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The Tomsk mountain school is 110 years old

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V.G. Lukyanov

Tomsk Polytechnic University of E-mail:

The most important stages of formation and development are reflected in Tomsk from the oldest schools of sciences of the Tomsk Polytechnic University of mountain science and its basis - mountain faculty of TPU. It is paid to the scientists and teachers who made a contribution to development of mountain science much attention.

With closing of mountain faculty in TPU (1962) the existence of mountain school did not stop, its activity is transferred to other cities where graduates of faculty continue to develop mountain science, following the traditions which developed at the Tomsk mountain school therefore in 2C11 by g it was executed 11C years since birth of both faculty, and the school.

For long creative life of faculty many events and the facts, worthy preservation in historical memory, however, unfortunately, in the previous time, despite the celebrated anniversaries of lower level collected, its history did not receive integral documentary registration. In the real work an attempt to present big life of the Tomsk mountain school in a generalized view is made.

Historical way, mining, mining pool, minerals.

History, mining, mining basin, mineral resources.

In 2011 110 years to mountain faculty of Siberia were executed. From 20 graduates of 12 people were entitled mining engineers and 8 - mining engineers - geologists. At the very beginning of the 20th century as soon as at the Tomsk Institute of Technology, nowadays polytechnical university, the mountain office opened, the talented, outstanding geologist and the professional researcher of Siberia, subsequently the full member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR was appointed the first dean, Hera of Socialist Work, professor Vladimir Afanasyevich Obruchev is a scientist with a world name. He within eight years stretch worked the dean of faculty, under its direct management construction, rooms for special departments was conducted, offices and laboratories were originally equipped, works on the organization of educational and scientific activity for the purpose of training of mining engineers and geologists for search and investigation, exploration and development of mineral deposits of Siberia and the Far East were carried out; together with professors Lev Lvovichem Tove, Mikhail Petrovich Rybalkin, Mikhail Antonovich Usov and others the Tomsk Mountain school was created.

During an initial stage of activity of institute in it studied and subsequently the outstanding geologists and mining engineers who glorified "Alma-mater" and the whole country by world famous researches of structure of subsoil and minerals, opening of coal and ore fields, their rational and highly effective development created the scientific directions and schools. Winners of high awards entered this galaxy: academicians of Academy of Sciences of the USSR V.A. Obruchev, M.A. Usov (graduate of TTI), Yu.A. Kuznetsov, K.I. Satpayev (graduate of TPI), V.A. Kuznetsov; member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR F.I. Shakhov; professors N.N. Urvantsev (graduate of TTI), M.K. Korovin, K.V. Radugin, I.A. Molchanov, D.A. Strelnikov (graduate of TTI), G.E. Bakanov (graduate of TTI) and others. During the period till 1917 it was succeeded to attract large scientific forces of the faculty of versatile fields of knowledge from higher education institutions of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Kharkiv to the qualified training of geologists and mining engineers of various specialties. Among invited in institute was L.L. Tov - professor of disciplines "Mountain art", "Gold -

Leningrad Region", "Enrichment of ores" and "Miner economy". Its feather possesses important work on a statistiko-economic and technical research of gold mining of Siberia and the Far East.

P.V. Sobolevsky is professor of discipline "Geodesy and surveying art". Developed the basic training courses on a marksheyderiya and a row of years was the only scientist in the country giving on them lectures. Subsequently became the recognized founder of mountain geometry in world mountain science.

Bauman Vladimir Ivanovich (1867-1923) is professor of discipline "Geodesy and surveying art" the organizer and the country's first head of department of geodesy. S.Yu. Doborzhinsky.

>- professor of mining subject - deeply studied and professor introduced in educational process and in production of knowledge of the organization of fight against explosive gases, safe and effective operation of krutopadayushchy coal layers of Grooms S.K. - gave the courses "Factory Cars", "Miner Mechanics". Laid the foundation of mountain mechanics. V.Ya. Mostovich. - professor, by right is considered one of the first founders of the doctrine about non-ferrous metals. I.I. Ronchevsky.

>- professor of the course "Metallurgy". M.P. Rybal-kin is a professor, the large expert in metallurgy of non-ferrous metals, the constant consultant of the Russian gold-mining society. N.P. Chizhevsky is a professor, the prominent scientist in the field of metallurgy of iron and a koksokhimiya. The founder in the country of mining specialty.

