyrgyzstan, the head of the department of the theory of mechanisms and machines and bases of designing of the Siberian state industrial university, the Doctor of Engineering, professor Leonid Trofimovich Dvornikov is submitted.

Theory of mechanisms and machines, drilling, longitudinal blow, dynamics and durability of cars.

16 February, 2009 to the head of the department of the theory of mechanisms and cars and bases of designing L.T. Dvornikov 75 years are executed. Creative activity of L.T. Dvornikov can be divided into three stages conditionally: Tomsk where there was already a school of sciences of professor O.D. Alimov; Frunze and Novokuznetsk where schools of sciences were created by L.T. Dvornikov in the main scientific directions developed by him.

He was born in 1934 in the Tomsk region in the village of Kargasok. In 1941. Dvornikov was admitted to elementary school to live in Tomsk where in 1938 moved his family. The last three school years passed in the village of Kuzedeevo of the Kemerovo region. At school Leonid Trofimovich showed interest in mathematics, participating in the Olympic Games of the Tomsk university.

In the certificate received in 1953 by L.T. Dvornikov there was only one assessment "well" (the others is "excellent"), however to a silver medal it was not presented, and in the summer of 1953 its documents as son of "the enemy of the people" were not accepted by either the Tomsk university, or the leading faculties of the Tomsk polytechnical institute. Having gained at entrance examinations on mountain faculty 29 points from 30, it was enlisted in group of mountain electricians by the 28th in the list. In 1958 Leonid Trofimovich with honors graduated from institute and was left the teacher at department of mining machines and the TPI miner transport.

Leonid Trofimovich Dvornikov - the honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, the Doctor of Engineering, professor, the founder of school of sciences "The theory of structure of mechanical systems and practice of its use at synthesis of difficult cars, including mountain".

Photo 1. Leonid Trofimovich Dvornikov

Photo 2. First-year student of mountain and mechanical faculty of TPI

During the Tomsk period the research of machines and mechanisms, in particular, of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drills and also improvement of the modes of rotary drilling was the main scientific direction of L.T. Dvornikov. Being engaged in scientific research of boring cars, collecting information, carrying out experimental works, he visited almost all mines of Kuzbass.

Photo 3. Graduate of TPI

From a third year - since 1956 he actively participated in scientific research of department under the leadership of the head of the department, associate professor Oleg Dmitrievich Alimov. To it, already to professor, in 1959 it came to a postgraduate study. More independently L.T. Dvornikov chose to himself a scientific subject - generalization of regularities and the modes of drilling of rocks by cars of rotary action. In 1964 on this subject it defended the master's thesis "A research of some questions of a rotary way of drilling of shots in rocks of average fortress". Protection took place in May on grand council of the Novosibirsk electrotechnical institute (NETI). As opponents according to the thesis professor P.M. Alabuzhev and PhD in Technological Sciences G.N. Pokrovsky acted.

Even earlier, in 1963. L.T. Dvornikov passed to work for department of applied mechanics of TPI and for the rest of life connected himself with the theory of mechanisms and machines. Conducting scientific research on cars of rotary drilling, it at the same time started deep studying the theory of mechanisms.

Photo 4. L.T. Dvornikov with future professor V.I. Kopytov

In 1964 professor O.D. Alimov was elected the corresponding member of the Kyrgyz academy of Sciences. According to its offer the administration of the Frunze Polytechnical Institute (FPI) in 1965 invited Leonid Trofimovich to management of department of the theory of mechanisms and machines and details of cars. L.T. Dvornikov since September 1, 1965 got to work in FPI

Since September 1, 1965 Leonid Trofimovich by the invitation moved to Frunze and headed department of the theory of mechanisms and machines and details of cars of Frunze Polytechnical Institute at which by the time of its arrival there was no teacher with an academic degree. For operating time in Kyrgyzstan L.T. Dvornikov prepared 24 candidates of science. On its initiative the training of specialists on dynamics and durability of cars began, and he in 1974 defends the doctoral dissertation, is elected the dean of mechanical engineering faculty and becomes the director of Research institute of problems of mechanical engineering.

