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Great Victory: heritage and successors


War accompanies human race since the first cave person for the first time decided to destroy the rival. It is possible to tell that history of mankind is story of infinite wars. In nearly forty centuries of human history tens of thousands of tribes, kingdoms and empires are destroyed, hundreds of millions people died. Repeatedly concerning many people the genocide was committed. The first events such are described in the Bible. In it it is told how the Jewish tribes under Jesus Navin's leadership took the Holy Land and carried out the genocide consecrated with God, having interrupted all men, women and children in the occupied cities. In 1853-1864 in the city of Nanjing of nearly 10 years the slaughter as a result of which the population of this province was reduced by 70% continued.

Horrors of war are known to all. However from year to year the number of wars and the conflicts everything increases. Only in the last XX century on the globe there were two world wars and about 900 local wars and the military conflicts. From 1900 to 1914 there were 35 wars and the conflicts, i.e. 2.5 in a year; from 1917 to 1933 — 78, i.e. 3.5 in a year; from 1946 to 1995 — 780, i.e. 15.6 in a year. In all these wars and the conflicts more than 120 million people are only killed, nearly 400 million people are crippled. Since the beginning of 1990 until the end of 2000 took place more

100 wars (19 wars a year) in which 70 states were involved.

By the number of big and little wars, the 20th century much more surpassed in scales of human losses and cruelty all previous centuries. On all its extent there was also no year when in any given part of the world there would be no war.

World War II (19391945) which lasted 2195 days (6 years) was the most large-scale, the most cruel and bloody. 61 country, total population of these countries — 1 billion 700 million people, i.e. 80% of the world population was involved in it. Only 6 countries were neutral. During war the general human losses reached 50-55 million people, 35 million people are wounded. In field armies 110 million people were called. Military expenses and military losses made 4 trillion dollars. Material inputs reached 60-70% of national income of the being at war states. War was followed by enormous destructions destruction of tens of thousands of cities and villages, incalculable disasters of tens of millions of people.

The victory of the anti-Hitlerite coalition had enormous and invaluable value for all subsequent story of mankind — of May, 1945 and until the end of human evolution.

I.M. Ilyinsky Great Victory: heritage and successors

This Victory would be impossible without participation in World War II of the Soviet Union — its people, its army, his commanders. Participation of the USSR in World War II began since June, 1941 — from the moment of treacherous attack of fascist Germany on our country. It was war national, Patriotic war, war great. The Great Patriotic War holds a specific place in the history of our country and all mankind. On a strategic importance the four years' fight on the Soviet-German front became the main component of World War II. The main weight of fight against fascist aggression fell to lot of our country. In huge battles near Moscow and Leningrad, near Stalingrad and on the Kursk arch, on Dnieper and in Belarus, in the Baltics and East Prussia, in the countries of Southeast, Central and Northern Europe the Soviet troops inflicted over fascists decisive defeats which broke the course of all World War II and led allies to the Victory.

If not power of the USSR, if not fantastic courage and dedication of the Soviet people, if not amazing heroism of the Soviet soldiers and officers if not mind, outstanding military talent and the iron will of the Soviet commanders then any America, any Great Britain did not overcome Hitler and his mighty military vehicle. And it means that, most likely, in the world and today the fascist ideology would dominate, Nazis dominated, and the huge majority of nowadays prospering European countries, other people and the nations were in position of slaves and only dreamed of freedom and democracy. Establishment of world supremacy of Germany, creation of a thousand-year Reich was the purpose of World War II.

Exactly thanks to the Great Victory of the Soviet people in the four-year Great Patriotic War the evolution of mankind in the direction of progress, freedoms and democracies was not interrupted, and continues.

For those who know the valid history of World War II and the Great Patriotic War of wars who in frets with the conscience and is capable to see things honestly and impartially this conclusion is not subject to doubt. However in 60 years in the world and in our country there was a set of dramatic changes, new generations which live arose, study and brought up in absolutely new social and economic conditions, absolutely other spiritual and moral atmosphere.

Today, for example, already 34% of the interviewed 18-35-year-old Russians do not know even with what event the date is connected on June 22, 1941, and another 8% are mistaken in the answer to this question (data of the all-Russian research ROMIR monitoring, 2003).

