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CHELOVEK And SCIENTIST A.I. Potapov, T.I. Kolyada, E.L. Choynzonov

I love and I will read science, as well as those who own it.

And when use science as has to, this the most noble and great of achievements of the human race.


The scientist from God, the super activist on spirit, the aristocrat by origin. It draws Nikolay Vladimirovich Vasilyev's image — the person who inherited and universally developed the intellectual and spiritual qualities which are saved up by ancestors, incorporated all richness of domestic and foreign culture and a scientific thought.

Nikolay Vasilyev is the representative of the third generation of a dynasty of scientists-physicians. His great-grandfather was a priest, and the famous grandfather is Nikolay Ivanovich Bereznegovsky the councilor of state, the gentleman of awards of St Ann of the III degree (1913), St. Stanislava III of degree (1914), awarded medal "300 anniversary of reign of House of Romanovs" (1914), the head of the department of hospital surgical clinic of the Tomsk university (19121926) is the brightest representative of school of the Siberian scientists. Nikolay Vladimirovich's parents — graduates of biological faculty of the Tomsk state university — represented already the second generation of scientists in this family. Mother, Lyubov Nikolaevna Bereznegov-skaya, the Dr.Sci.Biol., professor managing department of pharmacognosy of the Tomsk medical institute (1949 — 1978). Father, Vladimir Feofelaktovich Vasilyev, Dr.Sci.Biol., professor, head of the department of botany of the Voronezh agricultural institute (1932 — 1950).

Antonina Petrovna Bereznegovskaya — the maternal grandmother coming from an impoverished branch of princes Meshchersky was engaged in Nikolay Vladimirovich's education. Attending the well-known St. Petersburg female courses and got serious legal education, the pedagogical abilities

Antonina Petrovna realized in training of the grandson. "Liberalism" in family was explained by spirit of the Bestuzhevsky courses apprehended by it and also denial of religion by Nikolay Ivanovich who refused a ministry and devoted himself to practical life — medicine.

In the childhood Nikolay Vladimirovich Vasilyev has German down to a science, learned Latin, English and French. Designated to Nikolay Vasilyev outstanding musical career. He had magnificent hearing therefore he was trained on composer and conductor's office. And to get professional music education Nikolay Vasilyev was prevented by war, music forever remained an organic component of his thinking. Even many years later, being engaged in medicine in biological rhythms, he looked for in them harmonica, and in science — harmony. In the latest book (The Tungus meteorite. A space phenomenon of summer of 1908) he states material on canons of a sonatny form which he considered the systematized information, universal for representation.

Choosing a profession, Nikolay Vladimirovich wanted to devote himself to studying world history and literature, but his mom, Lyubov Nikolaevna Bereznegovskaya, recommended to continue a dynasty of scientists, biologists and physicians. Nikolay Vladimirovich repeatedly made sure of correctness of this choice, being already mature scientist capable to state general-theoretical positions and not only in biology and medicine.

Having with honors graduated from medical faculty of the Tomsk medical institute in 1953, Nikolay Vladimirovich Vasilyev worked in his walls till 1992, having passed a way from aspiran-

that to the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Formation of scientific outlook of N.V. Vasilyev happened at department of microbiology of the Tomsk medical institute, under the leadership of the outstanding Russian microbiologist of the academician of the joint venture. Karpov. During this period the main scientific interests of N.V. Vasilyev were concentrated on the new direction of medical science — neifektsionny immunology. He became the leader of this direction in Tomsk. With direct participation of N.V. Vasilyev in 1986 in TMI one of the first in the Soviet Union department of clinical immunology and allergology was organized; the medicobiological faculty is created, it incessantly fostered young talents, organized them training, certification on the basis of the academic scientific research institutes of the Novosibirsk campus, and is later at institutes of the Tomsk scientific center Russian Academy of Medical Science.

Nikolay Vasilyev was among organizers of the Tomsk medical scientific center. Here is how he described this period: "In June, 1978 the group of heads of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences headed by the president N.N. Blochin examined on the place work of medical scientific institutions of Tomsk. During these meetings with the management of the Tomsk regional committee of the CPSU headed by its first secretary E.K. Ligachev and representatives of medical scientific institutions ways of the further forced development of the academic science in Siberia which assumed creation of branches of the leading medical academic centers of the country were planned".

The first step was creation in Tomsk of the Siberian VONC USSR Academy of Medical Sciences branch which director was A.I. Potapov, nowadays the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science. Formation of staff of young academic division happened in a short time. Already in the first half of 1979 passed 50 experts from the Tomsk medical institute into staff of branch, including 5 doctors and 15 candidates of science. Being the deputy director of oncological institute (1979 — 1992), Nikolay Vladimirovich accurately formulated the fundamental scientific strategy of collective directed to the solution of cross-disciplinary problems

first of all the concerning mechanisms of carcinogenesis, an onkoimmunologiya and studying regularities of oncological incidence in the east of the country thanks to which uzkoregionalny establishment turned into the academic institute of allied value. It dealt with issues of management, coordination of science, thanks to its efforts for development of experimental base in Tomsk the laboratory of experimental biological models as a part of TNC was created.

