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Books from a private library of the philologist B.I. Koplan


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National Library of Russia 191069, St. Petersburg, Sadovaya St., 18

The history of receipt in National Library of Russia of a private library of the employee of IRLI (Pushkin House) B.I. Koplan, its quantity and substantial characteristic and also specific features of the copies (ex-librises, autographs) which are contained in it is covered in article. Independently revealed, earlier not investigated materials of a private library of the scientist are considered in professional, creative and biographic aspect and allow to introduce for scientific use additional data of concrete and biographic character.

The article describes how the private library of the research worker of the Institute of Russian Literature (Push-kinsky House) B. I. Koplan appeared in the National Library of Russian, its volume and content, as well as individual peculiarities of its copies (exlibrises, autographs). Unknown materials of the scientist&s library are considered in professional, creative and biographic aspects and enable to bring into a scientific use the additional data of concrete biographic charactor.

The period of 1941-1945 in the history of the National Library of Russia (NLR) is characteristic active receipts of personal meetings in its funds. More than 300 private collections which remained ownerless in connection with death or urgent evacuation of owners came to library during the war, and further were distributed on the RNB various funds. Former owners of libraries treated scientific and cultural community of St. Petersburg-Leningrad. Their book meetings, mainly, were an integral part of intellectual life of owners. Many copies of private libraries bear different inscriptions, a dung having indisputable value for reconstruction of history of the interrupted creative activity of owners and their personal biographies. A specific place among military receipts is held by libraries of employees of IRLI (Pushkin House), the dead in blockade: N.P. Andreyeva, E.P. Kazanovich, V.L. Komarovich and the poet, the literary critic, the textual critic B.I. Koplan, the victim of political repression and the dead in the conclusion in 1941. As a part of the last library also books by his wife - the philologist S.A. Shakhmatova-Koplan and the academician A.A. Shakhmatov arrived.

It was possible to find for until recently short information about Boris Ivanovich Koplan

only in the index "Writers of Leningrad" (1982) [13, page 164-165]. In scientific literature only rare mentions of his name met. Thanks to publications of the orientalist and bibliophile V.E. Mo-lodyakova, [6-8, 11-12] biography of the scientist and his poetic creativity became available to a wide range of readers. The biographic information about Ko plan contains in the anniversary edition "the Pushkin House: materials to history" [14, page 459]. To specify and add some facts of its biography and scientific activity materials of a private library of the scientist can.

In 1943 the manager of department of completing of Public library M.V. Mashkova supervising the work on collecting and reception of ownerless libraries writes down: "B.I. Koplan. - Gulyarnaya 23, apartment 6. Planned to export on January 12, 1943. Could not take, there was no key. The library on April 15, 1943, about 1500 books and hand-written material is taken out" [10, page 349]. In "The book of accounting of the ownerless libraries which came to GPB", receipt of library of Koplan containing is recorded: the Russian books - 1045, from them with autographs - 82, prints - 1, cards - 5, notes - 277, prints - 159, the Russian magazines - 30, foreign books - 245. In total - 1762 copies [10, page 349-350].

B.I. Koplan is future archivist and the textual critic, the expert on literature of the 18th century - finished a gymnasium

Silt. 1. V. Klyuchevsky. Course of the Russian history of Part 1. - Prod. the 4th. - M, 1911. - 1 pages of the fly-leaf with the pasted "Donative diploma"