In the run-up to the 60 anniversary of the Victory of mass media a lot of attention is paid to a war subject. On TV screens there are movies which remind of a people feat. However, on our polls of graduates of schools, from historical movies of only 7% remembered "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", 4% — "Seventeen moments of spring".

In the Dialog magazine (2000, No. 4, page 56) I met excerpt from the composition of one eleventh-grader who wrote: "All in the country perfectly understood that Hitler prepares for attack, but Stalin forbade to defend that nearly led to defeat. Yes what people — our grandfathers are! They could not deal shortly with the feeble-minded dictator even under the threat of own death! Well as they can be respected after that?"

Against the fact that many young people cease to speak "our Homeland", "our country", "our army", "our heroes", "we won", replacing similar expressions discharged "this country", "the Stalin mode", the "Soviet" or "communistic" totalitarianism, etc.

Distortion of historical consciousness, loss of historical memory is the fact which it is necessary already to recognize. Link of times, continuity of generations falls. The phenomenon it is harmful for our country which nowadays extremely needs spiritual and moral support, traditions and values without which the nation cannot be rallied.

Why and how it occurred? We should blame first of all our young reformers, our new power of the first wave which in waste of fight against all "Soviet" and "communistic" by means of an assembly of obsequious journalists, writers and unfortunate researchers consciously forged national history here, without having spared even the most sacred — memory of millions

about the dead in the Great Patriotic War.

Some of newspapers, magazines, TV and radio programs cannot stop to this day.

Even now, in a year of a national holiday of the Victory, for example, the Argumenty i Fakty newspaper continues to dig out materials about panic and marauding in Moscow before threat of occupation of the capital by Hitlerite troops. In other number it is told as if people went to the Moscow militia only because counted on privileges and an opportunity to evade from a conscription. The newspaper writes: "For the Moscow and Moscow region workers such conditions were represented very quite good. But that the workers conceiving is sensible and practical. Moods among rebels from the circle of employees, and especially students, torn in the real fight, looked more fondly" 1.

Publications about war with such reconsideration backdating are enough events. The statement of the 16-year-old girl is provided in Izvestia: "They say that thought of women very much at the front. And I read in the magazine recently that women were raped, beat, and then also the subscription was taken that they will tell nobody about it. I'm interested: it is the truth or in the magazine wrote just for the sake of a sensation?" 2.

The young Russian is in perplexity: "How there can be such victory — "Great"? To whom and what to trust to? That there is a truth

about war?".

It would seem, the school, lessons of national and world history, textbooks and teachers have to give answers to these questions. But in the 90th years the Russian school experienced invasion of "historians", on money and by orders of the western funds writing our story "in a new way" that is is false. These textbooks were free of charge distributed to schools, they captivated shelves of school libraries. According to these textbooks, we lived and we live not in the great country with great culture, and away from the civilized world, in the wild province withheld in obedience by only force of repressions with governors — adventurers, silly persons, murderers. And though events of the Great Patriotic War in these "works" were not avoided (because it cannot be made), they are presented mainly as a mosaic of dates, names and statistical data.

Describing pre-war years, authors of textbooks do not see anything in the USSR what it would be possible to treat approvingly. War is considered as a fight of two blood-thirsty dictatorships of which school students should not take to one the slightest liking. Such approach finally destroys feeling of participation of today's youth to events and people of that era. In what authors of such textbooks, so it in assessment of number of the victims of our people meet during war which moves only in one key: as much we lost!

Names of patriots are trodden, scepticism seeds concerning Alexander Matrosov, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Victor Talalikhin, Nikolay Gastello, Yury Smirnov's feats, heroes Panfilov's men, molo-dogvardeytsev-krasnodontsev, become symbols of love for the country for many generations are sowed.

Even to the marshal Zhukov there was no place, for example, in the so-called textbook on

1 AiF-Moscow. 2005. No. 9. Page 40.
2 News. March 2005, 2. Electronic version.

the contemporary history of the 20th century of Kreder. Revision of results of World War II is started. History of the Great Patriotic War is changed for the history of World War II, the attention is focused on defeats of our army, decisive fighting of the Soviet Army are given several lines. Are in the same vein made the textbook by I.I. Dolutsky "National history. The 20th century", L.M. Pyatetsky's grant "The history of Russia for entrants and seniors. The 20th century" in which there is no light spot in the history of Russia. I.I. Dolutsky does not use the concept "Great Patriotic War" at all, speaks only about World War II.