After 1917 there was the noticeable phenomenon an increase in the staff of the faculty at the expense of own graduates, and since 1925 this part made over 50% and steadily increased every year: director of TTI professor K.N. Shmargunov, professors, doctor of science and managers of departments D.A. Strelnikov, F.V. Galakhov, G.E. Bakanov, A.S. Betekhtin, I.A. Balashev, N.A. Chinakal, A.I. Pribytkov,

B.B. Proskurin, O.D. Alimov, S.N. Leontyev and others. The staff of professors and teachers of faculty also extended at the expense of the scientists invited from other cities. From them the greatest memory was left by professors N.I. Trushkov, L.D. Shevyakov,

S.A. Fyodorov.

On the basis of the decision of All-Union committee on affairs of the higher school at SNK USSR since 1940 the training of mining engineers on specialties began to be carried out: "Development of fields", "Mine construction", "Surveying business" and "Mountain electromecanics". This decision was made in connection with broad development of coal mining in Kuzbass, Khakassia and in the Irkutsk basin, creation in Siberia of the powerful iron-mining and manganese industry, the huge growth of extraction of non-ferrous metals and gold in the Kemerovo region, in Altai and in Krasnoyarsk

edge. All this contributed to the further development of the Tomsk scientific mountain school. After the termination of the Great Patriotic War the need for training of technical officers of mountain specialties became even more considerable, in 1947 Minvuz to the USSR, together with Minugle-prom of the USSR, made the decision on the organization in TPI of faculty of the High engineering courses and Office of developing the skills of ITR, at the same time considerably having increased enrollment of students on all specialties.

Creation and further development of schools of sciences in TPI-TPU on prospecting and mountain productions in every possible way promoted increase in scientific level of heads by the coal and ore enterprises, technical progress in the country, introduction of researches and effective engineering training of experts. The most part of graduates of TPU went to Kuzbass and to regions of mining industry of Siberia and the Far East where they thanks to highly skilled preparation, the uncommon abilities and labor progress rose from ordinary engineering positions to the high leading posts at all levels of mountain and prospecting industries.

A number of the Tomsk miners polytechnicians, showing the highest labor valor and making engineering feats, were awarded an honorary title of the Hero of Socialist Work: V.I. Vorobyov, T.F. Gorbachev, V.G. Kozhevin, P.M. Kovacevic, P.I. Kokorin, M.N. Markelov, T.Z. Bovt, P.I. Sokolov, G.A. Bystrov, V.P. Romanov, A.S. Remensky, V.M. Erpylev, V.P. Ivashkevich, A.I. Fedorov, V.I. Bocharov, B.N. Zherebin, V.Ya. Oplanchuk.

Among hundreds of graduates of TPU - large heads of mining, and with their creative scientific activity, many became owners of academic degrees and ranks:

Mikhail Ivanovich Shchadov - ended VIK at TPI in 1953. On mine production passed all senior positions from the engineer to the chief of the Vost-sibugol plant, largest in the country. Worked as the deputy, the first deputy and since 1985 - the Minister of the coal industry of the USSR, having shown itself on these posts the outstanding figure of the state. In 1991-1992 M.I. Shchadov was the vice president of International Fuel and Energy Association. After liquidation of Minugleprom of the USSR M.I. Shchadov was elected the president of the International mountain congress. The scientist in the field of the theory and practice of development of coal fields in very difficult mining-and-geological conditions; Doctor of Engineering, professor, winner of the State award. Honorary professor of TPU, academician of AGN and AIN.

A.N. Golubentsev - the graduate of 1940 Passed a labor way from the chief mechanical engineer of Le-ninugol and Donetskugol trusts to the head of department of IGD of A.A. Skochinsky. Director of Institute

Photo 1. After opening of the conference devoted to the 100 anniversary of mountain faculty of TPU. From left to right: M.I. Shadov is the minister of the coal industry of the USSR (1977-1991), G.I. Gritsko is a RAS academician, V.E. Bragin is a Honored miner of Russia, V.G. Lukyanov is honorary professor of the Chinese geological university. 2001

mathematicians of AN of the Ukrainian SSR, doctor physical. - a mat. sciences, member. - the correspondent of AN of the Ukrainian SSR.

V.E. Bragin. - graduate of TPI of 1953. The Doctor of Engineering, the Honored miner of Russia, one of the leading heads of the enterprises and associations of Kuzbass worked as the CEO of Kuzbassugletekhnolo-giya.

A.I. Petrov. - graduate of TPI. Long time the Doctor of Engineering, professor and the department chair in higher education institution worked as the chief of VPO to Kuzbass-gol.