Since 1992 N.V. Vasilyev held a position of the deputy director for science of scientific research institute of microbiology and immunology of I.I. Mechnikov in Kharkiv where he studied issues of evolution of immunity. These years its main researches were devoted to universal problems of medico-environmental impacts of technogenic radiation catastrophes. Since 1996 N.V. Vasilyev worked part-time the deputy director for science of the National Tungus nature reserve, one of organizers of which he was, and the deputy head of administration on science of the Tungus and Chunsky Region of Evenki Autonomous Area of Krasnoyarsk Krai.

N.V. Vasilyev was at the head of a number of the fundamental scientific directions which united the core idea of the all-physiological evolutionary line in natural sciences. In 1963 there was its first monograph "Role of Nervous System in Processes of an Infection and Immunity" in which the submitted extensive analysis for that time of the available publications (more than 1000) along with own experimental data allowed to draw a conclusion on unalterability of the fact of regulation by nervous system of immunity. N.V. Vasilyev connected further development of the doctrine about immunity physiology with need of synthesis of exercises about I.P. Pavlov's nervizm, evolution of immunity of I.I. Mechnikov and modern achievements of molecular biology. The concept formulated by N.V. Vasilyev about uniform to it-roimmunoendokrinnom a regulatory triangle which tops are closed through copper -

is essentially important

ator and hormones. Nikolay Vladimirovich confirmed fruitfulness of this direction decades of purposeful researches later in this area and with deep arguments proved the thesis which is put forward by it that immunogenesis is a special case of an adaptogenez. In a long-term cycle of experimental works as N.V. Vasilyev and his colleagues ratios of factors of nonspecific resistance and immunity in process of the immune answer to corpuscular, soluble and virus antigens are investigated, the morphological, biochemical and hormonal reactions representing a nonspecific basis of the immune answer are described ("Essays about a role of the haematogenic fabric in antiteloobra-zovarsh", 1975). The received results disproved ideas of existence of antagonism between the natural and acquired immunity, the conclusion about close connection specific and nonspecific adaptation the reactions representing two parties of the same process was made.

The problem of adaptation of a human body to extreme conditions of dwelling was one of the main scientific interests of N.V. Vasilyev. Since the beginning of the 70th researches of a condition of factors of nonspecific resistance and immunity against the background of influence of sub-extreme and extreme factors of the anti-gene and not anti-gene nature (hyper immunization, the ionizing radiation, action of strong electromagnetic fields, a sound and vibration stress) were conducted. The nonspecific, stereotypic, adaptation nature of the general immunomorphological syndrome and universality of the scheme Taliaffero to which influence of extreme factors on an antiteloobrazovaniye is subordinated is proved. The cycle of works on studying impact of process of adaptation of the person to subextreme climatic and working conditions on indicators of the natural and acquired immunity is executed. On the example of adaptation to conditions of the Polar region and an arid zone (Turkmenistan) high extent of these reactions and existence of their options directed to adaptation through activation or, on - is shown

against, through minimization of functions. The immunology of a sharp general adaptation syndrome is in detail developed (on model of the dosed physical activities, a chamber hypoxia, a hyperthermia). Unique experimental data about development of a complex of adaptation reactions at transmeridional movement are obtained (flight by plane with change of time zones) that had important social value in connection with wide circulation of shift methods of work.

In 80 — the 90th in scientific research institute of oncology under the leadership of N.V. Vasilyev the long-term cycle of the researches devoted to studying a role of the immune system in pathogenesis of malignant growth was carried out. The system dynamic characteristics of development of an immunological situation at different stages of an onkogenez which demonstrates that the organism distinguishes a tumor was given and reacts to it reaction, intensive, but not effective in respect of rejection. This form of the active immune answer cannot be qualified as an immunodeficiency and has elements of similarity to a similar situation at physiological pregnancy. It is shown that in formation of resistance of tumor cells to makrofagalny cytotoxicity an important role is played by active forms of oxygen and antioxidant enzymes and that macrophages are capable in the principle to induce both a killing of tumor cells, and effect of strengthening of tumoral growth, modulating a tumoral microenvironment. In fact the particular treatment (perhaps, even change of several modes) functioning of a system submitting to others than normal is available, to laws of reaction — to what the deviation of reactions of indicators of immunity from "the rule of initial level" Vilder testifies. In this regard Nikolay Vladimirovich considered that "the main task of an onkoimmunologiya — to receive a key to management of the program of functioning of a system of immunity".

