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News of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. The first 100 years. Results and prospects

izvestiya of the Tomsk Polytechnic University.

The first 100 years. Results and prospects

A.F. Korobeynikov

In 1903 there was the first volume of News of the Tomsk Institute of Technology of the Emperor Nicholas II. Editions of News of TTI it was authorized by the resolution of Council of the Tomsk Institute of Technology. In 2003 100 years from the date of an exit of the first volume of this scientific magazine were executed.

In the first volume of News of the Tomsk Institute of Technology a historical note of the first rector of TTI of professor E.L. Zubashev about establishment in 1896 and opening in 1900 of the Tomsk Institute of Technology (then polytechnical institute and the university) and also scientific articles of were published. Tourist's women and L.N. Lyubimova on a catalysis and mechanics and also following the results of a foreign business trip of the engineer Lyubimov. An editor of the first edition of News of TTI was extraordinary professor A.I. Yefimov. In the subsequent volumes of News of TTI-TPI-TPU outstanding scientists V.L. Nekrasov, V.A. Obruchev, B.V. Tronov, M.A. Usov, A.A. Vorobyov, I.I. Kalyatsky, V.Ya. Ushakov, now - V.A. Vlasov, and the Chairman of editorial Council Yu.P. Pokholkov were editors-in-chief.

Since volume 2 (TTI news, 1903) reports on activity and a condition of Institute and separate monographic works of professors of TTI were annually published in the magazine except scientific articles, reports on business trips. Now, since 1996, materials according to annual reports of scientific and educational and organizational activity of the polytechnical university are published in separate Editions - Year-books of TPU.

The provision on the Tomsk university and Institute of Technology at which scientific publications were regulated was published only in Anniversary release of News of TTI devoted to the 25 anniversary of TTI (Edition of 1928, Appendix 3). In Situation was defined & #34; Publishing бюро" with the following tasks: & #34; The Publishing bureau executes instructions according to the edition of scientific works, the guides, manuals, reports, etc., directs for writing by sections, offices, faculties and executive Committee of the university (institute) & #34;. Proceeding from this Situation further except periodicals of the magazine separate thematic releases & #34 began to be published; News Tomsk polytechnical института" (former Institute of Technology), and then and polytechnical university. During the pre-revolutionary period subject of the magazine & #34; News ТТИ" was defined by scientific articles of staff of institute and its current scientific activity. During the pre-revolutionary period 250 works, and for 1977-4753 were published in the magazine. It is necessary to remember that not all scientific results of staff of institute during the entire periods were published only in TTI-TPI News. They were actively published in other scientific magazines and collections of Russia, the USSR and abroad. However the general trend of scientific orientation of researches of scientists of institute on Editions of News of TTI-TPI nevertheless can be tracked. On pages of the magazine the leading professors, associate professors, assistants, graduate students, research associates and graduates of polytechnical published the scientific achievements. Including founders scientific and TPU educational schools V.A. Obruchev, M.A. Usov, I.N. Butakov, B.P. Veynberg, N.I. Kartashev, A.A. Vorobyov, M.K. Korovin, V.D. Kuznetsov, Yu.A. Kuznetsov, F.N. Shakhov, L.P. Kulev, HECTARE. Month,

A.M. Rosenberg, B.V. Tronov, S.S. Sulakshin.

On participation of authors and contents of publications three periods of development of the scientific magazine & #34 were distinctly allocated; News ТТИ-ТПИ-ТПУ". During an initial stage of formation the magazine was characterized by the publications reflecting all scientific and pedagogical activity of staff of institute and especially its professorate. During this period also monographic works and also reports on results of scientific and educational activity of higher education institution on pages of News were published... This period covering from 1900 to 1940 can be defined as emergence of the new scientific magazine of the first in Siberia and in the Far East of technical college of the country.

The second period from 1940 to 2002 was characterized by expansion of scientific subject of publications in the magazine and a trend of extension of editions of thematic collections of separate faculties, research institutes. It demonstrated to emergence in higher education institution and development of the new scientific directions and to expansion of group of authors of polytechnical institute university. Separate volumes & #34; News ТПИ" were devoted to the significant dates which are given by the scientist-polytechnicians, for example, Volume 55 - to the 35 anniversary of higher education institution; Volume 63 - to the 50 anniversary of the Siberian power; Volume 39 No. 3 - memories of professor L.L. Tov; Volume 65, No. 1 - to 85-year anniversary of the founder of the Siberian geological school to V.A. Obruchev; Volume 305. Geology, search and investigation of minerals of Siberia: the thematic release devoted to the 110 anniversary since the birth of the outstanding researcher of subsoil of Siberia, the graduate of TTI of 1918 N.N. Urvantsev. Thematic releases, for example, & #34 were published; Electronic circular ускорители" - Volume 87; & #34; Works of a meeting on firm диэлектрикам" - Volume 91; & #34; Geology, search and investigation of Sibiri" minerals; the thematic release devoted to the 100 anniversary of mining-and-geological education in Siberia - volume 304, the issue 1.

The third period includes & #34; News ТПУ" since 2003 when began periodicals of the magazine (six releases a year) with the subject covering all scientific directions of researches TPU and with attraction to 30.40% of articles of authors of other higher education institutions and scientific centers of Russia and the neighboring countries.

Modern magazine & #34; News Tomsk polytechnical института" already entered the second century of the existence. According to the contents and registration it significantly differs from editions of previous years in increased requirements to contents of the published scientific articles and broader coverage of discussion of scientific and technical problems, meeting all requirements to the modern scientific and technical magazine. The coverage of the discussed scientific problems in it will correspond to the scientific and technical problems solved in Siberia and scientific researches which successfully develop at the university.

Rather detailed analysis of scientific publications in the real volume of the magazine is given in article

V.N. Belomestnykh and THAT. Romanova & #34; By century of the beginning of an exit & #34; Известий" Tomsk политехнического". Besides, in this Anniversary volume the scientific articles of outstanding scientists of institute which are earlier published in the magazine are reproduced in the historical sequence.

Editorial council and Editorial board address employees of TPU, other higher education institutions and scientific organizations of Russia with an appeal to take more active part in editions of the magazine in the designated scientific directions: natural, technical, social and economic and humanities, pages of history TPU. We remind authors that since 2001 the magazine is included into the VAK list of the Russian Federation of periodic and scientific publications of the main results of dissertation works for a degree of the doctor of science. The magazine received the international registration-1684-8519. Requirements to the manuscripts directed in & #34; News ТПУ" are published in & #34; News ТПУ" for 2003, Volume 306, No. 1-6 and on TPU website.

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