As for results of war, sense and value of our Victory, on pages of today's textbooks, as a rule, dithyrambs to it are not sung and the delight concerning liberation of Europe from fascism is not expressed. From the point of view of the same L.M. Pyatetsky and I.I. Dolutsky, the victory did not bring to our country anything, except strengthening of the power of Stalin, strengthening of totalitarianism. "Raised by people blood — I.I. Dolutsky writes — the system recovered, rejuvenated, moved apart the borders". He is echoed by authors of other textbook: "... Having been spaced the Homeland from fascism... the winner people strengthened Stalin tyranny, consecrated inviolability of command methods of management. Thanks to plentifully shed blood the tyranny found a second wind, its power extended to half of Europe, having slowed down the natural course of historical development". The last phrase is very indicative recognition of "affectation" of the victory of the Soviet Union contradicting it appears, not to something, and the course of history! Following this logic, it is easy to ask a question: and why in general it was necessary to win against fascism? What it to remember, this victory, time after it it became even worse to live, and "bad Stalin" even strengthened the power? Why to remember war heroes?

Sadly, but fact: not only Russian "historians", but also some "politicians" try to represent the Soviet Union the main responsible and the provoker of war, and his victory over fascist Germany "military happiness", "mere chance".

For the last few years thanks to efforts of the public and the Ministry of Education a lot of things are corrected. But also in the newest educational editions for schools, the ssu-call and higher education institutions can still be found traces of prejudiced approach to a subject of the Great Patriotic War. In the textbook by A.A. Danilov "National history" the war is not even allocated in a separate subject, and referred to a subject "Formation and essence of the Soviet system. 1921-1945." results in the Great Patriotic War in V.V. Artyomov and Yu.N. Lubchenkov's textbook "The history of the Fatherland since the most ancient times up to now" (M., 2002) are described so: "The main lesson which was taken out as a result of large-scale military operations — any war demands mobilization of human and material resources, bears sufferings to people. Therefore, it is necessary to abstain in every way from the solution of problems with the help of military force".

However not everything can be explained only with the internal reasons. Also the external factor is extremely strong.

The West in every possible way tries to belittle for a long time a role of the USSR in World War II. 10 years ago, when in Washington celebrated the 50 anniversary of the Victory, Russia did not invite to this celebration. Polls of the American citizens showed that about 40% did not know even that the USSR was at war with Germany, and 20% were convinced that the Soviet Union was at war with America on Hitler's party. It also was the reason of creation at the beginning of the 70th of the last century of the telefilm epic "Unknown war" ("Unknown war").

Some time ago madam president of Latvia boorishly spoke of veterans of the Great Patriotic War. As great success is regarded arrival of the U.S. President D. Bush to Moscow on the celebration of the 60 anniversary of the Victory.

To hear and know it it is bitter and offensive. Because all these countries and the people, as well as all mankind which 80% were involved in World War II has to thank infinitely the Soviet Army, the Russian and Russian people especially for that immense victim which they put on a mankind History altar, and that immortal feat which they made.

In the light of all aforesaid I want to stop, first of all, on a question of a contribution of the allied countries to defeat of Hitlerite Germany. Because our "novomysla" (they are falsifiers of history) consider it open. Some claim that "architect" of a victory was the USA. The same I.I. Dolutsky writes in the textbook (page 47): "... same we (and that against the will) joined England which was at war the whole year alone against fascist Germany. Our war became the second front" 1. However, everything was absolutely not so. Let's take the main winner countries.

For France the war began on May 10, 1940 and continued only 44 days. On June 10 the government left Paris, and on June 14 it was handed over to Germans without fight though France had an opportunity for further fight: it had the first-class, well armed army wishing to battle against fascism. There were people which won Germany World War I and ready to go on the victims for the sake of a victory. But the country leaders purposely processed case to capitulation. After the end of war the president of France Petain was condemned by the Supreme Court and sentenced to death, replaced with life imprisonment, and the prime minister Laval is executed as the traitor.

