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Research and Applied activity of department of regional culture of scientific research institute of applied cultural science

- increase in a quantitative contribution to scientific activity of higher education institution of staff of scientific research institute;

>- training of leading experts of scientific research institute for effective activity as research supervisors and scientific consultants of applicants of scientific degrees through active participation in the "through" system of training of young scientists - from students and young teachers to the level of the senior teachers, associate professors, senior research associates of the faculty of higher education institution;

>- formation and strengthening of such scientific directions in scientific activity of scientific research institute, as design methodology, a cultural regionalistika;

- creation of conditions for active participation of staff of scientific research institute in implementation of innovative projects of higher education institution, city and regional administration of Kuzbass in the sphere of culture and cultural support of social and engineering and technological programs.

In conclusion we will emphasize that the efficiency of restructuring in scientific activity of the Kemerovo state university of culture and arts at the beginning of the 2000th is confirmed with successful work of scientific research institute of applied cultural science. It is the key to further fruitful development of science in the Kemerovo State University of culture and arts.

A.S. Dvurechenskaya


A. S. Dvurechenskaya


The department of regional culture exists in structure of scientific research institute of applied cultural science since 2006. Till 2006 the staff of department worked in various laboratories of the scientific research institute so far transformed to departments or which left the structure of institute. These are laboratories of applied cultural science, social design, researches of regional art culture, researches of regional culture, department of methodological problems of regional culture and others. Since foundation of research institute

applied cultural science in it the following staff of department works: Head of Department I.F. Petrov, Deputy Head of Department A.S. Dvurechenskaya, page of N of page E. S. Kuznetsova. Research and applied activity of department is implemented in line with the main scientific activities of scientific research institute: culture as factor and condition of sustainable development of the Russian society and Kuzbass; cultural policy in Kuzbass: history, present, future.

It is necessary to carry to main objectives of research activity of department: modeling of a paradigm regional

cultures; development of conceptual fundamentals of cultural policy in the region; design of innovative activity in the sphere of the higher culturological education. The purposes of scientific activity of department define its specific objectives. 1. Development of the teoretiko-methodological principles of a research of cultural regionalism. 2. The analysis of a sociocultural situation in the region. 3. Identification and application of innovative resources and technologies in the sphere of regional culture. 4. The analysis of quality of graduates of the university in terms of compliance to cultural needs of the region. 5. Establishment of stable relations with institutions and the organizations, being reprezentant of regional cultural processes. 6. Monitoring of regional sociocultural processes and analysis of their influence on organizational and educational activity of the university.

The scope of scientific and applied researches of staff of department has a wide range and is not limited to the sphere of applied cultural science that causes the cross-disciplinary nature of the majority of works. It is possible to carry the conceptual bases of sustainable development in the region to the most essential research subjects of department of regional culture, cultural regionalism, process and the prospects of regionalization, institutional aspects of regional cultural activity, an ethnocultural regional perspective, the higher education in structure of regional cultural policy.

So far in department the qualified, initiative, on-stage performance group where doctors and candidates of science enter was created. The head of department of regional culture is Igor Fedorovich Petrov, the Doctor of Philosophy, professor, the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the corresponding member of Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and arts, the member of the Union

writers of the Russian Federation, author of two monographs and more than eight art books. Research activity of the scientist is studying culture of needs of the personality.

The Deputy Head of Department is Anastasia Sergeyevna Dvurechenskaya, the candidate of cultural science, the member of council of young scientists of Kuzbass. The owner of a grant of the governor of the Kemerovo region for support of young scientists - candidates of science. Research interests are directed to problems of the theory and practice of mass culture, culturological formation, a cultural regionalistika, the theory and practice of cultural policy, regional and urban cultural policy.

The senior research associate of department - Valentin Evgenyevich Komarov, the Doctor of Philosophy, the associate professor. Research interests - ontology, space and time in culture, harmony, the theory of creativity in science and culture.

The senior research associate of department - Yury Vladimirovich Kletsov, the candidate of philosophical sciences, professor, the corresponding member of Petrovsky academy of Sciences and arts. He is a coauthor of three collective monographs; the developer coauthor of two intellectual products registered by Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Scientific and Technical Information Centre. Took part in development of the federal F-176 project (the state customer: Federal agency by training), five regional target programs and three economic contractual researches. Research interests: institutional aspect of the political relations; state regulation in the information sphere; legal protection and protection of intellectual property; modernization processes and management of innovations in the system of professional education.

