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America and war


In what sources of aggression and expansionism of the USA, their aspirations to impose to the whole world the — American — way of life are? The answer to this question can be looked for in the current economic richness of the USA.

Certainly, the United States — the rich country. And it in itself is fine; to live in the rich country — a dream of each person. But there is a question which can not interest the inhabitant, but which we are obliged to set: from where did these riches appear? The answer is known: the fertile soils, woods, meadows, magnificent climate, subsoil full of gold, oil and other minerals, rivers and lakes, ocean open spaces

and depths with inexhaustible stocks sea products — a basis

the current richness of the USA — are received by extermination of Indians — radical

people and radical culture of North America and capture of their riches. The American wars also begin just with the first attack on Indians in 1622 in Jamestown — "slaughter" of 1622. Then followed Pekotsky war of 1637; the two years' war in Maryland (1642-1643), war of 1675-1676 in Virginii1. Other wars and "hunting for Indians" continued prior to the beginning of the XX century. Americans destroyed millions of Indians. It was the most real and probably the largest genocide in the history of mankind. In a word, "culture" of war originates with "okho-

I.M. ILYINSKY America and war

1 We publish the 3 and 4 sections of introductory article of I.M. Ilyinsky "History the main opponent learns" to the documentary collection ": Documents of the American foreign policy and strategy 1945 — 1950", left in Publishing house of the Moscow humanities university in 2006

you" on indigenous people of America — Indians. From those times there was laconic and very eloquent American principle: "The good Indian — the dead Indian". It is worth reminding: from 600 thousand Indians of tribes to a si inhabiting America in 1776 by 1910 there were 220 thousand which drove into "reservations" and contained in inhuman usloviyakh2.

Fantastic profit was made by the USA a slave trade and slavery. Dutches brought the first slaves to North America in 1619 godu3. The slave trade in the USA is forbidden in 1808. Almost in 200 years of a slave trade to North America it was delivered more

10 one million slaves; tens of millions of people died in way. Nowadays African countries intend to show to the USA and the former Western European colonial powers the claim for damage caused to the countries of Africa those years. The sum of possible compensation fantastic — 777 trillion dollarov4.

It is known that the USA forced Spain to give them Florida, in 1840-1850 took a half of the territory of Mexico, in 1898 — Philippines, Puerto Rico. On happy combination of circumstances of the USA in 1776 bought the Western Louisiana from France, in 1867 — got on the cheap from Russia Alaska and the Aleutian Islands.

Without going into detail, we will remember many other widely known facts of rather recent past: about the First and Second world wars on which the economy of the USA, about "brain drain" in the USA from other countries which provided break of the United States to tops of nauchnotekhnichesky progress, etc. got fat. Let's tell the main thing: the majority of richness of the USA — a fruit of initial aggression and eagerness to fight, is acquired in the injust, military, aggressive way.

Undoubtedly, the richness of the USA provokes their government and the people to aggression. Because the wealth is the power, and the power by the nature inevitably seeks to appropriate all people around it wealth. Even if these riches belong to others, even the EU -

whether for the sake of them it is necessary to launch the regional conflict and "small" war.

The second factor of the current aggression of the USA — their military power. Yes, there is no this power equal in the world today. It is easy to define its origin: economic wealth which roots are known to us — superoperation, capture, war. But the military power even more than wealth provokes aggression because it presents itself force in its clean form which is created in order that to apply it. Force is a same power which you enjoy only when you use it. To overcome temptation to use force, the superior intelligence and the high culture of soul are necessary.

But these qualities, culture in high and full sense of this word were also not at pervopokoritely North America since 16th century, i.e. initially. As it is not enough chronically and nowadays.

As the United States of America arose that for Europeans the first occupied this country, it is well known. It is not nationalities: British, French, Italians, Mexicans, Portuguese or someone another. The main thing is that in the majority pioneers of development of North America were adventurers, losers in the former fatherland, obsessed with passion for wealth and not burdened conscience, honor and other high virtues. In 1840 A. Tokvil wrote in the book "Democracy in America": "I do not know other country where the love for money would take such place in the hearts of people, as in America". He called the American people "gathering of adventurers and speculators" 5.

