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Professor Innokenti Aleksandrovich molchanov-to the 120 anniversary since birth

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A.F. Korobeynikov

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Professor I.A. Molchanov — one of founders of department of geology and investigation of mineral deposits and the specialty of the same name. Under its management the department came to the forefront at faculty and at institute.

branch of fields useful ископаемых". For ensuring scientific and technical base of educational process, research work of staff of department and students, it created new educational offices and laboratories: boring and geophysical laboratories, office of a mountain driving, processing of tests and shlikh and techniques of investigation, joiner's and mechanical workshop. During this period the department becomes one of the largest in institute, has well equipped offices and laboratories and also highly qualified educational and scientific personnel.

Innokenti Aleksandrovich was born in Kyakhta in merchant family. After the termination of real school visited Germany, Austria, Italy, France. In 1903 began to study in the Freiberg mountain academy, but in 1904 returned to Tomsk and arrived on mountain office of the Tomsk Institute of Technology. For belonging to RSDRP party, storage and distribution of revolutionary literature in 1905 it was arrested, deducted from among students and it is banished at the place of residence of parents to Kyakhta. According to proposals of the prof. V.A. Obruchev it executed geological shooting of the Kenteysky ridge in 1906-1909 and made the first geological map of the regions of Mongolia adjoining the territory of Russia. In 1909 according to P.P. Semyonov-Tien Shan petition it was authorized to it to continue study in TTI which it successfully finished in 1916 and was entitled the mining engineer. In 1916 it is called up for military service, he graduates from military school and goes to Petrograd where in 1917 uchastvovut in the February revolution. The same year I.A. Molchanov arrived in Tomsk where it was mobilized in Kolchak's army, but in Transbaikalia he was already at war in the ranks of the Red Army. In 1920 — 1924 also Holyartins-koy coal mines in the Chita region, and in 1933 worked at Arbagarskaya

on November 17th, 2004 Innokenti Aleksandrovich Molchanov is 120 years old from the date of his birth. From 1931 to 1945 he managed the department of prospecting business renamed on its initiative into department of geology and investigation of mineral deposits of the Tomsk technological, then polytechnical institute, and nowadays - the polytechnical university. After departure to Moscow of the first manager department

(1930-1931) of professor B.L. Stepanov, to I.A. Molchanov it was necessary to be engaged in development of new curricula and programs of new disciplines, selection of the teachers providing the qualified carrying out these training courses for students of specialty & #34; Geology and time -

on materials of the researches published the monograph & #34; Carboniferous Areas of Siberia. M.-L., 1933". In 1924 I.A. Molchanov is appointed the assistant to the Chairman of the West Siberian office of geological committee, and in 1925-1930 he worked the assistant to department of geology of TGU part-time. In March, 1931 headed department of prospecting business of again formed Siberian prospecting institute. In 1940 to Innokenti Aleksandrovich the academic degree of the doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences was awarded.

In 1937 for big scientific and pedagogical activity and successful development of science in Siberia it was approved in an academic status of professor.

I.A. Molchanov began teaching with reading a course & #34; Encyclopedia exploration дела" then courses & #34; Technique of investigation of fields useful ископаемых" & #34; Geology and investigation of fields radioactive, rare and scattered элементов". It entered materials on prospecting drilling into these and other courses of lectures, on technology and mineral processing, by geophysical methods of investigation which skills it gained during an expedition with the prof. B.P. Veynberg in 1913. Subsequently were allocated samostoyatel-

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ny departments & #34; Technicians and technologies of investigation of m of the item and. & #34; and & #34; Geophysical methods of search and investigation of m of the item and. & #34;. Since 1937 the release of mining geological engineers of a wide profile on the basis of development of courses of prospecting business, geological mapping, geophysical methods of investigation, technology and mineral processing, a basis of mining and the systems of developments, safety measures began.

Being one of executives of Sib-geolkoma and trust & #34; Черметразведка" & #34; Цветметраз-ведка" plant & #34; Кузбассуголь" and having headed department it successfully carried out scientific research on problems of geology of ore and coal fields of Siberia. Were for the first time established to them

also traces of ancient freezing in Mongolia are studied, gold-fields of Yenisey Ridge, the Minusinsk district, gold mines Well-known in Khakassia, Darasunsky in Transbaikalia are studied. New methods of search and investigation of loose gold deposits are developed and drazhny fields are allocated. Conditions of a zolotonosnost of Biryusins-kogo and Kansk and Mansky East Sai-on of areas are studied, the new gold-field in the basin of the Uda River is open, fields of marble in East Sayan, micas in Tuva are revealed.

He was the permanent expert of ore and nonmetallic fields of Siberia, iron ore, gold, molybdenum-tungsten, mercury, coal, etc. All this contributed to the fast development of productive forces of Siberia. He is the author of 80 published scientific works.

For merits in studying mineral resources of Siberia and successful pedagogical activity I.A. Molchanov is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner, the breastplate & #34; Excellent student of a socialist competition of nonferrous metallurgy СССР". He by right is considered the founder of department & #34; Geology and investigation of fields useful ископаемых" put the main directions of its development.

I.A. Molchanov is the ancestor of a group of the famous geologists: three his sons (from seven children) became outstanding scientists and organizers of production. The eldest son Innokenti Innokentyevich (1910) is a Winner of the State award, the member of board Mingeo of RSFSR. Vladimir Innokentyevich (1924) is a participant of the Great Patriotic War, the doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, is awarded with three awards of the Red Star and an award of Patriotic war of the I degree. The younger son Valentin Innokentyevich (1937) is the famous expert in the field of geology and metalgeniuses of uranium of Siberia.

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