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The IV meeting of users of the VEPTR tools Round table "Modern strategy and tactics of treatment of congenital malformations of a backbone and spinal cord" 124

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iv meeting of users of the veptr tools

On March 13-14, 2009 in Zurich the IV meeting of users of the VEPTR tools (vertical expandable prosthesis titatium rib) developed by the orthopedist from Philadelphia R. Campbell took place. Tools are intended for surgical correction of the progressing scolioses of various etiology at children of the first years of life. By means of flat distragiruyushchy cores in a profile the landmark correction of both deformation of a backbone, and a shape of a thorax is made. The last is necessary for elimination of the so-called syndrome of thoracic insufficiency leading to a rough decompensation of function of lungs, especially at congenital scolioses.

The 20th century created in the late nineties, these tools became widespread what the geography of participants of the meeting testifies to: Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, majority of the countries of Europe. The meeting was constructed by the principle of a discussion: in a free form there was a discussion of the clinical cases presented by participants. Special attention was paid on the questions far from permission so far: age brackets of use of tools, indication and contraindication, application restriction, etc. Among others also the first patients operated with application of VEPTR in Russia (clinic of a children's vertebrologiya of the Novosibirsk NIITO) were discussed. The discussion was conducted by Campbell, Ohlin (Denmark) and Riise (Norway). The reports devoted to change of function of lungs during application of VEPTR and also the new modification of VEPTR-2 tools considerably expanding possibilities of the surgeon were submitted.

The meeting turned out extremely interesting and useful.

So, some from

participants were brought for discussion by data of yet not operated patients to listen to opinion of colleagues. As always, informal communication of the experts who participated in this forum was especially interesting.

M.V. Mikhaylovsky, Novosibirsk NIITO




round table "modern strategy and tactics of treatment of congenital malformations of a backbone and spinal cord"

At institute of G.I. Turner (St. Petersburg) the meeting of a round table on the subject "Modern Strategy and Tactics of Treatment of Congenital Malformations of a Backbone and Spinal Cord" was held on April 8-9, 2009.

It there was probably the first experience of similar exchange of information, and he, undoubtedly, was successful. Work was constructed in full accordance with modern world practice - a minimum of reports, a maximum of discussions. The Dr. of medical sciences A.A. Kuleshov (Moscow) who reported about experience of treatment of congenital anomalies of lumbar and lumbar and sacral departments of a backbone acted as the first. Then big message "Congenital malformations of a backbone: classification, diagnostics" the leader vertebrolog Israel L. Kaplan presented. The report "Congenital malformations of chest and lumbar departments of a backbone" of the organizer of a round table - the Dr. of medical sciences S.V. Vissarionov (St. Petersburg) concluded the first day of work.

Next day reports of the prof. M.V. Mikhaylovsky (Novosibirsk) "Congenital anomalies out of an apical zone - the diagnosis and the principles of treatment", the prof. took place

A.Yu. Mushkin (St. Petersburg) "Congenital kifoza - whether everything is clear?" and neurosurgeon

B.item. Snishchuka (St. Petersburg) "Malformations of a backbone and spinal cord". After each report the observations presented by clinic of surgery of a backbone and spinal cord of institute of G.I. Tur-nera were discussed, and they were picked up so that to correspond to a subject of the made message. The discussion took place in a free form and seclusion of a meeting turned out extremely interesting what promoted to as L. Kaplan said. Except reports and discussions, participants of a round table watched several educational movies, participated in a round of office, got acquainted with the new implants presented by Infomedia.

The main conclusion which was repeatedly sounding within two days - the Russian vertebro-logiya made a big step forward, it became not less interesting to participate in domestic scientific forums and it is useful, than in foreign. The prof. A.Yu. Mushkin stated the offer on carrying out multicenter researches as collective experience of the Russian clinics in recent years grew very much considerably.

The round table is decided to be made annual and to carry out to the period of the white nights.

M.V. Mikhaylovsky, Novosibirsk NIITO

Vanessa Brenda
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