Great Britain first successfully resisted to Hitler, especially in air. The German Air Force sustained heavy losses. However today "for some reason" very few people remember and very few people know that at the end of May, 1940 Great Britain was on the verge of capitulation. The fact is that in May, 1940 the German tanks which were on an edge of a wedge of group of armies "A" passed through Ardennes and left to the back to the Anglo-French troops. It was one of the most brilliant operations of Hitler. On May 21 Germans came to the coast of the English Channel, having cut off the main forces of British and French and having prepared for their elimination. And suddenly on May 24, when the Guderiana tanks already rushed to Dunkirk — to the last port which remained in hands of allies the strange, still not explained with historians Hitler's order came to troops: "To stop offensive at Dunkirk. To keep the coast of the English Channel". Guderian and his officers lost a speech power. Hitler himself stopped a hammer which had to break the British who appeared on the Dunkirk anvil. Meanwhile the British, having used an unexpected respite, began to be evacuated hastily from Dunkirk, having involved hundreds of the big and small ships, up to yachts and boats. Only on May 26 Hitler allowed to continue approach, but was already late — British were dug round, having prepared for defense, and kept Dunkirk till the morning

4 June, having given the chance to escape nearly 340 thousand British and the French.

Hitler himself on a nechayannost prevented inevitable capitulation of Great Britain and allowed it to continue war up to May 8, 1945 when the Third Reich fell, in May of the 1940th not using chance to destroy the English army in Dunkirk.

United States of America... On their account there are a lot of successful operations. But they were at war in others territories. Any German soldier did not set foot on their land. Any bomb did not fall to their territory. However Americans sincerely believe that Germany was won by their country — the USA. Also do not know

about the fact that the military operation in Ardennes which was very badly prepared would suffer a failure if not offensive operation of the Soviet troops. Here Roosevelt was helped by Stalin - behind which there was the USSR.

1 Tsit. on: Yu. Nikiforov. Events of the Great Patriotic War in a curve mirror of the latest textbooks//Dialogue. 2000. No. 4. Page 56.

Can tell: "Why to argue on what would be if... What was, was". Let's say though it is worth arguing nevertheless. But here incontestable fact, here moment of truth: for all World War II the United States, England, France destroyed only 14% of armed forces of fascist Germany and its satellites. Total figures of losses of armed forces of Germany on the Soviet-German front — 6046 million people (all the general losses of 7051 million people). Losses of armies of satellites — Finland, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Spain (Blue division) — were 1005 million people on the Soviet-German front. Thus, fighting losses of Germany and satellites are 7 million 51 thousand people, that is 86% of losses of Germany and satellites are the share of East front1.

Such is the answer to the first and main issue

about volume, what contribution to a general victory of each of the winner countries and for which of them this Victory is truly Great. At the same time it and the answer to a question why we should not, we have no right to anybody to give our Victory, to allow preumalyat and to discredit our History which teaches us to science to Win any, even the most deadly situation.

Now about the price which each of the countries paid for the general and "" share of the Victory.

France lost 84 thousand people the killed, and 1.5 million soldiers and officers gave up to Germans in captivity. The cost of destructions as a result of war — 21 billion dollars.

Great Britain lost in the killed 386 thousand people. The cost of destructions — 6.8 billion dollars.

The USA in 6 years of World War II lost in the killed 259 thousand people (according to other data — 322 thousand), 800 thousand the wounded who were taken prisoner and missing persons. And any losses from destructions during war. The USA was the only country which as a result of war strengthened

the economic, political and military positions in the world. The index of industrial production in 1944 reached 235 (in 19351939 — 100). In 1946 the USA gave 62% of all industrial output of the capitalist world against 36% in 1938. Profits of the American corporations in the years of war increased by 3.5 times.

The Soviet Union paid for the Victory the highest price at all comparable with losses of other member countries of the anti-Hitlerite coalition.