R.A. Biryukov. - graduate of 1936. Worked at senior positions in Kuzbass. One of creators of a system of development of powerful pologopadayushchy layers with laying of the developed space; constantly dealt with problems of development of mountain science; Doctor of Engineering, professor, winner of the State award.

Zaydenvarg V.E. - one of the leading heads in the system of Kuzbassugol plant, the initiator of a number of the progressive directions of research and production activity in the coal industry, the First Deputy CEO of the Rosugol company.

The history of development of the Tomsk mountain school demonstrates that it undoubtedly keeps high dynamics of scientific activity and through the pupils left and continues to leave

on a position of the state level in management of the country of the separate industries, in further development of science and production. It is confirmed also by new generation of the graduates who achieved considerable scientific success:

O.D. Alimov - ended TPI in 1949, having received qualification of the mining engineer - elektromekhani. Managed "Mining Machines and Miner Transport" department from 1953 to 1964; the dean of gornomekhanichesky faculty from 1953 to 1956. At the head of staff of department created bases of the theory and designing of new generation of cars for destruction of rocks. One of initiators and works managers on a research of soil of the Moon and Venus. Doctor of Engineering, professor, academician of AN of the Kyrgyz SSR, Honored worker of science, winner of the State award, gentleman of the signs "Miner's Slava" of three degrees, member of AGN and Russian Federation news Agency.

M.V. Kurlenya is a graduate of 1953. Since 1960 - the research associate of IGD FROM Academy of Sciences of the USSR, since 1967 - the director of this institute. The RAS academician, the full member New York AN, the member of the International bureau on mechanics of rocks; Doctor of Engineering, professor, gentleman of the signs "Miner's Slava" of three degrees, winner of the State award; awards of RAS and Bulgarian AN.

Photo 2. After opening of a commemorative plaque to the patriarch of mountain formation of Siberia professor Yes. to Strelnikov. From left to right: V.E. Bragin, N.F. Kosarev, V.G. Lukyanov, A.V. Rudachenko, M.I. Shadov, G.I. Sadovsky, V.P. Shorokhov, V.F. Gorbunov. 2008

G.I. Gritsko. - graduate of 1953. Worked in WITH Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Since day of foundation heads Institute of coal of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, the chairman of presidium of the Kemerovo scientific center Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science; the Doctor of Engineering, professor, the member correspondent of RAS, the winner of the State award, the gentleman of signs "the Shah -

tyorsky Slava" three degrees, member of Society of Mining Engineers of the USA.

V.G. Lukyanov is a graduate of 1953. Till 1970 worked at department of mine construction, in 1970 in TPU organized "Mining and Geodesy" department which directed 39 years. Was the dean zaoch-

Photo 3. Collective of a kafedrya of mining of an igeodeziya in 1985 the 1st row from left to right: assortment O.S. Slobodskaya, educational master E.V. Mosina, professor V.G. Lukyanov, educational master M.P. Okuneva, associate professor V.G. Krets. the 2nd row: associate professor A.V. Pankratov, associate professor A.D. Gromov, senior lecturer V.N. Potseluyev, associate professor A A. Schukin, YuA assortment. Nikitin, engineer S.V. Prokopyev

Photo 4. Meeting of the head of the department of mining and geodesy of TPI V.G. Lukyanov by the sglavny engineer of Yakut-skuglestroy plant S.I. Semenkov. S.I. Semenkov is a mining engineer, ended TPI in 1953. In Kuzbass worked with the chapter the engineer of Kuzbasshakhtoprokhodka trust and the managing Kuznetskshakhtostroy trust. 1977

Photo 5. Professor M.I. Shchadov, the President of the International mountain congress after election as his honorary professor of TPU, with professor V.G. Lukyanov and V.P. Romanov - the Hero of Socialist work. 1997

leg of faculty (1963-1974). The main direction of scientific activity - the head of the Siberian school of sciences in the field of the equipment and technology of carrying out exploration developments; the Doctor of Engineering, professor, the author of 6 textbooks for higher education institutions, is awarded the order by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences "For advantage to the Fatherland", the Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, the gentleman of the signs "Miner's Glory" of three degrees and the sign of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences "For Merits in Science and Economy", the finalist of two competitions "Person of Year" in the Oil Industry Worker of Year nomination, the academician of Academy of mountain sciences, the corresponding member of the International academy of Sciences of the higher school. Honorary professor of TPU and Chinese geological university. Chairman of the Tomsk scientific center Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Twice the winner of the Tomsk region in the sphere of science and education.