I do not want someone to suspect me of xenophobia or racism, of dislike for Americans in general. Any normal person will not dare to argue on any people in general, to give it estimates and characteristics, meaning literally each person. I speak about those lines which should be noticed; about the objective investigations which are found this -

day, but the reasons of which were put hundreds years ago; about defects of "nation" which were not got rid, and were aggravated during historical development of this country.

It is known that the raznonatsionalny conglomerate of the emigrants, since the 16th century occupying the new continent had no general history, had no initial, radical culture. Settlers had no common spiritual goal ennobling them. Certainly, among pervopokoritel there were people and educated. Natives of France and Britain bore in themselves the ideas of the age of Enlightenment, but this part of the population was extremely insignificant, focused generally on the northeast of the country. In general all invention on "development" of North America was some kind of large-scale business project with a set of the directions — from gold mining and trade in slaves to brothels and trade in alcohol. Existence of the material purpose, uniform for all — wealth, money! — inevitably led to fight, capture and repartition of limited quantity of "niches" for receiving income. In other words, to internal war between aggressors, dealers and frank speculators which is perfectly reflected in current Hollywood fighters. Incessant fight of settlers among themselves for expansion of territories and protection of their borders generated the military culture, "culture" of war.

The atmosphere of violence and cruelty, focus on self-defense, survival and fight for the place on Klondike did not leave to new Oykumena's inhabitants of time for serious reflections about high spirituality and morals, on deep thoughts about the global principles of world order. For this reason the American public consciousness (naturally, and consciousness of individual "American") initially was very narrow. The human meanness was norm, and war — manifestation of this meanness.

In the Declaration of the independence adopted

4 July, 1776 all thirteen united states of America, proclaimed the fine and axiomatic truth:

"... all people are created by equal and given by the Creator certain inalienable rights which the right to life, on freedom and on aspiration fortunately", etc. is among. But in these words the relations which are not approved in the society of value, not developed, and a dream were reflected. Not accidentally the document was called "declaration".

Aggression and effusiveness, greed and commercialism, pragmatism and cynicism, violence and cruelty — here those qualities which were necessary for success on new lands in real life. It is natural that winner pioneers cultivated the same qualities in the children, and those are in the. And so — from generation to generation, up to now.

If to take as it is accepted in sociology, for the average length of generation of 30 years, then from the moment of formation of the USA in 1776 in this country only eight generations were replaced. For certain many young Americans if they, of course, "presents", have in the houses photos of ancestors, their knives, revolvers and "colts", and even scalps of Indians. 250 years in the history of the country and the people are very little, to horror it is not enough if to present what is nearby, on the same planet with the name "Earth" there are people which history contains five, six and more millennia.

A global example in favor of development of American "culture" of war — the civil war in the USA 1861-1865 godov6. The second phase of Civil war proceeded in the form of Reconstruction of the South till 1877. Thus, the whole 16 years America was in a condition of internal civil war which continued to kindle low instincts and passions in Americans.

In 1917-1918 America — only of all winner countries dropped out of World War I which economically strengthened therefore it reached position of the leading power in the world. This war was fine experience of dragging of chestnuts from fire others hands.

Then the USA struck an economic crisis in which overcoming a metaphor "war" played defining rol7.

World War II led the USA to an enormous economic prize again. Again only of the winner countries (USSR, the USA, Great Britain) strengthened, but not weakened America dropped out of the war. And again American government and a great number of ordinary Americans to which earth and houses in five years any bomb, any shell did not fall received the bases to think: "And that, war — it is not so bad! We again — in winners and again — in unprecedented benefit". "Culture" of war in consciousness of millions of "true Americans" who are not really overloaded with deep thoughts, high virtues received one more powerful injection of aggression, expansionism, self-admiration and self-confidence, conviction in superiority of the USA.