At the international scientific conference which took place in March, 1995 at Institute of the Russian history of RAS in Moscow, most of experts agreed on such figures: The Soviet Union lost in total 26 million 600 thousand people. Including from 18 million civilians about 8 million 500 thousand people died in the occupied and front-line territories from hunger, bombings, shellings, heavy living conditions, back-breaking toil. Still

2 one million 165 thousand died on forced labor in Germany. The number purposely destroyed as a result of Hitlerite genocide (shot, died in a ghetto, prisons, concentration camps) made about 7 million 450 thousand people. The general irrevocable losses of a payroll of Armed Forces together with border and internal troops — 8 million 668 thousand people. The traitors of the Homeland who came over to the side of the enemy entered our losses: vlasovets, Banderovites, formations of "CC" from Ukraine, from the Baltic republics, Central Asia. In total more than 1 million people.

It is necessary to consider also losses in war with Japan. In the USSR 1710 cities, more than 70 thousand villages, 32 thousand plants and factories are destroyed, 98 thousand collective farms, 2890 MTS are plundered. The cost of destructions in the USSR was nearly a half from 260 billion dollars — the total amount of destructions worldwide in the territory of which went voyna2.

1 Aggression price//Military and historical magazine. 1989, No. 9.
2 Source here and earlier: info/inform/vov.shtml. — 05.07.2001.

Military losses of Germany in different sources are estimated differently: from 6.5 million to 9.4 million people of the killed, wounded who were gone without vesti1.

They say that the price paid by the people of the USSR for a victory over an aggressor was excessively big. It is necessary to tell that the aspiration to determine "cost" of the Victory which seems "too expensive" — in itself is senseless, not to mention its immorality.

We will distract now from the analysis of the reasons for which our country suffered so heavy losses. Undoubtedly, something should be written off for mistakes of the top management. But the main thing nevertheless in another. From 8.5 million armed forces of Germany and 29 divisions and 16 crews of her allies in east group of troops at borders of the USSR 5.5 million people, i.e. 2/3 all military powers of Germany were concentrated. The group of fascist troops outnumbered the Soviet troops on the western border (we will not forget about Japan,

about eastern frontiers of the USSR) by 1.9 times, on tanks — by 1.5 times, on planes of new type — by 3.2 times.

It is necessary to take objective circumstances into account: there passed only nineteen years after our country dropped out of the lasting 8 years in a row of two bloody wars: World War I (19141918) and Civil (1918-1922) during which it was killed more than 10 million chelovek2 died of wounds, various epidemics and diseases.

We will not forget that the new, Soviet power (what today spoke about it) was a joy only 24 years old that to it got in inheritance agrarian lapotnaya, besides to the ground razed, almost entirely the illiterate country which mad rates only just created the industry and modern (on those concepts) army. The Soviet economy by the beginning of the Great Patriotic War surpassed pre-revolutionary industrial output by 8 times. That is why it could give to the front of ammunition in 14 times more, than economy of tsarist Russia in the years of World War I.

And still the country was not ready to war fully yet.

We will take into account that attack on the USSR was sudden that the country was only preparing, but it was not ready to defense yet that this war for us was defensive, liberating, but not aggression in any way as some myth makers try to present it today. It is necessary to tell about it especially.

Hitler at a confidential meeting claimed on August 14, 1939 that "Russia is not going to drag chestnuts from fire for England and will evade from war" 3. At a meeting on June 22, 1940 Hitler said again: "Russians do not want war" 4. On July 31, 1940 Hitler for the first time officially reported about the plans of war against the USSR. Halder wrote down in the diary: "The beginning — May, 1941. Operation duration — 5 months. The purpose — destruction of vital force of Russia" 5.

The head of the press of the Third Reich Frich told on the Nuremberg process: "Has to say that accusing the Soviet Union of preparation of military attack on Germany we had no bases. In the performances on radio I used reasonable efforts to intimidate the people of Europe and the population of Germany by horrors of the Bolshevism" 6. Frich spoke also: "... Our fault in war against Vosto1 World War II of M., 1996. Page 682.

2 World war in figures. M.-L., 1934. Page 21.
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— absolute. It was artful and unprovoked aggression" 1.

Told enough to draw the main conclusion. Despite all adverse circumstances, all horrors and terrible losses, we won. The greatness of the Victory was that the enemy was crushed and signed the Act of the total and unconditional surrender on the conditions dictated by the winner countries among which the USSR was the main force.

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of people it also limits idea of the Victory. However it is only its military unit. There is still a political party of the Victory. Only the taken in total, military and political components give complete idea of the Victory, do this Victory Big.