with a gold medal. The edition can serve as the evidence of its gymnasia progress (silt. 1): V. Klyuchevsky. A course of the Russian history (1911), containing B. Ko plan ex-libris and "The donative diploma" to the pupil of the V class of the Petrograd gymnasium of the Emperor Peter the Great Koplan Boris of November 21, 1914. In 1917 it arrived on historical and philological faculty of the Petrograd university. In 1918-1919 worked as the bibliologist in Book chamber under the leadership of S.A. Vengerov with study, and from now on the bibliography is included forever into his life. The collection of books of Koplan contains various bibliographic and biobibliographic indexes, among them: N.I. Novikov. Experience of the historical dictionary about the Russian writers (1772) (silt. 2). A.N. Neustroyev. The index to the Russian time editions and collections in 17031802 (1898), Vengerov S.A. Sources of the dictionary of the Russian writers (1900-1917), Vsevolodsky-Gerngross V.N. The bibliographic and chronological index of materials on the history of theater in Russia in the 17th and 18th centuries (1918). In 1919 Ko plan comes to hand-written office of the Pushkin House to a position of the keeper and in the 1920th is engaged mainly in the description of the materials of the 18th century which are stored in this establishment, the publication of archive materials and researches on their basis. The "Catalog of the manuscripts dated till 1800" prepared by it was intended for internal work of hand-written office and still is

reliable, though already and incomplete, guide [1, page 21-22]. The work the originator devoted memories of B.L. Modzalevsky under the leadership of whom he worked on it. In 1928 Ko plan wrote "A short essay of scientific activity of B.L. Modzalevsky: by first anniversary of death" (L.: Academy of Sciences of the USSR publishing house, 1929). The author sent a separate print of this biobibliographic work to Public library with an inscription: "In the State Public Library in Leningrad from the originator 9. IX. 1929". Earlier the library received as a present two more works of Kopla-na - "To a life story and N.A. Lvov's creativity" (1927), inscribed: "In Public library from the Author 3. XII. 1927" and "From literary researches of the end of XVIII - the beginning of the 19th century A.M. Bakunin and V.V. Kapnist", published in 1928 in Tver in number of 55 copies with the autograph: "In the State Public Library from the author 28. V. 28. Leningrad".

History of the Russian literature of the 18th century was in the 1920th in the center of attention of literary criticism. By the end of the 1920th the first specialists in this subject were created, there were theses and monographs. B.I. Koplan printed the first work about G.R. Derzhavin's translations in 1922. Further he became an author about 40 scientific publications. Among them - article about M.V. Lomonosov, A.N. Radishchev, I.I. Hemni-tser, M.M. Heraskov's creativity. It prepared the first scientific publication of compositions of V.V. Kapnist. According to the scientific interests the scientist filled up library as original editions of the XVIII and first quarter of the 19th century, and later editions of works of authors of this period and scientific literature on them. Let's list some of such editions: Andrey Timofeyevich Bolotov's notes. 1738-1794. T. 1. Part 1-7. 1738-1760. SPb., 1871; A.T. Bolotov Pamyatnik inflowed vremyan. M, 1875; G.R. Derzhavin. Compositions. Part 1-5. SPb., 1808-1816; Genealogical

Silt. 2. N.I. Novikov. Experience of the historical dictionary about the Russian writers. From different printing and hand-written books, the reported news, and verbal legends. - SPb.: type. Academician of sciences, 1772. - [14], 264 pages - Record about acquisition of the book in International Book shop in 1935

book by princes and noblemen Russian and Vyezzhy, prod. N.I. Novikov. Part 1-2. M, 1787; Drone. N.I. Novikova. 1769-1770. Prod. the 3rd. SPb., 1865, etc.

Some of editions contain, except an ex-libris of the owner, record about circumstances of purchase of books: so book by Kotzebue A.F. Octavia, or Rare example of marital fidelity... (M, 1802) it is accompanied by record: "A corner Pool, for two rubles on October 21, 1935 B.K. is bought in book antiques on Foundry,". On the fly-leaf of the edition of News of literature: additions to the Russian disabled person. Prince 2. (SPb., 1822) the instruction contains: "B.K. is bought in House of Books for 75 kopeks on April 14, 1934". In the book A.R. Le Sage. Zhilblaz de Santillana's adventures. T. 4. (SPb., 1761) on the back of the second page of the fly-leaf it is written down: "Bought on October 25, 1935 from G.G. Azan-cheev for 3 rubles. B.K.". One more record in this copy indicates purposeful search of the editions interesting the owner with attraction of reference bibliographic books: "It is the IV volume (last) see Bitovt, No. 11331" [2].