The senior research associate of department - Elena Sergeyevna Kuznetsova, the candidate of cultural science, the associate professor, the corresponding member of Petrovsky academy of Sciences and arts. Author of three certificates of state registration of scientific and educational and methodical developments; author of the monograph "Cultural science: from the theory to practice" and five study guides on subject of scientific research institute. She is an owner of two grants of the governor of the Kemerovo region; the performer of the order of GUFSIN the Russian Federation across the Kemerovo region on carrying out research projects on the organization of educational creative and educational work with the persons which appeared in a difficult life situation. Research interests: anthropology of Post-Soviet transformations, institutional aspects of educational policy at the federal and regional level, innovatics of education and the sociocultural sphere; pedagogical anthropology and social pedagogics, conceptualization of daily occurrence.

The senior research associate of department - Vladimir Petrovich Kurbatov, the candidate of cultural science. The author of the monograph "Mass Holiday as Way of Permission of the Welfare Conflicts of Society" and manual "Scenic Image of a Performance as System Object" concerning theater and mass holidays. Research interests: cultural regionalistika, theory and methodology of mass festive culture.

The senior research associate of department - Alexander Vladimirovich Kiselyov, the candidate of historical sciences, the associate professor. Author of the monograph "Experience of a Local History Research of Settlements". Research interests: domestic study of local lore, history of study of local lore, methodology and technique of historical study of local lore.

For more than three years the department of regional culture carries out works active scientific, organizational and information cooperation with the research centers, the universities, power structures of city, regional level. Among them it is possible to note Department of culture and national policy of the Kemerovo region; Kemerovo office of Petrovsky academy of Sciences and arts (St. Petersburg); Siberian branch of Institute of cultural science (Omsk); Siberian office of RAS; Omsk state university; Kuzbass regional institute of skills development and retraining of educators; Management of culture, sport and youth policy of administration of Kemerovo.

The staff of department presents results of the scientific research in scientific publications of institute "Scientific notes of scientific research institute of applied cultural science", "Culture as a subject of a complex research" and also in the collections published by results of work of the conferences and round tables organized by scientific research institute of applied cultural science. Among last actions in which the staff of department of regional culture took active organizational and research part it would be desirable to note the following.

International academic and research conference "Sustainable Development and Culture of Regions", 2007. Within this conference the work of the section "Regional Culture in the context of Sustainable Development" organized by the staff of department took place. In the performances they focused attention on the main subject of a conference - sustainable development of regional culture. By results of work of a conference the collection of scientific articles "Sustainable development and the culture of regions" where not only reports of staff of department regional entered was published

cultures, but also researches of the involved scientists and experts of section on this subject.

Round table "Culture as innovative resource of regional development". In 2008 and 2009 in KemGUKI at the initiative of scientific research institute of applied cultural science the round table "Culture as an innovative resource of regional development" was carried twice out. Representatives of Department of culture and the national policy of administration of the Kemerovo region, the Kemerovo scientific center Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Institute of Ecology of the person of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, JSC Kuzbass Science and Technology Park information and analysis center, the staff of the Center of culturological education and scientific research institute of applied cultural science, teachers of KemGUKI took part in its work. Among the discussed problems there was following: innovation and innovatics as cultural phenomena, innovative potential of regional culture; synthesis of tradition and innovations in culture; cult-rantropologichesky and social innovative design; innovative approach in studying culture of the region; the strategy of innovative development of Russia, formation of the specialist innovator in the conditions of the region; innovative models in education, etc. The staff of department of regional culture was not only is put into organizational operation of round tables, but also submitted the main reports on a panel discussion of the second round table.

The staff of department of regional culture repeatedly was scientific consultants and reviewers of monographs, educational and methodical developments, master's and doctoral dissertations not only within the Siberian region, but also beyond its limits.

Except theoretical developments the staff of department realizes the opportunities in organizational and practical actions: the organizations of sociological polls, field researches, in works of various exhibitions and fairs, etc. Among the most interesting it is necessary to celebrate the next events.

The organization of provincial salons in which realization the active part was taken by staff of department was an important initiative of scientific research institute of applied cultural science. The first provincial salon passed on January 24, 2003 and carried the name "Russian Christmas-tide". The purpose of carrying out this salon was to show richness of the Russian national tradition and also to draw attention of the city commercial, creative public and the power. The originality of his idea was that all program of salon was constructed on regional folklore material of Kuzbass which became a part (as well as participants of salon) the general theatrical action. Public members, the creative intellectuals, representatives of the city creative unions, city businessmen, the power represented by regional administration (head of the department of culture of AKO V.I. Bedin, heads of city institutions of culture I.F. Fedorova, L.N. Dmitriyev, I.V. Brusilovskaya) were participants of this salon. From the public this salon drew attention of members of the media (in many respects thanking in advance to the provided press release). They not only were present at this action, but also gave summary and an assessment to the events in television news of regional and city value (OTBS, State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company). The second provincial salon which passed in the middle of April, 2004 was devoted to the Young Artists to Kuzbass exhibition. The purpose of this salon consisted in drawing attention to artists, to their cultural, art criticism and other problems. Therefore the purpose of salon created and