Having crushed together with allies Germany and its accomplices, the USSR not only saved the freedom and independence, but also made a decisive contribution to release of ten countries of Europe and two countries of Asia with the population in 183 million people, approved itself in new international legal and geostrategic situation, together with Union States carried out measures for establishment of post-war world order, for eradication of fascism and condemnation of war criminals, was a cofounder and the member of the United Nations, became the permanent member of the UN Security Council where acquired the veto at the solution of large problems of the international security. According to decisions of the Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam conferences and conditions of the Parisian contracts of 1947 the Soviet Union received the most fair borders, legalized entry into the structure of the Western Ukraine and the Western Belarus, Bessarabia, Northern Bukovina, the Transcarpathian Ukraine, the Petsamo area (Pechenga), Konigsberg and the area adjoining to it, the Southern Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands; as compensation for the suffered damage according to decisions of the Yalta and Potsdam conferences received reparations from fascist aggression and occupation of the USSR, dismantled and imported to itself 4389 enterprises from Germany, Poland (German Silesia), Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Manchuria; received one third of the trophy military and merchant fleet. Having defeated the enemy, the USSR became one of superstates of the world.

There is that huge heritage which got to the subsequent generations of our country after the Victory in Velikoy Otechestvennoy voyne. Plus the huge spiritual and moral capital, pride of the people and the country.

For many years after the termination of the Great Patriotic War the Great Victory was perceived in our country and in many countries of the world as the highest manifestation of the spirit, huge self-sacrifice of the Soviet people, mass heroism, courage and glory of soldiers of Armed Forces. The Great Patriotic War, a feat of our people, outstanding victories of the Soviet Army long time were the most important educational development tool of continuity of traditions between various generations.

National ideals and traditions, sacred love for the country which with a special force were shown in the Great Patriotic War acted as the supreme moral value, a basis of patriotic and military patriotic education of younger generation. Celebration of Day of the Great Victory was really national holiday, the most important factor of consolidation not only our compatriots, but also allies, many other states showing gratitude and appreciation to the country which executed a great liberating mission in fight against fascism.

now I have to argue

according to the logic of things about what was become with fruits of this Great Victory in 60 last years. But on it I have no time. Besides,

1 A.I. Poltorak. From Munich to Nuremberg. M, 1960. Page 137.

if not all, then a lot of things are known to all and it is clear. Already in the twilight of existence of the USSR, but especially at the stage "reorganizations", in the second half of the 1980th, historical memory, a number of the greatest events of national history became the field of political and ideological fight. At the end the 1980-h-beginning of the 1990th subject to the attack, more and more extending, moved to the key moments and critical events of the Soviet era, first of all to heroic pages and especially the highest symbols of the Great Patriotic War. In 1991 under the influence of external forces and the internal reasons the USSR failed. The collapse of the USSR marked the beginning of qualitatively new stage of geopolitical evolution of Russia. On the separate directions she was rejected practically to borders of the 17th century, again lost the most part of exits to the seas in the European territory, lost a considerable part of resource base, military infrastructure, direct overland exits to Central and Western Europe. There was "shift" of all territory on the North and the East, and at new boundaries there were not only economically weak neighbors, but also the conflictogenic zones, especially on the southern direction and also demographic "vacuum" in Siberia and in the Far East.

It is obvious that Russia any more not the superstate. In many respects it is extremely weakened and still is in an alignment of national interests of the main countries of the West and, first of all, the USA which speaks about partnership with our country, say that they would like to see Russia strong and prospering. As for me, I, as well as many people who much lived in the world, much saw and rather well understanding sense nowadays occurring in the world, am skeptical about all these statements extremely.

The question of what occurs in the world today is extremely difficult and extremely multidimensional. But if to look at the Events it is extremely wide if to think of Space and Time, that is historically, geopolitical, that we are forced to explain all events everything in the same categories of war. Before our eyes there is the next repartition of the world, in the world there is a new world war, one of main objectives of which is partition, and it is even better — destruction of Russia as geopolitical force. For many such thoughts sound as next "horror story". People got used to associate war only with the movement of enemy armies, capture and direct occupation of the territory of one state by another. Without seeing it, they are lost: in the Russian territory there are no foreign soldiers, the diving planes, ruptures of bombs. Not yet...

