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To the rector of TPU professor Yu.P. Pokholkov of-65 years

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On April 13 the rector of the Tomsk Polytechnic University Yury Petrovich Pokholkov was 65 years old. All its labor, creative activity is connected with higher education institution. The Tomsk polytechnical created Yury Petrovich as the erudite, talented organizer, the active personality. In turn, professor Yu.P. Pokholkov who is brought up on century traditions of higher education institution aimed the knowledge, energy and talent at its development. His career in TPU - a way honor it with length half a century: from the student to the rector.

In 1956 Yury Petrovich arrived on electromechanical faculty of TPI, having overcome a competition five people into place. After the termination ins-

the titut in 1961 began the pedagogical and scientific activity in TPI with the assistant to department of the electrical insulation and cable equipment. Having finished a postgraduate study and having ahead of schedule defended the dissertation, it passed a way from the assistant to the associate professor. From 1962 to 1963 Yu.P. Pokholkov was the deputy dean of EMF; from 1968 to 1970 fulfilled duties of the head of the department of EIKT. Associate professor R.M. Kesennikh, professors G.A. Si-paylov, E.K. Strelbitsky and E.V. Kononenko were his mentors and teachers.

In postgraduate years at Yury Petrovich one more talent was shown: he actively was engaged in journalism in the institute newspaper & #34; For кадры" there was a deputy editor and today, despite huge

News of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. 2004. T. 307. No. 2

employment, he is an editor of the magazine & #34; Tomsk политехник" chairman of Editorial council of the magazine & #34; News Tomsk polytechnical университета".

In 1978 the protection of the doctoral dissertation at the Moscow power institute took place. From 1978 to 1981 Yury Petrovich is the dean of faculty of automatic equipment and electromecanics, in the next years - the vice rector for scientific work. For years of work in TPI it created school of sciences in the field of reliability of electric isolation of low-voltage electrical machines, providing indicators of their reliability and durability at a design stage and production. It published over 140 scientific works, including two monographs, patents, 2 doctors and 18 candidates of science are prepared.

Since 1990 the new stage in Yu.P. Pokholkov's life begins. Having won the rector elections, Yu.P. Pokholkov heads higher education institution. It came to this very important and difficult post, having good life experience and having passed school of his predecessors, rectors A.A. Vorobyov, I.I. Kalyats-kogo and I.P. Chuchalin.

For the fourteen-year period of work as the rector it managed to make much. The most important - managed to be found in group of the talented managers capable to work in market conditions. At the rector Yu.P. Pokholkov the higher education institution in 1991 receives the status of the university, the first technical university beyond the Urals. In 1997 for a huge contribution to development of economy, science and the higher education in Siberia the university was included in the arch of especially valuable objects of cultural heritage of the people of Russia. Today the Tomsk Polytechnic University takes the worthy place among the best higher education institutions of the Russian Federation.

Behind these avaricious facts - huge work, talent of the identity of the person, scientist, organizer with spirit of innovation inherent in it and reformation.

In the most difficult for the higher school and science time to it was succeeded not only to keep higher education institution, but also to lift it to higher level. The accurate concept of development of higher education institution which main strategy was TPU exit in the international scientific and educational space was for this purpose developed. Introduction of a multilevel education system, a humanization and humanitarization of education, an active and qualitative learning of foreign languages, formation of new institutes, centers and structural units became the solution of this task. The mission of the university was formulated.

Implementation of these programs became possible only thanks to his authority, support and active involvement in process of reorganization of higher education institution of all staff of the university. The rector Yu.P. Pokholkov managed to find support and to turn facing higher education institution of his graduates, heads of the enterprises, to interest business, to develop sponsor's activity. So, at the university the Board of trustees which is headed by one of the most authoritative scientists of Russia - the academician G.A. Mesyats, the first vice president of RAS, the graduate of TPI of 1958 was created. The Association of graduates of TPU created at the initiative of the rector also promotes support of higher education institution from his pupils. It is especially important that the policy of the rector is aimed not only at the development of educational and scientific activity of higher education institution, but also at change of appearance of the university, mentality of higher education institution. The updated educational audiences, the computerized classes and laboratories conforming to the European standard of the hostel of TPU, creation of the International cultural center, putting into operation of the 19th case made the university attractive not only for Russian, but also for foreign students. Construction of the new educational and laboratory building of Institute of geology and oil and gas business of TPU is begun.

Yu.P. Pokholkov successfully directs not only the Tomsk Polytechnic University, but also heads Association of engineering education of Russia. Its work gained recognition in the scientific environment and in the Government.

Yury Petrovich is awarded ranks & #34; Honored worker of science and technology РФ" became the winner of the Award of the Russian President. He is elected the full member of the International academy of Sciences of the higher school, Academy of Engineering Sciences, academy of electrotechnical sciences and academies of natural sciences. In 2001 Yu.P. Pokholkov is elected honorary professor of the Dzilinsky university (Mr. Chan-Chun, China).

Yu.P. Pokholkov is awarded with awards: & #34; For merits before the Fatherland of IV степени" & #34; Sign Pocheta" Labour Red Banner, award of Russian Orthodox Church of the Saint Blessed prince Daniel of Moscow II of degree, medals. In 2000 Yu.P. Pokholkov is awarded with the Silver Badge of Honour of the International center UNESCO for engineering education - UICEE for a special contribution to engineering education, outstanding achievements to globalizations of engineering education and for merits before UICEE.

Antony Joseph Erick
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