A "witch-hunt", Lynch's courts, McCarthyism? And the Korean war during which were used napalm, chemical and bacteriological weapons 9 million people, from them 84 percent — civilians are killed? 8 A Vietnamese war where napalm and chemical weapons were also applied, 14 million tons of bombs and shells are dumped, 1.5 million Vietnamese are killed? 9

For years of the existence of the USA conducted hundreds of barbaric wars in others territories during which many millions of people were killed. It is counted that in 100 years (1824-1994) of the USA was carried out by 73 armed interventions only to the countries of Latin America. Puerto Rico, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Haiti, Colombia, Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands, El Salvador, Guatemala, Grenada...10

were their victims

Since the beginning of the XX century there was no war in the world in which the Pentagon would not take part. Only after World War II, i.e. for 50 with small years, the American armed forces of 30 times interfered in borders of various sovereign states.

And how many covert wars were waged by America, organizing coups and murders objectionable to them state and political figures.

The diagnosis for the USA is awful: in this country there was always such political atmosphere, such political customs which brought to life of the phenomenon and the processes absolutely incompatible with various declarations on freedom and democracy dominated. Looking at the history of the USA, involuntarily you come to a conclusion: The United States are the country soldier, the country police officer, the country dictator, the country tyrant. A state of war for the USA became both natural, and necessary as blood for the prince Dracula, and state of peace — disturbing and dangerous. For a set of the companies and for the country in general war became profitable business, the guarantor of prosperity. As soon as the world becomes more, and — it is less war, than it is necessary for economy of the USA, the "rich persons" forming the political power and operating it immediately demand from it some war. And the next president together with the congress at once find a suitable occasion that to untie it.

The eagerness to fight was a necessary condition of survival of pioneers of development of North America; then it became a habitual part of the American way of life, and nowadays is the defining line of American "nation" 11 in general. Certainly, the American national eagerness to fight, just as nonsense or meanness, does not extend literally to each American, but it is line of the people.

The greatest psychological paradox of our time is that in the world there is a country where very much already the third century is cultivated extreme individualism, but where everyone separate "I" feel hourly pressure from hidden "we". When in the 20th years of the XX century E. Zamyatin wrote the fantastic novel "We", he meant whether a complete form of utopian communism, whether "made" in the development of racism, idea

who during that time was captured nearly by all countries of Europe. The Russian writer also could not think that his imaginations will find the real and fullest embodiment in the 21st century in the country preaching freedom and democracy — in the USA.

Why it occurred and occurs?

There is even no latest villain who would be so silly not to find though some arguments for justification of the meanness or crime. Among pioneers there is America as it was already told, there were people and very educated. They well understood that the robbery and a grabitelstvo which were created around them have to be justified by something, and therefore consecrated them with religious dogmas and also noble myths.

So the Main Myth of the USA which turned then in some kind of religion, was born in sincere belief about a bogoizbrannost of the American people which are allegedly intended by divine providence to establish the power over the whole world and to turn it into "City of God" 12.

So there was an Idea which developed soon into naive national belief about unconditional superiority of the American way of life in all aspects of this concept (cultural and moral wealth, social and economic and political system, etc.). So the passionate self-admiration, the full value complex shaking by the rudeness which it is necessary to recognize as a deep and serious illness of mass consciousness of this "nation" appeared and took roots in minds and souls of "the true Americans".

Thus, not only the economic wealth and military power feed aggression of the USA. Myths about a bogoizbrannost of the American people and superiority of the American way of life have not smaller, and, perhaps, bigger value. I would call this social phenomenon a recurrence of the young nation, young culture which (the nation, culture) owing to absence decent (I do not speak — great) stories

and mature culture try to build in a legal concept and the international rule the instinct to political glory and valor. How to explain differently that even the most crushing defeats (except the Vietnamese war) are given the USA for great victories for justice and the world on the planet? Military presence of the USA at the XX century at many countries of the world, their indispensable participation in different permission of interstate and international disputes and the conflicts became a mighty educational tool of the American population in the spirit of obviously overestimated pride, obviousness in superiority of the American way of life.