In 1999 I published the book "About "Culture" of War and the Culture of the World" in which enough clearly presented essence of war of new type. Many of attendees received it at registration. On this subject many books and articles are published in recent years. The fact of the fourth world war is recognized by some prominent statesmen of the USA (the former director of the CIA D. Woolsey, the Vice President of the United States R. Cheney, etc.). That against Russia external forces wage war also the President of Russia V.V. Putin mentioned.

Researchers and experts in the field of political science, sociology, futurology and global studies of many countries speak for a long time and write about the veiled forms and methods of aggression, about a psychotropic imperialism and radio television neo-colonialism, about psychoelectronic and radio television slavery. A main objective of a psychothrone imperialism as manifestations of Satanism — creation of the obedient, passive person, "all-person" without nationality and the homeland, transformation of the people into the weight, manageable, senseless, thoughtless, mad. During this war the patriotism and inner world of the person, his moral and intellectual potential is destroyed. The personality degrades, collapses or becomes object of neocolonial policy of the state. But whole, not destroyed are plants, the enterprises, buildings and constructions, the woods, fields and waters.

The person try to deprive of a number of actually human qualities artificially. It is about creation not of absolutely human being. At the beginning of the 20th century the German scientist V. Zombart wrote: "Who observed that motley variety which should be met among emigrants on the deck of the big American steamship; whose heart enjoyed those various attires, adverbs, habits and songs which still dominate here who noticed that the same most multi-color world was dissolved for one or two generations in gray boring, monotonous: "American man’e" (American) — that will be captured by horror before future of the human race..."

Acting in Hamburg, Friedrich von Hayek in 1984 noticed that liberal (in his understanding) societies it is necessary for existence that people were exempted from some natural instincts from which it distinguished an instinct of solidarity and compassion. The greatness of the project of modern industrialism seems some in turning the person into a certain new species.

We will listen to the words of the famous Serbian political scientist D. Kalaich: "In the modern world there is a project of creation of "gray race". The human biomass deprived of the roots. One of his ideologists, Jacques Atalli, sees the future mankind as "new nomads". As the people living by the principle "tumbleweed". They are driven only to consumer instincts and turn into "economic animals".

All know that social and psychological processing of people and the whole people exists long ago. The strongest psychopower and ideological manipulation of consciousness of the population was conducted by Nazi promotion in Germany. Successfully it became also in the Soviet Union. Now many know that also the western countries and, first of all, the USA very succeeded in this work,

especially during "cold" war which think of themselves of a stronghold of freedom and democracy.

And today the solution of these tasks in the West engaged the special institutes and laboratories developing various social and political technologies by means of which in one country the people "suddenly" "heart vote" for the unpopular and half-dead person in another, electing him the president, makes "Rose Revolution", in the third — "orange revolution", etc.

Special subject to manipulation as from internal, and external political forces is the youth. Paradoxically and as sad to recognize it, but at some politicians and overseas manipulators in the main thing and the basic of the purpose in the attitude towards youth meet: to demoralize, kill pride of the country, to deprive of feeling not only patriotism, but also national self-preservation.

In a year before last we conducted a research among students of Moscow and the Moscow region which contained a question: Whether "You are proud of the country?". "Yes" answered 51.6%; "no" — 15.6%; nearly a third (32.8%) were at a loss with the answer. It is possible to comment on these data and so: it is remarkable that more than a half are proud of the country. It is possible to doubt the accuracy of figures. But the trend in them is grabbed, and its essence that the patriotism stopped being for a great number of Russians the value of the highest order. It, first of all, belongs to the mass of young people. On a question of the same questionnaire: "If offered you the favorable contract which assumes trip abroad on the permanent residence, you would agree?" — 41.7% of the studen-tov-humanists interviewed by us from the best state universities of Moscow answered "yes" and another 31.5% were at a loss with the answer. The feeling of the homeland in that case does not work, it is weakened. No wonder: in the weakened country there are always conditions weakening patriotism. If from lips of many

seemingly prominent people can be heard that "the patriotism is a last refuge of villains...".

In a word, a situation among young people difficult. About it I could speak long: at registration many received my book "Youth and Youth Policy". Researchers of our higher education institution, since 1991, prepared for Pravitel?

Eugene Wilson
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