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Academician of MANEB, citizen and mayor


V.I. Tymoshenko

All previous international conferences "Ecology — the Sea and the Person" took place under the auspices of the first a measure of Taganrog of Sergej Ivanovich of Shiloh. It it is interested got acquainted with the program and reports of conferences. Met at the university at department electrohydroacoustic and the TRTU medical equipment organizers and participants. His care plenary sessions with the presentations of new scientific books on scope of a conference took place in the Alferaki Palace, with a performance of wonderful municipal collectives - chorus "Face" and Miracle ensemble. All participants and guests with gratitude remember sometimes hot and useful creative discussions and also exhibitions and visits of memorable places of Taganrog.

Soon after the previous conference "Ecology of 2002 — the Sea and the Person" the rascally shots of the murderer, in the evening on October 30, 2002 claimed the life of the Person close to us, the Citizen, the Mayor. Sergej Shiloh's murder costs in a mournful number of the loud Russian political crimes committed concerning Galina Staro. - professors and the staff of department - his death responds special pain. Sergey Ivanovich Ved was for many of us a brilliant student, the friend, the sympathetic patron and the adviser. The mournful memorial equipped with the city at the cemetery brought together thousands of citizens in anniversary of his death. One of streets is called by his name, posthumously he is elected the honourable citizen of Taganrog, let out spetsial-

"Encyclopedias of Taganrog" and "Encyclopedias of TRTU", etc.

I happened to see Sergej Ivanovich of Shiloh in work (and sometimes to participate in some of his city affairs) in difficult, triune sphere of formation, science and culture about what I want to talk to the reader.

The duty of all Taganrog city's mayors how this post was called from the moment of foundation of the city, included the organization and fostering of intellectual activity of citizens - trade, defense, education, etc. For certain, at each last city's mayor (I like this word stately zvuch-).

Sergey Ivanovich of Shiloh was the first in public chosen (in 1996) gra-() - - rodsky self-government of Taganrog. He was the head of administration of the city since 1992

City affairs and master's cares are uncountable. All of them are important and necessary. But it seems to me that to affairs of education, sciences and cultures it belonged with special preference. These affairs corresponded to its character, his mentality, his personality. I have for memories a set bright to that confirmations. Let's remember in what hard time of withdrawal pains of the country he took up a post. In the city there was not enough everything - prodo-. - nikl wonderful municipal collectives: chamber orchestra of A.N. Gurevich, chorus "Face" of V.A. Rusanov (now head A. Loginov), Miracle ensemble of S.E. Piko. Their creative achievements within a decade admire all... Not only remained, but also the museums and libraries got prettier. Of course, the intellectuals of the city had to adapt to new, difficult life. But look how many appeared new books, art exhibitions, the musical creations created in the city. I saw and I know that Sergey Ivanovich to these affairs had neposredst-. affairs close to me. To take at least university art gadereyu "Piter" which is located in laboratories of our department and to which I have direct. -

shy cloths, sculptural bust of Fedor Fedorovich Ushakov, etc. He repeatedly and with the assistants attended exhibitions and expositions of our art gallery, encouraged the concerts held in it (and them already more than 200). He carried out to an art gaderee of a meeting and meeting of an economic asset of the city. About it it is written and illustrations in the first volume "Encyclopedias of TRTU" are placed (editions

2002 and 2004, Rostizdat) and in our book "Destiny created" (Rostizdat, 2002.). - -

continence of my story. More than once made sure that it was interesting to Sergej Ivanovich to choose something from my explanations and to examine archeological finds from our city and Priazovye. He as the expert, asked on objects Greek An, other. In the office it showed me in an album of the photo of the ancient finds made on the place of alleged construction of new port near Taganrog.

