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Elena Ivanovna Kamentseva's memories




On December 6, 2004 the historical science suffered an irreplaceable loss. On the 85th year Elena Ivanovna Ka-mentseva, the doctor of historical sciences, professor of department of a source study and auxiliary historical disciplines of Isto-riko-arkhivnogo institute of Russian State Humanitarian University, the largest expert in the field of auxiliary historical disciplines, the research supervisor and the chairman of the Heraldic seminar at department died.

Elena Ivanovna became the student of Historical and archival institute in 1938. The lecture on auxiliary historical disciplines of professor I.V. Ustyugov was the first lecture heard by it. As Elena Ivanovna, this remembered

the lecture defined all its further research interests and professional activity. From the first steps in science Elena Ivanovna was surrounded by the wonderful people who created Is-toriko-arkhivny institute and founded in 1939 department of auxiliary historical disciplines, her teachers and colleagues: the first head of the department A.N. Speransky, I.V. Ustyugov, L.V. Cherepnin, V.K. Yatsunsky and many others.

Having ended on an intensive course (in connection with wartime) Historical and archival institute, in 1942 she became A.N. Speransky's graduate student. In 1950 it defended the master's thesis "The Novgorod poryadny records of the 17th century as a source on the history of country enslaving" (the research supervisor - I.V. Ustyugov), in 1967 - the doctoral dissertation "The Russian historical metrology of the end of XVII - the first half of the 19th centuries. (Research on history of measures)".

In 1944 E.I. Kamentseva became the teacher of department of a source study and auxiliary historical disciplines (those years - departments of auxiliary historical disciplines), having passed all steps - from the laboratory assistant to the head of the department. In its service record only one place of work is designated - Elena Ivanovna devoted to institute and department all the life. Its length of service at department exceeded 60 years. Since 1971 E.I. Kamentseva is a professor, and in 1976 - 1984 - the manager of department. In 1996 she was elected the full member of the International academy of informatization.

E.I. Kamentseva more half a century gave a basic course of auxiliary historical disciplines at Historical and archival institute. In many respects thanks to her the pedagogical tradition in this area of humanitarian knowledge was not interrupted. For years of teaching several editions published its textbooks and manuals on auxiliary historical disciplines on which students of higher education institutions of Russia and the abroad study. Still only in this branch of historical science is a small manual where E.I. Kamentseva considered the history of folding of a complex of auxiliary historical disciplines in Russia. Problems of history of auxiliary historical disciplines in Russia are developed by E.I. Kamentseva's pupils in the dissertation researches prepared under her scientific management.

Elena Ivanovna made a big contribution to a research of various problems of auxiliary historical disciplines: from

theoretical developments on all complex of auxiliary historical disciplines to debatable problems of the Russian chronology and metrology, heraldry and an emblematika. She promoted reconstruction in modern Russian science of a faleristika, genealogy, a veksillologiya, gave courses of numismatics and a berestologiya, kept and increased that scientific heraldic tradition which was personified at the time by the outstanding heraldic officer V.K. Lukomsky in the last years of life working as professor of department.

It is significant that the latest work written by Elena Ivanovna was issued in one and a half weeks prior to her death - reminiscence of a boundary 30 - the 40th of the 20th century. And the first work was published in the 2nd volume of "Works MGIAI" in 1946

All to whom has the luck to communicate and be on friendly terms with Elena Ivanovna will lack her very much. A part of our life, a part of soul of Historical and archival institute left.

Elena Ivanovna's death - big loss not only for Russian State Humanitarian University, but also for all historical science of Russia.

M.F. Rumyantseva, O.M. Medushevskaya, V.A. Muravyev, A.E. Chekunova, R.B. Kazakov, E.V. Pchelov

Donald Garza
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