All cultural forms, and especially "culture" of foreign policy and "culture" of war which found expression, in particular, and in those documents which are submitted in this book were born and grew from the idea of Messianizm of the USA in the American society. The special structure of public life which carries the loud name "American freedom and democracy" though in actual fact, as we know, there is a lot of problems with freedom and democracy, with human rights in the USA developed. "Noble fight for ideals of justice, freedom and democracy" (Americans quite so understand the painful desire to stick a nose in affairs of any state worldwide) turned this "fight" into a vital ideal of the country, into main "national interest", into a main objective of national foreign policy. The American eagerness to fight — a way of compensation of a complex of cultural inferiority of this "nation". Having announced the right to work at discretion and alone, without reckoning with opinion of the international community, the USA told thereby "other" part of mankind: "We — above your views and ideas of the good and evil, honor and disgrace, etc. In a word, we "are higher" than you, and you — "below"; we have the morals and if you do not agree with it, that it is worse for you".

For the last 100 years the young culture of the USA matured, it it would be possible already

to call not young, but young when she would not be still so surprisingly naive if not to tell it is silly when she would not be so absolutely convinced that all previous thousand-year cultures (China, India, east countries, Russia, etc.) are the cultures of the lowest level and, therefore, have to be forced out and replaced with culture most "advanced" in an expedited manner, i.e. American.

Self-understanding of many conceiving Americans is in a strange and terrible state owing to flagrant contradiction between myths which dominate over their consciousness, and daily reality which surrounds them. Not only inhabitants fall into such state, but also those who decide their destinies.

In 2003 in Russian there was a book "West Death" by Patrick J. Buchanan — the former adviser to U.S. Presidents R. Nixon and R. Reagan, the candidate for president from Republican Party at presidential elections of 1992 and 1996. It agrees to the myths acquired since childhood Buchanan is firmly convinced as if "history shows what is not present and there were never absolutely equal people, cultures and civilizations"; "... civilizations are not equal too. The West presented to the world the best of what was ever formulated and thought up. The western civilization and the western culture surpass all others."; that "America remains the greatest state, the country of great opportunities on the earth, it has the vital energy not inherent in any other people. We, Americans — the most blessed of mortal"; "Americans make 4 percent of the world population and have 30 percent of world economic and military power, to them simply did not stick to argue on equality of the nations and the states." 13.

But Buchanan admits the same book that the current culture of America "burns aromas on altars of global economy"; that Kiplingova "gods of the market" removed from God's pedestal Beebe -

Leah. Sex, glory, money, the power — here new gods of new America"; that young Americans consider America "the false, double-faced, reactionary, conservative country"; that millions of Americans live "in the cultural desert, in the ethical sewerage. These people do not want to live in new America and do not wish to battle for it"; that "the primitive wildness of our policy" is a result "the cultural revolution which poisoned the American policy, and the worst, unfortunately, ahead" 14. It writes: "Everything that was considered yesterday as shameful — adultery, abortions, euthanasia, suicide — becomes famous today as achievement of progressive mankind. Millions of people feel as strangers in own country. They turn away from mass culture with its cult of animal sex and hedonistic values. They observe disappearance of ancient holidays and withering of former heroes. They see how culture which grew these people — together with the country in which they grew dies. It is more correct to call the current dominating culture post-Christian or even anti-Christian" 15.

About what superiority of the USA and the western civilization over the culture of other people, including the Russian, it is possible to speak to Americans if the U.S. presidential candidate, the adviser to two U.S. Presidents is forced to do such bitter recognitions twice? And, above all — if the whole world knows that all aforesaid — plain truth?

One business — to declare the ideas of freedom, democracy, justice, anti-fascism, counterterrorism, etc. and completely different is to realize them in practice. Here it is extremely important to observe a measure of use of force what to make extremely difficult because the valid humanity, huge mind and wisdom, honesty and long-suffering, respect for other opinion and many other virtues which this country does not have are for this purpose necessary. America undertook it. And then already it happened, and now there is before our eyes something absolutely paradoxical: chrezmer-

Nov and stupid use of force, appear, for the sake of the good purposes returns to its carrier — the USA — in the same form and the same look, but only with a prefix "anti-".

Racism exists in the USA under anti-racism cover; fascism — in the form of anti-fascism; terrorism — in an image of counterterrorism; extremism, aggression, war, tyranny — under the guise of fight for freedom, democracy and world peace.

