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Zoological Museums, collections and collectors

Charles Darwin's niya and to the 150 anniversary from the date of issue of his book "Origin of species". The staff of the universities and nauchnoissledovatelsky institutes of Ukraine and the Russian Federation participated in a conference. Total number of conferees — 50 people, including from Russia — 6, Luhansk — 33, other cities of Ukraine — 11.

The rector of LNAU professor V.G. Tkachenko was the chairman of the organizing committee of a conference, cochairmen was professors of LNAU D.D. Chertkov, I.D. Sokolov, G.D. Katsa; N.V. Krinichnaya is the secretary. Working languages of a conference were Ukrainian, Russian and English. The vice rector for scientific work of LNAU professor Dmitry Dmitrievich Chertkov and professor Pavel Ivanovich Costa lion performed with greetings (Institute of grain crops, Mr. Zernograd, Russia).

At a plenary session 12 reports were submitted, including the head of the department of plant biology of LNAU professor I.D. Sokolov read the report "The synthetic theory of evolution: yesterday, today, tomorrow". Section meetings were divided in the following directions:

— evolution and taxonomy of animals;

— evolution and taxonomy of plants;

— general questions of the evolutionary theory, factors of experimental evolution.

At only three section meetings 21 reports were heard. Among most

interesting there is a wish to call reports: "Ways of partition of leaves on the example of Apioideae Drude subfamily (Apiaceae L.)" associate professor of LNAU S.Yu. Naumov; "Somaklonalny variability in the culture of in vitro and among plants — regenerates of corn" professor of the University of environmental management and bioresources (Kiev) T.N. Checheneva; "Concept of natural selection of Ch. Darwin and its state for the beginning of the 21st century" professor of institute of Cytology and genetics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science (Novosibirsk) B.F. Chadov; "Darwin: biology and organic" senior research associate of Botanical institute of V.L. Komarov of RAS (St. Petersburg) A.A. Oskolsky.

Persons interested to participate in a conference appeared more, than it was initially supposed therefore in the last day the conferences were heard additional reports of participants. On materials of the International scientific conference the collection of theses and scientific works "Naukovy Vyunik Luganskogo natsyunalny agrarian to an ushversitet" is published (Sulfurs. Byulogichesky sciences. 2009. No. 1. 220 pages).

Zoological Museums, collections and collectors

T.Yu. Feklova

St. Petersburg branch of Institute of history of natural sciences and equipment of S.I. Vavilov RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia;

On November 11 and 12, 2009 in Zoological institute of RAS (St. Petersburg) there took place the conference "Zoological collections of St. Petersburg in the context of development of science: HUS — HH1 of a century". The Zoological institute of RAS (ZINE RAHN) and his Museum acted as organizers, and researchers from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Syktyvkar, Kazan, Vyborg became participants. One of problems of a conference consisted in that both are

to spechit a possibility of communication for the professional historians of science, archivists, art dealers owning receptions and methods of a historical research and the experts who are well understanding the content of zoological disciplines and tasks of institutions which history is studied. Besides, at the conference which took place in a year of the 295 anniversary since day of foundation of Cabinet of curiosities questions of preparation for the celebration of the 300 anniversary of the first domestic museum were designated and considered. In total on a conference 32 reports (45 participants) were submitted. Welcoming speech was made by the RAS academician A.F. Alimov.

Reports were built generally in a chronological order. At first speakers discussed features and the history of emergence of natural science collections in the 18th century and the early scientific research made on their basis (Yu.A. Dunayeva, L.Ya. Borkin, A.B. Radzyun, V.S. Shishkin, A.K. Sytin, N.P. Kopaneva, Yu.V. Starikov). It is necessary to celebrate a speech of the employee of department of RAS Library at Zoological institute Yu.A. Dunayeva who told about catalogs of the Dutch "offices of the rarities" of the beginning of the 18th century which became a sample for creation of the first domestic museum. The senior research associate of Institute of environmental problems and evolution of A.N. Severtsov RAHN V.S. Shishkin presented on the example of P.S. Pallas's work a problem of preservation of zoological collecting the 18th century

