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Tomsk period of activity of the domestic therapist Vadim Gabrielevich of a vogralik: to the 100 anniversary since birth

sibirsky medical magazine, 2011, Volume 26, No. 1, Release 1

UDC 61:378.4[(571.16)


S.A. Not Krylov

Public Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training Tomsky state university E-mail: san


S.A. Nekrylov

Tomsk State University

The Tomsk period of activity of the famous Russian therapist Vadim Gabrielevich Vogralik since the birth of which 100 years were executed is presented. V.G. Vogralik's contribution to development of the Tomsk and Siberian medical science is reflected. The short review of its scientific, educational, medical and public work is given. Keywords: history of the Siberian school of therapists, history of SibGMU, professor V.G. Vogralik.

The article presents data about Tomsk practice of V.G. Vogralik, Russian known therapist. It is 100th anniversary since his birth. V.G.Vogralika’s contribution to development of Tomsk and Siberian medical science is reflected. Short review of his scientific, educational, medical and social work is given.

In April, 2011 100 years since the birth of the famous Russian therapist, one of coryphaeuses of acupuncture Vadim Gabrielevich Vogralik are executed. He is known for the works as in Russia, and abroad. The most part of scientific activity of V.G. Vogralik falls on time of its work in Gorky to copper - V. Mr. VograLIk tsinsky institute

(nowadays Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy). However its formation as scientist and teacher falls on the Tomsk period where he had serious scientific training at such famous scientists as professors (subsequently academicians of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences) A.D. Timofeevsky, D.D. Yablokov, S.P. Karpov, N.V. Vershinin, professor G.F. Vogralik, P.A. Lomovitsky, B.I. Bayandurov, D.I. Goldberg, etc. This knowledge and experience allowed V.G. Vogralik to become one of outstanding representatives of the Soviet, and then and Russian medical science subsequently.

Vadim Gabrielevich on March 28 on April/10 / 1911 in Tomsk in family of the second lieutenant of the Krasnoyarsk reserve regiment billeted in Tomsk was born. His father, Gabriel Frantsevich (1887-1937) graduated from medical faculty of the Tomsk university (1919) subsequently, in the 30th became professor of department of infectious diseases of TMI and the director of the West Siberian regional institute of epidemiology and microbiology. Mother

V.G. Vogralika, Aleksandra Petrovna (maidens. Ilaryeva, 1891-?), ended the Tomsk Mariinsky female gymnasium (1912) and worked as the teacher of arithmetics in the Tomsk 3rd female gymnasium. Subsequently was a methodologist, the teacher of mathematics in the Tomsk normal school.

Vadim Gabrielevich in 1928 arrived on medical faculty of TGU. In student's years during vacation worked as the doctor in Kuzbass (the settlement. Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Kemerovo, Stalinsk). In 1930 it was attached by "promoted worker" to department of normal physiology (the head of the department - the prof. B.I. Bayandurov).

After the termination TMI (1932) several months worked as the intern of infectious office of the Anzhero-Sudzhensk city hospital, then the doctor of the Anzhero-Sudzhensk shakhtovy out-patient clinic. Since August, 1932 - the graduate student of department of pathological physiology (the manager - the prof.

A.D. Timofeevsky). Since 1935 - the assistant to the same department; since 1937 - the assistant, and since 1939 - the associate professor of faculty therapeutic clinic of medical faculty of TMI. Since 1940 - the head of the department fakul-

S.A. Not Krylov


tetsky and hospital therapy of sanitary and hygienic faculty of TMI. In an academic status of professor of department of internal diseases VAK VKVS at SNK USSR in 1941 is approved

During the Tomsk period of activity V.G. Vogralik dealt generally with problems of hematology, diagnostics and treatment of stomach ulcer. A number of its works is devoted to balneology, phthisiology and infectious diseases. In 1936 G. Vogralik together with professor

S.V. Myasoyedov took active part in restoration after a 10-year break of students' scientific society of TMI.

At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War V.G. Vogralik was mobilized in ranks of RKKA. Served as the chief as special physiotherapeutic evakogospitalya to No. 2482 in Tomsk, then was his research supervisor. Along with October, 1941 - professor, since March, 1942 - the head of the department of hospital therapy of medical faculty of TMI. During this period there were V.G. Vogralik's works devoted to synthesis of experience of treatment of wounded and patients in hospitals of Tomsk. He was the organizer and the chief of the physiotherapeutic center at management of local evacuation center No. 47 of the Siberian Military District which united and supervised all medical and scientific work of physiotherapists of Tomsk and adjacent areas. With direct participation of V.G. Vogralik the Tomsk office of All-Union society of physiotherapists which chairman he was was restored.

Since 1945 G. Vogralik is the head of the department of hospital therapy of the Stavropol medical institute, since 1947 - the head of the department of hospital therapy, since 1989 - professor of the same department of Gorky medical institute (nowadays NGMA). A specific place in V.G. Vogralik's life was held by work in China (1954-1956) where he was consultant-therapist in government hospital. He got acquainted with experience of east medicine and, having returned home, generalized and analyzed the impressions in a number of the monographs republished on several foreign yazy-

ka. He actively developed a problem of the Chinese gymnastics Chi kung.

V.G. Vogralik is considered to be the founder of the Nizhny Novgorod scientific therapeutic school. Under its management 11 doctor's and 54 master's theses were protected. V.G Vogralik gave the love for medicine to the son Mikhail who also devoted life to medicine.

For merits in scientific and pedagogical activity Vadim Gabrielevich was awarded ranks "Honored Worker of Science of RSFSR" (1976), "Badge of Honour", "Friendship of the People", "the Soviet-Chinese Friendship", numerous medals is awarded with awards of "the October Revolution", "the Labour Red Banner". In addition

V.G. Vogralik is honored professor of NGMA. His name was appropriated to department of hospital therapy of NGMA. Vadim Gabrielevich Vogralik died on August 2, 1997 and it is buried at the cemetery "Maryina Roshcha" in Nizhny Novgorod.

Scientific works of VG. Vogralik during the Tomsk period of activity:

1. Pneumonia problem. Tomsk, 1941.
2. Basic provisions of conservative therapy of a military trauma. Tomsk, 1942.
3. Functional pathology of a fighting trauma. Tomsk, 1943.


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