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Review of the book "Istoriya Mining Development" *


UDC 622 (09)


V.G. Lukyanov

Tomsk Polytechnic University of E-mail:

In the monograph the historical way of development of the most ancient branch of the national economy - mining is considered. The value of mining in the history of mankind, historical prerequisites of its origin in Russia, including in Siberia and also in the most razviy countries of the world is shown. Privedenyi sew data on conditions of formation of the largest mining pools stranyi.

Historical way, mining, mining pool, minerals, historical era. Key words:

History, mining, mining basin, mineral resources, historic epoch.

The Siberian office of Academy of mountain sciences in Nauka publishing house in August, 2009 published the monograph "History of Development of Mining".

We consider that this book is the unique edition in which the serious attempt comprehensively is made to consider the history of development of mining since the most ancient times up to now. Authors scrupulously analyzed and generalized extensive bibliographic material. On coverage and extent of systematization of material this edition without exaggeration can be told that it is the encyclopedia of international experience of history of development of mining.

It should be noted that the present monograph, work on which was continued more than 10 years, represents not so much scientific, how many the popular scientific edition in which in an available form reveal value of mining in the history of mankind and historical prerequisites of its origin.

Special attention is paid to formation and development of mining in Russia, including in Siberia and also in the most developed countries of the world.

Data on conditions of formation of the largest mining basins of Russia defining roles of separate types of minerals during various historical eras are provided.

Stages of development of primary branches of mining are considered - from search and investigation of minerals before their production and enrichment. Formation of the system of mountain education which passed a way from individual apprenticeship, initial forms of education to mining business, mining schools before training of mining engineers in the Higher mountain schools, specialized institutes or at faculties of a mountain profile at polytechnical higher education institutions and the universities, Mountain academies is shown. Questions of origin and improvement of mountain management and the legislation are taken in detail up.

The section devoted to outstanding scientists, talented researchers, enthusiasts of mining from the most ancient times up to now among which one of the most ancient scientists-Encyclopaedists is Al-Biruni, the founder of mountain science German scientist G. Agricola who created encyclopedic work - the treatise "About Mining and Metallurgy" in 12 princes deserves attention; Russian historian, statesman, organizer of mining and mountain education in Russia V.N. Tatishchev; the first Russian scientist and the statesman Ivan Andreevich (Ioann Wilhelm) Shlatter is the author of the first Russian book on assay art, known

* A.I. Kopytov, Yu.A. Masayev, V.V. Pershin. History of development of mining. - Novosibirsk: Nauka, 2009. - 511 pages

News of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. 2010. T. 317. No. 1

the historian of Siberia, the mining engineer, the geologist, the geographer G.I. Spassky is the author of the first in Russia of "The mountain dictionary"; one of prominent organizers of mountain and metallurgical production in Russia I.P. Tchaikovsky, major general, father of the composer P.I. Tchaikovsky; the founder of scientific Soviet school of mountain mechanics A.P. Hermann and many other, including Tomsk polytechnicians - V.A. Obruchev, M.A. Usov, L.D. Shevyakov, N.I. Trushkov, V.I. Bauman, P.K. Sobolevsky and D.A. Strelnikov whose names with honor and pride are honored by grateful descendants.

Genuine interest is attracted by the section "Evolution of Distinctive Clothes of the Miner". The miner's profession long since was considered as honourable, it was tried to be distinguished from other professions. Such allocation concerned first of all wearing clothes of a special type. Its emergence and modification is tracked by authors on the example of clothes of the miners working on the most developed in averages

centuries mines of Germany (clothes of the ancient miner; the characteristic details of mining clothes which appeared in HU-HU1 of centuries; the ceremonial clothes which arose in HUP-HUSh of centuries). The description of a uniform is provided in Russia for ranks of mountain department (features of a uniform of mining officials, mining engineers, officials of department of mountain and salt affairs of the Ministry of Finance are noted), teachers and pupils of the highest and average educational institutions and also for workers of coal and ore mining industry of the USSR.

Authors hoped that the book will make a certain contribution to generalization, systematization and promoting of one of the most ancient branches of geology and mining.

The monograph will be useful and interesting to the students who chose a profession of the miner or geologist, teachers and graduate students.

Arrived 12.02.2010

Felicia Higgins
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