Many pupils of the Frunze school of L.T. Dvornikov became directors of large enterprises, firms, rectors, deans and managers of departments, created schools of sciences, bring up the pupils.

Results of researches of Leonid Trofimovich on processes of destruction of rocks were the basis to state standard specification on boring cars, and the empirical mathematical apparatus created by it became the basis to development of the theory of processes of drilling, calculations and design of boring cars and the modes of drilling, including drilling on space objects.

On August 9, 1976 at 18 hours 4 minutes 12 seconds Moscow time by means of the four-stage carrier rocket "Proton-K" from the Baikonur spaceport the Automatic station Moon-24 was started. 9 developers including Leonid Trofimovich took part in the project. The chief project engineer was Oleg Dmitrievich Alimov. The spacecraft had the only purpose - to make moonfall, to take samples of lunar soil from depth to 2.5 m and to bring him to Earth. The returnable rocket of the Moon-24 station with samples of lunar soil started to Earth on August 19 at 8 hours 25 minutes. Duration of the return flight was 84 hours. On August 22 it approached Earth with the second cosmic speed. In estimated time in 8 hours prior to an entrance of the saved device to the atmosphere of Earth there was its separation from a returnable rocket. At the height of 15 km the parachute system was put into operation. The parcel with lunar soil fell in a taiga near Nizhnevartovsk.

In a year O.D. Alimov was called to the Kremlin. From the Moon O.D. Alimov, L.T. Dvornikov and seven more developers received for a parcel Gospremiya the USSR.

In 1989. L.T. Dvornikov moves to Kuzbass, to Novokuznetsk where he heads department of mechanization of auxiliary processes and robotics (MVPIR) of the Siberian metallurgical institute. In May, 1990 departments MVPIR and the applied mechanics (AM) were united in one - department of the theory of mechanisms and machines and bases of designing (TMM and OK) which manager appoints the Doctor of Engineering, professor Leonid Trofimovich Dvornikov.

In 1992 at department at the initiative of Leonid Trofimovich the specialty "Dynamics and Durability of Cars" of the Applied Mechanics direction was open, and the department becomes releasing. Training of students was carried out at the Southern Kuzbass Highest Engineering College (SKHEC) which just opened in media - the KMH groups (college, mechanics). Students had an opportunity of receiving two-level education: after 4 years of training - the bachelor of the equipment and technology, after 5.5 years - the engineer-fur-nickname-researcher. During training under the scientific guide of professor L.T. Dvornikov many students of the MHP groups (mechanics, durability) become winners of competitions of student's scientific works, participants of conferences, inventors. As a rule, subjects of works are formulated already at the first year and thought over to the diploma inclusive, with each student the individual occupation is provided. From 10 releases in "Dynamics and durability of cars" 6 students became Candidates of Technical Sciences, 5 students passed a training at department as assistants, graduates work at the industrial enterprises of the city, area and also live and work abroad.

Under the chairmanship of L.T. Dvornikov at TMM and OK department the constant scientific seminar on problems of mechanics of cars works. Following the results of seminars 18 collections of works are published so far. Conferences not only for graduate students, teachers and scientists of the university, but also for students of the MHP groups are held, each of which is directly involved with the report.


At TMM and OK department in 1990 founded school of sciences "The theory of structure of mechanical systems and practice of its use at synthesis of difficult cars, including mountain".

In 1991 L.T. Dvornikov's article "The bases to methods of establishment of types of groups of Assur and an exception of excess communications in them" in which the so-called universal structural system (USS) of the equations allowing to solve various problems of synthesis of structures of mechanical systems was for the first time shown is published in the collection on materials of the second academic and research conference of the Siberian metallurgical institute on section of mechanical engineering and mining machines. This USS becomes further in a basis of researches of many pupils of Leonid Trofimovich, thanks to it not one diploma is written, not one dissertation is defended.