N.V. Vasilyev made a big contribution to development of onkoepidemiologichesky researches in Siberia and in the Far East, under it ruko-

the vodstvo obtained new data on interrelation of oncological incidence with social and hygienic, technogenic, natural and geographical, ethnic, migration factors. Results of researches formed the basis three-volume "The atlas of oncological diseases in Siberia and in the Far East" (Tomsk, 1995). Essentially new method of identification of territories of the increased oncological risk connected with technogenic pollution, based on a research of space information was developed. Nikolay Vladimirovich was convinced that whatever various functions of a system of immunity were, eventually they come down to one common denominator which is that the immune system regulates relationship of an organism with external and internal environment. From this it follows that all its activity directly depends on ecological living conditions both certain individuals, and their communities. He paid huge attention to a problem of influence of ecological violations on human health. As one of the major adverse factors Nikolay Vladimirovich considered anthropogenic change of anti-gene structure of the environment which caused a universal allergization of the population and the related global tendency to synchronization of pathological processes; and now, according to him, "on the agenda there (is) a question of communication of an allergy with such crucial issues as cardiovascular pathology and malignant new growths" (An allergy and ecology. Kharkiv, 1994). Extremely important for mankind Nikolay Vladimirovich considered a problem of medical consequences of technogenic catastrophes. He with group of coauthors for the first time carried out systematic comparison of biomedical consequences of nuclear catastrophes (Chernobyl, Altai - Semipalatinsk, Polar region — the ground Northern, South Ural) which results are presented in the monograph "Social and Medical Consequences of Nuclear Catastrophes" (Kiev, 1998).

N.V. Vasilyev made an invaluable contribution to a research of a problem of the Tungus meteorite, under its management, with active personal participation more than 40 expeditions, including international were conducted, unique material is built, researches are priority and gained the international recognition. Since 1963 N.V. Vasilyev was the vice-chairman of the commission on meteorites and cosmic dust of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, the member of the committee on meteorites of RAS. In 1995 at the initiative of N.V. Vasilyev the area of falling of the Tungus meteorite was given the status of the national park "Tungus", become under its scientific management of a peculiar ground for ecological researches. In 1996. The international astronomical institute called by the name of the academician N.V. Vasilyev the minor planet discovered in 1996. European Southern observatory.

Under the leadership of N.V. Vasilyev about 60 candidate and 13 doctoral dissertations are executed. He is an author more than 600 scientific articles, 41 monographs, editors of a number of collections of materials of scientific conferences, the participant of the world and European congresses.

All the life Nikolay Vladimirovich Vasilyev remained strong, unique personality. The powerful intelligence, outstanding temperament of the fighter, the ability of belief which is not knowing obstacles, the deepest moral and moral purity — all these lines reported unique charm of his personality. "Among elite of the period of the 60th years it is possible to call very few people of passional, purposeful, civil inspiration. It was the bright representative of intellectuals men of the sixties. He looked at all phenomena of life historically and dialectically..." — academician V.P. Kaznacheev so characterized Nikolay Vasilyev, meaning, first of all, the person of creative, invincible internal aspiration to purposeful activity.

Nikolay Vladimirovich carried himself to naturalists. He considered that when developing unusual versions researchers, on style of the scientific thinking have to be in the lead

far from narrowly professional tunnel thinking, dry facts. If the scientist loses imagination, inspiration, in him also the creative beginning inevitably dies away. Nonconventional versions — destiny of scientists who were called earlier & #34; naturalists wide профиля" and which, unfortunately, in an age of a general instrumentalization of science becomes less and less. Level of culture of such people on the scope is similar to Italians of times of the Renaissance and the French Encyclopaedists.

Nikolay Vladimirovich always strove for broad system coverage of the phenomena also. It was never satisfied with any one sphere, including medical in which worked hard and succeeded. Range of his knowledge was difficult to be outlined. It came to the Russian monarchy — it could give details of board of any of a dynasty of Ryurik dynasty; spoke about religion — it became clear that he well knows the Old and New Testament, the Quran, the Talmud, papacy history, Luther's doctrine, the ideas of Pythagoreans. Deeply understanding the Marxist theory, he was not limited to works only of her founders, well knew Zinovyev, Kamenev, Bukharin's works and for the rest of the natural defended the idea of social justice.

Nikolay Vasilyev was a scientist from God. He had special talent of the scientific polemist able to call in question strong dogmas. He disproved and challenged the facts which, at first sight, were obvious. The biological problems lifted by Nikolay Vasilyev mentioned a set of the taken roots prejudices. What he addressed — dialectics, history, evolution, Copernicus and Galilei's exercises, to Platon's philosophy — everywhere he managed to see things differently, than saw others. Behind eccentricity of his views the general system of outlook was guessed. The phenomena far, exotic, some particulars, splinters always became at it a part whole, connected in a uniform picture. Reflecting on life, on itself, on science, he knew well: the one who is reconciled with reality that does not trust in the future.

