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In traditions of New Economic School



The only rescue of Russia is an education.

A.L. Shanyavsky

Life of the outstanding scientist, professor of Timiryazevsky agricultural academy, the director of Institute of agricultural economy, one of heads of the All-Russian cooperation Alexander Vasilyevich Chayanov (1888-1937) is closely bound with huge social shocks of the beginning of the 20th century. The brilliant economist, the sociologist, the historian, the geographer, the writer, the collector of engravings and icons he could not but comprehend all cataclysms which are taking place during this period in the numerous researches: crises, wars and revolutions.

Meanwhile the name of Alexander Vasilyevich Chayanov is inseparably linked also with the Moscow public university of A.L. Shanyavsky (1908-1918) where after obtaining in 1911 the diploma of the scientist-agronomist of the first degree he began to teach along with the Moscow agricultural institute (nowadays Timiryazevka). In 1915-1916 cooperative department of the university of A.L. Shanyavsky became, in essence, the think-tank of the Russian cooperation, and Alexander Vasilyevich — the indispensable participant of all cooperative initiatives. Not casually, in 1917 Chayanov was elected at first the member of the All-Russian Council of cooperative congresses, and then the representative from cooperation to institutions of Provisional government (State committee on national education, the Ministry of agriculture, Preparliament) and public organizations (League of agrarian reforms, etc.). Alexander Vasilyevich reflected much and wrote about national education, about statement of the higher education in the country. It issues of museum business worried. He participated in work of the All-Russian congress concerning kulturnoprosvetitelny activity of cooperation. At last, Chayanov was the author of the first history of the university of Shanyavsky (1918).

This small historical digression was necessary for us to connect a name of the great Russian economist with Russian State Humanitarian University in which annually pass, since 2001, Chayanovsky readings. The Economics department of Institute of economy, management and the right of RGGU which is nowadays located in premises of the university of Shanyavsky and seeking to maintain his best traditions will organize academic and research conferences.

One of them — carrying out in March of Chayanovsky readings. In 2010, anniversary readings took place already H-e. On them, however, as well as on all predy-

blowing, burning issues on formation of effective model of development of national economy of Russia were discussed. Holding of conferences allows to provide continuity of university traditions of arts education and, the most important, to reflect a role of scientific heritage of Alexander Vasilyevich Chayanov in development of modern economic history, the theory and practice. In most cases Chayanov managed to construct a number of the effective models which were surprisingly precisely capturing the essence of many social phenomena. Researches A.B. Chayanov continue to remain demanded in the modern system of humanitarian knowledge. Chuai-novsky readings became one of the most important "branded" scientific and practical actions of RGGU

Traditionally the first conferences were opened by Vasily Aleksandrovich Chayanov — Cand.Tech.Sci., the son of the outstanding Russian economist. Among organizers of conferences besides Economics department of RGGU there are representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Institute of history of natural sciences and equipment, Institute of world economy and international relations, Institute of problems of the market, Institute of the Russian history, Institute of social and economic problems of the population and so forth) and other very authoritative scientific and educational institutions. Also the invited foreign scientists participate in a conference.

Very wide range of questions is discussed at Chayanovsky readings what the chronicle of subjects of the conferences connected with development of national economy, its integration into the world economy, problems of the organization and management of the enterprises, legal aspects of economic activity and, of course, the organization of preparation of scientific and practical shots confirms. The main result of conferences can be considered activization of research work in IEUP RGGU, in particular on business problems in Russia.

Active exchange of views between participants and guests of RGGU among which experts, members of scientific community, representatives of business, teachers, students and graduate students of various higher education institutions, allows to consider, according to organizers of a conference, Chayanovsky readings as an important organizational form of connection of scientific and educational processes and a part of the general system in the organization of continuous education in the sphere of the humanities.

Let's not to forget that all of us continue the business begun in 1911 within the Moscow public university of A. JI. Shanyavsky — to help Russians to receive or fill up with our great compatriot Alexander Vasilyevich Chayanov the education.

The economics department invites everyone to take part in the XI Chayanovsky readings planned for March, 2011. By this time the collection of the reports submitted by participants scientific and practical konferen-will come out

tion. Therefore reports of conferees are submitted in advance. You can call organizing committee by phone number: (495) 250-69-52 and 250-65-21 or by e-mail: Contact person: Yaroslav Olegovich Zubov.

Chronicle of Chayanovsky readings 2001:1chayanovskiye readings

2002: P Chayanovsky readings "Economy of Russia: theory and present"
2003: Highway Chayanovsky readings "Business in Russia: theory and practice"
2004: The IV Chayanovsky readings "Economy. State. Person" 2005: The V Chayanovsky readings "Economic growth: theory and practice" 2006: The VI Chayanovsky readings "Institutional transformations of economy of Russia"
2007: The VII Chayanovsky readings "Globalization: call to national and world economy"
2008: The VIII Chayanovsky readings "National model of development of economy of Russia"
2009: The IX Chayanovsky readings "Innovative choice of Russia: problems and prospects"
2010: The X Chayanovsky readings "Russia after crisis: new trajectories of social and economic development"
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