Without feeling sorry for forces and means, the USA bears on bayonets of the and NATO soldiers allegedly freedom to other countries. As a result the USA, for the first time since 1815 (after exile of the British from Louisiana), fell into a state of the besieged fortress on which territory besides the enemy got. Being in danger in the own country, Americans are forced to watch one after another, to wiretap phones, to perlustrate letters, to examine on border even foreign diplomats and persons with diplomatic immunity.

Having won Cold War with the USSR, Americans received Cold War and "the fifth column" in the society, including specially trained fellow citizens whose task is to kill Americans. In 10 years after destruction of the Berlin wall and falling of "Iron Curtain" in Europe in the USA built "an electronic curtain" not only around the country, but the states of the world induced to do all this. Anywhere and everywhere, allegedly fighting the international terrorism and tyranny, the USA became the country terrorist, the country tyrant.

Continuing to believe that they live in the best of the worlds, many Americans begin to feel vaguely, and someone and to understand that to their country there is "something not that". But what is created actually — cannot realize. Not a so simple task! If the candidate for president P. Buchanan whether it is possible to demand something from the ordinary American inhabitant who, as a rule, is well trained in some specialty, but is badly educated in sotsialno-gumanitar-is not capable to make it

number plan, and first of all philosophically? As well as Buchanan, he argues according to the scheme: on the one hand, on the other hand, with the third, fourth, etc. But the fact is that extremes meet.

Freedom on bayonets is not freedom, this violence.

Violent planting of democracy is a dictatorship.

A statement that "Americans — the most blessed of mortal" that "they have the vital energy not inherent in any other people", is racism. And so on.

How it occurs? It is very simple. If you believe yourself the peacekeeper and in fight for peace around the world intend to fight up to the end and so that you will raze to the ground on the way to the purpose, then it means that once, having overstepped the bound in the efforts to get the world by all means, you actually wage the most real war. Extremes (world and war) met. And here war is the world, and the world is war.

The evil and good are inseparable, hide in each other. It ryaditsya angrily often in good clothes. And sometimes, observing injustice of human life, you think that "the good has to be with fists" that if to arm it with the most modern weapon which the evil does not have then to the evil the end immediately will come. Fondly.

Kindly there is a Good, and the Evil is the Evil. They are neunichtozhima and will exist while the person is alive. But the one who bears good, offering people happiness in the form of freedom and democracy, that has to be capable to stop when he is told: "I do not want happiness in your opinion, I want to be happy in own way; I want to live as I want". It is impossible to make the person happy besides his own will. It is an axiom which is not allowed to disprove to anybody, and you should not try to do it.

The known saying "Good intentions paved the road to hell" is about present policy of the USA. I will notice: intending ends up in hell.

Buchanan caught very important trend: in the USA the cultural break becomes ripe.

That America is not the uniform nation, very many Americans understand. Even the president J. Bush said once: ". time of distinction become so cardinal that it seems as if we live not in one country, and only on one continent". The population of the USA is divided by the level of income, commitment to various ideologies, religious and ethnic origin. Nowadays more than 35 million not native Americans live in the USA: it already at all not a "melting crucible of the Lord in which all nations of Europe melt and recreated anew" as once Americans believed. It is hotel, grandiose in size, in which a part of citizens has an old and constant registration, and a set just arrived on earnings and live here while everything is good. At the same time do not "melt" at all and "are not recreated", on the contrary, save hatred, are ready to revenge. So was on September 11

2001 years.

As it was already told, among a set of "the national interests of the USA" interest economic is on the first place. Where it is impossible to do without rockets and tanks, America works roughly and regardless of obstacles. In the same place, where in foreign policy business can reach extreme bitterness and big war, ahead of rockets and tanks, softly, catlike going, there is a cultural policy which same purposes that at rockets and bombers. Advantage and force — in noiselessness, stealthiness. The USA skillfully used this reception in last Cold War, successfully applies it and now.

Capture of culture of Russia — their major task nowadays. War of cultures — here an essence of the American foreign policy. And the essence of the American culture is expressed by one phrase: "Where purse of the person, there and his heart, there and his soul".

