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N.P. Kurin (1906 - 2004) Rektorat of the Tomsk Polytechnic University with a regret reports about Nikolay Pavlovich Kurin's death

n. P. Kurin (1906-2004)

The administration of the Tomsk Polytechnic University with a regret reports about death

Nikolay Pavlovich Kurin,

founder of department 43 and physics and technology faculty of TPU, Doctor of Engineering, professor, winner of the State award of the USSR, Honored chemist of Russia, veteran of the nuclear industry of the Russian Federation, Honored professor of TPU

Nikolay Pavlovich Kurin was born on December 17, 1906 in the Voronezh province, in family of the peasant poor. From 12 years worked for the local landowner as the farm laborer.

The subsequent events - Civil war, ruin, hunger and diseases (his brother and the sister died of a typhoid in 1919) - forced family to look for a shelter in the Ivanovo agricultural station near Voronezh where it together with the father and mother continued to work on the earth. After the termination of rural school in 1923 it came to the Voronezh pedagogical technical school where the brilliant teacher Pokrovsky imparted to it love for chemistry to which he devoted all life subsequently. When Nikolay Pavlovich studied on the fourth year, with an inspection trip from Moscow there arrived an academician. A.V. Komarov also invited the most capable pupils for receipt in the Moscow chemical Institute of Technology of D.I. Mendeleyev (MHTI). After the termination of technical school in 1927 Kurin passed examinations and interviews and was enlisted in number of students of MHTI.

Training time at institute coincided with the period of industrialization of the country including with soz-

daniye of chemical industry. N.P. Kurin yours faithfully remembered the teachers who were outstanding scientists of the Russian physical and chemical school. These are professors N.F. Yushkevich is the chief engineer of Glavsimprom, S. Ordzhonikidze's deputy, I.R. Krichevsky (chemical thermodynamics), N.P. Peskov (fizikokhimik), I.D. Tyshchenko (processes and devices of chemical productions), academicians of a fizikokhimika G.A. Sha-rygin and I.P. Pavlov and some other not less famous scientists and experts.

During the periods of intense study there was time and for active Komsomol work. Nikolay Pavlovich remembered meetings and V.V Mayakovsky and S.A Yesenin, I.V Stalin's performances at a funeral of the killed S.M. Kirov and some other events.

In January, 1931 N.P. Kurin graduated from institute and was left in a postgraduate study, and on April 16, 1935 successfully defended the dissertation. The same year to it awarded an academic degree of Candidate of Chemistry and the associate professor's rank. During the period from 1935 to 1937 Nikolay Pavlovich worked as the associate professor of MHTI, and in 1937 was directed by the resolution GUUZ of Mintyazhprom on

News of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. 2004. T. 307. No. 3

work in the Tomsk polytechnical institute the head of the department of the technology of inorganic substances (TIS) which headed till 1950

Work at TNV department began with the organization of educational laboratories with the installations allowing to conduct researches at the most advanced level. Work began with writing and development of new courses on thermodynamics and kinetics of processes of the main inorganic synthesis and also with preparation and selection of pedagogical personnel.

For operating time at TNV department 225 research works were performed. Deep cooling and catalytic oxidation of ammonia, sulphurous gas, methanol synthesis were the main directions in research work of N.P. Kurin. Results of these researches were used for a process intensification on the Berezniki azotno-tukovom the plant. N.P. Kurina it is possible by the right to consider the founder of the new direction in science about a catalysis, i.e. development of not platinum catalysts.

In days of the Great Patriotic War N.P. Kurin as a part of committee of scientists and experts which directed and coordinated developments for the defense enterprises and the organizations created and put into operation original public installation for receiving carbide of calcium from local raw materials. It developed a method of regeneration of mercury rectifiers for mines of Kuzbass, a way of protection against a slezhivayemost of the granulated saltpeter for aviation bombs and some other very important works for the enterprises of Western Siberia of Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Leninsk, etc. At the same time he gave lectures and trained experts for the specified enterprises.

Since 1950 in N.P. Kurin's activity the new period began. According to the decision of the Government of 20.08.45 it was created & #34; The First Head Department at CHK CCCP" for the direct management of the research, design and industrial enterprises for use of intratomic energy of uranium and proizvod-

to a stvo of atomic bombs. And in 1950. The council of ministers of the USSR made the decision on the organization in TPI and other higher education institutions of the country of faculties for training of specialists for the nuclear industry. At the Tomsk polytechnical institute the physics and technology faculty was created. N.P. Kurin based on new faculty and headed department of technology of rare and scattered elements and also the industry research laboratory p.b. No. 15 transformed then in laboratory No. 4, with the state (together with teachers) in 100 people. For the short period of time N.P. Kurin with employees did a great job on the organization of educational process in the conditions of almost total absence in the open press of any educational and scientific literature on nuclear chemical technology and in December, 1952 the first release of fi-ziko-chemists was made.

Under the leadership of N.P. Kurin the big cycle of works on improvement of technological processes was executed. In 1967 N.P. Kurin defended the doctoral dissertation, the academic degree of the Doctor of Engineering was appropriated to him.

For performance of a cycle of works on improvement of technology of nuclear fuel to N.P. Kurin among group of scientists in 1986 the State award of the USSR was awarded.

After retirement in 1986 N.P. Kurin worked as professor-consultant at the department created by it, making a big contribution to business of training of engineers and experts of the top skills, was the vice-chairman of the doctor's academic council of SSD 064 20 on award of academic degrees. N.P. Kurin is an author and the coauthor over 600 scientific works, 20 copyright certificates.

In 1944 it is awarded the order & #34; Sign Pocheta" in 1945 - a medal for valorous work in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, in 1961 - a medal for & #34; Labour доблесть" in 1996 the government award & #34 is appropriated to it; Honored chemist РФ" and & #34; Honored professor ТПУ".

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