In the direction of the theory of structure of cars and mechanisms under the leadership of L.T. Dvornikov associate professors of TMM and OK of I.S. Timofeev (Structure and kinematics of mechanisms of the fourth family), N.O. Adamovich (Structural synthesis, kinematics and a statics of flat neassurovy mechanisms), I.S. Baklushina (Development of a method of synthesis of structures of multilink flat groups of Assur) defend dissertations.

In L.T. Dvornikov's publications the new beginnings of synthesis of structures of mechanisms are opened. For the first time it and his pupils found the bases to finding of variety of kinematic couples of mechanical systems based on introduction of a concept of a geometrical element of a link. Justifications of the fact that geometrical elements of links are surfaces are executed. Proceeding from assessment of Gaussian curvature it found seven simple surfaces. This theory of kinematic couples developed by L.T. Dvornikov and finished by it together with E.Ya. Zhivago, is recognized both in Russia, and beyond its limits, in the countries of the FSU and beyond. Some of its provisions and concepts are introduced in standards. So, concepts of a geometrical element of a link and multisociability are used in modern terminology according to the theory of mechanisms and machines. E.Ya. Zhivago becomes a doctor of science according to the theory of mechanisms and machines.

In parallel, continuing work on a research of mining machines, L.T. Dvornikov develops essentially new designs of the boring tool called bezlezviyny. Under its management in 1998 the associate professor S.A. Kuklin defends the dissertation (Justification of rational forms of hard-alloy inserts (indenters) for drilling of shots by cars of shock action). In 2003 the former student of KMH-92 group (first set) E.F. Gubanov protects dissertation work in which the possibility of drilling of shots of not round section is proved.

With L.T. Dvornikov's arrival at the university the tradition of annual holding student's conferences was entered that became the positive phenomenon in promoting of prestige of scientific activity. And it allowed to reveal talented young people who, as a rule, were involved by Leonid Trofimovich in the solution of current scientific problems.

Leonid Trofimovich has encyclopedic knowledge not only in the field of the theory of mechanisms and cars, but also mechanics in general. It willingly shares the knowledge and experience with young employees, teachers, school and university students. The cooperation in profound training of pupils of schools and lyceums of Novokuznetsk on mechanics which began at the initiative of directorate of lyceum allowed to conduct the directed training of future students for study at the university and to classes science. Leonid Trofimovich pays much attention to education of the creative person in school students and students, considering that the science and educational process are interconnected. He puts the concrete and in detail sorted on details tasks. The school student, the student, the graduate student need to follow instructions of the head and everything comes to an end with successful defense of thesis or thesis.

56 bachelors of the equipment and technologies for the Applied Mechanics direction, 44 engineers in "Dynamics and durability of cars" are so far prepared. During training some students became winners of competitions of student's scientific works, some took out patents of the Russian Federation for the inventions, became recipients of scholarships. Leonid Trofimovich's mind is constantly occupied with the new ideas which it with pleasure shares with the pupils, being the main outcome of activity and his pride. Many of them became engineers, candidates, doctors, and successfully work in various cities of Russia and abroad.

In 2005 for the first time in the history of the Siberian state university the student of MHP-99 group I.A. Zhukov under the scientific guide of the head of the department professor L.T. Dvornikov submitted the diploma as the master's thesis and successfully protected it in doctor's dissertation council at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. Since school years Ivan Zhukov actively dealt with the serious scientific problem connected with longitudinal blow under the sensitive management of Leonid Trofimovich. After protection I.A. Zhukov was accepted by the assistant on native department. Now he is L.T. Dvornikov's deputy, the associate professor, reads series of lectures and continues to pursue science, broadening horizons of knowledge, thanks to the Teacher, works on the doctoral dissertation on a problem of creation and improvement of the shock systems applied to drilling of rocks without turn of the tool around its axis.