Nikolay Vasilyev was not only very popular person, but also the influential scientist. Its reports for which a large number of people gathered differed not only in the width of statement of a scientific problem, but also the methodical novelty, interesting, often the unknown facts, an unexpected perekidyvaniye of bridges between the classical and new horizons of evolutionary biology and medicine. It was the new view on a problem. Nikolay Vladimirovich sated the performances with the mass of interesting details and details that gave his words special credibility. Giving away the thoughts, the ideas, the saved-up observations, he did all this in details, in detail as though it belonged to its duties as if on service, and spent for it time lot. He loved discussions, but did not dare to use weaknesses of the opponent. It needed the clever interlocutor not to triumph and to strengthen the Truth. He was able to unite people the idea, to give to people hope. Its force was in continuous generation of the ideas, he raised questions, created next ways of a scientific thought.

the Ability to strategically think, solve large problems of the all-Russian and international scale revealed new sides of his extraordinary personality. With great respect Nikolay Vladimirovich treated both the colleagues contemporaries, and predecessors and at an opportunity always tried to emphasize their merits. In the performances he called them on a name middle name, and not just by last name. Especially tremblingly he told about the teachers - representatives as he spoke, "brilliant generation".

Now, in 75-year anniversary, probably, will be appropriate to remember Nikolay Vasilyev's speech delivered by it on January 16, 2000 in day of the seventieth anniversary.

"Expensive, friends!

I have, of course, today a special day, unusual, to some extent even a change -

ny. After all 70 years - date respectable and serious. All of us are realists and all have to understand.

I am happy that the destiny to me released that interval of full-fledged working life which I lived. Also I hope that I have in a stock at least several years of full-fledged life as creative, scientific person. In any case I very much expect that at the forthcoming stage of life, very responsible, there will be enough health and forces to sum up the results and to make top-level final syntheses! To reap a crop of the crops made for more than half a century of hard work, to look through "storeroom" and to give all century an order.

Frankly speaking, I understood now that ahead it is necessary to make a lot of things: as they say, there is napakhano a lot of, and harvesting is necessary big and hard.

Summing up this result, I would like to handle feeling of great gratitude, first of all, to my parents and my grandmother who in days of the Great Patriotic War, in very severe conditions of evacuation, in hungry and cold winters of 1942 — 1943 physically preserved me, learned, channelized right, the correct orientation in life... All this allowed me to follow the tradition determined still by my grandfather — the surgeon Nikolay Ivanovich Bereznegovsky with whom our medical dynasty begins.

I am sincerely grateful to the family who throughout all life created me necessary conditions for hard creative work.

I am grateful to my teachers: to people well-known and that which just made at the time for me a lot of things. Here correctly said: "It is not lectures and reasonings, and matter in a personal example". And on this subject I could tell much including to school teachers.

I want to bow low to my first teachers in science - to professor-biochemist L.D. Co-shevniku and the academician Sergey Petrovich Karpov at whom I was taught and with which worked for many years subsequently.

I want to express huge gratitude to those great scientists with whom I was brought together by life, let and for a while — to L.A. Zilber and

To N.V. Timofeev-Resovsky, meetings with which made an indelible impression on me.

Very big role in my creative biography was played by famous erudite-kosmokhimik Kirill Pavlovich Florensky (the younger son of that Pavel Florensky — the mathematician and the philosopher) with whom I due to various reasons had to work for a long time, literally "a bone in a bone".

I am grateful to all my friends, my colleagues, all those who promoted my future. Perhaps it will sound a little strange, but I am grateful to the opponents as without them any development would be impossible.

Huge to all of you thank you that found time and an opportunity to meet here and to congratulate me this significant day.

Has to tell that arrival to Kharkiv in 1992 was for me a hard step as I never changed the place of work from the moment of the termination of institute. I am very glad that my work brings benefit to the people. I do not divide the Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian people. Perhaps, I will tell absolutely not in the spirit of the times, but I personally always considered myself the representative of the Soviet people.

Once again many thanks, health and wellbeing all.

As for me, I will work further — so as far as there will be enough forces. The only thing about what I ask from destiny — that the last day of my life was last afternoon at work. And in conclusion would like to cite words of one bard V. Chernikov, famous in Siberia:

Burn, burn in a gloom a flame,

When farewells hour will come,

Thanks to those who now with us,

Thanks to those who will replace us".

Who knows, perhaps, live Nikolay Vladimirovich now, he who was not loving laziness of a thought without shadow of confusion would repeat the speech, only with one reservation & #34; After all 75 years — date respectable and serious...". The collective created around the wonderful person and the outstanding scientist Nikolay Vladimirovich Vasilyev continues to be improved and develop, and now the strategy of scientific search is defined by his pupils, confirming deeply scientific concept — School.

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