The following reports were devoted to comprehensive discussion of zoological meetings of XIX — the beginnings of the 20th century history of expeditions by means of which in many respects there was an enrichment of funds of Zoological Museum (T.Yu. Feklova, T.N. Yusupov) Was mentioned. The structure and vocational training of the staff of Zoological Museum working with collections in XIX — the beginning of the 20th century was discussed. The closest communication of the museum with the St. Petersburg university (N.V. Slepkov) is revealed. The history of meeting of Zoological Museum was discussed in a wide context of history of zoological meetings of the St. Petersburg university (S.I. Fokin), others anatomic meetings of St. Petersburg and pre-revolutionary Russia (M.I. Burlykina, A.F. Bespalov, A.Yu. Volkovich and A.A. Budko), zoological and close to them. — the beginning of the 20th century E.Yu. Basargina's report was devoted to the history of Zoological Museum in the context of the history of other museums of Academy of Sciences in the second half of XIX. Possibilities of archive ZINE RAHN for studying history of collections of institute were shown (the manager. E.P. Tikhonov's archive), since the end of the 19th century and till present.

The following block of reports was devoted to history of zoological collections in the 20th century and also to their current state and value. It is possible to carry reports on E.N. Pavlovsky's fund to this section (B.I. Nazartsev), the Darvinian museum and its founder A.F. Kots (A.I. Klyukina, the director of the Darvinian museum). Besides, it was told about value of collections of Zoological Museums for teaching both in the highest (G.N. Kiselyov), and at high school (L.I. Amosova, E.V. Levashko), modern methods of museum work (N.S. Fedorov). Systematization of Moscow and St. Petersburg took up a number of the important questions connected with formation, modern development, use and value of zoological collections. Were discussed a zoological meeting of Moscow State University, ZINE RAHN (Laboratory of sea researches, a collection of flies, separately — hironomid, nematodes, usonogy and decapoda of crayfish). The interesting message about penetration of modern technologies into, apparently, conservative specialty — systematization — was made by A.L. Lobanov, O.N. Pugachev, A.G. Kireychuk and I.S. Smirnov in the report "Zoological collections, interactive determinants and the Internet".

At the end of the first working day there passed the round table devoted to two problems. The first of them — what researches, publications, exhibitions, conferences it is worth celebrating the 300 anniversary of Cabinet of curiosities. The second subject — ways of studying history of collections of Zoological institute in 300 years. BING RAHN on a round table made the problem report on achievements and problems of studying history D.V. Geltman. Discussions revealed a set of "white spots" and common problems in studying history of zoological and botanical collections. Methodological and ethical aspects of work of historians of science were discussed. The circle of questions, answers to which can be received only in collaboration of biologists, historians of science, the staff of the museums, libraries and archives, was outlined. Participants of a round table developed the initial plan of measures on the celebration of anniversary of Cabinet of curiosities for which it is decided to date the edition of a number of the collections devoted to the history of the academic museums and their collections. The director of the St. Petersburg branch of Institute of history of natural sciences and the equipment of S.I. Vavilov RAS E.I. Kolchinsky participated in a discussion. The decision to devote a separate conference to P.S. Pallas's anniversary in 2011 was made

Following the results of a conference the edition of the collection of articles is supposed. In conclusion there is a wish to thank the Organizing committee for the fine organization of an interesting and fruitful conference.

Meeting of memory of B.A. Tikhomirov

O.V. Rebristaya

Botanical institute of RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia

October 29, 2009. The Russian Botanic Society together with Laboratory of vegetation of Far North and the staff of other departments of Botanical institute of V.L. Komarov of RAS celebrated the 100 anniversary of the large botanist, researcher of the nature of Far North, the organizer of science Boris Anatolyevich Tikhomirov.

At a meeting there were more than 60 people. Four reports were heard: O.V. Rebristaya "Life and B.A. Tikhomirov's activity", T.G. Polozova "Biology of the Arctic plants in the works B.A. Tikhomirov", N.V. Matveeva "the Tareysky hospital — the last B.A. Tikhomirov's child", V.Yu. Razzhivin "Interrelation of vegetation and permafrost in Northeast Asia". Then about 15 scientists performed with memories of the teacher, the head, the colleague.

Provided the personal photoarchives for preparation of a meeting of N.S. Mamushin, O.V. Rebristaya and T.G. Polozov. Photos were scanned, restored and now are available on the portal of Botanical institute (www.portal. Biographic article of T.G. Polozova about this researcher Arktiki3 and several photos from these photoarchives is published in the Rastitelnost Rossii magazine.

3 Polozov T.G. Boris Anatolyevich Tikhomirov//Vegetation of Russia. 2009. No. 15. Page 149-151.
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