G.I. Sadovsky. - graduate of 1953. Till 1965 worked at the underground Polar mine where there passed the way from the deputy supervising foreman to the chief engineer of the mine; chief engineer of the Mining and metallurgical skilled and research Center of the Norilsk plant of name A. Item Zavenyagi-na; together with scientists of higher education institutions and workers of mines it conducted researches and the choice of effective and safe systems of development of fields in difficult conditions of the Polar region and the methane environment with industrial introduction. In the next years 10 years there was the rector, a department chair of the Norilsk industrial institute; 10 years worked in Department of nonferrous metallurgy and the USSR managed "Methodologies of Planning of Economic and Social Development of the USSR" department of the State Planning Committee. Since 1987 till present - professor of department of economy in MGRI, RGTRU; Dr.Econ.Sci., professor; academician of AGN and ANMO. Has ranks: "Honourable miner", "Honorary worker of the higher education of the Russian Federation".

V.F. Kutsepalenko. - graduate of 1946. Worked at departments of mountain mechanics, labor protection and mining; dean of the High engineering courses and correspondence faculty; department chair of labor protection and mining. The specialist in miner lifting installations and lifting ropes, Candidate of Technical Sciences, the associate professor, the gentleman of the signs "Miner's Slava" of three degrees, is awarded the silver medal "For Merits before the Tomsk Polytechnic University".

S.P. Muzykantov is a graduate of 1938. Long time worked the naugolny enterprises of Kuzbass, having passed a way from the ordinary engineer to the chief of the mine; chief engineer of shaft construction trust, director of KuzNI-Ishahtostroy institute; associate professor, gentleman of the signs "Miner's Slava" of three degrees. Was the vice president of the Moscow association of the Tomsk polytechnicians.

G.I. Razgildeev. - graduate of 1952. Till 1962 worked at senior positions in mines of Kuzbass, VNIIgidrougol and Kuzbasselektromotor, the Doctor of Engineering, professor, the department chair was the director.

Yu.A. Ryzhkov. - graduate of 1952. Main directions of scientific activity: improvement of development of coal fields of Kuzbass, a research of mechanics of stowage massifs and technologies of their formation in mines, the Doctor of Engineering, professor, the vice rector of KGTU, the Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, the member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; winner of an award of Kuzbass.

V.A. Kolmakov. - graduate of 1953. From 1953 to 1968 worked at senior positions of mines of Kuzbass. The large expert in the field of miner ventilation. Organizer and head of school of sciences "Integrated management of mine aero gas dynamics". The main direction of researches - an aerology and safety of work in mines, the Doctor of Engineering, professor, the Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, the academician of MAN, AGN; Honorary professor of Shandunsky mining institute, winner of an award of Kuzbass.

A.A. Baychenko. - the graduate of 1951 After passing in 1952 of a training, began teaching work at department of enrichment of TPI. The main direction of scientific activity - optimization and management of processes of coal and ore suspensions, creation and implementation of intensive technologies and enrichment of fine coal slimes. The organizer and the head of school of sciences on ecology of mining, the Doctor of Engineering, professor, the Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation.

N.F. Kosarev. - the graduate of TPI of 1954 Worked as the chief engineer of the Tomusashakhtostroy trust created for construction of the Raspadskaya mine, largest in the USSR, the chief engineer and the managing director of Kuzbassshakhtoprokhodka trust, professor of the Kuzbass technical university, the honourable citizen of the Kemerovo region, the winner of an award of Kuzbass.

S.I. Semenkov. - graduate of TPI of 1953. Managing director of Kuznetskshakhtostroy trust, Chief engineer of Yakutskuglestroy trust, honourable builder of the Southern Yakut coal complex, adviser of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, winner of an award of Kuzbass and many awards and medals, Full Gentleman of the signs "Miner's Glory" I, II, III degrees.