Since the end of the 1920th Koplan becomes known in circles of philologists as the brilliant archivist and the textual critic. Dedicatory inscriptions on prints of works testify to friendly relations and professional contacts of the scientist. Work copies "From literary researches of the end of XVIII - the beginning of the 19th century", intended as a gift to E.P. Kazanovich are stored in RNB: "To dear Evlaliya Pavlovna Kazanovich from sincerely devoted B. Koplan 22. V. 1928" and to N.O. Lerner: "To dear Nikolay Osipovich Ler-ner from devoted B. Koplan. On May 28, 1928". In turn, its library is filled up by the books presented by philologists, writers, historians, bibliographers, musical figures. The book by the literary critic, bibliographer V.I. Maslov "Os-sian in Russia: (bibliography)", published in 1928 in a series Works of the Pushkin House of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, is accompanied by the autograph: "To Boris Ivanovich Glubokouvazhayemy Koplan from the author of 1928. 27/XI. Priluki", its brochure "Ossia-nizm Karamzin" devoted to B.L. Mod-zalevskogo's memory also bears a dedicatory inscription:

"To Boris Ivanovich Glubokouvazhayemy Kop-lanu for memory from the author of 1928 on August 28". In 1929 the historian M.N. Popova gives to the scientist the work "Theodor Heinrich Chudi and the Le Caméléon Littéraire magazine based by him in 1755, having accompanied a gift with an inscription: "To dear Boris Ivanovich Kaplan for kind memory from the author".

The circle of its research was not limited to history of literature and social thought of the 18th century, Koplan possesses works about F.M. Dostoyevsky, N.A. Nekrasov. Pushkini-

sta highly appreciated its article "Poltava Fight" of Pushkin and odes by Lomonosov (1930), published in the collection "Pushkin and His Contemporaries" (the Issue 38-39, page 113-191). The separate print of this work was presented by him to the wife, S.A. Shakhmatova, and accompanied by an inscription: "To the companion, darling. 1/GS. 30".

Acquaintance of the scientist to future wife took place in choir of church of St. apostles Pyotr and Pavel at the St. Petersburg university which considerable part of parishioners was made by the members of university corporation who are color of domestic science: V.N. Beneshevich, A.I. Vvedensky, S.F. Platonov, E.L. Radlov, A.A. Shakhmatov, etc. According to the decree adopted in 1918 the temple was subject to closing, but thanks to E.D. Grimm's efforts and released him from a rectorial duty of V.M. Shimkevich, closing was removed for a year. In 1919 the temple was closed and the university community moved to the apartment of Vyach. I. Sreznevsky on Birzhevaya liniya to house 8, quarter 1 where the house church in memory of All Saints was arranged. N. Chukov became the prior of new "small" church. First sang, only one person - B.A. Turayev brought obedience of the psalm reader. Over time the chorus expanded the structure. B.I. Koplan [16] was the regent of chorus. Marriage with Sofya Alekseevna took place in 1923, N.V. Izmaylov writes in memories of the Pushkin House: "In 1923 he married the daughter of the academician Shakhmatov, & lt;...> small growth and serious, as well as he, and it the great married couple was same" [4, page 293]. The same year there was one more important event: being not only a researcher of poetry, but also the interesting poet, writing verses throughout all the life, B. Koplan saw them published only once - in 1923, by means of I.A. Kubasov, their small part was published by the separate collection "Stanzas" [9]. The copy of this book sent by the author to library, and a copy with a dedicatory inscription to the father is stored in RNB: To "Dear and beloved father from the son Boris of 1923".

