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Edward Aleksandrovich Ramikh

edvard Aleksandrovich ramy

Remarkable date - the 80 anniversary was celebrated on May 5, 2009 by Edward Aleksandrovich Ramikh - the doctor of medical sciences, professor, the chief researcher of department of pathology of a backbone, the oldest employee of the Novosibirsk NIITO.

Edward Aleksandrovich Ramikh was born in Saratov in family of employees: his father was an agronomist, mother - the entomologist, the worker of SES. However the most part of life of the hero of the anniversary is connected with Novosibirsk: here he left secondary school No. 4, then - medical institute, and in 1957 began to work in NIITO, having already the experience of the surgeon got in Birilyussky central district hospital of Krasnoyarsk Krai.

In the Novosibirsk NIITO EA Ramikh was accepted on a competition to a position of the junior researcher of department of traumatology and orthopedics and there passed the nice way from the young scientist to the chief researcher, professor who created the school of sciences.

In NIITO Edward Aleksandrovich Ramikh met the bright people devoted to science, became the competent orthopedist-traumatologist and vertebrology, having passed wonderful school of the outstanding orthopedist Ya.L. Tsivyan. With its participation E.A. Ramikh seized modern methods of carrying out research work, turned into the experienced clinical physician and the experimenter, defined the main direction of the scientific interests. Together with professor Tsivyan E.A. Ramikh developed the new effective method of treatment of uncomplicated compression fractures of bodies of vertebras which gained broad fame and distribution in our country under the name "Tsivyan's fixer coupler-Ramikh".

In 1965 Edward Aleksandrovich Ramikh received an academic degree of the candidate of medical sciences.

Since 1971 E.A. Ramikh headed office of traumatology. Search effective, pathogenetic reasonable methods of treatment formed the basis for a long-term research of regularities of reparative regeneration of bodies of the injured vertebras. The features revealed by E.A. Ramikh in development of regeneration of bodies of vertebras at their damages allowed to consider various clinical forms of spinal fractures in a new way. Results of a research were the basis for its doctoral dissertation "Features of healing and the principles of pathogenetic treatment of fractures of bodies of vertebras".

Scientific works (more than 150 publications) of professor Ramikh representing a large contribution to domestic medicine are well-known.

Today Edward Aleksandrovich Ramikh - one of the leading vertebrolog of Russia, with its direct participation the Novosibirsk institute of recovery surgery, traumatology and orthopedics was transformed to research institute of traumatology and orthopedics on the basis of which more than 20 years the Russian center of pathology of a backbone works.

More than 30 years ea Ramikh headed scientific work in the Novosibirsk NIITO, and the last 10 years participates in the problem commissions on traumatology and orthopedics, on neurosurgery, is a member of the academic council of NIYGO.

Edward Aleksandrovich Ramikh from those people who surprise with inexhaustible working capacity and devotion to favourite business: he long time was at the same time a member of two dissertation councils in Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, is a constant official opponent and the reviewer of qualification works in the dissertation academic councils of scientific research institute and higher education institutions.

The important place in life of professor Ramikh is taken by public work: within 17 years he was the chief traumatologist of the Novosibirsk city public health department, at the same time many years was a curator of travmatologo-orthopedic service of the Omsk region, influencing formation of this branch of medicine in Western Siberia in general; besides, since 1987 E.A. Ramikh is the chairman of scientific organization of orthopedists-traumatologists, and then - Associations travmato - dens-orthopedists of Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region, now - it

cochairman. Professor Ramikh is a scientific editor of the "pozvonochnika Hirurgiya" magazine.

The scientific interests of Edward Aleksandrovich Ramikh cover a wide range of questions, he often makes before colleagues reports at conferences, congresses, the congresses, as in Russia, and abroad.

For merits in the field of health care E.A Ramikh is marked out by the sign "Excellent Student of Health Care", the decree of the Russian President is awarded with an Order of Honour, it was handed a gold medal of N.N. Priorov "For a contribution to development of traumatology and orthopedics".

Now Edward Aleksandrovich Ramikh continues to work fruitfully, passing on not only the wealth of experience and knowledge to new generation of experts, but also setting a brilliant example to invariable goodwill, responsiveness, sensitivity, intelligence, deep mind, the highest professionalism.

Thank you, Edward Aleksandrovich, for an invaluable contribution to formation and development of science in the Novosibirsk scientific research institute of traumatology and orthopedics and also in the Russian center of pathology of a backbone.

Heartily we wish to Edward Aleksandrovich Ramikh kind health, wellbeing, maintaining courage and long years of life.

Collective of the Novosibirsk NIITO, editorial board of the "pozvonochnika Hirurgiya" magazine

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