First of all it is necessary to change culture, then the power itself will fall to legs!. Everything put — in culture, so, in the person who should be "perekulturit", i.e. to replace in Nazi -

anal consciousness system of values, samples, ideas, ideals, heroes, etc. Imperceptible changes in consciousness and thinking will lead to changes in laws, political and social life. And we see how some major Russian cultural wealth is dissolved in this "culture" of aggressors as inherent and unique lines of cultural life of the Russian nation disappear.

Cold War against Russia in all its forms continues. The set of the facts demonstrates to it.

Summer of 2005 the head of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation N. Patrushev told deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation that in Bratislava after successful implementation of "pink", "orange" and "tulip" revolutions in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan the issue of advance of new "color" revolutions to other CIS countries was discussed. And it is not the temporary line, not emotional splash, it is strategy which consistently is implemented. To it we find new certificates in the last speeches of the current U.S. President. Speaking in February, 2006 at a meeting with members of the veteran organization American Legion, Bush said that "color" revolutions are equitable to national interests of the USA: "Freedom moves on the world, and we will not calm down until all people on the globe have an opportunity of release" 16.

They — will not calm down. It is a huge trouble when "nobody", having become "everything", begins to change the world. Especially when this "nobody" is "nothing". Someone from great told that if the will does not allow reflection, it will be followed by all means by repentance. This moment in the USA did not come yet, it — ahead.

For now — the new plans of capture of Russia which are well paid from means of the state budget. Quite recently in the Russian press there passed information that the U. S. Congress allocated 85 million dollars for "development of democracy in Russia", including about 8 million — for support of political parties.

22 January, 2006 on NTV television channel in A. Mamontov's transfer under the name "Spies" it was told about intelligence activities of employees of Embassy of Great Britain in Russia. The speech, in particular, went about bribery of non-governmental organizations: Over 23 thousand pounds sterling were transferred to "The Moscow Helsinki group", and about 6 thousand pounds sterling are transferred to Eurasia fund by cash.

In principle in it there is nothing new: formation of "the fifth column", search of traitors and extreme "fighters" for freedom and democracy which to spit what pay for if only paid, continues. Now recruiting work it is much simpler than a message, than in Soviet period: in Russia civil society is formed, and reasons for contacts with potential and real "agents of influence" and traitors more than are enough. Methods of Cold War work for full power.

In cultural sense Russia becomes more and more similar to America. If in Ancient Russia, even in tsarist Russia and in Soviet period most of "ordinary people" above everything appreciated spiritual bases, and then — all material, then nowadays the purpose of public life try to make economy, and meaning of life of the certain person — wealth, money. The American philosophy of life and the American culture already quite deeply got into mass consciousness of a part of Russians, especially young.

However fight of cultures still right at the beginning though we recede, as in war with Germany, promptly. Figuratively speaking Americans already near Moscow, but did not take it yet. And, I think, will not take. But they will cruelly fight with us. And it will be more difficult for us to defeat them, than Germans. For many reasons and first of all at the highest command heights and in various parties they have many the furious supporters.

It means that the Events in the world and with Russia should be considered in categories of culture and in categories of war today.


The reader, undoubtedly, will pay attention to what honor in all published to dock-mentakh17 of the USSR all people living in the USSR — more than 100 nationalities — to Russian are called as Russia, and. On the one hand, such approach was a tradition tribute: pre-revolutionary Russia was hated I Will sink down the empire. As the USSR even more approved itself in this quality, first, having expanded the borders (Western Belarus, the Western Ukraine, the Baltic States, etc.), secondly, having repeatedly strengthened the influence in Eastern Europe and other regions of the world, the West continued to call the USSR by Russia, emphasizing with that continuity of the aversion for this country. The image and hated Russia as geopolitical opponent grew before to the huge sizes after it became besides the enemy ideological, turned into the second superpower of the world which is directly competing to the USA and other West.

And yet matter not so much in a habit and unwillingness to utter USSR, and in Russia. Russia was the "axial" republic, an economic and mighty brace of the USSR, and the Russians making about 70 percent of the population — its spiritual, cultural and strong-willed integrator.