V.F. Gorbunov. - the graduate of TPI of 1954 C 1954 for 1975 worked in TPI. Since 1964-1975 he managed department of mining machines. In 1968-1971 was the dean of MSF. In 1975 it is invited to work in Kemerovo. Zavedushchy department of IGD FROM Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the head of department of KuzNIIshahtos-Troy. From the scientific point of view, works on design of driving complexes and units of new technological level, the Doctor of Engineering, professor, the Honored worker of science of RSFSR are considered as the most important. He is awarded with the signs "Miner's Glory" of all three degrees, "the Inventor of the USSR"

M.I. Naydov. - graduate of TPI of 1958. In 1970 the chief of the Northern mine, then mine of V.I. Lenin, in 1976 the chief of plant

Kuzbassshakhtostroy. In 1986. The CEO ON Prokopyevskugol. In 1990 M.I. Naydov is elected the chairman of the Kemerovo regional executive committee. Now he heads the Kemerovo regional public fund Miner's Memory - the Honourable citizen of the Kemerovo region, the cities of Kiselyovsk and Mezhdurechensk, the Honorary academician of Academy of mountain sciences, is marked out by many state regional and professional awards including "A gold star of Kuzbass".

After transfer of mountain faculty in Kemerovo the staff of faculty parted on the chosen trajectories: 17 people - in Kemerovo, Novosibirsk and Novokuznetsk on 6 people. In Tomsk there were 33 teachers: 24 - at departments of mountain electromecanics, 9 - from among working on the closed departments which did not wish to leave Tomsk.

Residents of Tomsk in other cities, having overcome difficulties of adaptation, were defined for the benefit of the work, followed a way of vigorous actions in scientific research. Thanks to it M.V. Kurlenya, G.I. Gritsko, Yu.A. Ryzhkov, V.A. Kolmakov, A.A. Baychenko, I.K. Khrustalyov, N.G. Kapustin, O.B. Kortelev defended doctoral dissertations. M.V. Kurlenya and G.N. Gritsko were lifted to higher level of scientific recognition: the first became the RAS academician, the director of IGD Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, the second - the member correspondent. RAS, director of Institute of coal of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science and chairman of the Kemerovo NC Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science. Many years Yu.A. Ryzhkov supervised the scientific work of KuzGTU, managed departments at this university V.A. Kolmakov, G.I. Raz-gildeev, A.A. Baychenko manages until now.

Two centers of mountain science - in Novosibirsk and Kemerovo - in large part the activity rely on work of the scientists who left TPU walls. Their heads, residents of Tomsk M.V. Kurlenya and G.I. Gritsko, stand on positions of successors of the Tomsk mountain school, in the entry into science and in development it is kept by the principles and methods inherited from the Tomsk teachers. Their main efforts are directed to the solution of the following problems:

In Novosibirsk - a research of features of properties of rocks and regularities of change of their intense deformed state at construction of mountain constructions and mining; development of the theory of management of mountain pressure, development of analytical and experimental methods of its diagnostics and control.

In Kemerovo - analytical justifications of ways of coal mining; the solution of technological tasks when developing minerals; environmental problems of the mountain enterprises; assessment of a role and the place of the coal industry in fuel and energy complex of Siberia.

At the Kemerovo technical university the graduates of mountain faculty solve the following problems:

A.A. Kolmakov - providing comfortable and safe working conditions on coal mines; prevention of occupational injuries and the dangers connected with sudden emissions of coal and gas, with emergence of the fires and dangers of extreme character.

A.A. Baychenko - optimization and management of processes of processing of coal and ore suspensions; creation and introduction at concentrating factories of intensive technologies and enrichment of fine coal slimes; ecology of mining.

G.I. Razgildeev - the high-safe and economic systems of power supply of the mountain enterprises; improvement of mine electric equipment, automation equipment and control of mine power supply networks.

Yu.A. Ryzhkov - a research of problems of management of a roof in clearing faces on krutopadayushchy layers; influence of ways of management of a roof on improvement of systems of development of coal.

Despite closing of mountain faculty, in TPI there were processes as a result of which mining, though in smaller scales found force again. In 1962 in structure of prospecting faculty the new department under the name "Safety Measures, Fire-prevention Equipment and Technology of Mining" is formed. In 1965 it stopped the existence. A mountain part of its academic load was united organizationally in the general block with the course "Geodesy" studied by students of GRF. For the leadership in educational and scientific work on the directions of the called disciplines in 1970 the "Mining and Geodesy" department which is managed by the engineer-shakhtostroitel, the Doctor of Engineering, professor V.G. Lukyanov is created. For last 39 years it found the field of activity in science, training of engineers and on production. The staff of department works on creation of scientific bases of design and carrying out underground horizontal gornorazvedochny developments. The achieved results take root in geological services of the northeast regions of Russia, are protected 1 doctor's and 20 master's theses. Scientific activity professors V.G. Lukyanov, L.A. Saruyev, associate professors V.G. Krets, A.D. Gromov with participation of the oldest Tomsk miner associate professor V.F. Kutsepalenko direct.