a certain contingent of its participants. The Kemerovo art critics, culturologists, the creative intellectuals, artists and heads of the creative unions and also representatives of the city administration acting through I.I. Gava-rilovoy and I.V. Brusilovskaya were them. This salon did not draw attention of members of the media, city businessmen and had more narrowly targeted character, unlike the first salon. In general, analyzing contents and a form of the carried-out provincial salons and also activity of various organizers and participants of data of salons, it is necessary to tell that the idea of provincial salon is in essence rather rich potentially, but only within such city which has the same rich cultural tradition and active cultural ties which are going out of the Siberian region. In this regard the idea of realization of saloon forms of culture in structure of sociocultural space of Kemerovo did not gain further development.

For the last two years the staff of department acting through page of N of page an edging. E.S. Kuznetsova's cultural science takes active part in work of the Kuzbass exhibition company Expo Siberia, presenting scientific and publishing of scientific research institute of applied cultural science at the international trade fairs. The prizes taken by staff of scientific research institute became result of participation in these trade fairs. The staff of department repeatedly involved the Kuzbass exhibition company and student's audience of KemGUKI.

The staff of department devotes a lot of time to work with students. Throughout all existence of scientific research institute of applied cultural science the staff of department of regional culture conducts purposeful research and educational work in formation of scientific interests of students. Students of various faculties and specialties make reports at the academic and research conferences organized by scientific research institute; under the leadership of the staff of scientific research institute write research articles, course and theses on subject of departments, actively participate in the conducted ethnographic expeditions. Each department of institute has the specifics in work with students. The department of regional culture more pays attention to student's scientific-theoretical developments. First of all, it is the academic year and degree projects realizing research subject of department. It is possible to give a number of subjects of degree and term papers: "Cultural aspect of youth policy"; "Technologies of culturological education"; "Success as indicator of quality of life of young Russians in sociocultural aspect"; "The modern public cultural policy at the regional level (on the example of Kuzbass)"; "A role of modern media in formation of image of the region (on the example of Kuzbass)"; "Sociocultural design in the sphere of cultural policy: theory and practice" (students of specialization "Art culture"). Under the leadership of research associates of department the students implement also the welfare projects having applied character and connected with historical and cultural, ecological, art, creative activity within the cities of the Kemerovo region: "I want to be famous"; "Learn the roots"; "Estimate talent"; "To save a dam" and others (students of specialty "Welfare Activity").

The main results of research activity of department of regional culture consist not only in the saved-up essential teoretiko-scientific base on subject of department today, but also in the developed projects and techniques considering conditions of sustainable development of culture of Kuzbass. It is possible to give the following indicators as results of research activity:

>- theoretical and methodological fundamentals of regional cultural policy are developed (on material of concrete regional education);

>- concrete practical recommendations about optimization of real regional policy are proved and offered;

>- the version of the cultural map of the region and possible ways of design and modeling of regional culture is offered;

>- a number of aspects of musical culture of Kuzbass is generalized and presented;

>- innovative developments in the sphere of professional and higher education are offered;

>- techniques of sociological polls of students of KemGUKI for the purpose of monitoring and optimization of educational activity of higher education institution are developed.

Noted results are presented in scientific publications, study guides and other documents.

Research activity of department of regional culture successfully continues. The tasks set for employees are focused on strengthening of interrelations between theoretical researches and the solution of practical tasks in development of education, in existing of regional culture, in implementation of innovations in various spheres of culture and society.

A.M. Kulemzin, L.S. Alekseeva, Yu.L. Sudyukova


A. M. Kulemzin, L. S. Alekseeva, Y. L. Sudyukova


In September, 2010 10 years as department of history of KemGUKI were executed it was transformed to department of history, museology and study of local lore and at it the specialty "Museum Business and Protection of Monuments" was open. In 2006 it was renamed into department of museum business. It occurred not accidentally as museum matter in our country and the Kemerovo region, generally develops on the basis of the museums of a historical profile.

The department of history at the Kemerovo institute of culture was formed in

1972-1973 academic year also had the status of interfaculty educational division. The candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Alexey Vasilyevich Tsirkin who at the same time was also the dean of library faculty was the first acting as the manager of department. The department was small on structure, besides the manager the senior teacher Vladimir Vasilyevich Strik and the senior teacher Anatoly Mikhaylovich Kulemzin worked at it.
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