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To Yu.P. Melentyeva's anniversary



Yulia Petrovna Me-lentyeva - known Russian bibliotekoved. Its contribution to development of library science of the country is represented very significant. First of all, it is the doctoral dissertation "Library as institute of socialization of youth" (1995) - work where the socializing function of library was for the first time comprehended. In this work which appeared when a habitual ideological basis on which for many years there was the Soviet library fell, the new concept of library service based on understanding of library service as the socializing process as means of "strengthening of the personality" due to familiarizing with knowledge was offered, to information as help of the personality in the solution of vital problems. Not accidentally therefore its concept successfully took root in Krasnodar, Stavropol and other cities of Russia. This work as the monograph was published in Psikhologiya publishing house of the Russian Academy of Education (RAE) (1999) and in publishing house of Institute of social pedagogics of Russian joint stock company (2001)

The edition of the collective monograph "The Russian library science became other successful project: The XX century. Directions of development, problem and results" (2003). Yu.P. Melentyeva was the author of the idea, the originator and the organizer of this research. This monograph is unique, it held a specific place in bibliotekovedchesky literature as here the deep analysis of evolution of the Russian (Soviet) library science within all the 20th century, one of the most difficult in the Russian history is carried out. It is necessary to tell that this monograph was highly estimated not only in Russia, but also abroad - the German, American, Bulgarian colleagues.

Yu.P. Melentyeva's activity at a position of the manager of department of library science of Moscow State University of culture and arts (MGUKI) (1998-2004) was very fruitful. The oldest department of the university which was directed nearly forty years by the outstanding scientist K.I. Abramov got to good

hands. For years of management of Yu.P. Melentyeva the department kept and strengthened the authority and on the university and is far beyond its limits: the department held the international conferences and seminars, developed new training courses and specializations (for example,

such as "Bibliotechnoinformatsionny providing area of the right", developed at the initiative of directly Yu.P. Melentyeva); developed communications with libraries, involving in teaching large spetsia - sheets-experts. At this particular time the department of library science invited as professor of DAAD (German service of the academic exchanges) doctor Gottfried Kratts who, working at department more than six years, made much for strengthening of material and technical resources of department, for expansion of professional communication of her teachers and students. With its active help to Yu.P. Melentyeva the Russian-German center of library science (1999) was organized. In 2003 on its initiative the Library and information institute of MGUKI (BIIn MGUKI) where it carried out duties of the deputy director for scientific work till 2004 was created

A logical result of teaching activity of Yu.P. Melentyeva was writing of the author's textbook "Library Service" (2006) by it. where Yu.P. Melentyeva's innovation was also brightly shown: for the first time library service of users of libraries is considered not only on the Russian material as it was before, but also is comprehended as uniform universal professional process. Such approach forces the student to understand the valid scale of library service as sociocultural phenomenon, to comprehend its role both in life of the personality, and in life of all society. The special place in professional life of Yu.P. Me-lentyeva was occupied by development and promotion of "The code of ethics of the Russian librarian". This work was given nearly ten years. As the head of the initiative group "Code..." by her it was presented to the library public at the session of the Russian library association in

1999 where was and it is approved. It was the first document accepted by RBA - public professional association of new Russia.

And then work on its advance in real life began. Dozens of articles were written to Yu.P. Melentyeva, dozens of reports at conferences of various level are submitted, up to IFLA; several times "Code..." left the separate edition, dozens of times its text was published in the professional press. Yu.P. Me-lentyeva had to argue also with opponents of acceptance "the Code.". However it is already obvious that by professional community "Code." it is demanded, it is widely applied in practice of many libraries, it drew to itself(himself) attention of foreign colleagues: in the American, German, Bulgarian, Polish professional press, reviews of this document are published, theses and scientific articles are devoted to its analysis.

During all the professional life of Yu.P. Melentyev actively participated in the largest scientific conferences, both Russian, and foreign. Nearly ten years in a row she participates in the International conference "Crimea. Its reports devoted to theoretical problems of library science, problems of reading, library ethics always attract great interest as they, as a rule, are non-standard, sharp, polemical. In the last several years Yu.P. Me-lentyeva is a part of Program committee of the Conference and actively contributes to the development and increase in the authority of the last.

More than ten years Yu.P. Melentyeva participates in the IFLA conferences, several times she performed on sections IFLA with the presentation of "The code of ethics of the Russian librarian". She is the corresponding member of Section IFLA by training and training. It has many colleagues friends in Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Israel and other countries. About twenty articles are published by it in a foreign press.

Since 2004 Yu.P. Melentyeva works in the Scientific center of history of researches of book culture entering into structure of RAS. And in a new field the lines inherent in it were brightly shown, - acute sense of novelty, aspiration to the analysis, you -

soky working capacity. It is much printed (all about 300 works are published), takes active part in development of the National development program and advance of reading in the Russian Federation. Recently successfully there took place the International conference "Reading as Strategy of Life" which concept and the name are developed by Yu.P. Melentyeva.

It should be added that for a number of years (19762006) Yu.P. Melentyeva conducted a number of large-scale researches on studying nature of influence of the book and library on personal development of the reader. Possibilities of influence of library on formation of culture of reading, the information culture of the reader were especially deeply studied. Now she together with the Center of sociology of formation of Russian joint stock company and with assistance of the Russian humanitarian scientific fund conducts a research on the subject "Culture of Reading as Base of Information Culture of the Personality". Collected material will be reflected in the monograph.

For a number of years Yu.P. Melentyeva was the expert of Open Society Institute and also - till today - the Russian humanitarian scientific fund.

Great attention of Yu.P. Melentyev gives to preparation of scientific shots. It is a member of Doctor's council for protection of theses of MGUKI and Moscow State University of the press, constantly acts as the opponent on protection of doctoral and master's theses.

Yu.P. Melentyeva actively cooperates with the Russian libraries, enters an editorial board of the Bibliografiya and Bibliosfera magazines. She is a full member of the International academy of informatization.

All career of Yu.P. Melentyeva says that she is betrayed the profession, the business. At the same time it happily avoided professional isolation, tunnel vision. The openness and goodwill is characteristic of it. Yulia Petrovna has many creative and vital plans. Let's wish her their execution!

Editorial council of the Bibliosfera magazine

Eva Williams
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