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Prokhor Nikiforovich Kiselyov (to the 90 anniversary since birth)

meditsinsky Immunology T! £ & gt; 11

2002, T. 4, No. 3, p 405-406 AUIILSI

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"to it

Prokhor Nikiforovich KISELYOV

(to 90-leshyu since birth)

on August 10th, 2002 90 years to one of bright representatives of domestic school of microbiologists-immunologists-radio biologists, the honored worker of science of the Russian Federation professor Prokhor Nikiforovich Kiselyov were executed.

The most part of life and scientific work of Prokhor Nikiforovich is closely connected with the Central Research X-ray Radiological Institute (CRXRRI): there it finished a postgraduate study, there he returned after the Great Patriotic War, within five years prepared and defended the doctoral dissertation of willows 1951 became the head of laboratory of radiation microbiology and immunology which he headed during 31 year, up to retirement. In 1951-1956 Prokhor Nikiforovich along with the management of laboratory fulfilled duties of the deputy director of institute for scientific work. From 1951 to 1962 he was also professor and the head of the department of microbiology of the Leningrad chemical and pharmaceutical institute.

In the period of the Great Patriotic War P.N. Kiselyov headed department of especially dangerous infections, and then - protivochumny department of sanitary and epidemiologic service of the Leningrad Front. At the same time taught advanced training courses of medical structure of the Leningrad Front. Prokhor Nikiforovich was awarded the order Patriotic War, the medals "For Defense of Leningrad", "For a Victory over Germany" and others.

The research of a role of violations of permeability of fabrics begun in days of a postgraduate study at radiation injury of an organism was the main direction of scientific activity of P.N. Kiselyov. Already at the first stages of this research it was established that various external influences can change permeability of a wall of intestines, lead to an autoinfektion and a sensitization of an organism concerning food and bacterial antigens. Further these researches poured out in the scientific direction including the analysis of microbiological and immunological processes in the irradiated organism. Actually this work laid the foundation for domestic radiation immunology and microbiology. In respect of studying an autoinfektion at sharp radiation sickness the modeling of the infectious diseases which are not reproduced under natural conditions, in particular various nosological forms of pneumonia was of great importance. In P.N. Kiselyov's laboratory it was for the first time established that in the irradiated organism the reproduction not only of bacteria, but also viruses amplifies. The big role was played by works in which violation of mechanisms of natural immunity and processes of immunogenesis at radiation sickness was shown. Establishment of a role of an autoinfektion in development and an outcome of radiation sickness resulted P.N. Kiselyov in need of studying effect of microbic toxins on the normal and irradiated organism. Increase in sensitivity of an organism to toxins, in particular to endotoxins was for the first time established to them, and connection of this phenomenon with violations of processes of a detoxication is proved. P.N. Kiselyov for the first time developed the principles of a specific and nonspecific detoxication of an organism which are of great importance for infectious pathology and radiobiology. Experience of researches in this area is generalized by P.N. Kiselyov in the monograph & #34; Toxicology infectious процессов" (Medicine, 1971). The book was highly appreciated by experts in our country and abroad, was translated and published in Hungary.

The important place in work of laboratory was taken by researches of immunological reactivity at radiation defeats. In them it was established,

that beam influence leads to a long immunosuppression, to strengthening of synthesis autoantitet also activization of autoreaktivny immunocompetent cages. Hard work in this direction is reflected in numerous (more than 120) scientific publications of P.N. Kiselyov.

Being a large expert in the field of radiation microbiology and immunology, P.P. Kiselyov within 17 years was the expert of World Health Organization and presented our science on the international congresses (in Italy, Germany, France and England), conferences and symposiums (in Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria to Czechoslovakia and dr).

Under the leadership of P.N. Kiselyov more than 20 master's and doctoral dissertations were executed. He is a teacher of the famous Russian scientists among whom it is possible to call the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science K.P. Kashkin, professors of the Ave - A. Smorodintsev, A.N. Shutko, V.B. Klimovich, G.E. Arkadyeva, G.F. Zheleznikova and others.

Still communication of pupils with the favourite teacher remains, meetings of pupils of different generations in Prokhor Nikiforovich's house became traditional. To it they come with the problems and always get the wise advice based on the richest life experience and given a shape of a heart-to-heart talk. For pupils Prokhor Nikiforovich remains a striking example of disinterested service to science.

Group of pupils.

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