At a release of the next book (and their already more than two dozen) I tried to hand it to the mayor personally. I think, as other authors sin with the same aspirations. The book is after all big event (at least, for the author). Usually, through the secretary - Olga Ivanovna, I asked several minutes for a visit. Recently on an entrance to a familiar office saw that the mayor was very tired. Probably, except cares he was tormented by arterial blood pressure and leg pain. But immediately in the eyes it. It were its sincere feelings, otherwise I would hardly come once again to disturb him. I can precisely tell that he got acquainted with books.

Especially I remember his numerous statements in the press and after a telelook-"". - telno read and, probably, returned to texts when remembered the visits of the holy sites of ancient Palestine, Asia Minor, Greece, Italy, etc. I saw that he endured Bible events as the true orthodox Russian. He also spoke about it with colleagues and in regular radio - and television conversations with go.

Just (in May, 2004) almost at the same time in Moscow and in New York respectively at the sessions of Russian (Russian joint stock company) and American (L.B.L.) acoustic societies there took place the presentations of our new five-volume series of scientific monographs. All books of this series have a direct bearing most on subject of ours "-".---... 2002.

To Sergej Ivanovich is "History of hydroacoustics" (authors of AT. Grabar, KS. Zakharov, V.I. Tymoshenko, E.N. Shoshkov) and "Acoustic oceanologic issledova-" (.....). - the blowing three books by S.I. Shiloh it was informed and waited for them. They appeared at the end

2003 -the beginning of 2004 are "Interaction and diffusion of particles in the sound field" (V.I. Tymoshenko's authors, N.N. Chernov), "Hydroacoustic parametrical sis-

>" (.....) "-

>" (...). we are going to bring this series to a vosmitomnik.

For years of work of Sergej Ivanovich on a post of the mayor new orthodox parishes, traditional for the city, appeared. Being available were equipped. And though opponents of Orthodoxy cling to a phrase of disestablishment, it is that a pony - (),

(a cognate word - culture) from the history of Russia (and, therefore, and Taganrog) it is impossible. Many its necessary affairs are connected with arrivals of the city. But I would like to bow especially to it for the solution of a question of creation of the spiritual and educational center with the temple of the Holy Zhivonachalny Trinity in the huge residential district "Russian

council for creation of this temple I had to see how questions on registration of arrival and assignment ze-were solved Sergej Ivanovich and his assistants.

2004. -

As one of advisers to the mayor, I saw that the state and education level in the city were spheres of its constant attention. He was one of the main initiators of creation of a higher educational institution, new to the city, for preparation

>. - the statute of management and economy is one of the best in the region. Its vypuskn-"", (lost the monopoly). The institute celebrated the 10 anniversary. His professors and associate professors published dozens of books on economy and the right in solid publishing houses of Moscow, Rostov, etc. orzhus that among managers of departments of the jurist my son works as I.V. Tymoshenko. He published more than 20 books on different aspects.

Especially it is necessary to tell about created by Sergej Ivanovich (in 1996) in TRTU to department of municipal management and the right. On the experience I know how difficult a shouting - ("")

of state standard on the higher education. Here are required constant attention to questions of a technique and to selection of teaching personnel, to education of future experts, to setting of scientific work and to ten others about.

new specialties. But its huge efforts on the organization of due level of teaching were necessary. And here it set employees a personal example. It brilliantly protected in the beginning candidate, and soon (in 2001) and doctor's theses. Published the interesting monograph on municipal management of Taganrog. People often skeptically take a detached view of protection of theses. But I passed this thorny road. Under my scientific management more than 40 candidate and 7 doctoral dissertations are already defended. On our department of figure more solid - about 90 candidate and 10 doctor's. Therefore I know what creative efforts are demanded by preparation of similar works. I listened to Sergej Ivanovich's performances at us on the academic council, at different city meetings, on radio. I do not doubt that thousands of residents of Taganrog can tell that the mayor brilliantly owned knowledge of social and economic aspects of life of the city. He not just owned knowledge, but also., basis of receiving by him high scientific doctor's degree and professor's rank.,

acted as possession of the speech on any questions of municipal economy, education, science and culture. Also gave the developed analysis. It is also that level to which there has to correspond the mayor having an academic degree and a scientific rank.

for giving of the status of the science city to Taganrog. I do not know what to him was told by rectors on., in a question of the science city it was obviously enough a lishka. Arguments contra it is possible to give weight. I will note only that in Taganrog only one corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and one winner of of an osudarstvenny award of the USSR in science (for

>- )., in the USA and in other countries (two scientific books of our department are published in

)>. "". -

ny of them - it would be desirable...