In 2007 on the same way in three months after the thesis defense the former student of MHP-01 group N.S. Bolshakov defended the dissertation on degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences. So its individual classes science with Leonid Trofimovich Dvornikov connected with a research curve shipno-polzunnykh mechanisms allowed to achieve good result.

Recently, in December, 2008 already the third student pupil L.T. Dvornikova - S.P. Starikov who presented the thesis in the form of the thesis becomes the young candidate of science. It found methods of a kinematic and power research of flat hinged six-unit groups of Assur. Now Stepan Starikov works at department as the assistant and writes the monograph on the scientific developments.

L.T. Dvornikov attracts in science not only young students, but also the teachers with an experience working not only in Russia in SibGIU, but in Kyrgyzstan. Under its management works on three doctoral dissertations in the field of the theory of mechanisms and cars (A.E. Sadiyeva, A.V. Stepanov, L.N. Gudimova) are conducted now.

For operating time in Novokuznetsk L.T. Dvornikov prepared 5 doctors of science and 18 candidates of science from whom are 7 the students who finished specialty "Dynamics and Durability of Cars". For the last 5 years it published 3 monographs and more than 130 scientific articles and educational and methodical works, 67 inventions are patented, 8 certificates on the computer programs and databases are received. L.T. Dvornikov's authority as scientist is very high not only in Russia, but also abroad. It is a member of the leading Councils for protection of master's and doctoral dissertations.

L.T. Dvornikov's work is highly appreciated by administration of the Kemerovo region, the Governments of the Russian Federation and Republic of Kyrgyzstan. In 2004 professor Leonid Dvornikov

became the gentleman of a Kyrgyzstan Award of Glory (Danaker) for a special contribution to science and education of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. The honorary reward to it was presented in Bishkek by the president of Kyrgyzstan Askar Akayev. It is also to constants of participants of the international exhibitions, showing the developments of applied industrial character at the high level. Following the results of competitions on the best exhibit L.T. Dvornikov in collaboration with the pupils is awarded Silver and the Bronze medals at exhibitions of various years "Coal of Russia and Mining", in 2006 is awarded the Silver medal at the international exhibition which was taking place to Shenyang (China) and also awarded numerous diplomas and the medal "For a Special Contribution to Development of Kuzbass the II Degrees" following the results of the regional competitions "Innovations and Inventions of Year" held by Administration of the Kemerovo region. At the International scientific conference "Problems of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" devoted to the 75 anniversary since the birth of the academician of NAN of Kazakhstan U.A. Dzholdasbekov passing on March 1-2 in Alma-Ata, L.T. Dvornikov was awarded the medal of the academician U.A. Dzholdasbekov. In 2005 in honor of Day of the mechanician the doctor of science L.T. Dvornikov is awarded the medal "For Service to Kuzbass".

17 May, 2006 in Tomsk at a meeting of the academic council of the Siberian Academy of Sciences of the higher school

the chairman of SAN VS I.N. Pustynsky handed to Leonid Trofimovich Dvornikov for an invaluable contribution to development of the higher education in Siberia the Medal of the Encyclopedia "The Best People of Russia". This medal is the highest public award for merits in the field of strengthening of the Russian statehood, development of federalism, strengthening of cultural, economic and military power of the Russian Federation.

All above speaks about L.T. Dvornikov as the outstanding scientist in the field of the theory of mechanisms. But there is a wish to tell about its human qualities. This is very versatily educated, sensitive, correct and kind person. Its deep knowledge in the history of science and just in the history, in philosophy, in art surprise even experts in this area. And the verses written by L.T. Dvornikov contain in themselves deep philosophical meaning and worldly wisdom. There is one quatrain which he as well as possible told about himself as about the teacher:

"Life is given one, but not two and not three,

From it, inspired in me that you want, take.

Only this way the nature put me,

What I will better give, than I will take though die".

Arrived 10.02.2009

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