Work in the Pushkin House was continued 10 years. During this time Koplan got recognition as the bibliographer and the palaeographer, the specialist in books and manuscripts, was held in respect and sympathy of colleagues. "It is necessary to tell about one of the youngest then (years) of employees - about Boris Ivanovich Koplan, - N.V. Izmaylov writes, - the Boundless love and devotion to the Pushkin House was, apparently, the main line of its character and made the meaning of his life & lt;. & gt; it always was in work, always took care of the interests of the House" [4, page 293]. As eloquent confirmation of this characteristic serves B. Koplan's ex-libris,

Silt. 3. B. Koplan's ex-libris

the representing view of the Pushkin House from an unreal gloomy arch. On the steps of the ladder conducting to the House the inscription is located: "With me they live" (silt. 3).

On December 1, 1929 Koplan was arrested on "The academic business", on March 3, 1930 is released without the right of work in academic institutions and did not return on service to the Pushkin House any more. In October, 1930 (at this time it worked as the proofreader in printing house of the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper) it is again arrested. The publication of its article in the collection "Pushkin and His Contemporaries" which print was presented by it to the wife belongs to this short period between two arrests. Sofya Alekseevna's efforts its library was replenished with the book by V.B. Shklovsky the "Short, but authentic story about the nobleman Bolotov" (1930) accompanied with an inscription: "To the only thing. S.K. 12/111 1930".

In February, 1931 the scientist was sentenced to 10 years of camps and sent to a tree felling to Karelia. Sofya Alekseevna selflessly collected the bases for the petition for release of the repressed husband for what left to Moscow and A.S. Enukidze was accepted. In October, 1931, thanks to S.A. Shakhmato-voy-Koplan's efforts and S.F. Oldenburg support, it was succeeded to achieve reduction of term of expulsion up to 3 years. In 1931-1933 Koplan was in administrative expulsion. Till October, 1932 he worked in Ulyanovsk as the statistician at the starched plant, then was transferred to Melekess where served as the technical secretary of Presidium of district executive committee, the librarian and the secretary of a teaching department of pedagogical workers' faculty.

according to the representatives of the whole generation of the intellectuals who passed in the 19201930th a way of arrest and expulsion, the most heartrending experience it is heavier than physical sufferings and household inconveniences, intellectual isolation, lack of the adequate communication environment was. Burdens of life of the scientist were facilitated by presence of the wife who followed it in the reference together with the son and unity of the local and ssylny intellectuals. In exile it found "in days of exile the quiet center as if during a storm the desired lighthouse" [8, page 117] and found an opportunity to finish two monographs - about N.A. Lvov and F.V. Karzhavin, about -

to dolzhit studying fables of Krylov. Apparently, the most close friendly relations were established at a couple Koplanov with married couple of N. and M. Dining rooms. N.N. Stolov is a philologist, the local historian, the bibliographer, one of organizers of the Palace of the book of V.I. Lenin. In the late twenties it, being a member of public literary circle of the House of workers of education [15], constantly made reports, organized exhibitions, concerts, evenings, was one of founders of the museum of the book. In Koplan's library the book by K.N. Berkova "Voltaire" (1931) presented to them, with a dedicatory inscription remained: "To the friend and brother in literature Boris Ivanovich Koplan for the memory of the Ulyanovsk affairs and days. July 1, 1932. Nickname. Tables". Their relations were not broken off and later when Koplan was released, and Stolov worked in Moscow. In 1937 Koplana receive as a gift the book by E.A. Fedorov "The Shadrinsk goose" published in Chelyabinsk, accompanied with the autograph: "To the Volga summer residents from the Ural travelers - darling Koplanam from N. and M. Dining rooms - hi and love. Nickname. Tables Sverdlovsk on July 30, 1937" (Il. 4). Koplanov recitation, music were usual evening lessons in the house. In one of poems of this period we find the description of winter evening in Melekesse:

We will have a talk or we will dream.

But not they are we will read the Precept -

Pentateuch or Prophets;

Or listen to a violin concert,

Or "Snow mask" of Blok [8, page 118].

