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Ethno-geopolitical prospects of Russia

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Russia is the special historically developed conglomerate of the people belonging to different types of development, united by the centralized state. Because of a special geographical location Russia is often identified with Eurasia. As Eurasia understand the territories coinciding with borders of the empire of Chingizidov, the Russian Empire, the USSR on which similar forms of statehood are reproduced. The state which arose and approved in the river basin since it constantly would be under threat and control of the steppe could not act as the combiner of Eurasia. The one who owned the steppe became the political combiner of all Eurasia. The only river state of Eurasia was Kievan Rus'. The continuous military threat from the West and the steppe demanded mobilization of efforts from the state, both in the field of economy, and in the field of the social relations. From here the main feature of Russia - mobilization type of development. Thanks to this feature Russia long time kept the ethnopolitical independence. With an exit to political arena of the Moscow kingdom active work of return of the lost lands and establishment of control over the steppe began. Having established control over the steppe, Russia acted as the political combiner of Eurasia. This situation remained up to the collapse of the USSR. In Cold War of the USSR suffered not only political defeat, but also suffered territorial losses. Control over the most part of the steppe was lost. Russia ceased to act as the political and cultural combiner of Eurasia. This situation even more becomes aggravated the fact that the Russian ethnos is on the decline. Therefore for today Russia is faced by two problems. 1. Return of control over the steppe. For this purpose it is necessary to return to mobilization type of development. 2. Search of own ethnic dominant.

Penny Dunn
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