I happened to see Sergej Ivanovich in communication from it odnokashni-more than once

>- . the planned actions of type of collecting on the occasion of anniversaries of release or conferences. Three from his messmates (my former students and graduate students) already about 30 - , . . ,

S.A. Borisov and lead engineer V.R. Goncharenko. By the way, Sergej Pavlovich Tarasov

2004 . . " "- -

krenny and confidential type of community. According to relationship in it it is possible to judge qualities of the personality almost unambiguously. And so Sergey Ivanovich of Shiloh enjoyed great trust of the messmates, in many respects was their leader and the favourite.

I want to finish the article in the lines about Sergej Ivanovich's role in the edition of the project, unique for the city, - "Encyclopedias of Taganrog" ("at whom that hurts..."). It is necessary to remember some last events. Anniversary of Taganrog came and Sergey Ivanovich created (it seems in 1993) and asked me to head council for the publications devoted to the 300 anniversary of the city. Were a part of council isto, "". there was an idea to continue the remarkable book on the history of the city written to Filevsky Square to the 200 anniversary of the city. Discussions in department of culture of "White House" were a time too hot, creative people participated: E.V. Lipovenko..............,

(). - melted on creation of the uniform illustrated encyclopedia book.

>. - drank, and we discussed everything.

Sergey Ivanovich asked me to head an editorial board. Work on a sozd-"" the plan therefore agreed. It was necessary to postpone work on the books and "the Hydroacoustic encyclopedia". After the celebration of anniversary of the city in 1998 2 editions (in 1999 and 2000) & #34 were published my 9 books, plus; Hydroacoustic энциклопедии" (according to 850 p.) in which I was an editor-in-chief (her creators

)>. 3 -

And here the final - deification. An editorial board and authors were proud that Sergey Ivanovich opened anniversary celebrations of celebration of the 300 anniversary of Taganrog at the beginning of September, 1998 the presentation & #34; Encyclopedias Taganroga". With it it was emphasized that intellectual achievements of the city are put on the first place. Bright, colourful show of the presentation & #34; Encyclopedias Taganroga" with the orchestra, chorus dramatized by a performance in the Alferaki Palace widely it was covered in the press and on television. "", region and Sea of Azov.

At the initiative of Sergej Ivanovich by an editorial board it was prepared perera-2-"", by request of city administration in May, 2003. Now the 3rd edition is prepared. The new elected mayor of Taganrog - Nikolay Dmitrievich Fedyanin - in every possible way supports.

Sergey Ivanovich sincerely was interested (not accidentally he was an academician


70. " -

followings and expeditions". In the summer of 2004, before this conference were carried out

two scientific expeditions in the Azov and Black seas. Our mayor Sergey Ivanovich Shiloh understood their practical and scientific importance, at the same time often helped the influence. For example, when we experienced difficulties with hiring of the vessel for natural measurements. Assisted in carrying out the International symposium on vopro-.

In 1996 it directed me and S L. Tarasov to the city of Kavala in Greece, about what I

in the book to an outcome" (2000). The trip was exclusively interesting and useful. We made two reports there.

These lines should not be considered as the analysis of activity of the mayor Sergey Ivanovich Shiloh, untimely deceased from us, in the sphere of city education, science and culture. These are only strokes to a portrait of the kind and intelligent Russian, deservedly chosen (and, three times) on the highest city post of the head.

Gary Freeman
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