Silt. 4. E.A. Fedorov. The Shadrinsk goose or the story about the Shadrinsk pisarishk of Epishke. - Chelyabinsk, 1937. - the Dedicatory inscription of N. Stolov on 2 pages of the fly-leaf of the book

In September, 1933, having returned to Leningrad, Sofya Alekseevna sends to the husband the book by the famous musician L. Auer "My school of playing a violin" with an inscription: "To Borisik - the first hi from Leningrad. Page 9/1H-1933", Boris Ivanoč -

д - and

HIV fixes obtaining the book: "Received in Melekesse 15-IX-¡¡ffatftiJUttVUf, 33 in 11 h morning. B.K." (silt. 5). "Would be insufferably drearily to me in exile far, / If not my books, not a violin and not a watercolor" - he wrote in September, 1933 in the poem "Autumn Pentameters" [8, page 119].

In November, 1933 Koplan could return to the hometown, but for many years was left without full-time employment, being engaged in reading updates, work on publishing contracts in "Library of the poet", Detizdat, editing the academic publication of compositions of A.S. Pushkin. Despite a difficult situation, in this the scientist publishes the period, difficult for himself in 1935 in the Prague edition Slavia: Casopis pro slovanskou filogii the obituary of L.K. Ilyinsky, the historian of literature, the bibliographer, author of works about G.R. Derzhavin, I.A. Krylov, F.M. Dostoyevsky, the vice president of the Russian bibliological society which died in exile in 1934 also sends a print of this work to Public library with an inscription: "In the State Public Library from B. Koplan on September 2, 1935". Such step was how risky, becomes obvious of the certificate of the orientalist I.M. Dyakonov concerning persecution in the press of the academician S.A. Zhebelev: "The name of Zhebelev was known to me on the scandal lifted around his name in newspapers. Sergey Aleksandrovich Zhebelev was elected the academician in 1927. But it turned out that was registered for him, nearly in the Czechoslovak press, the obituary to the emigrating academician-vizantistu N.P. Kondakov. & lt;...> Newspapers wrote also lt;...> that to Zhebelev not the place in Academy" [3, page 278].

In 1935-1937 in the big series "Libraries of the Poet", there is a prepared B.I. Kopla-nom and G.A. Gukovsky the two-volume complete collection of poems of Krylov which in many respects did not lose the value thanks to textual and bibliographic investigations of researchers. In 1939 B.I. Koplan receives as a gift from Hookean his work "Essays on stories of the Russian literature and social thought of the 18th century" (1938) with a warm friendly inscription: "To dear Boris Ivanovich Koplan from the old friend G. Gu-kovsky. 22. II. 1939". In the same

13 33

Silt. 5. L.S. Auer. My school of playing a violin. - Prod. the 2nd. - L., 1933. - With B. Koplan and S. Shakhmatova-Koplan's records

Silt. 6. Küchelbecker V.K. Prokofy Lyapunov. Tragedy by V. Küchelbecker 1834/edition, vstup. Article Yu. Tynyanov. -

L., 1938. - Dedicatory inscription Yu. Tynyanov for 2 pages of the fly-leaf of the edition

year its library is filled up by the book by the musicologist A.S. Rabinovich about I. Haydn (1937) accompanied with the autograph: "To dear Boris Ivanovich as proof of resumption of age-old companionship. L-@ 24. I. 39 A. River".