The department develops scientific and educational communications with foreign countries, especially with China where the handbook "Carrying Out Gornorazvedochny Developments by a High-speed Method" published by department in 1989 Here is used traditions of the Tomsk mountain school remain and develop, are guided by scientific experience and installations of professors D.A. Strelnikov, N.A. Chinakal, I.A. Balashev, T.E. Buck - is new, S.N. Leontyeva, A.P. Kazacheka. In cathedral offices the extensive information devoted to coryphaeuses of mountain science, ra-concentrates

botavshy in TPU. Today department - one of the branches which grew on a tree of the Tomsk mountain school.

In 1988 at department the new specialty "Development of Oil and Gas Fields" is open. In 2003 the specialty "Design and Construction of Oil and Gas Pipelines and Oil Storages" is open. For development of a set of the catalogs "Oil-field Equipment" the staff of department S.G. Lukyanov, V.G. Krets, to L.A. Sar-ev, V.A. Shmurygin in 1999 became winners of an award of the Tomsk region in the sphere of science and education. The staff of department published 6 textbooks for higher education institutions.

In 1963 TPU was left by research group of professor O.D. Alimov, on a career it was IGD FROM Academy of Sciences of the USSR and AN of the Kyrgyz SSR. The second stage of a way took 27 years (1965-1992) and it was the most fruitful in scientific life of group. During this period the researches taking the breath away impudence and by force of mind are conducted. Theoretical bases and the principles of designing of cars of new generation for processing or destruction of various materials are as a result received. Top-level scientific technologies there was a finding solutions to the space task demanding delivery to the earth of samples of material from which bodies of other planets are put. The self-propelled boring automatic machine (robot) with the planet soil test extraction mechanism without violation of structure of test was succeeded to create. Issued in the form of the special module, the automatic machine worked at space stations "Moon-23", "Moon-24", "Vega-13", "Vega-14" and equaled hopes of the chief works manager

0. D. Alimov and his colleagues. Important for history to note that the way to a feat began in Tomsk, in laboratories of department of mining machines and miner transport of mountain faculty of TPU.

The department of mountain electromecanics left in TPU worked under the leadership of professor

V.F. Gorbunova. Soon changed a specialty profile - it began to be called "Mining machines and complexes". In 1975 the department chair passed to work into Kemerovo, and after a while


1. V.F. Kutsepalenko, V.G. Lukyanov, Musicians S.P. Tomskaya

mountain school. - Tomsk: TPU publishing house, 2001. - 99 pages

2. A.I. Kopytov, Masayev Yu.A. Pershin of V.V. Istoriya of development

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the specialty was closed, having completely stopped training of engineers for mining industry.

In Kemerovo V.F. Gorbunov worked in the issledr-vatelsko-design organizations by the research supervisor and performer of theoretical and experimental works on creation of cars for complex mechanization of technological operations of a driving cycle.

About 40 years of TPU does not let out miners, but still in Kuzbass and other regions extracting minerals in their higher education institutions and scientific research institute miners of the Tomsk school work, increasing glory of the Tomsk Polytechnic University.

Last example: in 2010 in honor of the 60 anniversary since day of foundation of higher education institution the name of his first head - the outstanding scientist, the graduate of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, professor, the Hero of Socialist Work Timofey Fyodorovich Gorbachev is appropriated to the Kuzbass state technical university.

The Kuzbass state technical university was formed by the decision of Council of ministers on August 30, 1950 as the Kemerovo Mining Institute (KMI). Professor Timofey Fyodorovich Gorbachev - the graduate of mountain faculty of the Siberian Institute of Technology headed new higher education institution (now - TPU). It made a big contribution to development of technology and technologies of coal mining, formation of the scientific directions, preparation of scientific engineering shots.

KUZGTU it is possible by the right to consider a child of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. Pets of one of the strongest schools of sciences created in TPU - mining-and-geological - made a huge, invaluable contribution to development of education, sciences and the industries of Kuzbass. An active participant and the consultant of many large engineering works in Kuzbass was professor STI-TPI (TPU) Dmitry Aleksandrovich Strelnikov. Polytechnicians were rectors of the Kuzbass polytechnical institute (1954-1967): professor Pyotr Ivanovich Kokorin and Vladimir Grigoryevich Kozhevin.

3. M.I. Shchadov, G.I. Sadovsky. The Tomsk mountain school is 108 years old//

For shots. - 2009. - No. 8 (3298). - Page 14-15.

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