To win against Russia for the USA meant to win against the USSR. And not the accidentally famous hater of Russia Z. Brzezinski writes today: "Russia is the defeated power. It lost titanic fight. And to tell "it was not Russia, but the Soviet Union" — means to run from reality. It was Russia called by the Soviet Union. It threw down a challenge to the USA. It was defeated. Now it is not necessary to feed illusions about a velikoderzhavnost of Russia. It is necessary to discourage to such views. Russia will be shattered and under guardianship" 18.

And yet Brzezinski indulges in wishful thinking: on the world map there is no USSR, but there is Russia — repeatedly wasps -

lablenny in every respect, but potentially capable to quickly gain such power which many western futurologists do not represent yet. Present Russia should not be "donor" of the former and once "brotherly" republics of the USSR with the population of nearly 150 million people, today she can throw all released economic resources on own development. Understanding it, Brzezinski is afraid of the thought of "a velikoderzhavnost of Russia" and dreams that "Russia will be shattered" and will be "under guardianship" of course the USA.

Russia is alive and uniform, it is not shattered and not under guardianship. And it means that Russia is not defeated. And therefore, war against Russia continues, in the same "cold" phase so far. In the West and in the USA it is not hidden any more not only by journalists and political scientists, but even retired politicians of the highest rank by whose voice as is once Truman by Churchill's voice, tells official establishment.

Here is how the former U.S. President R. Nixon comments on it: "The USA and the West risk to let go a victory in Cold War which will turn back as a result defeat. Russia is a key to success. Exactly there the last fight of Cold War will be won or lost". Nixon, thus, does not think at all that Cold War behind, on his concepts, "the last fight" which the USA and the West risk to lose, still ahead.

A here words of the former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger: "Disintegration of the Soviet Union is, certainly, a major event of the present. I will prefer in Russia chaos and civil war of a trend of its reunion to the uniform, strong, centralized state".

Someone will tell: "They are opinions of singles and individuals". But on September 28, 2004 hundred influential politicians and intellectuals of the USA and Europe published the open letter to heads of states of NATO and the EU in which demand to reconsider vzai-

a mootnosheniye of the countries of the West with Russia. Among signers — Madeleine Albright, the former U.S. Secretary of State; professor Francis Fukuyama, main ideologist of the Pentagon; Dzhulia-no Amati, former prime minister of Italy; Karl Bildt, former prime minister of Sweden; Philip Dimitrov, former prime minister of Bulgaria; Václav Havel, former president of the Czech Republic; Vitautas Landsbergis, the former president of Lithuania, etc. 53 persons from among signers — Americans. Their letter is, as a matter of fact, the anti-Russian manifesto which meaning that present Putin's Russia absolutely got out of hand. And such Russia (i.e. any in general independent Russia) is not necessary to them, politicians and intellectuals therefore it is necessary to refuse urgently wrong policy of preservation of Russia as whole summarize and to resume Cold War.

But the fact is that Cold War, in my opinion, also did not stop but only reduced for a while the intensity, first, because the USSR was disorganized — it winners should have celebrated an event adequately and also to take rest; secondly, because scales of Cold War immeasurably increased. An object of a new stage of Cold War — the whole world.

The purpose — establishment of a new world order. It also does not disappear.

The current Vice President of the United States Richard Cheney notes: "For the purpose of management of the whole world the United States entered war until the end of which we will not live".

The former director of the CIA of the USA James Woolsey, acting in the University of California on April 3, 2003, told: "Cold War actually was World War III, and now the USA got involved in the Fourth world war which will last many years".

Whether it means what to the USA and the West will have no time now for Russia what they will concentrate the attention on other, the world still not subject to them? No way. The same russophob Zbigniew Brzezinski recognizes: "A new world order at gegemo-

the scientific research institute is created by the USA. against Russia, at the expense of Russia and on fragments of Russia" 19.

The former prime minister of Great Britain John Meyger in 1997 told: "a .zadacha of Russia after loss of Cold War — to provide with resources the safe countries. But for this purpose they need only fifty-sixty million people" 20.

The USA developed and for the whole world pro-exclamation

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