In the mid-thirties Koplan becomes Yu.N. Tynyanov's employee and works together with him on the two-volume book by V. Küchelbecker in the big series "Libraries of the Poet". Within several years Koplan was engaged in bibliographic investigations, comments and textual preparation of the edition, directed, at the request of Tynyanov, in Moscow certificates of V.K. Küchelbecker and P.A. Katenin's manuscripts. The 6-volume edition and materials to it (card files, etc.) prepared together with Koplan was originally supposed they are in Tynyanov's fund in TsGALI. The evidence of this cooperation are copies of the editions prepared in common from Koplan's library with Tynyanov's autographs: the first of volumes of the two-volume book bears an inscription with the instruction on the page of the text of the preface concerning Koplan's participation in work: "To dear Boris Ivanovich Koplan (see p. LII. 450) Yur. Tynyanov. 25/X-39", the second volume is accompanied by an inscription: "To dear Boris Ivanovich Koplan Yu. Tynyanov 1940. 1. III \. The tragedy by Küchelbecker "Prokofy Lyapunov" published by Tynyanov in 1938 is presented to the owner of library with a friendly inscription: "To dear Boris Ivanovich Koplan with greetings and gratitude. 10. XI. 38. Yur. Tynyanov" (silt. 6).

In 1938 Koplan N.Ya. Maher-ra received the constant place of work at Institute of language and thinking of the academician, next year he becomes the staff editor, and in 1940 - the editor-in-chief of the Old Russian dictionary. The editions which remained in Koplan's library belong to this subject: Old Russian drama works (1898), Life and miracles of the prelate and wonder-worker Nikolay (the text of a monument in old Slavic language according to Makariyevsky' manuscript Chetyikh Miney) (1901) and also a set of the books which passed from A.A. Shakhmatov's library.

One of the latest editions which filled up library of the philologist was specially cut out from the book "Lomonosov. The collection of articles and materials", "Unknown works of Lomonosov on the geography, ethnography and the history of Russia" published in 1940, article of the historian A.I. Andreyev with a dedicatory inscription: "To dear Boris Ivanovich Koplan from the author 25. V. 1940". From the beginning of war of Koplan joined the ranks of a national militia, and in November, 1941 he was arrested under the Article 59-6 and 58-10 on a charge of carrying out anti-Soviet defeatist promotion. According to data of the official reference he died in prison on December 29, 1941 of an acute heart failure.

Fate of his family was tragically. G.A. Knyazev, the director of Academy of Sciences of the USSR Archive in which worked in the last years of life S.A. Shah - it is opaque-Koplan, writes down in the diary of 1942: "Running on prisons, searching of the husband, transfer of the last remains and full deprivation of an opportunity though somehow ended eating terrible accident. She never told much about herself, did not intimnichat, but I felt that it is saved only by one - belief. She, undoubtedly, was sincerely and deeply believing..." [5, page 391]. Attempt of staff of archive to help it had no result any more. Sofya Alekseevna died in one day with the son Alyosha Koplan on January 5, 1942. This day Knyazev writes down: "Sofya Alekseevna Shakhmatova-Koplan and her sixteen-year-old son Alyosha, the grandson of the academician Shakhmatov, the boy especially gifted and big fan of astronomy, undoubtedly, proved in favourite area and probably in the future become to outstanding scientists or maybe even the academician. & lt died from exhaustion and tests;...> In "Crosses" there is a father of the died boy scientist and Sofya Alekseevna B.I. Koplan's husband. To find for him, to demolish to him transfer, mother and the son spent all the days off and gave the last remains. Then forces them weakened, and both of them got sick helpless and fateful. & lt;. & gt; Surprisingly resistant and sustained there was Sofya Alekseevna. She never complained of the destiny, of deprivations, of difficulties, remarkably devoted worker was also to Archive" [5, page 388-389]. As the memory of A.A. Shakhmatov's grandson serves the book presented to him by parents, and, perhaps, which aroused in mal-

Chick interest in astronomy which is noted by all, knowing this family is the book by Ya.I. Perelman "A rocket to the Moon" presented concerning successful transition to the third class. In the book the autograph remained: "Aleshenka Koplan is awarded by this book from Mom and Dad for successful transition to the 3rd class of Elementary School on May 24, 1935" (silt. 7).

In this article we could describe only some editions from the most interesting library of the philologist B.I. Koplan, further identification and the description of copies of editions of this personal book meeting will be continued.

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